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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Size: 47-inch|Colour Name: Black|Change
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VINE VOICEon 14 December 2012
I had looked at 3D in shops but I can't say I had been particularly impressed until this week when I saw my first demonstration of passive 3D on an LG TV. Some people consider 'active' 3D the way to go. In the past I believe the picture quality could have been better with 'active'. After reading several reviews of the 2012 versions of LG tv's it sounds like passive 3D is now just as good. It is certainly cheaper for the glasses and they are lighter (no battery) so much more comfortable. This mid range model comes with 4 pairs plus clip ons for my glasses. I use sky and the hd and 3d pictures are great. There is a free 3d channel for sky subscribers which is a good starting point when you first get the tv. I had recorded some stuff the day before ready for when the tv arrived. You have to ask sky to turn it on (online or by phone). Then when you start watching it don't forget to press the 3D button on your remote (or it doesn't work properly as I found out!). I already had a sony 3d blu ray surround sound and the picture from that is out of this world. First film was Men In Black 3 in 3d.....simply amazing!!! Picture quality out of the box for this tv is very good. I did search around a bit on the internet and found the following settings which improved the picture quality to excellent for me.

energy saving:off
picture mode: ISF Expert 1
H Sharpness:25
V Sharpness:25
super resolution:off
led local dimming:off
dynamic contrast:off
noise reduction:off
mpeg noise reduction:off
black level:low
color gamut: standard
edge enhancement:off
color filter:off
color temp:warm
method:2 Point IRE

color management system white balance

color tint luminance
red 1 5 2
green 3 6 0
blue -10 -8 2
yellow -2 -1 0
cyan 3 8 1
magenta -3 0 0

I am not interested in gaming or using the tv as a computer so sorry I can't comment on that. It is worth hooking the tv up to the internet because I have already had two updates since I received it two days ago. Can't wait to receive all the 3D blu rays I have asked santa for!!!
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on 31 July 2012
It was time for a new TV and I did a lot of research before buying this one. I try where possible to buy the latest Tec when making a purchase like this so that it does not date too fast, this has always paid dividends with things like computers etc. The latest Tec can be a bit more costly but the cheaper product can often mean it's already out of date. I was a bit sceptical about the 3D but wanted a smart TV and the 3D is a feature of this TV.
It was pretty easy to set up straight out of the box and the picture good after a bit of getting used to the settings etc, it's not rocket science or I would not be able to do it. The control feels pretty intuitive and logical actually, quite like a smart phone.
I bought a 3D nature film, the choice available is limited and they are expensive at the moment but again I expect this to change when these TVs become more common. I put it on the new LG blue ray DVD player I also bought with the TV expecting a mediocre wrong can one person be!! The 3D on this set is fabulous I have not seen the depth of 3D and the 'stand out' effect since I was in Orlando at Disney, the 3D was the last reason I bought this TV but it is it's most amazing feature, and there are plenty of other really good features too.
I did not plan to buy this TV with the Olympics in mind but now had the amazing chance to see the opening ceremony in 3D, it was just fabulous and on the BBC!
This TV makes adults do that thing you see children do in cinemas with 3D films, they stretch out their hands to try to touch objects that are just in front of them, it's funny to watch them and everyone who has seen this TV both adults and children have been bowled over. HD is also excellent.
I really do like this new TV and am very pleased I bought it, it will be great when there are more films in 3D available and greedy Sky stop being stupid on the price of having 3D!
You can stream films direct (although for us our new BT infinity seems not to work too well without the films stalling, but this is I suspect BT and not the TV). There are loads of other features like being able to connect to the internet etc.
If you want a TV that will not break the bank, this is actually a mid range TV in price (although you will be hard pressed to know it from its performance) and one that looks really stunning on the wall, beautifully designed to appear frameless, then I absolutely recommend this TV.
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on 25 May 2012
Just bought this off Amazon a week ago.
After reading many reviews and seeing that some buyers had had issues with ghosting, clouding and banding on the images [...] I went for it anyway putting it down to bad luck or incorrect settings. A recent Firmware update seems to have fixed it all for some.

After opening the box I was initially impressed with the quality and packaged items such as the magic remote and 5 pairs of 3d glasses you get with it (1 pair is a clip on or glasses wearers which pleased my wife!).
Once I'd set up the stand and stood it up I noticed that it leant slightly to the left. I put a little weight on the right hand side of the TV which seemed to correct the problem!

The TV itself had a shiny black finish with a chrome strip along the bottom. There is a brushed Aluminium strip that runs around the outside. It all looks great. The screen goes right to the edge (although on power on there is still a 10mm section that displays no picture around the edge).

On power up you are asked to configure the Magic remote and tune in the TV as well as setting up the network or Wifi connection. I skipped tuning as I'm only using it with SKY HD. The Magic Remote is clever but I can't see myself using it over the traditional buttoned remote. I used the wifi setup to connect it to the Internet, which was seamless and worked out of the box.

