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on 14 January 2013
After lots of research into features and brands I settled on the LG 47LM620T. Sure it's not the latest model (now it's Jan 2013) but looking at the features introduced since this model, it looked like a great point of cost-benefit. I'm pretty critical when it comes to these things so am very pleased to say I am really pleased with it so far:

+ Picture is fantastic, especially in HD. "Africa" on BBC HD is just stunning to watch. Take the time to set up the picture (using the many options) to suit it to yourself.
Viewing your photos on the set (see DLNA below), they look excellent - the resolution is great and a great way to see them large and in detail.

+ 2D to 3D system works better than you might think it would albeit a bit of a gimmic.

+ 3D (passive) works like in the cinema. 4 sets of glasses come with it (which are big enough to go over my prescription glasses btw), and yes you can use those passive glasses from the cinema with it.

+ Menu system / guide etc. easy to use and sensible. Not blisteringly fast response-wise to the remote, but by no means slow enough to be annoying. Good because this sort of thing annoys me on some sets!

+ Can play video etc from a USB memory stick.

+ PVR feature is fab and under-sold. Connect a USB hard drive and it can pause, rewind and record TV SD and HD. Select what to record from the programme guide.
Some things to note on this:
a) It must be a HDD NOT a USB memory stick.
b) It should be a mains powered one, not USB powered.
c) It must be 40Gb or over in size.
d) You need to be happy for the TV to delete everything on the HDD to use its own custom disk format.
e) You can't copy programs off the HDD to your computer due to the custom disk format (for copyright reasons)
Follow this and it works (e.g. a Seagate STBV2000200 2TB Expansion USB 3.5 inch External Hard Drive - £70).
*** STOP PRESS / UPDATE! : Am now having some problems with the recording blacking out for a sec or so every so often with the DVR recording :-(
Trying to determine if this is the drive or the TV :-(

There is a rudimentary day-based repeat-record facility but haven't found a true series link feature.
There is only one tuner in the TV so watching one channel and recording another isn't possible (no big deal for me)
EPG/Guide turns picture and sound off. Some people might find that annoying.

+ Built in iPlayer works well (my internet connection is 5Mb/s down)
LoveFilm and Netflix supported (I have not tried these as I don't have a subscription (yet))

+ In theory at least, Eurosport Player is coming soon to the Smart TV apps.

+ Ethernet connection works fine for all networking features. There is no Wifi in this model but who cares. If it matters you can buy a dongle from LG for it.

+ DLNA support is great. Easy to setup a server on your PC/Mac and then you can stream pics/music/videos etc directly over your network to the TV - works very well with the totally free Serviio media server [...]

- Sound lacks a bit of bass but this is to be expected from thin LED sets to be honest. I managed to get our older Dolby surround system (digital non-optical) working with the optical TV output on the TV via an adaptor sourced from Kenable. Works well.

- Wii console video quality not brilliant (when connected via the composite analogue input). To be expected really - HDMI adaptor for Wii is on order to hopefully solve this ...
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on 29 April 2012
As usual I did loads of research before we went looking for a new tv. lg seems to have loads of reviews for other tv's but not for this one as it is a new release. The price was £699 in Curry's, the same price as we were going to pay for a 2d tv so we took the chance and bought it. I must say we were not dissapointed. From the box the set up was easy. It has 4 hdmi port so plenty of room for all your extras like xbox etc. The remote is easy to use and you will find a picture wizard in the listings to help you set your prefered viewing settings. The hd looked stunning and the 3d, wow, fantastic! We watched a wildlife programme and it looked like it was raining onto our carpet. This tv also has the ability to turn 2d to 3d which is great but not as good as a programme filmed in 3d but then you wouldn't expect it to be right. You can also vary the 3d experience using the depth control, we have ours just over half way and thats fine for us but turn it all the way up and things really do leap out at you. At the moment there are not many 3d channels but i'm sure that will change. The sport on 3d is fabulous, you really appreciate the contours on a golf green and the rugby and football will never be viewed the same again. Fantastic.
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on 11 June 2012
I bought the LG 47LM620T from Amazon about 4 weeks ago and have overall really enjoyed watching TV and movies. The file system for connected USB/HDD drives is a real boon. I would give it a score of 4/5 overall.

I'm coming from a Toshiba 32" LCD 720p screen, which I have to say was more solidly built, and had better speakers than the LG. I was expecting a brushed aluminium/metal bezel, but I'm afraid it is only a plastic bezel, but does have a sturdy metal back to the screen. The screen itself is a little loose in the corners, and on the modern minimalist stand, it looks great but is not the most stable - I'm not worried about it falling over, but the old Toshiba would swivel with one hand and was steady as a rock - I guess this is a tiny price to pay for having a 47" screen So for the build, I would say 3.5/5 - could be better.

