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on 5 September 2016
I purchased the Ultra micro Secure Digital High Capacity memory card to film up to 4K videos and to capture burst shooting in still cameras. In burst mode several photographs are captured in quick succession and this is where the speed of the memory card comes into play.

Some background info that you may find helpful. For any given memory device, there are two speed specifications that are provided by the manufacturer and these are namely, the read and write speed. The faster the read speed the more rapid is the rate of data transfer to your computer. The higher the write speed the faster the images are saved onto the memory card. A Class 2 speed translates to write speeds of 2MB per sec. This is the sustained writing speed as opposed to the maximum instantaneous write speed. So the number shown on the memory card is the sustained write speed. Therefore a class 10 card will achieve 10MB/sec.

I've used other branded 'high speed' (class 10) cards in the past and I found that during the shooting process, on occasions you can experience dropout or jitter. I have not experienced any such problems with the Sandisk cards.There are plenty of cards out there that will do the job if you are just shooting standard photos or even capturing standard or HD quality videos. It is worth noting that image quality is unaffected by the type of memory card used. However using a low speed (say class 2) will process the information more slowly. It may also be less reliable and may corrupt you data more readily when used in high demanding applications.

I purchased this item at full price. If the product is unworthy of a good review, I think it is unfair to leave positive feedback as this can mislead potential buyers. I hope you found the review helpful. Please click on the “Yes” button below.
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on 11 December 2014
I bought this card in August '14. It performs as it should, it works in my Drift HD720 camera at full settings just fine. No problems.

Throughout the time I've had this card, I noticed the label was chipping at the edges. I wasn't overly concerned but I just hoped the tiny bits that did chip off wouldn't obstruct the electrical contacts to the microsd card. Only now, I decided to just take this label off completely as it's peeling a bit more. I notice the card I've been sent is in fact a Kingston brand printed on the plastic. The stuck-on label, at a closer inspection, indeed looks like a home print job (see picture). The specifications of the real card seems to be the same, 32 GBs at class 10. Not really up to date about fakes or scams regarding sdcards, but I'm not sure why this was done and naturally I feel like I've been tricked. I can only be a bit suspicious. The seller was "Intelligent Memory" (Amazon ID A236O9667D1AJZ).
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on 28 October 2014
Got this for my Galaxy S4 which I use for shooting videos of my 1.5yo son so I needed a bit more space than the 4GB Transcend card I used before.

I had loads of problems with data corruption copying the files from the 4GB card to the PC and then to the 32GB SanDisk Ultra. I always though that all memory cards were created equally but it's not the case. Spent literally hours trying deferent ways of copying (direct from phone, via a card reader, tried on my Mac, tried on my old IBM laptop) but there was always loads of corruption when writing to this card.

I never would have though compatibility would be an issue but as a last resort I tried using a spare class 4 16GB Kingston card I have for my DSLR camera. Copied the files from my PC to the Kingston and BAM! Worked straight away - no corruption at all...hmmm this SanDisk card isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Today I decided to try the SanDisk card in my DSLR camera, hoping that the Samsung Ultra SDHC card from the camera will work in my phone (and also just to prove that the S4 has no limit on card size). Guess what? Yes, the Samsung 32GB card works perfectly - so I conclude that either my card is not working ok OR there is a compatibility issue with the card and the Samsung S4 smartphone.

The SanDisk card seems to work of in the Nikon DSLR so I'll probably be keeping it anyway - I'll have to test shooting some photos this weekend and transferring files to/from the card just to make sure.

All in all I wasted several (4+) hours trying to make an uncorrupted copy of my data on the SanDisk memory card with no luck at all - a pretty bad experience.
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on 6 June 2015
Had owned this card for just over 2 years but recently had it replaced under warranty due to 'unsafe removal' error messages on my new Android Lollipop phone. A quick Google revealed that this is a common problem with this particular card, with a lengthy thread about it on Sandisk's customer forums. The issue supposedly stems from there being a faulty batch around November 2012 - early 2013.

Sandisk replaced my card for a 64gb one without too much trouble, although it did mean I was without an SD card for two weeks as the faulty one had to be sent to them before getting a replacement.

Interestingly, the 64gb card I received specifically stated it was designed for Android and since inserting it into my phone, I've had no problems since. I don't recall this one ever being advertised in the same way. However, I also don't remember having any problems using it in a Windows phone or on a Kitkat tablet, so it could be partly due to the way the newer Android OS works.
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on 3 August 2012
I have produced flakes of dandruff bigger than this, yet it has the memory capacity of a small herd of elephants (or a herd of small elephants? Who can say?). Isn't modern technology wonderful?

I bought the 32GB version to pop into my new smart-phone (a Samsung Galaxy Ace) so that I could use it as an mp3 player as well as a pocket camera (oh yes, and a phone). 32GB is twice the capacity of my old Walkman which was beginning to groan at the seams so, short of shelling out more than a half-ton for the 64GB card, it seemed like a decent choice.

Popped it into the phone and watched it format and then started to transfer my entire music collection. I may not be John Peel, but I do have a few albums (I daren't count them) and they filled the card up to just over half-full. Excellent! Plenty of space left for musical expansion, apps and photos.

