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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 21 May 2013
After a few listens to MDNA I feel that the songs on the album in general are better than those on her previous Hard Candy, the attitude and the feel of the album overall is also better. But having said I find that most tracks aren't that special nor memorable, a few tracks are just too barbie girly sounding as with the lead single 'Give Me All Your Luvin' which to me is her worst single to date. The second single 'Girl Gone Wild' sounds very much like 'Celebration' mixed with 'Get Together' is above average. The video for 'Girl Gone Wild' is an interesting one possibly influenced by 'Vogue', unfortunately radio stations and music channels don't seem to be giving Madonna a chance by not playing her music and the single flopped in most places. The best track which really don't belong on this dance album is the soundtrack to her film W.E. 'Masterpiece', it is up there with her other theme tunes like 1992's 'This Used To Be My Playground' and 1994's 'I'll Remember'. A Golden Globe award well deserved and should have used that publicity to have had it released as a stand-alone single straight after the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, it would have been a big hit and further promoted her film W.E. Blood sucking Warner would have done this. Even a fan like me who knows nothing about marketing could come up with this idea, what was Live Nation thinking??? A few tracks I like are 'I'm Addicted', 'Falling Free' 'Love Spent' and 'I F----d Up'.

As time goes by it seems to get harder and harder for artists to compete with the next generation of performers and gain the attention and loyalty of new younger audiences. Madonna had at her several peaks gained large numbers of hardcore fans across the globe whom to this day will buy her stuff every time there's a new release. To the point where albums can still enter the charts at no.1, but to those who are observant, her MDNA album dropped to no.8 in the US chart and no.7 here in the UK the second week after being no.1 for just one week. A similar thing had happened to her previous album Hard Candy, which had entered the charts at no.1 but dropped quickly the following few weeks and disappeared from the top 40 all together after a few months. This seems to indicate that only her hardcore fans are buying her music and once they have done so the album quickly drops. Has her attempt (with the last two albums) to gain new younger audiences across the world failed and at the same time alienated some of her hardcore fans? This is the question.

Or could it be the US radio stations still being upset about the American Life episode that they are still banning Madonna records on their playlist? Which seems to be have spread to UK radio stations too. I certainly hope Live Nation will try harder to promote Madonna and hope that there'll be new peaks in her career to come.
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on 13 June 2013
I'm sure if this had been released after confessions instead of hard candy it would have done better in the charts this is a great album sadly Madonna is not with warner bros anymore which is why it wasn't promoted as much.
Her film W.E was promoted more and you know how well her films have been received over the years this is a slightly darker album than confessions but the songs are great favourites are love spent, I don't give A & falling free.
I would advise fans to get the deluxe version especially since it's so cheap on amazon.
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VINE VOICEon 29 March 2012
I have not followed Madonna's career every step of the way and although I have gradually accumulated several of her albums over the years I, by no means, own the whole collection. The hype surrounding the release MDNA was simply too great to ignore and consequently I pre-ordered the deluxe version of the album and eagerly awaited it's release date. I will now provide my initial impressions of the tracks:

1. Girl Gone Wild- The spoken word intro really does set the tone for the album and I cannot imagine a better opener. The lyrics are, of course, utterly banal, but does it really matter when the music is this catchy. As other reviewers have noted this does sound somewhat similar to her previous hit single `Celebration', but this track is probably even better and deserves to be a hit. 8.5/10

2. Gang Bang- Madonna is well-known for being very experimental and whilst many have commented that in recent years this experimentalism has been somewhat toned down there is no doubt that this track certainly flies in the face of that argument. It's pulsating beat signifies a dance track in a similar vein to the opener, however the spoken verses and chorus in which Madonna talks about shooting her lover in the head are not indicative of a typical dance track. It also features a dubstep breakdown and Madonna aggressively shouting later in the song. It's oddly great! 8/10

3. I'm Addicted- A high-paced, dancey track, which sounds brilliant turned up loud. Lyrically speaks of being addicted to someone's love and all the emotions that go with that. The title of the album `MDNA' is chanted repeatedly near the end of the track interspersed with the chorus. It's different, it's catchy, it once again sets a high standard. 8.5/10

4. Turn Up The Radio-This track is already being labelled as a `fan-favourite' and having given it a few listens I can definitely understand why. It's very radio-friendly and in that respect would be a good candidate for a future single. It's a dance-oriented track and retains the momentum and pace of the first few songs. 8/10

