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on 6 May 2013
My title says it all? Bought for my wife's Galaxy it trebles the capacity and holds more music and pictures than most will need. It threw up an Error report on her S3. Plugged phone into PC and all seemed fine. IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU..... The moment you plug it in and it's still viewable save ALL your data to your PC. Even though I did this it died 3 months later with no warning and is now unreadable in ANY device. All data and pictures lost. If you have to back stuff up all the time there's little point in having the extra storage in your phone?
Poor Batch? Not genuine SanDisk? in any event avoid like the plague. In any event "not of merchantable quality". I've dozens of small storage devices and this is the first that's let me down.
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on 19 July 2012
Bought this to go into my Samsung S2, and it works a treat, no problem to report. HD video recording works perfectly. Loads of room now for music and videos.

The included SD adapter I got was a bit dodgy though. After inserting the microSD card, I could not remove it, it would come out slightly and get caught on something inside. In the end I had to use a pair of pliers to gently pull it out. Hopefully that's a one off quality control issue, as I've never had problems with sandisk products before.

Unfortunately the old SD adapters i have lying around doesn't seem to work with this card, so I had to keep the pliers handy. Although it does seem to be getting easier to pull out after a few times.
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on 1 October 2012
I'm not an expert and couldn't tell you about download rates and all that technical stuff, but...

I bought this for my new Nokia N8. It's my first smart phone, which although now an outdated product, I picked as it still gets rave reviews and I primarily wanted a good camera. I inserted the card and dragged and dropped (via PC to Phone USB cable) music and pics with no problem whatsoever. Pics and video taken with the phone save straight to the memory card and drag and drop back to PC, no problem. I didn't format the card or do anything other than inserting it in the phone and getting on with it. As some other reviewers have pointed out, when you look up the memory details once inserted, you do in fact only get 29 point something giga bytes of storage, but that's life. Cannot fault it.
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on 1 July 2012
Wanted to upgrade the storage on my new Samsung Galaxy Siii. It comes with 16gb internal so this 32GB card is a good addition for adding some music and films from my library. I'd ideally like 64GB card, but will wait until prices fall. At around £21 I feel this is good value for a class 10 micro SD card, though I appreciate prices seem to keep falling. I thought about getting a cheaper class 6 or class 4 card, but stuck with the slightly pricier card, so more future proofed, and could possibly use in my dslr in the future, with the supplied sd card adapter. I see one feedback talking about fake cards. The card I was sent was definitely not fake... I wish when people have something bad to say about service or claim items to be fake or not as described, they'd include the name of specific seller in feedback.
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on 31 October 2013
I bought this to use in a camera, and wanted to have the fasted write speeds so I could capture pictures fast and perform quick transfers! It does both of these.
With such little price difference between classes, I cannot recommend getting a card of lower class.
I managed to take 1000 pictures at roughly 20MP and was never worrying about space issues.
I tested the speeds of the card and got transfers of about 50 MB/s and read speeds of 79 MB/s.
Quite simply, this is excellent and I doubt many people would have issues with this.
I then swapped the card into my Samsung Galaxy S3, and have had no issues with it. Nice quick transfers of music and photos.
I cannot recommend it enough! Easily the best SD card, and such a great price!
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on 30 October 2017
You can't go wrong with a good SanDisk memory card. Personally I used either SanDisk or Samsung and nothing else because of the quality and value for money they represent. I would always recommend these 2 companies and this product gets my seal of approval.
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on 4 January 2013
purchased this for the galaxy note 10.1, no problems so far but have not tried watching films etc from it (just backups etc) So unable to comment here on transfer speeds. I was a bit dissapointed as others are that purchased the galaxy note 10.1 it will not allow apps to be run from the micro SD card with present OS ICS but unsure if its possible if you root it. However sandisk has a good reputation and the class 10 was another factor that was also required so time will. The price was good for £20.71 as the rrp = £58.12 and no problems with delivery as I could not wait for anything ordered from Hong Kong or china in time for xmas. Hope this helps you decide as I know money is tight and everyone wants a good deal. I beleive I got one.
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on 30 April 2013
Sandisk ultra 32GB Micro SD
30 April 2013
Good card. Super quick delivery next day. With so many fake cards on the market it's wirth paying a little extra to get a genuine item.
Speed test using Sony usb adapter.
Test finished without errors.
You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
Writing speed: 8.59 MByte/s
Reading speed: 18.4 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

CrystalDiskMark 3.0.2 (C) 2007-2013 hiyohiyo
Crystal Dew World : [...]
* MB/s = 1,000,000 byte/s [SATA/300 = 300,000,000 byte/s]

Sequential Read : 20.218 MB/s
Sequential Write : 9.417 MB/s
Random Read 512KB : 19.809 MB/s
Random Write 512KB : 6.267 MB/s
Random Read 4KB (QD=1) : 3.351 MB/s [ 818.1 IOPS]
Random Write 4KB (QD=1) : 0.857 MB/s [ 209.1 IOPS]
Random Read 4KB (QD=32) : 3.857 MB/s [ 941.7 IOPS]
Random Write 4KB (QD=32) : 0.867 MB/s [ 211.7 IOPS]

Test : 1000 MB [E: 0.0% (0.0/29.7 GB)] (x5)
Date : 2013/04/30 13:46:38
OS : Windows XP Professional SP3 [5.1 Build 2600] (x86)
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on 15 January 2014
I purchased this for my wife's Samsung Galaxy S3. This is a must item for any person who wants to take photos, store music or download games. It slots into the phone very easily, then a trip to YouTube showed us how to set up the phone so all the photos etc were transferred and stored on the new card.

The benefits are that the card can be easily removed and using an adaptor (comes with the phone) you can slot into your PC, TV or take to a shop to print out photos.

In conclusion a great purchase and compared to Argos who charge over £30 a very competitive price.
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on 2 April 2014
Was fitted in my tablet and used to store a few films. In the end it had little use as
most of my files were stored in the internal memory. Just failed (disappeared) after just over a year and I am RMA back to Czech Republic.
Absolute nightmare getting them to accept RMA request even though these have a five year warrantee in the uk.
I have lost all of my data, I had to send them pictures to prove it was not damaged, then I have to send back at my cost and wait probably weeks for a replacement.
Just gets me the way they make it as difficult as they can to honour the warrantee (any excuse)
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