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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 15 February 2013
As a Club DJ I have been using Dr Dre Beats headphones for quite a while now, primarily due to their fantastic advertising; if you believe what Gaga, Will.I.Am and friends tell you, you're not a 'proper' DJ unless you use the Beats brand.

The problem with Beats is, you have to be a celebrity to afford them the constant replacements as they snap just above the arm joint. Having recently snapped my second pair of Solo HD's in this way(which seemlingly have the lifespan of a moth), I decided to try a different brand and all the online reviews pointed at Noontec's Zoro headphones. Apparently, they're even owned by the same company that runs Monster (who owns Beats), so they aren't too different in terms of design.

They look like Beats, granted, but they also feel like they have a better build quality. Sound wise, they're clear and crisp. Bass isn't as deep as Beats but then Monster have often been blamed for ruining tracks by enhancing the low sounds and smearing out everything else (I've noted this on several leading Hip-Hop tracks). The bass is loudly present, but Zoro's don't try to drown out everything else with it.

Take away the drowning bass, celebrity endorsement, fancy packaging and padded casing and what you're left with is the Noontec Zoro. These are well up there with the top headphones available right now, and from the dancefloor my clientele will probably think they're Beats anyway. For the price, these are a bargain. Defintley worth the money.
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on 25 December 2012
These red Noontec Zoro headphones are beautifully made, great construction, comfort and most importantly superb sound quality. Their sound is balanced and neutral, the highs are crisp and crystal clear, rich mids for clear vocals, and the bass is tight and well responded, without over exaggerating. Of course, if you crave more bass, you can easily do that with EQ on your player, and these behave very well to EQ changes.

These are very easy to drive using a portable player, so they will play relatively louder than most other headphones at the same volume on the player, making these a great portable headphone.

A well made soft pouch is included for traveling. The flat tangle free cable is removable so in case anything happen to it, it can be replaced with any removable 3.5mm cable.

The noise isolation isn't particularly good so you would need to crank up the volume in a louder environment such as plane or tube, but for office use or quieter surroundings these are perfect. The grip on the head is not overly tight making these comfortable to wear, the soft ear pad is very nice and comfy.

At less than £50, these are a fantastic pair of great looking headphone that sound even better than it looks. For me these headphone's audio performance is a great leap ahead of the Beats Solo HD, what's better is that the Noontec is priced very reasonably.
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on 24 September 2012
Arrived very quickly. Honestly I was really surprised at how amazing these headphones sounded. Great build quality and comfortable to wear even after hours of listening. I'm a producer and composer who own a massive collection of high-end studio headphones, 3 sets of expensive studio monitors and DAC/audio interface for professional use, I always care to have great audio. Though these may not be my goto headphone for mixing, they are certainly Hugh quality headphones for pure music enjoyment as the Zoro is very 'fun' sounding headphone.

The sound of these really is very fantastic for the price. Very natural sounding, the bass response is impressive without being muddy and exaggerated. The mid and highs are all very clear. Soundstage is not as big as some more open over the ear headphones and in my opinion not ideal for classical or film soundtrack where a big soundstage is prefered, but the Zoro is great at pretty much every other genre, pop/rock/hip hop/dubstep/R n B you name it. If you want even more bass, you can use EQ on your player or better using bass boost function on your headphone amp.

Sound isolation could be a little better but for an on ear headphones its not bad at all. Also once the music starts playing, you won't be able to hear the surrounding so there's no issue.

Don't just take my words though, there are already a lot of great review from very reputable source for these newcomers. Already raved about in the US I'm certain that these will become very popular with time.

Overall great sounding headphone that looks great at a bargain prices.
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on 5 June 2014
These headphones are excellent. They are better than the Dre Beats - 100%.
I currently own 2 pairs of the JVC HA-S360-B headphones. I own 2 because I love them so much I dont want to risk being without one if it broke. I got those for £17 and they were better than the cheaper version of beats (currently £99 at currys but much more than that at the time I got the JVCs) but did not quite match the higher end ones (£250).
Then I read about these Noontecs and thought I'd give them a try.
I ordered one, and wow!, I have been impressed.
When I received my Noontecs, I did my favourite test of going to Currys and testing my headphones against the Dre beats. My local currys have about 9 different beats on display, so I go along with my phone and listen to a song switching between different headphones all the time.
The first test I did when the Noontecs arrived was to compare them to my JVCs, and they were better than my JVCs. These Noontecs are about twice the price of the JVCs though, so the JVCs are still pretty amazing.

