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on 1 October 2012
Having looked at a multitude of different TVs, it took a long time for me settle on one.
The LG 42LM660T is a great all purpose TV, priced at £719.99 (below the price of most smart TVs), Full 1080p, LED, 3D and with a magic remote and multiple pairs of 3D glasses you truly get what you pay for (and more).

First of all the picture quality is great, the people who say that there are problems are obviously doing something wrong. Mine has a crystal clear HD and SD picture, which is just as clear when put into 3D.

The sound quality is great for a TV, allowing me to use the DLNA to stream from my phone to the TV and crank it up without the fear of massive distortion that you get with most TVs.

The TV is wifi enabled, something that people truly take for granted, meaning that you can have it as a mini computer (especially when combined with the magic remote).


This is where I wasn't sure about the TV, being a gamer on both PC and Xbox I needed to have a low response time, or the TV would be useless. Using the different gaming modes and different forms of picture processing I was able to reduce the lag to the point where it is unnoticeable, something that you can't do on most current generation LED TVs.

So overall I would recommend this TV to anyone and everyone.

Note: The TV does not come with Dual Play glasses, these must be bought separately.
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on 24 June 2015
I love this TV so much that I wish I got the larger one (but it wasn't in stock). The screen quality is superb and the 3D is also amazing, I was nicely surprised to see it came with four 3D glasses. The smart TV function is also nice as we can catch up on iPlayer whenever with no hassle at all. We also have a surround sound Blu-ray player which really brings out the quality of the screen, and the lack of frame makes it that much more sleek. I wanted a TV that would last me a long time and this does the trick. Again I only wish I could have got the larger screen.
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on 8 May 2013
I bought this item in Finland, the size was only a bit bigger, 55".

I like:
- Magic remote is superiour in use in contrast to other manufacturers versions of controlling the TV. This becomes most obvious when using internet.
- Great and vibrant colours
- Good overall image quality, especially with bright and not moving images
- Deep blacks
- Love the passive 3D, it's great. Excellent, vibrant and deep 3D-images and easy to wear glasses.
- 2D-3D -conversion works well too, especially with animations.
- Very good built-in media player with subtitle regognition.
- Smart share is great, you can connect your computer and stuff to Tv and play contents from there without annoying cables.

Don't like:
- Motion handling is poor. There is bad judder and resolution loss when Trumotion disabled. You can see this when objects cross the screen or camera pans. When Trumotion is enabled things get better concerning judder but there is a soap opera effet then. I suggest you adjust de-judder to 5 in user mode. It gives the best balance between judder and soap opera. This probably isn't a problem for all viewers, because my wife doesn't seem to notice these motion issues at all.
- There is noticeable dirty screen effect and banding. When camera pans on light surfaces (for example sky) you see these vertical lines and dirty looking areas on the screen.
- Not so very interesting apps in the appsstore. For example LG's 3D-world is over appreciated, the 3D-effect isn't very good in them. But they are free, that's nice.
- Deep blacks mean in this TV that shadow details are lost. Dark scenes look low on detail and contrast.
- Some light leakage on the edges of the screen but can be reduced quite well with image adjustments.

Final word: Very mixed feeling. There is lots of good things but enough bad ones as well to annoy you. I would say 3-4 stars depending on what is important to you.
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on 7 April 2013
I was not sure about buying a 3d tv at first but I am so glad that I did.
This tv is awesome, I bought the 47" model and when I watched AVATAR 3D on it, my jaw was on the floor it is that good. It was the perfect film to show off the 3d capabilities in my opinion.
I have since been buying as many 3d movies as I can.
I use the playstation 3 for blu ray 3d playback with pro gold range hdmi leads from hd zone and the quality is amazing. I have had no issues at all.
Standard def program's come through the sky box as expected, just a larger screen than my previous 32" sharp tv, although I have not messed around with any settings as of yet as I do not see the need too.
I can also wirelessly stream video, music and pic files from my windows 7 laptop with ease.
A great buy and I would highly recommend this tv to anyone, especially movie enthusiasts or gamers.
Cannot wait to watch the HOBBIT 3D on it.
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on 3 October 2012
Bought this TV after a very long review process I wanted 47" and passive 3D which had to LED and smart. I was not put off by the bad reviews on this TV I have now had it installed for three weeks the picture is excellent on sky HD and SD also on free-view HD and SD blue ray's even better having now watched all of the Ryder cup in 3D 4 football matches and a film and have seen no evidence of the so called banding and ghosting that some reviewers have had. I have now connected a smart TV camera model LG AN-VC400 to use with the SKYPE APP which was so easy to install i was logged within 10 minutes. I also fitted an optical cable which delivered superb quality sound to my surround sound system.the only drawback i can find with this tv are the APPS BBC i player works fine the are not worth having come on LG where are the ITV 4OD and channel 5 APPS you are falling behind Samsung who now have ITV and BBC sport APPS on my Samsung 26" I have in the kitchen. I would like to give this TV 5 stars but I can only give it 4 due to the apps
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on 10 June 2013
We have had this television for about one year now. It really is a fantastic piece of kit. Very simple to use with a stunning picture. The 3D is extremely effective and not tiring at all - I have found myself making a cup of tea wearing them they are so unobtrusive! the simulated 3D is so so. The internet connection works well, I have hard-wired mine - found the WiFi a bit temperamental. When we first had it the iplayer did not function but the auto software downloads sorted that out a while ago. The BBC HD iplayer works very well indeed with a 4 MB connection speed, never lags at all. General browsing is also good and easy to use. I also use it with an LG blueray - that is unbelievably shows what the set can do with a first class signal. It also has good connectivity - just about everything you could want.
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on 13 December 2012
My main reason for purchasing this tv was the fact that it was a future proof smart tv and for use with gaming consoles.

