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on 7 March 2017
Very good sound quality, good battery life, comes with loads of cables and adapters for travel and general use, and a convenient carry case. Not the most comfortable if you wear them for hours and hours though - if buying again I'd consider over-ear rather than on-ear, but at the time I bought these the newer over-ear model (the 550-x) was generally considered inferior.
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on 9 July 2016
I really love these headphones but don't use them with Samsung Galaxy S5 & S6

The pairing process is fairly simple - I have paired them with multiple devices and can switch between them fairly easily.

The sound quality is great. Initially I thought it was a bit disappointing until I switched on the Noiseguard - then it was a lot better.

The controls are dead simple to use and located on the right earpiece. Thankfully I'm never likely to use the feature for talking to someone anyway as it's a bit fiddly to find and press the button. (I think it's more polite to take the headphones off to talk to someone than use a feature that makes it easier to talk to someone while keeping them on).

Samsung Galaxy S5 & S6 devices appear to be terrible with their Bluetooth - it sounds like a dusty vinyl record at times with click noises. I prefer to listen from an iOS device as there's no "static" on the Bluetooth.

A perfect 5/7 :-)
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on 1 February 2014
I have just upgraded from the MM450, for the better sound quality. Initially, when I got them out and paired them up to my iPhone, I was shocked at the sound quality. They sounded far worse than the MM450's (which I still have), and sounded akin to AM radio, even with NoiseGuard on.

I was all prepared to write a stinking review, and return them to Amazon for a refund, when I realised that the MM450's were one level below the highest volume setting. I pushed the MM450-X's to the same level, discovering that they are on the lowest possible setting, out of the box.

And this made it alright again - same reasonably punchy bass that the MM450's deliver, but with much added clarity at the top end, and greater definition in the mid-range, justifying my purchase.

I've seen some negative reviews about the sound quality of these headphones on here, and can't help but feel others made the same mistake I (nearly) did.

Personally, I think these are the best travel bluetooth noise cancelling headphones on the market right now. They are light, comfortable, and fold away into a tiny case. They sound ok with noise cancelling off, and also work without Bluetooth via a cable. You can also connect via a cable and use the noise cancelling, but no Bluetooth, if you like. For the best sound, you want both Bluetooth and NoiseGuard, but it's nice that there are working alternatives if the battery goes flat.

The NoiseGuard feature is not infallible, but I found it cut out enough to be able to hear my music on the London Underground. Bear in mind that on-ear headphones cannot give the same noise cancelling results as over-the-ear headphones.

As for the battery, you get advance warning of when it's going to go flat, via an intermittent 3 beeps through the headphones themselves, and the battery can be charged with an ordinary micro USB cable, from any USB power source. And, by the way, that's how it should be with ALL headphone batteries... please take note Mr Bose!

The controls are relatively easy to operate - most of the time, you will be holding down the front button to activate/deactivate NoiseGuard and pressing it to go into the microphone pass-through mode.

As for whether they are really worth the upgrade from the basic MM450's, I'm not really sure. The upgrade in sound quality, while noticeable, did not exactly blow me away.... however, it should be noted that I am listening to AAC files from iTunes, on an iPhone 5... which is hardly the last word in audiophile technology!

But for truly portable headphones for your daily commute, I think these are hard to beat.
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on 17 August 2013
I rarely write reviews, so a product must have me needing to say a lot about it for that to happen.

Took these on holiday with me. On the plane they were not mind blowing at noise cancellation but got the job done, the wireless bluetooth feature is priceless in this situation while I was using my phone for music as it takes out the need of having to use a wire, and when you're trying to eat in a cramped economy seat the last thing u need is a wire hanging around.

In fact, I've grown to love the wireless functionality so much that it is now my primary way of listening to music, I'm even wearing them right now. Once your device is paired with the headset, from then on all you do is switch on the Sennheiser MM450 and it will almost instantly connect to your bluetooth device.

You can also skip tracks, pause, make and receive calls, all of which work fantastically. Charging is simple...any microUSB charger will do...though bare in mind bluetooth with noise cancellation will naturally drain much quicker and is something I wouldnt recommend doing.

This brings me onto my second point: the noise cancellation makes the sound quality a lot better. Which is quite annoying when your using it in bluetooth. Im not an audio buff but the change in sound quality is significant, I personally undermined this issue when others complained about it, but if you want the best audio quality but dont mind sacrificing battery life...then keep noise cancellation on.

Regardless of these minor set backs, this headset is very unique and I am very much enjoying my experience with them. It feels so well made and is just so damn light, you wouldn't want to use anything else.
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on 30 December 2014
I love these headphones. Great sound, well-balanced, great for travelling, and the best bit is not having that REALLY annoying tug on your head when you inadvertently trap the headphone cable under your shoulder bag. You can hear a bit of street noise, but that's useful for avoiding death occasionally, and I find the sound is very clear. I'm a professional musician, and I've had a lot of headphones - these are among the best.
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on 19 June 2014
I brought these primarily to use for work around my home office and occasionally on business trips.

