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on 20 January 2013
very good product i highly recommend it. sound quality is amazing.picture quality is very good.all in all an very nice kit.
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on 9 August 2012
Winning a five star review in the latest Computer Shopper magazine (Oct 2012) at considerably more money than the current Amazon price, I took the plunge and ordered this LG Home Theatre system. Was I mad? (Probably) Was I being hasty? (Definitely!) - in thinking that this would equal the sound of my existing system comprising Kenwood A/V Receiver, Mission 702e Speakers, Sony DVD player? Only time would tell.

Delivered within 48 hours the whole system comes in one large and very heavy box - the polystyrene packing is a work of art! Having spent a whole evening unpacking, assembling and setting up for basic operation, I was anxious to assess the sound quality, compared to my more orthodox previous 'hi-fi' amp/speaker combo. First impressions were that the system didn't have quite the 'weight' of sound I was used to, but after playing a selection of CD's I realised that I was listening to a system with different characteristics rather than inferior sound quality. In terms of bass response, as the music increases in volume, the sub kicks in and lends plenty of weight and in fact, for a budget priced system, the bass is very musical and not at all 'bump/thump'. All in all, a clear sound, plenty of power in reserve, only needing about a third of the available volume in quite a large room. There is a useful 'loudness' setting for low level listening and this effectively increases bass response at low volume - there is also scope for adjusting all the speakers for individual volume.
Next step was to tune the FM radio presets, very quick and easy to do. The whole system sounds great and looks very impressive and certainly looks like it cost a lot more money than it did.

So, why the 4 stars and not 5? Well, whilst I would not hesitate to recommend this LG system on the basis of sound quality and value for money, there are a few caveats to be aware of. I was surprised that there are no speaker fronts to offer any protection to the delicate looking drive units, particularly the soft-dome tweeters on the front and middle speakers. No problem in a child free environment, but anyone with young children with inquisitive fingers would be advised to turn the speakers around (when not in use) to protect them from damage.
Another issue is that when I press the 'standby' button on my Samsung TV remote, (to put the TV into standby mode) it also turns the LG receiver off. This isn't a problem at the end of a viewing session, but if you are accessing anything on the LG system menu on the TV screen(tuning a radio station in or adjusting settings etc) when I then turn the TV off, the LG goes off as well, meaning I have to turn the LG on again. Not a big deal but annoying. It may just be a one off and chances are you won't have this issue depending on the make and model of your TV. (The handset for the LG can be set to give basic TV operation for a range of makes and models of TV but this is nothing to do with the issue I have.)

A final gripe is that the terminals on the back of the speakers and the main receiver unit, are all spring clips (not proper binding posts as on dedicated hi-fi gear) and if, like me, you try and use higher quality cables, you will have to carefully trim the exposed copper strands before it will locate in the terminals. Not a problem for people setting up a system for the first time but I was using my existing QED cables that were already buried under the carpet!

So there you go, a rather long-winded review but I hope it makes sense. When I have purchased my first Blu-Ray disc I will update this review with some information on picture quality. However, judging by the reviews I have read, the picture quality is superb, on both Blu-Ray and upscaled DVD discs.

If you want a great all-in-one package that looks as good as it sounds, what are you waiting for?!

Added on 13th August 2012 - Have now watched a couple of Blu-Ray movies and can report that the picture quality is superb. That's without me tweaking any of the settings on my TV or on the LG player - the picture shows great detail and very solid blacks in dark scenes. I won't be replacing any of my existing DVD's but will definitely be buying any future releases on Blu-Ray where possible.

On the subject of my LG remote inadvertently controlling my Samsung TV - I think I have found out what is going on. A facility called 'SIMPLINK' is a means for one piece of LG kit controlling another, as inputs are switched on and off etc. (A quick Google search revealed a whole lot of info.) What I hadn't realised was that Samsung have a similar system called Anynet+, which works with SIMPLINK, and this is why it appeared that my remote controls were conflicting. In reality it was control signals being sent down the HDMI cable that was causing my problem. I have now disabled the 'Anynet+' feature on my Samsung TV and now I can control both pieces of kit completely independently. Perfect! (Disappointing that LG's customer services couldn't point me in this direction when I contacted them.)

Still only 4 stars though due to the poor terminal clips on the speakers and amp and the lack of any protective speaker grilles.
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on 19 December 2012
Bought in 2012 failed summer 2016. No video output to TVDreadful customer support from LG. Although out of warranty (4 years) they will not repair it. The company they suggest want £174.00 to look at it. Will never buy any LG product again.

This unit has been treated properly and should not have failed.