Anyway, so I went to Currys and spent about an hour there (wierd looks from the staff, none of whom came to sell me anything as I was probably a "time waster" in their eyes - which I was to be fair). I tried on the various beats headphones and compared them to this one. I can comfortably say these Noontecs are better than the beats.
As someone mentioned, the Noontecs are louder than the beats. The songs sounded louder on the Noontecs at the same volume level than the beats. Therefore in order to get a more accurate representation, when I took out the noontec plug, I pushed the volume up 2 levels before plugging in the beats, to get the volume to appear to be at the same level (with the solo hd beats for £99). On the more expensive £250 beats headphones, the volume on the beats was the same as on the noontecs so i didnt have to change volume between the two.

Secondly, the mids and high ranges were much more clear on the noontec than on the beats at all levels of beats from £99 to £250. My JVC headphones were better than the £99 beats, but did not match the £250 beats as the mids and highs on the £250 beats were clearer than on the JVC............ however, the noontecs were better than even the £250 beats in this regard. When I listened to a song on the noontecs and then switched to the beats, the beats sounded very dull or as others have said, muddy.

One area where the beats (across all ranges) beats the noontecs is the foam cups that go over your ears. The beats are much softer and feel like they are soft enough to shift and mould around your ears. The Noontec cups are a bit harder, but to be honest I didnt notice until I was switching between the two.

Also, when I put the beats headphones on, it had more of a noise cancelling effect BEFORE I turned the music on across all ranges £99 - £250. You put the beats on and you feel like you're in a cocoon before the music starts. The Noontecs also block sound out but not as good as the beats. HOWEVER, once the music starts, you dont hear anything else but the music on the Noontecs and since the music volume is higher on the noontecs, it sounds better straight away on the Noontecs than on the beats. There was a very large and loud system blasting out radio tunes next to me, and the noontecs blocked it out as good as the beats once I turned the music on.

Overall, as I have mentioned, the Noontecs are better than the beats. The beats are only better than the noontecs when there is no music playing!

Some people have said they do not like the flat cord. I dont know why, I think it is brilliant. It is designed flat so it does not tangle up. Whats not to like? The cord has a pin at both ends. One plugs into the headphone at one end, and the other plugs into your phone/playing device at the other. Standard 3.5mm plugs at each end........... you could easily buy a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack cable and replace the one that comes with the headphones. However note that the one that comes with the headphones seem to be a high quality line to get better sound. I replaced it with one that I had (just to test) and the sound quality was still great, but when I switched back to the one that came with the headphones, I noticed a difference, with the headphone ones sounding better (my cable cost 58 pence though - probably if it were more expensive, the difference would not have been noticeable).
I also like the Pins on the line that comes with the headphones. The part that you hold between your thumb and index finger to plug into your phone/listening device/headphone, has a flat part that makes it feel nice and look quality.

I also like the shape of the noontecs. It is like the beats, and therefore pretty much follows the shape of your head. My JVCs and most other headphones are wider at the top in order to make the cups fit firmly on your ears, but that makes you look a bit silly when you put them on.
However, having said that, my only gripe with these headphones is that they are so obviously a copy of the beats design (even the colour scheme). EVERYONE will think you want a beats but cannot afford one and so have gone for a fake, and thats not the case. What I want is great headphones, and thats what ive got with the noontecs. I wish noontec will make the same headphones in a boring matt black colour. I'd get those and be just as happy (or even happier).

After testing on the beats, I went round testing on other makes in Currys. The noontecs beat all other headphones by a large margin, Monster (also around £250), Bose (£250 - these ones were terrible, just terrible), skullcandy etc etc. None came even close to the Noontecs (or the beats for that matter). Tichy Strider's range came close on base alone, but you could not hear anything else. There were only 2 headphones that came close to the noontecs. Both were JVCs. One cost £40 and the other £50. They were not better, but were close. I think both of those JVCs were better than the beats.
The beats are great when compared to other headphones in the shop, but the noontecs are better.

Overall though, these are a great set of headphones to have, and at less than half the price of the cheapest beats and a better sound, its a no-brainer.

