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on 24 April 2017
- Looks & feels durable,
- Has a good look & feel,
- A plus that it comes with a screen protector (although haven't used it).
- A plus that it comes with a Stylus (although haven't used it).

- Stylus looks & feels cheap.
- The inbuilt auto sleep/wake function puts the iPad to sleep even when it is flat against the back (fully open), iv had to disable the feature in my settings as it was unusable when on the go.
- The inner suede microfiber lining is anti-dust to remove any dust or dirt from your screen is more like rubber that doesn't seem to clean the screen finger prints.
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on 17 October 2012
After reading about the many positive reviews regarding this product, i had decided to order it - and i am very happy that i did! First of all, the item was dispatched very soon after i had placed the order, and so it arrived very quickly!
Upon receiving the package, i have to say i am very excited with my order! The items were exactly as described, and i am surprised with the quality of the product, and it looks very elegant as well! I was looking forward to receiving the case because i did not want to carry the iPAD without anything to protect it! I am very excited both for arriving very early and for its great appearance and quality! Also, i am very grateful that with the price it came with the screen protector and with a stylus pen. To me this was very positive as i did not have to order these items separately!! I have used the pen and its great! Will definetely order more items from this store, and i have already told my friend who is also buying their iPAD this week, to buy a case from ForeFront Cases!!! Definetely reccommend it to anyone who looks for a case of good quality, elegant looking, and that will provide protection to their gadget:)
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on 9 March 2017
The case looks good, but doesn't really deliver what it promises. The resistive rubber inner, only really works on the top half, when it's nearer the end it just slips. The auto Sleep/Wake function also doesn't work, only when the case is folded on the back of the iPad, exactly when you don't want it to sleep.
The front of the case also gaps, so that there is a gap between the screen and case.

Honestly I probably should have returned it.

The only positive thing is the feel and look, which is great compared to the price.
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on 7 August 2015
When this first arrived I was happy as my iPad 3 clicked into place with the base of the case neatly. It hugged the iPad but when the case was opened the rigid base of the case allowed half the iPad to come slightly free and the case lid to fold to adjust as a stand - as in the photos. My happiness lasted only a few days now my iPad is firmly clasped ALL AROUND and I cannot use the case lid as a stand and I cannot free my iPad for the case at all
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on 10 March 2016
I thought I'd leave it 6 months to review this product as previous iPad cases that I have purchased appear fine for the first few months and then things start to go wrong.

I can honestly say that no such problems have occurred with this ForeFront case. It's as good as it was the day I received it. The case is lightweight but sturdy. Thin, but protective. Nothing not to like here. The only negative that I (thought) I had was that it didn't seem particularly secure when being stood up in to a more upright position. Turns out it's fine...I was just using it wrong. :-/ My mistake just goes to show how flexible this product is.

Actually...I do have 1 negative...they don't make a similar iPhone case. Sort it out ForeFront! You already have 1 buyer right here. :)
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on 1 December 2016
Wasn't leather, real, false, PU or otherwise; is just made of plastic as far as I can see.

It's also about as magnetic as as wood, which means no auto sleep/wake feature, despite that also being in the product description.

There's an argument about getting what you pay for, but there should surely at least be an expectation that the product will at least meet the very basics of the specification. Other reviewers are right that it also doesn't offer as much protection of the ends of the iPad as other products, but that's a nitpick compared to very blatantly deceiving people as to the features of a product.

I'm sure if the manufacturer gets in touch they'll blame a production defect, or a problem with the supplier, or some such rubbish, but really I would avoid this and try and find something from a more trustworthy source, as difficult to find or even as non-existent as that is at this price point.
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on 30 August 2015
After breaking a replacement from another supplier, I had to start my search again for a case for my iPad 3. The Forefront had very positive reviews so I took the plunge, including a replacement for my wife's iPad Air at the same time.

The case is very well built indeed. It attaches to the iPad in 6 different places - each corner plus top and bottom 2/3 along the device held portrait. It snaps in with a reassuring 'click' too. It has a magnetic front and is lined with microfibres so you've a soft surface against the screen. Both came with a screen protector- a nice touch.

So far, so good. Great value, well built. Looks good, and if you can't find a colour you like, then there's something wrong with you.
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on 17 February 2017
This case, at least in the black colour, is not as advertised. I had the previous version of this case which was padded leather, but it split. The replacement is a hard plastic. The folding function works well, but the new style has sharp edges which makes it uncomfortable to hold in your hand compared to the previous version. Also the sleep/wake function no longer works as it should when opening and closing the cover. But when the cover is open and held against the back of the iPad the magnets occasionally switch it off while you are working which is very unsatisfactory. I sent an email to the manufacturer pointing these faults out and in an admission of a problem they offered me a discount. But they have not changed the product description several days later. I am returning the case as not being as described and have replaced it with a JETech one which is both fine and cheaper!
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on 15 May 2017
This product is definitely one to avoid. I thought this would be an excellent replacement to my old cover based on the description and price, unfortunately this wasn't the case! Sorry for the pun.

Its not leather.
Its not magnetic so the cover flapped about and didn't turn off the iPad
The pen that came with it was crushed
and luxury... well not in my opinion.

Customer Service - I contacted the seller regarding my concerns of the product and was refused a refund till I returned the product. Despite my explanation that the cost to return it would cost nearly 50% of the refund they still insisted that I would not be refunded till I returned the product. Based on the fact that the seller is prepared to mislead people with this product description and the chance that a refund wasn't guaranteed I wasn't prepared to risk further cost and put it down to experience. Please learn from mine!
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on 1 May 2017
This is a cheap and nasty case which fell apart after a couple of months. The case will not support my iPad so is useless as a stand. Also the hard plastic surround keeps cracking and breaking and no longer holds the iPad. All in all a total waste of money, for just a few pounds more I could have purchased a decent case. Quality-wise, you get what you pay for! Don't buy this product.
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