LG= 'Life's Good' so long as you don't want decent customer support. Avoid them and their products. Meanwhile my Cinema System is destined for the bin.
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on 18 November 2012
I was really pleased with this Home Cinema outfit, it did everything I wanted and more. The BBC i player and USB drive for photos, videos and music is really handy. It connected to my Broadband using the built in wireless facility, at the fourth attempt. I would thoroughly recommend this kit as value for money, as well as being quite stylish and good quality build. One thing about it is, it doesn't seem to play too loudly, even at full volume, for something claiming 1100 watts of output it did seem a bit strange, but it's loud enough even so. Amazon delivered the next day, and then two weeks later reduced the price by £30 so it must be even more of a bargain now, that cheesed me off a bit! Don't forget to buy an optical connection lead, if you want to use it on a Sky+HD Box, otherwise you won't get the full 5.1 sound from Sky broadcasts.
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on 15 November 2012
LG BH7420P 3D Blu Ray 5.1 Channel 1100W Home Cinema System.
Briefly... the sound quality is fantastic: I wanted a sound system that would be appropriate for listening to audio cds as well as for surround sound films.
I am no expert but consider the audio reproduction excellent for either of these 2 situations.
However, I did have to return the main unit twice - the first time was because it arrived with a dislodged/broken blu-ray drive. The 2nd time I had to return it because the main unit kept freezing during playback from a connected hard disk. I spoke to LG about this and they said i could return it for repair. However i decided to return it to amazon who sent me out a replacement system quickly and at no cost. Amazon are fabulous and easier to deal with than LG.
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on 20 January 2013
This surround sound has really blown me away and so glad i finally bought it after months of coming back! I've been up in arms as to what home cinema to buy. I visited many shops testing out different cinemas to find one that fits my preference. I originally saw this in Currys for £360 and got put off by the price but after a fair of looking around on online, Amazon offered it for £110 cheaper!!

Set up
The set up was very very simple. could not have been easier really. With 2 HDMI ports at the back i have a total of 6 HDMI devices connected to this thing! an AUX cable for my tablets and MP3 players and the the iPod USB is great for parties


The design of the speakers look stunning, it stands out in any room, the only downside is it loves fingerprints and LOVES DUST! if you don't mind dusting everyday then should not be a problem.

The bluray player is touch screen at the front and also has a very stylish look

The speaker wire for the rear speakers is more enough to go around my room but the front speaker wire could be a bit longer. However don't let this put you off because you can easily buy and replace the wire for pennies

Sound Quality

The home cinema comes with many presets to fit a sound you a prefer, I prefer "Bass" as it gives everything a big kick an you can even feel the sub vibrating the sofa and come up through your feet without getting distorted at all. If the presets aren't for you. You can create your own.

Once you can find a program on sky that produces DD 5.1 ( it will appear as DD 3.2.1 on your surround sound screen ) the speakers really do come to life, When watching movies the voice and the music don't get mixed up so no turning the volume up and down on the action/voice parts of the film.

That is if you can find something in DD.5.1 via SKYHD!! I spent ages trying to find out why im only getting PCM 2.0 with SKYHD. It turns out you can only get DD 5.1 with SKYHD if you connect it directly to the surround via optical! which is very annoying and makes you need an optical switcher to change the output to other devices without having to unplug it! (every other device can transfer 5.1 via HDMI) Once i had the thing set up. i had to find something on sky that was in DD 5.1 and not DD 2.0. i am kind of shocked how many little programs on sky do not broadcast in 5.1!

If you come across the same problem. press the "3D sound" button on the remote and you will get sound in all speakers which is a nice feature on this player

after that moan about sky, the sound quality is brilliant for bluray movies, games and stuff that is in 5.1, if you want to get the most out of the sound, look on for a surround sound tester, some stuff will really blow you away and think the sound is coming from outside!


I have spent a fair bit of time trying to find this web browser that is advertises and how to add more apps like netflix to the quick start bar at the bottom, i've had no luck but as the cinema supports DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) i can connect my tablet via WiFi and streaming videos, music and photos!

The main feature i use is the USB, the player reads just about every format you put in to it! if you back up your movies in to a 1080p DD 5.1 mkv file the player will play it just like a real disc. with AMAZING quality on sound and video!

Unlike other home cinemas i've had the player reads NTFS fortmat drives meaning there is no limit on a single file size. one of the movies I have is 20GB!


I'm so glad I waited and finally purchased this system and for the price its just amazing!! If you have any questions or want me to run any kind of test. please let me know and i will get back to you asap
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on 8 December 2012
Hi, have recieved this item from Amazon, fast p&p, once open i started to put it together which was pretty straight forward.
The whole system is very classy to look at, in gloss black, but i bet it`ll be a pain for attracting the dust!!
I must say that i have been looking for a system for a while, usuall internet, magazine research, and although not a complete audiophile, i knew a compromise would be made somewhere? I had orginally gone for the Samsung E5550? i think? But after some not too good reviews i decided on the LG (which was cheaper).
Even though the LG BH7420P was cheaper they havent skimped on the sound or picture quailty, thats probaly why it won 4 stars in a the home cinema magazine review,(i think?)
The LG is easy to use, and when listening to a Blue Ray film it was imo outstanding, we next listened to an audio CD and again thought that the sound was imo very good, although the bass did seem to lose some of its musical punch, considering the price of this system £264, (£400 in Currys) it is an absolute bargin.
I agree with the other reviews, and have NO hesitation in recommending this item.
P.S Dont forget to order your satilite speaker brackets!!
Many thanks.
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on 15 December 2012
I'll start by the buying process. Unlike others on here i actually purchased from "TribalUK" a brother company of Hughs Direct which operates online. Firstly I saw them advertised as a merchant on here and "Play.com" at the same price of £250. The reason I bought from Tribal was due to £10 being deducted through quidco, and another £10 being deducted from a xmas promotion by entering "pressie2" when paying. Also free next day delivery, meaning i only paid £230!! Brilliant. For anyone wondering they offer amazing service. But anyway to the hoe cinema...