Update 11 July 2014
Unfortunately I am reluctantly downgrading this from a 5 star to a 4 star. I am begining to find them a bit uncomfortable to wear over extended periods of time because the foam padding that sits on your ear is not very soft. It feels soft to the touch, but my ears are begining to hurt when I put them on. Sound is still excellent, just not very comfortable. Yesterday, I actually went back to my JVCs and they were much more comfortable. Obviously this will be different for everyone......if your ears are hard, and not as soft and cultured as mine :) you might not notice this.
Reluctantly downgraded to 4 stars.
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on 3 June 2013
Good Quality all around . Sound good . Only thing I did notice it can be quite tight around the ears and after some time really can make your ears feel hot. Like everyone I like the bag it comes in and also the way they fold up.
review image review image
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on 1 September 2012
These headphones resemble Dre's very much so, but the sound is way more balanced and in my opinion, more accurate. The bass integrates well with the mids with perhaps a slight roll off up in the highs. Not such a bad thing since that allows louder listening without screech and the Zoro then really snaps into focus well.

Comfortable to wear for longer periods and very good looking too. Durability seems fine and sensitivity is amazingly good. You can use the Zoro with an Ipod set at very low volume and still get a satisfactory, balanced sound. No need for amping whatsoever.

At this price level, I feel that the Zoro is amongst the best, giving you a headphone that looks stylish without the fat, booming bass of many other similar headphones at a very competitive price.
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on 13 June 2013
These headphones are very good. I am a college student and use them for Music on the bus, In the cafe and at home while watching YouTube. £40 is the highlight of this set of headphones. I have owned Beats by Dre Solo HD cans for two years and decided to update. The Dre's are beaten in all aspects, Build, Sound and looks. The Zoro's smash the beats when it comes to the high's and mid's, There are very, very crisp and clear. The Zoro's only flaw with sound is the bass and even that is very minor. The bass isn't as pronounced as the beats but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The bass is clearly there, it just isn't overpowering and allows room for more crisp high hats and synths.

The Good:

-Sound quality is stunning, providing crisp highs and clear mids also with great bass. Comparable to £150-£200 headphone models
-Build quality is perfect, it matches the Dre beats in all aspects and they also provide sturdy hinges
-The look is very nice! They look very similar to Beats but not too similar to be considered a knock-off
-Comfortable. I will usually wear headphones up to around 2-3 hours and I have not experienced any discomfort.

The Bad:

-The cable can be a bit fiddly sometimes as it uses the flat design. Also there isnt an on-cable control supplied but you can buy this if needed/preferred
-Bass isn't as prominent but if your using, say an iPhone/iPod/iPad you can assign the EQ to Bass Booster and get some extra bass from these cans!


These headphones are a fantastic buy and I recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to spend over a hundred on studio quality headphones but still want to get a brilliant sounding experience. The £40 just makes these headphones more appealing. If you have a little bit more to spend, I recommend Noontec Zoro HD's, the HD version of these headphones which provide more bass than these versions and only for £70.
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on 6 November 2012
I don't normally write reviews but these headphones are so good for the price. I'm no Audiophile but have owned and tried quite a few headphones over the past couple of years. I've owned Sennheiser PX200's 1 & 2's, Audio Tecnica ATH-ES55, JVC HAS-150's, Pioneer SE-MJ591, Philips SHL9700, also used my friends solo HD Beats for two weeks. I can say on just sound quality alone these win hands down, not to mention the fact that they have a detachable cable, are very comfy, and look fairly stylish if rather kitsch, but all for £45 is such a Bargain.
People will say they like their headphones with a lot of bass(solo HD's)but I think in all honesty upon hearing a well balanced and clear sounding pair of cans like these someone would gladly trade excess bass for rich well balanced sound quality.
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on 3 September 2013
I wanted something light weight and easily transportable with good sound quality. Having read the reviews these seemed to be best for my purpose. Comfortable to wear and a read that does not get tangled. I can recommend them.
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on 27 March 2016
I originally bought these to use for the gym and I also listened to some beats years ago at school. My verdict however was I wasn't too impressed with beats but Noontec are really impressive and much better sound but still keeping that bass! They also look cooler in my personal opinion and very practical with it's fold away style and little Bag and the cable is really good for plugging my iRig into my Bluetooth water jet speakers. If your looking some some budget beats look-a-likes, look no further!
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