I selected HDMI1, which is my Sky box. The first thing I noticed was the terrible picture quality. This was ITV1 SD (NonHD) channel. It had distortion around the edges of the people on screen, it was very bright indeed and there was some kind of software enhancement going on which actually made us feel ill!

After trying the HD channels and hooking up the LG BP620 3D Blue ray player I bought with the TV, the quality was much improved but still not as expected.

I located the Network updates section in the TV settings and went for it. A new firmware was available which was immediately installed. This made things slightly better but still not perfect in SD.

I then found some settings, posted on the AV Forums, which made the SD picture quality better but not perfect. HD and 3D were much improved.

I thought I'd then see what the Smart TV functions had to offer. 3D world is OK but really is just some fun demos. The big thing for me was the BBC iPlayer on the TV. I selected it and received a message saying "coming soon". What? no iPlayer either!!!! Why publicise the fact that the TV can use it then. Very annoying!

We persevered and decided to watch the Champions League Final in 3D as it was being broadcast in 3D by Sky that night. Initially I was impressed but after while I noticed black streaks running down the screen and shadowy blocks in the middle of the screen. This, I think, is the "banding" some of the AV Forum users have been referring to. Once I noticed it it was unbearable!! That was it, the TV was going back!! It was the same for the cricket on the channel next door too. Black shadows running across the screen as if the camera at the other end had a dirty lens or indeed the TV screen was dirty (it wasn't!).

Next day I asked for a 2nd opinion from my Brother and his wife, who said that it looked better than their 4 yr old Samsung and they were blown away by the 3D and HD. Once I pointed out the banding though they agreed that it was annoying. The TV was packaged up next day and returned.

I decided to go for a replacement TV rather than a refund. The next one arrived 2 days later and was setup again.
I updated the firmware and put the settings in as referred to from the site. I went to the SKY Movie channels and played back the SKY Movies intro screen (the one they show before all movies start). This looked incredibly good, clear and crisp until I got to the cow boys in front of the Grand Canyon. There was the mysterious shadows and banding again!!!!!
It definitely wasn't as bad as the previous screen and I can only put it down to some sort of film behind the glass screen that is thicker in places than others. No amount of software or settings can remove this.

In the end I decided to keep this one as I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of returning it all again. I'm glad I did as as the week has gone on things have got better.

My daughter and I watched the "Hugo" Blue ray in 3D. It is stunning. She even said so and 7 year olds don't normally bother about things like that! The 3D is the best I have ever seen, comparable with the Cinema! I just wish there was more 3D films to choose from as we already have most 3D releases on DVD and Blueray and I don't want to get them again!

I've contacted LG about the lack of the iPlayer and have been advised that they are sorting this out with the BBC and it should be working in a few weeks' time.

In Summary, the TV looks great, sounds good and the HD and 3D is stunning. Should you choose this TV, if the banding is excessive, try a replacement, it might be better. Adjust your settings so that the SD isn't as bad as it looks out of the box and enjoy.

Let's hope 3D Blueray does take off more as it is fantastic, and more films are released as a result.

Edited - 29th Aug 2012
This TV is actually very bad!! Do not buy it. Initially I was impressed but now I am sending it back after Amazon have offered me a full refund. It loses the sound sync, the display settings are wiped out every few weeks for each input and this one randomly restarts. A few days agao it went off and now wont even switch back on. I get a black screen and the LED flashes 4 times continuously. I can't wait to find a box big enough and get rid!
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on 18 May 2012
We purchased this TV in May 2012 after a lengthy review process. The unit was was not purchased from Amazon because the Harvey Norman offer was better. The LED TV has stunning looks and lacks a classic plastic edge that most LCD screens share(exception: the new Samsung series). Therefore, the 42 inch version we bought is only slightly bigger than the 6 year old 32 inch Toshiba was. The magic remote takes some time to get used to but does a good job. It resembles a Nintendo Wii controller and has a very small number of buttons. However the 'cursor' and 'enter' wheel do the trick for most things. Both 2D and 3D are of superior quality and the 5 pairs of glasses we got definitively helps. The unit has 3 USB ports so I have hooked up who external drives and it has no problems recognising them and playing the content. Excellent for playing a photo collection and you can even set it to play your preferred music in the background. There's an IOS5 app but at present it will not work as I've connected the TV with the router via wired connection. My understanding is that it would work if I had a dongle. The audio is pretty good too.
I give it all stars even though it is in our living room for only days
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on 9 January 2013
Took a gamble with this brand - normally steadfast with Samsung. Will not look back now as this LG tv is fabulous. Stunning picture, great connectivity, 3d is superb. I would highly recommend this tv along with the LG brand. Delivry was within 3 days. Thanks Amazon
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on 3 January 2013
Just received my LG 699T in white (42inch).

Can't find anything to complain about so far! Not only does it look great but it works great. Internet connection was easy to install. Even linked up my mobile phone and ran Youtube through it! Pausing and stopping through my phone for amusement. As you can run YouTube through the TV direct it doesn't really add much else.

Sound, sounds good. So nothing to complain there.....