I am a novice, but this piece of kit blew me away, literally. Set up was easy, with the cables different set lengths and labelled. The only thing which needed fixing was the 2 tallboy speakers which fix to a heavy base. All very sturdy, made of quality plastic (a brushed finish would have been better, but no complaints at this price). Speaker wire is very generous, and the satelite speakers can be mounted on the wall or shelf thanks to its reversible bracket. Everything feels sturdy, the subwoofer is huge and provides great passive base. The look and feel of the whole system is very nice and goes great with my 42 inch samsung lcd tv.

Features -

The whole system can be operated outside of a tv screen e.g. switching from ipod, aux or fm radio using the remote function button, and the corresponding text changes on the lcd screen, very useful if u want just the radio on and not the tv. Beautiul slot loading disc drive with touch button lit up in white, gives this system a very premium feel. The ipod compatibility is brilliant, plug your ipod into the front usb port and you can access everything through the tv, e.g. browsing playlists, albums etc. FM radio works as expected, 50 presets, easy tuning and memory, just make sure the antenna is in a good position so you receive stereo quality without interference. The system has wifi, allowing me to see blu ray/cd/dvd details and track listings, but also comes with lg apps for things such as iplayer and youtube, great feature. The blu ray image itself is incredible, I first watched inception and the image is clear and crisp, no distortion. Same goes for upscaling 1080p dvds, so much better than watching on the xbox 360, contrast is a great improvement. No faults with image, nor with the sound. Its worth investing 20mins in setting the sound levels and distances up properly, once done the sound is incredible, at under half the volume with the subwoofer on medium my sofa was literally shaking, any more and my house vibrates, sound is very clear and hard to believe for £230-£250! There are different EQ settings allowing you to swap from "night mode" etc and channels the sound through different combinations of speakers, also there is a music/movie mode for swapping inputs, very useful. Multiple input HDMI sockets is another great feature, allowing me to link my xbox to the surround sound system, then to the tv, saving me having to swap cables everytime i change!

I could go on for another 500 words but I will save you the pain. In summary this is a fantastic purchase with great features. If your not a dedicated rich sound crazy person this will definitely be for you. Great sound/picture and amazing features for the price.
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on 16 May 2013
good price, great features. the set up was very easy (i have never set up any sound system before and i followed the instructions with no problems). the design is functional and straight forwards. i find the base plates on the up-right speakers to be a bit big, so that when put in the corner they are several inches away from the wall (more if you need to angle them as they don't swivel on the base), but i can work around it- i guess you need big base plates for stability.

The functions are great - i installed the software from the disc onto my laptop and could instantly play my music, videos and pictures wirelessly from my laptop (which had wi-fi already) - its great not to have to plug the laptop into the telly anymore. the remote has a lot of functions - so will take a while to get used to, but all the menus are intuitive so its not hard to find your way around the system. the apps are fine - although i dont use them much. and the sound quality is amazing (this is my first sound sound system - but there are plenty of sound effect functions so you can adjust levels, individual speaker output and frequencies)

delivery was quick and the price compared to Curry's PCWorld etc is really good. Dont forget to also buy your digital optical cable, and good quality HDMI. I am plugged up using HDMI and am still waiting for my opticals, so i can't get surround sound on my television programs yet, but from trying out my music and my blu rays - its definitely my best by so far.
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on 11 April 2013
The good -- the speakers look stylish and are pretty good. The Blu-ray player works fine and produces high-quality images.

The okay -- the rear speaker stands only work vertically, so you cannot angle them down or up.

The horrible -- the system software is HORRIBLE. Crashes frequently, especially when using any online service e.g. Netflix -- any pause, FF, Rew = guaranteed black screen. Happens with Blu-ray discs as well, but not as frequently. Averaging about 8 out of 10 times over 4 months -- only way to regain control is to unplug and replug the whole thing. And I know this is not normal because had a Sony Blu-ray player before (in the US) and never had such a problem. Secondly, the software has a mind of its own when it comes to choosing inputs. Example: I'll turn everything on and it'll go to HDMI 1 where it was when I turned it off last time (cable box). After a few seconds, with no input from me, it'll switch to ARC (audio return channel from the TV). So I have to go in and change the input back to HDMI 1. VERY annoying.

Not sure how this ever got out of quality control. I'm going to keep the speakers and replace the box with something from Sony (which gave me flawless performance in the US).
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