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on 10 June 2012
I bought this to take on trips overseas to keep up-to-date with my emails/skype etc and also to watch movies on while travelling. I have a laptop but this is light enough to fit nicely in my carry on luggage when flying Ryanair et al and leave plenty of room for other things. Ok it is not as fast as my HP laptop but its performance is reasonable if not adequate. It is also easy to carry to places that offer free wi-fi and the battery lfe is excellent.
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on 25 September 2012
I have to say when i bought an eee pc all i wanted was the cheapest thing around with the better battery life possible. I have to say i'm impressed. the other day i managed to watch 3 hours of movies with low screen brightness (at night) and after it all i still had around 60% battery left. i dont regrett buying it. Although i got rid of windows starter right after first boot and got ununtu in there ;). Only downside is that i live in portugal and i ordered this withouth knowing that the ac plug was british., so i had to buy a small adapter. Would be nice if we could get it included with the product already.
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on 15 September 2012
I live in France and finding a Qwerty keyboard netbook quickly was impossible - except the very expensive ones. Amazon.co.uk accepted my order with my French bank card, the shipping charge was very low, and it arrived within the allocated delivery time. An excellent service for a Brit living overseas. I bought this netbook because of the slim size, weight and most importantly the length of battery time. I travelled for 24 hours with only hand luggage and needed something light and small. It worked perfectly with my hard drive so that all my documents, photos, music and films were accessible. The battery lasted for the entire journey - which was several hours in the air and travelling by train so the 11 hours is probably correct. I was able to download a small free wordpad version of Word from Microsoft so that my documents could open - enabling me to work on simple documents while travelling. It picked up wifi signals quickly. An excellent computer - absolutely no regrets - it does everything I wanted it to do.
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on 25 September 2012
I wish I'd read earlier reviews before we bought this machine. It is SO slow and struggles even when I have only one internet tab open and nothing else. I have yet to get to the end of a streamed tv show or an online game without a problem.
I understand that the problem is lack of memory and the fact that there is no option to extend the memory? Why build a machine with such limited ability? Maybe it's ok if you just want to do some sums on the calculator but otherwise, forget it.
It gets one star because it looks cute (and there is no option to give zero stars).
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on 8 December 2012
Great great great. Light, portable, love the matte blue finish on my model, excellent battery lifetime (I can't honestly say I've added up all the sessions I use it between charges to check the total, but it's definitely several hours (6+) which gives it a lot of freedom and grab-ability without the clunky charger always having to tag along). My only concern is the keyboard. It's spaced nicely and doesn't feel too tight, but it's not brilliantly sensitive, and when I'm typing fast, it misses a few characters per sentence. Not devastating, but definitely annoying having to back edit all the time. A few other reviews did comment on this when I was choosing, but I have heard elsewhere that some keyboards need a bit of running in. I haven't had mine that long so I hope it's true, I don't know how long the other reviewers had theirs for before they commented.
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on 12 February 2013
Bought this for my wife at Christmas, she is delighted with it and I no longer have to do the online shopping!! A win win for me.
If your looking for a really sturdy little netbook then I recommend this every time, good service and rapid delivery. What more could you want?
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on 11 November 2012
We bought this as an amazon warehouse deal so admittedly it would have been a bargain but the faults with it meant it was practically unusable.

Firstly the touchpad is very temperamental - sometimes it would allow you to select items other times it wouldn't. Apparently this is a common well known fault

Secondly, if you opened anything with drop down menu's the menus would just scroll and you couldn't stop it.

Some of the keys would need to be hit really hard to get them to work

I experienced errors in "Office open" - the free version of office - if I used the "£" symbol it would take the cursor back to the start o the document and type lines and lines of "£".

These were just the errors and problems we had in 36 hours. The netbook is currently sat waiting for my husband to check there is no personal info on It before we return it and we've been out to pc world and bought a samsung to replace it.
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on 22 March 2013
I bought this for a 79 year old friend here in Spain who wants to keep in touch with her kids, grand kids, and great grand kids, all of whom are online (or soon will be), emailing and skypeing.

She thinks it's great. Small and light, and the keyboard is manageable. Great for when she wants to take it on trips and use hotels' wifi. So light that it makes little impact on hand-luggage allowance.

I personally do not like Windows 7 starter edition as a lot of features are missing but it will do for now.

As a tool and "learner edition" of a PC it does the job and can be recommended for this kind of use although I would not want to use it full time. Modern Office applications take up far too much of the tiny screen. I know you can reduce the magnification etc. but 79 year old eyes don't take too kindly to that.
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on 27 November 2012
Small, funky, pretty, good battery life, good power, memory (though we added 2G extra RAM) etc. In all ways perfect but two. The charger cable and connector. It's a tiny, TINY little connector, with a very fragile pin. Mine lasted a little over 2 years then, one day, it snapped. The pin in the centre came out in the cable. The cable had already been giving trouble and had needed taking apart and resoldering as the connections in it were loose and the charge wasn't reaching the computer.

We took the whole lot to the repair guys who said they could get a new connector and cable (it had shorted when it broke) for about £100, but that the same thing would happen again.

Very sad and a rather large waste of money really. I got a different laptop instead, with a standard sized charger input.
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on 31 August 2012
I bought this as ASUS EEEPC 1015CX as a replacement for a 1015PX. What difference can a year make, two little letters. Dont be fooled.

I should have read the reviews. on the previous model I could upgrade the memory from 1GB to 2GB. On this model - they removed that option. What are they thinking - it is still Windows 7, with a few applications open - especially Microsoft Office - this machine struggles.

This was a brilliant netbook, when you could upgrade the memory. Without that possibility it is constrained a little - and it does impact what you can do with this device.

If you only want to view the internet, listen to music, and view videos. You will not be disappointed. If, like me, you wanted to do this and more - this model fails to deliver the overall performance you need.

Buyer beware, ensure you buy a model that can have the memory upgraded.
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