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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 June 2014
I bought these because they use the AptX codec and because Sennheiser have a good reputation. The AptX codec does offer significantly better sound over the standard A2DP codec and if you are after a pair of bluetooth cans then definitely make sure they are AptX enabled. I got these for use when I'm out and about, traveling etc. as they fold down to a very easily portable size. The construction looks solid enough and I don't think they would break easily, however I would have liked to have them supplied with a hard or a least firmly padded case instead of the soft case supplied. That said, the rubber flap which covers the charging port would not fit back into place after a couple of uses and so I had to remove it completely, not good.

They come with a cable for when you cannot use the bluetooth facility such as on an airplane or when the battery runs flat. Pairing them to your computer isn't as straight forward as it should be, sometimes it takes several attempts however once paired they rarely drop the connection, especially when paired to an AptX source and the range is pretty good, its even possible to move from room to room and not drop the signal.

This is all very well, but in the end of the day it all comes down to how they sound and I must say that in this area they are a little disappointing. I wouldn't put the sound quality as anything better than average and be aware that they don't go very loud, in fact they are very soft indeed. While I appreciate Sennheisers' concern for my hearing I would think that these could go a good deal louder without being a danger. For a product specifically designed for use outside the home their lack of volume is a real problem, extraneous sounds are clearly audible to an intrusive degree. Things are slightly better using the cable but that defeats the object of buying bluetooth headphones in the first place.

I wouldn't recommend buying these without hearing them first.
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on 3 December 2014
I have owned these headphones for 18 months.

Sound >> these headphones take about 2 weeks of regular use to wear in. At first the bass particularly is very lacking and the high end a little harsh, but eventually they wear in to a nice balanced sound, if a little quiet overall and when listening in a noisy place e.g on the bus, you lose the bass entirely.

Comfort >> these are light and comfortable headphones, though because they are on ear, if you wear glasses and the headphones for prolonged periods it can get quite sore where the ear pieces press your ear against the arm of the glasses, though this is not the fault of these headphones, just a caution to other buyers about on ear headphones in general.

Build >> the folding design is very handy and they come in a fabric pouch. Unfortunately after 12 months the power failed when the headphones were un-folded, presumably because the power cabling was pinched inside the headphones. I had them replaced under warranty but the second pair have just failed with first the sound crackling and now totally dead in the left ear piece, again most likely due to pinching of the wires inside the headphone frame.

In summary these have great sound (if a little limited on total volume if you have a quiet source or like it loud) very stable Bluetooth, but I believe a fundamental flaw in the internal wire configuration where repeated folding (by design) causes the wires to weaken and eventually fail.
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VINE VOICEon 7 November 2016
Headphones alright BUT... currently (nov 2017) there's a massive problem with replacing the battery. The web seems to have sold out and Sennheiser have told me themselves that there is a serious manufacturing problem and no resolution in sight for months. So I'm stuck with completely non-functioning useless headphones - don't buy these and till you know there are replacement batteries (and not useless Internet knockoffs)... All the best Andy
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 February 2013
I bought these because I found I was listening more and more to my Galaxy S3 while out and about and my current blu-tooth headphones JAY World Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Headset (Small Compact & Foldable). Supports: Apple iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung S3, Samsung S2, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericson, PDA, Tablet PC, PC, laptop, PS3 and any Bluetooth enabled device... which cost just over £17 became uncomfortable after about 30 minutes of use. I saw that the S3 supported the Apt-X Codec so after reading reviews, specifically the What HiFi one, I decided to go ahead and try them.

Firstly the summary - They are very comfortable and well made and sound very good indeed. However at £140 ish more than my JAY World set they definitely do not justify the price difference based on sound quality alone. They cannot be folded as small as the JAY World (see my image in customer images) and apart from comfort they do not really offer any significant benefit. I have carried out the review and given it 4 stars based on this product as a stand alone item and how I would have scored it should I not have had anything to compare it against.

More Detail

Applications used for testing on both the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy S3

For Streaming Playback over WiFi and 3G
Google Play Music
TuneIn Radio Pro
BubbleUPNP from my NAS over WiFi

Local Playback
BubbleUPnP - Local FLAC files

I also tested it with BBC iPlayer, myPlayer Pro and Sky Go

I also used 'Equalizer' on The Nexus 7 where the apps would support it but found just setting it at Flat gave the best response. None of the apps on the S3 would support the Equalizer settings with this headset although they worked OK with the JAY World.

I tested the headphones with the same tracks on both the 7 and S3 and they included uncompressed FLAC Hi Def audio from 'Be my love' Joseph Calleja to Foreigner 4 streamed over Google Play Music.

The sound quality of these headphones is very good and compares quite well to my Grado 80i's however they are not as good as my Philips Fidelio X1/00 in terms of sound stage, dynamic response, clarity or an ability to involve you and immerse you in the music. However remember these are Blu-tooth and designed for use with a mobile phone and not an amplifier so apart from general interest a comparison with the Grado's is probably more fair.

