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on 29 October 2017
When this tv was new, it worked well. Five years on, its smarthub performance has become poor. TV viewing is often interrupted by completed smarthub updates. I don't need to know this! When you try to run smarthub, it updates all over again taking a long time to complete. This is a royal pain the the jacksie. Adding to my woes is a new problem. At switch on, the picture comes up scrambled and I have to cycle the power off and on again, several times before the picture decodes correctly. A five year live might be acceptable for a phone or laptop but it's poor for a TV. My next TV will not come from Samsung.
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on 21 August 2017
The screen developed a horizontal line across the middle of the tv. Unable to repair it as Samsung no longer supports the hardware. I wrote to the retailer over 4 months ago and they never replied to me.
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on 6 July 2017
Very good
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on 16 October 2012
After much research, store crawling, review reading and agonising, I took delivery of this TV from Amazon 2 weeks ago.

The bottom line is - it's a great TV. It does what I want very well, it looks great (I was aiming for a minimalistic set up/hidden cables/low-profile etc, the picture quality is good in sd, and spectacular in HD/blu-ray.

Set up was easy, sure - there's lots to explore and tweak if you want to (such as sound/picture qualities) but its fine out of the box. My set up has this TV at the heart, supported by a Yamaha YSP 4100 sound bar, a Yamaha YST-FSW050BL sub-woofer, a Panasonic DMP-BBT01EB 3d blu-ray player and a 1st generation Apple TV. I've managed to install them all without a cable now being in sight. The TV hangs on the wall (if you chose) and so makes for a very sleek profile (tip - buy the more expensive wall-hanging kit, the £10 one is now in my bin, I just didn't trust it).

I connected to the web using a wired connection & internet use is easy. It readily recognised all my other kit as mentioned above, via the HDMI connections I made (there are 4 connections I think)

On the downside, I'm not too bothered personally about some of the pre-loaded apps and links found on the home page, but I can ignore them or maybe delete them.

A note on the sound - it's 'common knowledge' that the sound on these super-slim machines isn't good. So I spent more than I did on the TV, buying a good quality sound bar, to find the TV sound is actually quite good! However, I'd say it's only really good enough for 'standard' TV watching, and not for music or serious cinematic effects. My advice would be to try it stand-alone first before you add a sound system, to see if it meets your needs.
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on 27 July 2012
Bought this from another shop as it came with a 5 year guarantee, the picture is brilliant, even on standard definition channels. But who would want to watch sd on such a huge television! Although we have it in a home cinema system, the television speakers are crisper then most.
Blu-rays and hd channels look crisp and clean. Have tried the "explore 3d" feature in the smart hub and it was exhilarating, the depth in the picture was brilliant and giving a realistic 3d effect. the smart hub is, unfortunately, clunky, slow and unreliable. When searching the Internet through the television, the screen froze and was not happy. But all in all it is a very good television.


There has been an update for the Samsung smart hub and it seems to be working a lot more fluently.
Very pleased with the television, had it for three months now, and am still extremely pleased.
The problem with back light clouding still hasn't come to much, and is only obvious in the corners.
Well done Samsung...

6 months on now and there has still been no serious issue with the back light clouding. I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics in 3D recently and couldn't believe how realistic it looked. I still love the television. It really is a lovely television.
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on 4 February 2015
Initially pleased with this product. However, after 1 year noticeable white patches all over screen. Sent for diagnostics and apparently no problems. Two years in and LAN adapter no longer functions at all. Even wired with Ethernet continually drops connection. Now just keeps turning itself off and on again. Will never buy another samsung tv
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 16 April 2013
Size: 40-inch|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've had this (40") set for just over six months and it still impresses me. For me, the most important thing in a tv is the picture quality. It can have all the added extras in the world built in, but if the picture quality is below par, then forget it. The 40ES6800 not only has one of the clearest, sharpest pictures I've seen (and the 3D is stunning), it has an amazing array of extras that come as standard. The built in wifi connectivity, pvr capabilty being the ones I most commonly use - and they're fully updatable too.

I can't claim that the user interface is the easiest to follow, but Samsung have done what they can to make things as easy as possible considering the many functions this tv is able to do. Everything is menu driven and all I can say is practice makes perfect. On initial installation the tv prompts you to update the firmware after connecting to your home wifi (just the same any other peripheral connnects using a password). it took my set just under an hour to update itself, but once done things went fairly smoothly from then on.

My set is connected to an Onkyo amplifier and a Tivo box, along with a Sony BluRay and all compliment each other. The sound from the tv itself is 'ok' for normal viewing but benefits ten fold when connected to an external amplifier for watching dvd's and 3D movies.

So, to conclude. I can't praise this set highly enough. It does everything and more than you'ld expect; it's future proof, picture frame thin and viewing on it is an absolute pleasure. If you're looking for a quality tv to take centre stage in your AV system, but aren't after a super size 50"+ screen, then you've found it in the Samsung 40ES6800.

