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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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This is a small keyboard by most standards and uses two provided AAA batteries. There is a small LED indicator in the top right-hand corner which flashes alternately red and green when not paired with another device. Once paired, the light expires. On the underside and all gathered towards one top corner is the battery compartment cover and its release button, the pairing button which needs a pen or something with a blunt point to operate, and the power switch which is small and needs a sharp fingernail.

In my instance, the keyboard did not pair when the button was depressed for a few seconds and repeating it a couple of times more. It was manually paired when choosing to Add New Device through Windows' Control Panel. It took about a minute or so and needed a generated code to be entered on the keyboard. The process completed in a few seconds more.

Buyers should be aware that this is a fairly slim and flat keyboard that does not utilise any risers and therefore sits rather low on the desktop. Due to its small size, it could be used on the floor, on your lap or anywhere, as long it remains within the normal Bluetooth range of about 10 meters.

No software is provided, nor is it needed and it is assumed that Bluetooth is incorporated within whatever device with which it is to be used. A PC/laptop without Bluetooth will require the purchase on a USB adapter, which will be usable on many computers whereas an internal card adapter may not.

Not quite perfect although there is nothing obviously or seriously negative about it, 4.5 stars is probably a realistic rating.
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on 26 March 2013
I purchased the Mobile 5000 Keyboard for use on a desk at work with a Laptop. The design of the 5000 is both visually striking and ultra thin, this in turns creates a very portable keyboard that is both ergonomic and takes up minimal deskspace wherever used.

Bluetooth is one of the major features about this keyboard and it doesn't disappoint. Pairing was very easy on Windows 8 and I was up and running in about 30 seconds from opening the box. The Bluetooth connection is maintained and doesn't drop.

The keyboard itself is a very small form factor so you won't be getting a lot of Media/Functions keys, however the keyboard does have dedicated Volume Up, Down and Mute buttons, and the most common functions like Insert, Print Screen, Home and End have been binded to certain keys which are accessible by the Fn key, these are printed in blue at the bottom of these keys for handy reference. Apart from the the power/battery indicator light, there are no indicator lights for any of the usual keys such as Caps Lock, this however I can live with. (Does anyone use Caps Lock these days?!)

For the UK version the enter key is actually larger than the product image shows, the product image is actually the US version of the keyboard

The positioning of the keys and its ergonomic design mean typing on the Mobile 5000 whether it be a laptop or tablet is a very comfortable experience. Key feedback is very quiet and the keys feel quite beefy compared to other keyboards of a similar form factor, (which I welcome as I am not a fan of keyboards with a light touch).

Overall if your looking for a keyboard that is ultra thin, portable, ergonomic with Bluetooth connectivity, you should definitely consider the Bluetooth Mobile 5000.
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on 2 January 2013
First keyboard arrived, I wasn't impressed. The space bar wasn't very good and you had to hit it dead centre or the words would stick together quite often so I asked for a replacement and Amazon handled that swiftly and quickly. Got it sent out even before I mailed the first one. Always a good idea to keep the original packaging for at least a week while you are trying it out.

Second keyboard was much better. Pairing was no trouble with my Samsung Android phone and Blackberry Playbook. The only niggle is sometimes my phone doesn't connect to the keyboard and I have to pair it again. I'm not sure if this is going to be a regular problem but as I've discovered I don't use it that much as what I intended it for, I can't comment going forward. Otherwise a sleek bluetooth keyboard for the get-go person.
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on 1 June 2013
I love the size of this keyboard. Not too big to become a burden on the desk and have the option of being portable, and not so small that you can't realistically type on it. I use it in my study for my work laptop when I work from home (usually once a week). I prefer Bluetooth as it's far easier and does not need little dongles plugging in wasting my USB ports. It works great. Nice to type on, proper function keys (not those silly ones that you need to hit a fn key and another key to get F5 for instance). Time will tell how long the battery lasts, but so far so good.
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on 22 December 2012
Worked first time straight out of the box. Pairs fine with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and remebers its pairing through a power down. Buy this keyboard and have the best of tablet and the best of netbook. Thoroughly tested, it's now in Christmas wrapping paper on it's way to my mum...
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on 12 June 2014
Positives include that it is powered by a couple of AAA - make sure to carry around a couple of spares though they do last a long time. It is cheaper than the Logitech equivalents and

I use this under Windows/Linux/Android without troubles. Make sure to turn off Bluetooth power saving mode under Windows, which causes more troubles than what it is worth (it is under Advanced Settings as a checkbox).

Can't think of many negatives except that I wish that there was a bit more space around the Enter key but this is hardly a major issue. I touch type and don't find that this is a major problem.
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on 29 August 2012
Just started using the keyboard today. Its really quiet & soft to type, light weight and the look of the keyboard is amazing. The bluetooth was a bit of a pain to set up as the keyboard wouldn't become visible, to the computer, without constantly pressing in the connect button but i'm unsure whether it's just this particular keyboard or all of the 5000 series. Overall plaesed with the purchase but we shall see how the batteries hold up to some constant use.
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on 28 January 2014
Every once in a while the BT will drop off... not such a problem. However, there is another issue that every once in a while the keyboard will freeze on a single Letterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr like that and you need to restart the keyboard to get rid of the issue. Still, for 20 quid refurbished it's good.
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on 21 September 2014
An excellent bluetooth keyboard. It is compact, but with full-sized keys which have a positive action. It works well with the separate number pad which can be put away when not in use. Battery life eccellent.
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on 11 July 2013
Physically it's a great keyboard. Layout is good and most keys are comfortably large. I only slightly miss ability to adjust tilt of the keyboard.

Unfortunately the software part, at least when used with a Mac, is awful. The keyboard keeps disconnecting after a period of inactivity. That causes OS X to show alert that keyboard has been lost and then show another alert when the keyboard reconnects. It takes annoyingly long time to reconnect, and during that time keyboard will "remember" some, but not all keystrokes. So finally after it reconnects you get jumbled nonsense typed and often Control key stuck until you press it again.

Installation of Microsoft's drivers hides these disconnection/reconnections alerts, but doesn't fix actual flaky connectivity, so then you get slow and unreliable keyboard and no indication why computer isn't reacting to keystrokes.

Initially I hoped that that I might get used to frequent disconnects and maybe get a habit of pressing some key every few minutes to keep the keyboard connected, but it's just been driving me insane.

Unfortunately there is no way to adjust/disable power-saving mode of this keyboard. Microsoft's software for this keyboard is poorly written and mostly useless (after installation and reboot the keyboard shows as "Unknown keyboard" in system's Keyboard Preferences. Microsoft's preference pane shows options to configure keys this keyboard physically doesn't have, and has redundant options to swap modifier keys that duplicate system's built-in settings).

It's a nice hardware ruined by awfully unreliable Bluetooth connectivity. I've never had such problems with Apple's Bluetooth keyboard, so my recommendation is stick with Apple keyboard that works.
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