5. Give Me All Your Luvin'-The controversial first single. I actually quite like it although I can see why others have reservations. The cheerleader-esque chanting detracts from what is otherwise an uptempo and catchy pop-tune. Nicki Minaj makes her mark in the rap she contributes, MIA fails to have the same impact and her section passes by largely unnoticed. I don't necessarily think this will have the longevity of some of the other tracks on the album. 7.5/10

6. Some Girls-This is not a cover, but rather an original dance-track. Musically it's once again one of the more inventive numbers, however where Gang Bang triumphs this one doesn't have quite the same appeal for me. It feels a bit messy, and although there are elements of the track I like, overall it is one of the weaker tracks in my view. 5/10

7. Superstar- The reviews I have read thus far have levelled a lot of criticism at this track for its' genericism and clichéd lyrics. I, however, do not have the same reservations. It is hideously catchy and has an uplifting message about being in love captured in the chorus line `ooo la la you're my superstar, ooo la la love the way that you are'. It is certainly a shift away from the focus on Madonna's divorce which features elsewhere on the album, but it is one to sing-a-long to! One of my favourites. 9.5/10

8. I Don't Give A- The second track to feature a contribution from Nicki Minaj. In stark contrast to `Superstar' this one channels Madonna's anger about her divorce and the monetary issues surrounding it. Madonna rapping constitutes the verses and Minaj brings her trademark style to another rap towards the end of the track. This track works well in my view and the choir featured at the close of the song certainly add another dimension to what is already an interesting addition to the album. 8/10

9. I'm A Sinner-Madonna has tackled the issue of religion in varying ways over the years and this is the topic which features in this song. It's undeniably catchy particularly once the chorus kicks in and there are musical echoes of the song `Ray of Light'. The vocals veer from sedate to manic and that only adds to the mystery and intrigue of the track. It has grown on me on repeated listens and in my view is one of the best songs on the album. 9/10

10. Love Spent- This is the first of three tracks to slow the pace of the album. This could be described as an uptempo ballad if that's possible! That famous ABBA sampling from Hung Up features in a different format here and Madonna has created a completely different track surrounding the same musical sample. Lyrically this is possibly the strongest track on the album as Madonna. The only slight detracting feature is the overly electronically-enhanced vocals. 8.5/10

11. Masterpiece- This song also features as the soundtrack to WE the feature film Madonna has recently directed. This is a much more traditional ballad and it's nice to hear vocals which don't sound processed here. It's a love song plain and simple. Yet despite the more conventional musical and lyrical structure it still fits in well to the album as a whole and I really like it. 9/10

12. Falling Free-Almost every review I have read has singled this out as one of if not the album highlight. It begins with mystical synths and carries an air of mystery throughout. Vocally it's sublime, without doubt the best vocals on the entire collection. It is a very fitting way to end the standard edition of the album. It is also very melancholy which contrasts brilliantly with the anger and joy displayed elsewhere. Needless to say therefore I agree with the other reviews-it's simply fantastic. 9.5/10

13. Beautiful Killer- Often deluxe tracks are second-rate songs which weren't chosen for the standard version for a reason. Thankfully `Beautiful Killer' goes some way to allaying fears that this is the case on MDNA. A change of pace from `Falling Free', but nevertheless a catchy track which is very easy on the ear indeed. It isn't the most inventive song here, but it's pretty good! 8/10

14. I F*****d Up- This is another brutally honest song and a fantastic addition to the main album. In fact it probably deserved a place on the standard version. The song starts out as a song lamenting mistakes and wondering what could have been in a ballad, but it is sped up dramatically for the second verse and there is a wonderful beat running throughout. 9.5/10

15. B-Day Song- MIA pops up here again and her contribution is felt more here than in `Gimme All Your Luvin' `. Lyrically this is a return to banality and it certainly doesn't convey a deeper meaning. That said, however, musically it's pretty good and once again it doesn't feel like a second-rate track. 8.5/10

16. Best Friend- The seemingly autobiographical lyrics return for this song, which is probably the weakest original track on the deluxe section. That said though this is more a reflection of the strength of the other tracks than on this one in particularly. It isn't particularly memorable, but it's very listenable. 7.5/10

17. Gimme All Your Luvin' (Party Rock Remix feat. LMFAO)- In my opinion this remix doesn't match up to the original version. Segments of LMFAO songs are inserted at intervals and there is a different musical accompaniment. There is little more to be said on this one. 6.5/10