A delight to own and a delight to use......!
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on 6 June 2013
i bought this tv because of the great reviews on here and my budget..anyway very nice looking tv but i must say more than disappointed with it, and i will never trust any reviews i read from amazon customers again.
i know people see things differently but in dark scenes the blacks have a green sheen to them and cannot be got rid off, people standing in the shadows have a big head of lovely green hair, and i dont know why but more and more drama's and programs on the telly nowadays are being made darker and darker and with weird tints to them,,probably running out of ideas like everything else nowadays..
but the TVs now are actually getting worse, for someone who just wants to watch normal programs on telly like the news a few old soaps and a bit o sport, well tvs are not made for you any more..you have to play games go on line get a blu ray player and watch only movies, and then hook up the old play station or x-box and blow up halve the world until it time to watch another blockbuster in 3d this time wow!! what a hectic life i got, no time for work you know...
OK rant over will just go back to my old Sony crt..and watch a real telly....thank you
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 14 October 2012
Size: 40-inch|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It takes a lot for technology to impress me - it is the everyday functionality, the genuine usefulness, which impresses me, not the knowledge that the chips are five times faster than yesterday's or that the screen was polished by elves using moondust.

As a result much that is new is disappointing, and I am often a late adopter.

So when I was asked to test drive the Samsung S6800 I was not expecting much - it is, after all, just a TV, and I have owned a TV, in various different forms, for over thirty years.

And yet, crikey!

Probably the easiest five stars I have given this year. Here is why:

- Picture: unbelievably clear; sometimes it is like looking through a window; initially it was a little disconcerting, but after a few weeks I simply refuse to go back to a lower quality image

- Physical design: thinner than you would think possible, and despite having a 40-inch screen it avoids dominating the room

- PVR: the functionality for a PVR is built-in; just buy a USB external hard drive, plug it in and you are good to go, with scheduled record, series record and all that stuff. I bought a 1Tb Western Digital drive and now have many hundreds of hours of capacity

- Apps: there is a growing list of useful apps; I use BBC iplayer, ITV player, Lovefilm and YouTube, but there are plenty more for other interests

- Blu-Ray integration: I bought a cheap Samsung BD player and the TV recognises its sibling and I can use the TV remote to control both

- Bit torrents: this TV can play every video format I have thrown at it; the picture quality when playing low resolution downloads is supernaturally good - I have no idea how they do it

- USB slots: as well as using the USB slots for a PVR hard disk, or bit torrents, you can, for example, plug in an iPhone and the TV will offer you the chance to view the photos on it, plug in an Android and you can see everything, such as videos and podcasts

- 3D: and yes, this is a 3D TV; we don't bother with it much, but have enjoyed a couple of 3D blu-ray movies, and the quality is excellent

- 3D conversion: another freaky feature is the conversion of regular 2D broadcasts into 3D; again, no idea how they do it, but it really works

All in all, this is a quite remarkable TV. There is other functionality I have even tested yet, such as directly beaming content from a Samsung smartphone to the TV, or viewing digital photos, or playing MP3's or playing with several different picture modes (the default picture is amazing so I haven't felt the need to experiment.)

With so many features, every household will use it differently. Samsung are clearly trying to make the TV that every home should have and they have come pretty close to it already. Heaven knows what they will come up with next, but this is technology how it should be - a genuine leap forward but easy to use and with something for everyone in the family.

Five stars.
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on 30 November 2012
I'd had my eye on this tv for a while - the picture always looked better than any other tv in the stores and I liked the idea of the web browser & integrated freeview hd and iplayer etc. Out of the box the Freeview HD picture was really bright and clear - a revelation. Then I put in a DVD - have to say I was really disappointed with the results - mostly the picture was fine, but sometimes the picture looked like it had been filmed on a really cheap video camera- with no depth to the image and little detail (even in "Movie" mode). A little research showed quite a few people mentioning this as a problem - particularly when upgrading from a plasma or other reasonably good tv's. I decided to get a professional in to set up the picture for me - some of the best money I've ever spent. He set up the picture using AVSHD which is actually a free download (google it and do it yourself !) and now the picture is completely and utterly beautiful. Loads of detail in the shadows, accurate colours - fantastic.

Audio wise - as already said, sound is not very good for those used to av amps - but probably fine if you're not. The smart tv hub is ok - iplayer etc are great and stream effortlessly over wifi. Web browsing is agonisingly slow without a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse and even then it is sluggish - and also I was disappointed to see that the browser can't deal with Flash - so no Battle Pirates or FarmVille then. Also very limited apps available in the App Store.

Unsurprisingly, regular freeview digital channels look pretty rough when compared to HD - but I guess most people will have Sky or similar so it shouldn't be a problem.

The remote is quite cool - it's backlit which is nice, but the buttons are flush with the surface, which means you've got to look at it to use it. It integrates nicely with my matching samsung DVD / HDD.

Overall, I am now very pleased and immensely impressed with the tv - I suppose my advice is...go-ahead - you know you deserve it!!!!
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