This is supposed to be an "ultra speed" card: presumably it's quicker to load files on and off and access them as well. I can hardly comment with any authority, never having timed that sort of thing, but I will say that I managed to transfer on all of my 16GB of music in the time it took to run a bath. Well, OK - I exaggerate, but I would have expected something like that to take up a long and boring evening in front of the laptop and was VERY pleasantly surprised.

The card comes with an adapter that allows you to use it as a full-size SD card should you so wish - a miracle of electronic engineering all in itself, if you ask me.

The only down-side is that the card is so small that if you take a deep breath, you're liable to inhale the bloody thing.
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on 29 December 2014
SanDisk Mobile Ultra microSDHC 32 GB UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card 30 MB/s + SD Adapter + Memory Zone App (SDSDQU-032G-U46A) - From Honeybee-Online.
After contacting Honeybee-Online - On account of the Memory Card which arrived was - Black and not what is shown in the picture.
[Which they replied promptly]
I was informed, Amazon creates the adverts and other sellers "attach on" their offers to the advert and as such are not in control of the pictures and are unable to change them, Amazon simply goes off the UPC code [Universal Product Code] for that product and consolidates all those adverts. - I must confess I had no idea that is was indeed the case. I was always under the impression that "what you see is what you get" as an advert for any given product and not "what you see is not what you get" - I have been made aware by Honeybee-Online, if any buyer receives a 32 GB Sandisk BLACK Memory Card - It is certainly not fake. - The reason I have given 5 stars, is the way in which Honeybee-Online explained this in great detail and I hope other buyers will eliminate the feeling that the Memory Card is a fake.
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on 6 February 2016
Worst purchase ever. The SD card only worked for a week before it failed. Lost all my photos, videos and app data. I tried the adapter which was provided with it and plugged it in directly to the computer, it showed that the card was corrupted. It seems to be either a fake or a dead drive. Didn't expect this from Amazon, but things like this does happen. What can you do. If you are looking for a microSD card, spend a bit more and go for the Samsung range, I have one in my Blackberry and that phone has gone through hard ship, being dropped, dunked in water and what not. The SD card still works perfectly well. Don't go for SanDisk, the quality they once had is no longer there.
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on 23 February 2014
Had this in my tablet, so there wasn't too much at stake, when you read some of the reviews, some people lost photos from their phones on a journey of a lifetime, you can never get that stuff back, so I feel really sorry for those people. I thought I could trust Sandisk, however shortly after a year of owning this card, fault free up till then, I noticed that all the filenames of music and the like had been corrupted. Then my tablet started saying that it did not recognise the card, I tried to re format and use it again but to no avail. I did contact the 3rd party seller from Amazon, but it was out of the year guarantee period, I had hoped that the 3rd party might have had a few other responses from buyers and at least contacted Sandisk on their customers behalf, however that did not happen, disappointing but I suppose it is Sandisks problem really. When you do search on the internet they did know about this issue with this particular card. Any how to cut a long story short...ha ha, I looked in to sending the card back to their European claims department, the card had to be sent recorded to some Eastern European destination, so I am sure like lots of others, I didn't bother for a £20 card, that I have now replaced with a £18 Samsung card. Bitter taste in the mouth and I won't buy Sandisk again! Vote with your buying business in future I say!!!
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VINE VOICEon 17 January 2013
The SanDisk Mobile Ultra 32GB Class 10 Micro SD Card with SD Adapter is for me the perfect solution to my storage needs when it comes to my music especially for my Samsung Galaxy S 8GB + 8GB Memory Card Wi-Fi MP3 Player with 4.2 inch Display - White. With this tiny little card I can hold so much of my music, photos etc. within my device and along with the adapter I can then convert it to my laptop etc. with no trouble whatsoever.
I liked the fact that it was so well packaged and with a quick snip of my scissors I had the cardboard packaging opened, usually with items such as this I seem to have packaging which was developed with such tough plastic that my scissors refuse even to put a dent on the plastic.
I quickly put the Micro SD Card into my MP3 player the player does a quick preparation of the memory then unto the card and I was immediately able to pass the music using the Amazon Cloud player and immediately the music etc. was saved unto the card. It worked perfectly and quickly and now everything is safe and sound within the card.
For me the SanDisk Ultra micro SDHC Card with Adapter is a perfect solution to my storage needs within my many devices including my mobile phone, MP3 player and everything else which this little beauty fits into either with or without the adapter and for such a good price what more could I ask for?
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on 19 July 2013
I am another SanDisk customer using this chip in a Samsung Galaxy SII phone. Same story as the other dissatisfied customers. Worked fine for a few weeks then started to slow down as it filled up.
After a few months apps that were running from this card started to disappear and required occasional re-installation and the phone itself started to freeze up when using apps or accessing files stored on the card. Then a couple of days ago the card just showed up as blank and in need of reformatting. There was nothing especially valuable on the card so I selected "reformat", but it wouldn't even do that. It is definitely not a fake, I check items like this as a matter of course when I receive them.

Some other people have recommended Samsung's own memory cards for use in the Galaxy phones. Nobody seems certain whether or not SanDisk cards have an inherently short shelf-life or if the Samsung phones are responsible for frying the cards. At least if I switch to Samsung the ball will be in their court in the event of any more failures.
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