There is not one type of music from Heavy Rock through Opera to orchestral works that did not perform well. Whatever type of music you listen to I am sure you will enjoy these headphones. My biggest gripe is the price because at nearly £160 (at time of writing) they are not that much better than the £17 set. Yes they are better but when you are out and about in traffic or sat in a noisy launderette (my usual place of listening) do they justify the extra price? Well I have decided to keep them based on the fact that they are better quality, especially noticeable on locally stored MP3 and FLAC files where the most improvement is noticed and most importantly for me - comfort! These are very comfortable and as I am writing this at just after 9pm I have been wearing them since just after 3pm and I can hardly notice I am wearing them. They feel light and comfortable and there is very little listening fatigue which I sometimes find listening to compressed audio files for a long period. BTW the least difference is noticed when listening to streaming internet radio which you would expect due to its relatively low bit rate.Does the new codec make any difference? The S3 has it and the Nexus 7 doesn't. I cannot tell any difference at all.

Range - with the Nexus 7 I can go about 12m away with 2 walls before the signal breaks up but if I stand still it seems to stabilize. With the S3 the range is reduced to about 8m before I get breakup and with 1 wall between.


Sound Quality 8/10 (JAY World 5/10)
Comfort 10/10 (Jay World 3.5/10)
Range Nexus 7 9/10 Galaxy S3 7/10 (Jay World - same)
Portability 6/10 (Jay World 9/10)
Battery life 6 hours and still going strong (JAY World easily get 14 hours and still not flat)
review image
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on 13 March 2013
To have cable free headphones on a plane is a real bonus.
The only small complaint is the headphones are so well made they are a bit lacking in overall comfort if you have a large head.
I would prefer to have a cloth cover option so I can keep the sweat under control as I did find them a bit hot after a while.
Good battery live and control of the device to pause, take a phone call, skip a track etc.
Will do me very well despite the little niggles with comfort.
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on 4 June 2014
1. Good sound
2. Works quite good with Bluetooth
3. Battery for bluetooth can be removed from headphone and put separately for charging which is cool.

1. Iphone volume control or song change controls doesn't work when u connect through wire with ur iphone which works perfectly when bluetooth is on even when u r connected through wire.
2. So called head supports on top starts hurting after using it for couple of hrs. I think they should have extended the padding through out the head body.
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on 24 October 2013
Highly over-priced and very, very average performance. I bought these from the Apple store, and they are going back this very day. They are also quite quiet when using the wired connection.

My £29.99 Sandstrom Bluetooth headphones I got from Currys wipe the floor with these, particularly in bass response, but I guess Sandstrom don't really have a name to trade on, which is why they aren't charging £179 (at least that was the Apple store price) ....
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on 12 May 2015
Got these for my wife . They are very small and fit just on the ear. Set up was easy, The sound quality is good. Do they block out all other sounds? Well they appear to judging by the fact I have stood behind my wife shouting and she couldn't hear me (may she was just ignoring me - i will never know).
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VINE VOICEon 8 May 2015
Gorgeous and brilliant but beware of your own hearing... all this bass amplification, surround sound, lifelike explosive vibes shaking your nerves. Life isn't like that and these cans show you real life as it is. You may hate them for it. You'll certainly need to forget those fuzzy sounds you've become used to recently. When I started with them I thought the volume was wonky because I couldn't get pure plus loud enough. Then I compared with some cheapo bluetooth cans and heard that fuzz again. I like classical, ambient, rock, old blues... these headphones are unforgiving of poor recording and muddy inputs, very unforgiving. They prove once again what we all neglect to notice that good recordings of say, a Beethoven quartet are good because real people with amazing talent use ancient collections of string, wood and metal to produce brilliantly orchestrated music that has a natural, erm "soundstage". This modern word doesn't mean, a big wall of noise; it means an actually realistic sound captured by clever positioning and mixing using top quality equipment by dedicated recording engineers and producers.

These headphones belong more to that better world from the days before beating beats beat us all down. You can now get them cheap. They're small. strong, classy and nifty. I wear them in bed and they're right enough not to fall off if I do. Love them, or leave them, but don't buy if you just want to blab about soundstage to your mates. They are not in the same class as my Dynaudio focus 140's driven by a decent amp from the same iPad using a blink DAB, but for headphones they are superb.

Haven't we been conned enough with these ridiculous cans that feel like you have a VW Beetle on each ear? This is the answer; for discerning people only. Others may hate them. I hate them sometimes, when they show up the crap recordings on some of my old CDs.

Thank God for Google Music Player, huh... Back we go supposedly to analogue but using digital. Can your bassified ears actually tell the difference between MP3, WAV, Ogg and FLAC? They will do now. And they'll show up lousy sound engineering and cobbled but flat sound-desk so-called "soundstages" where left from right is the only clear differentiation. In real life sound is almost infinite in its production and transmission.

Here's a bit of a reminder in a neat little package. Bluetooth works instantly and much better than you are expecting, almost too well, in fact. I've tried the Sennheiser 180's with Kleer technology and I'd prefer these any day. More like the old 160's, which were good but heavy on your head and sweaty. No perspiration with these at this size.

Now I'm ramblin', cos I love them, actually. They remind me of real wood and honest people with good manners.
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on 8 February 2016
These are good headphones.
Very well put together, packs away tidily, well written manual, easy to connect, wires also provided in addition to wireless Bluetooth, comfy to wear, decent looks and most important of all it delivers crisp, clear sound.
So if all boxes are seemingly ticked why only 4 stars?
Because when on the move streaming Spotify from my phone in central London to and from work music drops out for a second or two at least half a dozen times during a 15 min walk. When sat at my desk delivery is faultless. I could be harsh here, the prob could be the Spotify stream to the phone and not the Bluetooth stream to the headphones. So could be 5 stars after all - I just don't know!
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