1. Good sound quality. I didn't buy these for to listen to music but the quality is good, not excellent though)
2. Good build quality. Materials look like they will last a long time, appart from the battery and battery lid, both seem a little flimsy)
3. Noise cancellation works well but does make the sound slightly hollow.
4. Folds flat so its easy to carry. Although it twists side ways, it doesn't allow much other movement.

1. Could not get them to connect to my laptop or home PC using standard bluetooth as they have security locks from work so I can't change the drivers etc. I didn't have this problem with my little Jawbone headset or previous logitech headset. Luckily I brought the BTD500 USB Bluetooth and it pairs straight away, in my view they should include it with the headset. I resent having to pay to get something that should work already.
2. The microphone is very poor. I didn't find many reviews which mention the microphone, but if you plan on using it to make calls then do it in a quiet room. Even on my own, people on the other line said I sounded like I was standing far away, in a busy office, they had problems hearing me.
3. The headset it very very tight. Even my wife who is very petite found them unbearable for more than 10 minutes when she borrowed them for a conference call. Stretching them doesn't really work as there is a metal headband around the top and also the ears themselves are angled inwards with elbows at either side that don't flex preventing them from straightening.

I will prob end up giving this headset away as I find them uncomfortable. I didn't want to make the mistake so I tried a few in store today and will likely end up buying some Bose AE2W for comfort or Philips SHB7000 for cost.
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on 30 August 2014
I bought these after a lot of research. Bose just didn't do Bluetooth and noise cancelling and I'm fed up with wires. I spend a lot of time on planes and trains. These are on ear as opposed to over ear, that said, noise cancelling is very good. Cuts out train noise (but just dulls voices so you can still be aware of what is going on around you), cuts down on plane engine noise on jets by about 80% (my guess) and makes prop plane engine noise bearable, in any cases I can enjoy movies or music on my tablet clearly. There is also no sound leakage so no annoying other passengers on trains. Even watched movies in bed without bothering my other half. Very easy to set up, light, robust and comfortable. They come with all the connectors you could ever want and a good small travel bag, Also uses Nokia USB charging cable which is handy. The only thing I would improve is to make them over the ear, the noise cancelling would be perfect then I think.
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on 30 August 2013
I'd done heaps of research on what headphones to buy after owning a decent pair of Bose headphones for nearly five years. After testing many headphones in stores, I just wasn't that impressed with many Sony, Beats by Dre and other high-end headphones available.

I was tempted by the wireless abilities of these and can confirm the sound is outstanding. After a few days of 'breaking them in', I've now found an incredible depth of sound.

These sound amazing with the noise cancellation switched OFF. I've given these to others to try and test and they were blown away at how crisp the sound was, whilst also appreciating decent bass levels.

The wireless connection is great and I haven't had any problems. I'd recommend purchasing an extra battery so you're covered on long journeys. The battery tends to last around 9 hours so that's pretty good.

There is one drawback, with the noise cancelling feature switched on there is a loss in sound quality and bass levels start to sound very tinny. The noise cancellation feature isn't amazing but then again I don't think many headphones can compare to the Bose QC 3's or 15's. However, these are great for when you're sitting on trains/buses/planes and wanting to block out the annoying 'commuter phone calls' that everyone seems to have in the mornings. The cancellation sound levels are good on 90% of songs but you may need to turn the music down or turn the cancellation off if you're in really noisy environments that require cancellation combined with high sound levels. The only experience I've had where the sound struggled with cancellation turned on was standing next to the train window with the train going 80mph+ with the window open. So in general this won't affect you.

Despite the noise cancellation sound issue, with the cancellation switched ON and music up to a decent level - you really won't hear much outside. These headphones don't leak much sound at all. I've tested them with friends and they were impressed at how loud the sound was considering they couldn't hear any noise leakage. There is a little but nothing for people to start noticing you on the train or at work. This is great, considering the Beats by Dre 'phones leak alot.

The headphones come with a wired option so if you're listening to songs on a computer you can always plug in and listen without needing to use the battery power. Great for a backup. I've heard the Bose headphones and many others simply stop working if the batteries are dead. This is a great addition.

The buttons on the side of these are easy to work after a few days of having them and getting used to their positioning. There's a decent 'talk through' option which lets you pause your music while turning on an external microphone so you can hear what's going on 'outside' without having to pause your music manually and take off your headphones. A gimmick but a nice touch.

I'd highly recommend these to anyone, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how good they sound. Especially considering they're totally wireless.
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on 8 January 2014
So far had very little success in pairing this up with my iPad(s). Been to the Apple shop and they were no help. They couldn't pair it up to their iPads either.
Looking at the reviews on Sennheiser's own website (wish I had looked there first), this seems to be a big issue.
I have tried to be in touch with Sennheiser's customer service - by Twitter, now going to email them. In perfect world this item would go back and I would get something else.
I have had 4 pairs of Sennheiser in-ear headphones, all have been excellent. The sound on these headphones is pretty good BUT when you buy a set of Bluetooth Headphones, you do so because you don't want to use a wire!
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on 21 June 2015
They are great lightweight and comfortable for traveling. They do everything I wanted them for Music and phone. Bluetooth is great not having a wire to get tied up with, but wire can still be used when battery goes dead. Lost one star as noise cancelling not as good as my last Sennheiser set and also I have trouble switching NC on.
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