My girlfriend is now watching Sex in the city, mentioning that she an see all the clothes their wearing in more detail, so I guess she's happy ;)

The magic remote is intuitive and easy to use, access to the apps etc also easy.

Viewing is a pleasure and I've now hooked up my USB drive to watch films. Seems to recognise all formats so far.

10/10 for this product!

Only thing I can complain about... Is Amazon's lack of corporate tax contributions!
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on 11 September 2012
Purchased this to upgrade my 5 year old LG and was not disappointed. Very easy to setup and looks stunning. The screen isn't quite as "edgeless" as the picture implies, there's probably about 1cm black edge within the limits of the glass but you don't notice it - I've never seen such a full screen picture.
HD picture quality is excellent and standard definition is ok too. I haven't noticed any issues of "ghosting" when watching sports or other fast paced pictures that others have mentioned when reviewing other TVs.

Virtual Surround sound quality is very good. I have a home cinema system but don't use it so much anymore - I sometimes forget it isn't on! There are a few different settings for sound to give a different feel, even a mode to enhance the clarity of voices - helpful in those serious scenes where characters are whispering to each other!

The software built in is excellent, menus are very easy to navigate with the magic remote. 3D is good, with some demos available from LG's online store (for free), though don't expect a huge amount of quality content straight away, we'll all have to wait until more 3D Blu-ray movies are available. Connecting the built in WiFi to my home network was easy (just select your WiFi network on the TV and enter your network password and job done!) which allows you instant access to LG's apps store. Don't bother with the games apps, they are all terrible (stick to your Xbox 360) but the 3D demos are fun and if you don't have a games console to watch things like Netflix or Lovefilm, you can connect to these services straight from the TV using the WiFi connection (additional subscriptions to these services are required).

File sharing from my PC was very easy too. Having set my homegroup network sharing options on my Windows 7 PC to share files and folders over home network, amazingly the TV picked up the connection to my PC straight away as an additional input. All I had to do was go to "Input List" and select my PC (the same place you go to switch between watching your Sky box and games console or DVD player). I can view pictures, videos and music by folders. Fantastic.

I've had the TV for 2 weeks and really have no complaints. If you're looking for a new 42" TV at a great price that will last you through the 3D movie revolution then you can't go wrong with this.
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on 14 July 2012
The TV has crisp image quality with HD material, it's almost too good picture when showing a bright scene and nothing is moving. As soon as the camera starts panning or objects move around fast the experience just becomes unbelievably bad. It's impossible to see the players in a football game or read text that scrolls really fast unless you turn the motionflow and sets it to smooth. That just helps a tiny bit and it introduces lots of motion artefacts that should not be there (the infamous soap opera or fast forward effect). Even with this setting it's still unwatchable and I keep loosing focus on the movie or game I'm watching. I even stopped watching TV after a few days of using this TV.

My new Sony KDL 55HX853 also has the typical LED TV motion problems but the motion is good enough to never be distracting. I can watch all kinds of material (24p/50hz/60hz) without worrying or losing focus.

Also the TV suffers majorly from crushed blacks, you have to turn up the brightness to milky gray blacks to get details out of dark scenes.

I would say this is a good TV if you need to get out and exercise more because you will not stay glued to you telly any more.
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on 24 August 2012
This is our 6th LG flat screen in 3 years so we ought to be fairly familiar with the way these things work. Most have been better than the previous. This one just about makes that claim but they have seriously messed up with the TV guide. Probably the most frequently used item accessed from the remote control and they've put it back years. Agreed the 3D can be spectacular; the Freeview HD quality is outstanding; watching from acute angles works well. The magic wand is a waste of space When you hit the TV guide the sound and picture disappears. The sound and picture disappears. Why, oh why, oh why. Takes away the pleasure of selecting a program. Needless. I cannot recommend this set. I didn't notice this in the specification. No mention that the sound and background picture disappear when you go tho the guide. With HD channels starting at 50 it's not good to scroll through from 5 or 6. Please tell me I'm wrong and there's a setting I've missed!
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on 18 July 2012
Tv is very thin.great design.3d is amazing .picture quality is mind blowing .2d is not bad either .
Although LG should include more applications like skype that I miss on my tv.
LG's customer services informed me that it should be available soon and they will do an update in coming few weeks.
The internet streaming is as smooth as it can possibly be over the wifi or through cable ,no complains there ,even though I have cheapest possible talktalk as my internet provider.When I was buying this tv I thought that I might need to switch to more expensive virgin media .Now no,not at all.
It's so heartening to know that I am using electricity comparable to a 60 watt bulb when running such a big tv.trully amazing .
It's also heartening that the glasses needed to watch 3d are cheap and are light to wear.All of the family can watch together,I m not too worried my children breaking them for cost issue .
Now I watch everything by pressing 3d mode ,which even if doesn't necessarily make the normal 2d broadcast 3d in it's true "out in the room from the tv experience "(because the normal broadcast is not 3d )but it gives me "looking out of the window experience ".
I can't watch a normal tv now .
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