With LG being the leader in 3D panels (which are used in many other top name brands)i decided to go with the pioneer makers themselves.
Having had both Samsung and Panasonic flat screen tvs before both of which were very good i decide to give LG a try.

The 3D is very good as no flicker due to it being a passive setup rather than active. Has adjustable 3D depth adjustment too.(not tested yet). However this model also has 3D - 2D upscaling which to date i have found very disapionted.

As stated above the tv wil be used for gaming mostly and so far i am finding it very good plus it has the full screen (split screen) feature which is great for multiplay games.

Am not a audio/visual connoisseur but this tv had a great and easy setup out of the box and picture was great.
Has the best picture from any tv i have had so far. With several preset options plus 2 user setting for the connoisseurs amungst you.
Sound is good but could be better, but then again all tv would be the same as the manufacturers want you to buy a sound system aswell, so this is to be expected.

Good out of the box setup.
4 hdmi sockets/3 usb.
HD tuner.
Superb slim frame and width. (ideal for wall mounting) with correct facing sockets.
Light tv for size.
Great majic remote and smart tv menus.(2 remotes)
Full multiplayer split screen gaming.

No auto swithing sources when linked device is switched on (ie, pc or console).
Smart tv can freeze sometimes. (But believe this is due to slow internet connection and not the TV).

Beware when positioning tv due to reflection from screen. Mounted mine on the wall and get the reflection of the light bulb now, which i hadn't accounted for.

Overall i think this is a very good tv or the price i paid for it £792 @ Amazon. Cheaper than the Samsung equivalent tv.
Dont forget LG 3D panels are used in many other brands of tv so why pay more for the name??

ps. Opted out of the free 48 hr delivery, and just opted for the free std delivery. Tv turned up via Citylink within the 48 hours anyway.
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on 10 May 2012
I had went in store to have a demo of how the 3d looked on this tv. Firstly though they had a big display for a samsung tv with a pair of 3d glasses attached to a stand. Both my girlfriend (who was completely cynical on 3d tv's) and I tried it out. We were totally disappointed and thought the 3d was, well awful.
My girlfriends eye caught the attention of this tv purely because of its lack of plastic frame around the screen. I have to admit I thought it looked stunning too. We asked the sales assistant to put on the 3d demo and I could not believe how amazing the 3d looked. Water droplets looked almost in front of my eyes and when a ball was being thrown towards us I was expecting the 3d to stop at a certain point as it got closer but it didnt to the point where I felt I could grab the ball.
This TV trully does reflect 3D instead of it being purely depth which applies to a lot of TV's.

I am considering purchasing this. Yes the price tag is a bit heavy but its slim design without the plastic border (which adds immensely to the 3d effects) does make it worth it and my girlfriend immediately wanted this tv.
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on 26 December 2012
This is really just an amazing tv.
Only complaint I could think regarding the 3D could be the "pop out" factor isn't that great as the ads make it out to be. But 3D is still great.

Glasses are cheap which makes replacing really economical,the clip on features are great for people who wear glasses. The smart features are really good. 2D functionality is also very very impressive.

I would suggest this 3D TV to anyone looking for one. Great TV and yet very affordable.
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on 15 March 2013
I love this tv. We wanted a white surround so were very limited but think we chose the right one! The set looks good on our light walls, the picture is beautiful, the 3D mind blowing, the smart connections we haven't really explored to the full but is there anything we can't do on this tv? Sat watching our holiday slides with background music this weekend and it was almost better than being there!!!
The magic remote is great ( I wish we had the new one which we could link to our other sound and pvr etc but didn't know it existed before) and as there are 2 remotes, we can have one each.
Even the sound is better than I have heard from other TVs though we have added a sound system.
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