Therefore my overall ratings are for the standard version: 8.25/10, deluxe tracks: 8/10. Overall rating: 8.18, which therefore equates to 4 stars. There are a lot of really good tracks on here and best of all there are a great variety of songs, songs to dance to, songs which you can reflect upon and perhaps best of all songs which provide an insight into the goings-on and emotions of Madonna's life. I can therefore thoroughly recommend this album!
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on 16 June 2012
This is an ok cd by Madonna but not her best. I only purchased it for the one song Masterpiece which is the best song on the album in my opinion, and also to complete my collection of Madonna cds. It isn't her best and some tracks sounded very samey. My sister has liked Madonna for yonks and when she borrowed it she wasn't impressed. It's ok and it was a fair price but to be honest you aint missing much by not owning it!!!!
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on 1 April 2012
Not as consistantly strong as 'Confessions' album, but better than 'Hard Candy'. Some great strong tracks, no skip tracks; though there are some weaker songs, all the tracks are all pleasant enough though.
The production is very strong, strong & memorable tunes; lyrics, a bit weak in general.
I love the Deluxe edition as the bonus tracks are, unsually for a bonus disc, good quality.
Critics are divided on this album, and so are fans. I like it, i've wanted to play it a few times since i bought it a week back. The tunes have stayed in my head, and find myself singing some of the tracks to myself without thinking about it. This to me tells me that it's a powerful album!!
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on 1 April 2012
Madonna is back with one of her best albums in years. I grew up on Madonna's music and am still a big fan today, and this album doesn't disappoint. It's a shame that "Give me all your luvin'" was chosen as the lead single as there are so many other tracks here that are better. It's definitely worth paying out the extra few quid to get the Deluxe version (DV) as the extra tracks are ALL good and not just second-rate songs cut from the main album (Beautiful Killer and Best friend are particular highlights). My only gripe is that the 5 extra DV songs are on a second disc, when they could easily have fitted them onto the same disc as the rest (I know cos I burnt my own cd with all 17 tracks on it). This album is full of potential singles and it's great to see Madonna still going strong after almost 3 decades. Oh yeah...I love the DV cover artwork.
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on 5 May 2012
Not good at all, sooooo disappointing. The first handful of tracks are noisey rubbish; the William Orbit tune was clearly a recyled leftover from 'Ray of Light' and the only, seriously ONLY, decent song is 'Masterpiece'. Absolutely dire Madge, really. Have already sold my copy on Marketplace and will be more cautious with Madonna purchases in future......definately listen before you buy.
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on 26 November 2012
Okay we get it Madonna wants to do dance music ever since 2005's Confessions on a Dance Floor but this album unlike the that dark and haunting one is one example of hit and miss. While album has very original and good songs like "Gang Bang" and "Falling Free" it had some really mediocre and bad ones like "Superstar" and "B-Day Song". Madonna should stop trying to be hit-maker singer and deliver another masterpiece like "Ray of Light". This is not a good comeback after four years in my opinion. Favorite tracks: Gang Bang, I Don't Give A, Love Spent and Masterpiece. 7/10.
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on 29 March 2012
i don't normally really write reviews quite simply because i believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions but hey what the hell i thought i'd share it anyway!
i've been listening to mdna since saturday when i recieved it from amazon and i have to say it gets better and better with each listen!! i've seen a lot of negative comments about this album but they seem to more aimed at madonna the person rather than the actual music! people seem to forget to seperate their dislike for a woman who in my opinion is the greatest female popstar this world has seen to her actual music!!!
as for the actual album i'm loving each song more and more with each listen especially gang bang,masterpiece and my particular favourite falling free!!! i urge you to buy the deluxe version of this album because the tracks on cd2 hold up to the first cd!! i'm glad madonna's still making music!! no matter what anyone thinks of this woman she has written and recorded the soundtrack to many of our lives!!!
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on 26 March 2012
Misleading, catchy but fun light-weight pop, first single that complete failed to get any airplay in the UK and undeniably catchy, but rather standard club banger new single, don't really prepare you for the sonic treat this album is. With some of her most experimental songs since 2000's 'Music' MDNA is Madonna's divorce album. There are some standard, cliche ridden lyrics (first two singles) but this album is full of the bitter and sweet. The snarling dark electro pop of 'Gang Bang' pulls no punches, whilst the beautiful 'masterpiece' and haunting 'falling free' tugs at the heart strings and are beautifully sung and the ephorial 'I'm addicted' is as exhiliarting as anything on 'Confessions'. MDNA is at its best at it's most daring. 'Lovespent' is a gorgeuos, layered beauty and lyrically a highlight of the album and 'Turn up the radio' has the potential to be a huge summer hit - it be a perfect single. Some of them have been better than others but Madonna has yet to make a poor album, but as the BBC review says - "this just isn't a good pop album, this is a good Madonna album".
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