HD TV, DVD and HD DVD (same as blu-ray for those new to the AV world!) all look fantastic, and really absorb you. I am on Virgin Media, and I have found that live HD TV (for example BBC HD) looks better than the HD content on iPlayer...not sure if anyone else has found the same? I also find that some Standard Definition channels are better than others.....Dave looks pretty good in Standard Definition, but some channels do not fare so well. This was the same on my Toshiba, so can't blame the LG for this, but I would warn you that if you want excellent clarity, you'll need to opt for HD channels or Blu-ray...standard definition channels, for me, are not amazing quality. One final thing on the screen - it is quite glossy, and if it's a sunny day, you can see the sun on the carpet reflected on the screen. I know this is probably par for the course, but my old Toshiba has a matt screen which was much better in this respect, so I don't know why they make screens so glossy? As for the picture settings, my wife and I were not impressed when we first switched the TV on, but after a play with the settings, we have a really good picture. I have mine set to :

Picture Mode: Cinema (user)
Backlight: 80
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 65
Sharpness: 28
Colour: 50
Tint: 0

Picture Options> Noise reduction, low. Black level, low. Real Cinema, off. Trumotion, off.

I do put trumotion onto a level 2-5 for watching movies sometimes, but general preference is to have it switched off to be honest. Also, try out the "Picture Wizard 2" - initially i thought it was for looking at or editing jpegs, but it's actually a useful calibration tool where you can set your choice for various settings, and it will allow you to automatically save those settings to whichver inputs you choose (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HSMI 3, AV1 etc etc (so it's a good way to get one setting, and replicate it to all your different devices like cable tv, blu-ray, console etc). Despite doing this though, I nearly always find myself switching back to the Cinema setting and ajusting to the levels listed above.

3D....Amazing. I am a convert. I told my wife we should not bother looking at 3D TV's - i've not been very impressed at the cinema (exception being TinTin 3D) - but it's a bit of a boon on your TV. I don't watch it all the time, but watching "300" in 3D, is very impressive indeed, and that's not even with a 3D blu-ray player, so just using the 2D to 3D conversion.

Menu system is great, and like I say, the USB function is fantastic. I am now tempted to buy a huge hard drive and just store everything on that, and connect it to the TV. So user friendly to be able to surf all those old photos/files/movies from your armchair.

I think for the price I paid, I made the right choice. I think the Panasonic 47ET5, which I believe uses the same screen, is probably better built, but I don't know about the menu system. LG have impressed me with their menu system. The golden question is would I buy this again? Yes. Although, if I had a few hundred quid more, i would splash out on something like the LG 47LX9900 or Panasonic 47WT50B.

Hope it helps give an accurate flavour of what you'll be buying.

Update: You can connect a USB mouse to the TV - which really helps navigate some of the apps / internet browser. Great if you want to choose what to watch at the cinema with trailers straight from google / youtube etc.

Update after 6 months use: Still every bit as happy as before. Latest new feature is Netflicks which looks very good with their HD content. Also, I just bought a Galaxy Tab 8.9 (Samsung Tablet) and the Smasunf "Allshare" function works with the LG "smartshare" function. I think it is just a rebranded DLNA technology but who means i can stream movies and music files from my tablet and control it with the remote. Only drawback is I can't stream internet radio from my tablet. Hopefully LG will release an internet radio app for the telly.

NB: Forgot to say, I bought a Samsung Blue Ray player, and to my surprise, the LG tv somehow connects to the bluray player, so that you can use basic controls like play, pause, stop with the LG remote. Also if you switch the TV off, it will automatically sitch off the bluray. Pretty cool, but unfortuntely i still have 4 remotes in my sitting room as it doesn't do everything the bluray remote does.
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super value LG 47 inch 3D SMART TV 400hz Refresh..."The TV has WIFI BUILT INSIDE", therefore no need for Ethernet cables!

Bought this "LG SMART Cinema" LED TV because it was getting good reviews all around the net which caught my eye.

I hope if your reading this you have your plastic close by, because its a fab TV for the money.

Even for 47 inch viewing, forgetting the 3D its still a bargain, as the Warm Colour's, and flicker free, Clean, Sharpness on Screen

is magnificent. 9.5 outta 10 for Picture quality. I use "Virgin Media, TIVO HD", & "NETFLICKS & LOVEFILM". very pleased so far.!

To be honest I don't own the TV that long but can say the 2D TO 3D is amazing, and much better still, once you purchase a blu-ray 3D player made by "LG cinema 3D" as remember it must be compatible with the "3D cinema HDTV". The Picture quality is actually better than my last Toshiba 1080p LCD TV. And it was great.

Buy this Mammoth and you will not be disappointed and remember the golden rule, always 6 feet away to view 3D, so you do not end up with sore eyes, apart from that there is no issues, apart from I-lovefilm monthly watch what you like for £5.00, that's a must but you must have a cable networked for the rear, or buy the LG Wifi dongle from Amazon. Does the same job, but you must have minimum of 10mb bandwidth. I have 50Mb Bandwidth from Virgin, and most have 20-30Mb these days, so not to worry, you can always upgrade whenever you get your "Shinny New LG 3D LED Cinema TV" - with a Whooping 47 inches enough to fill the large room in any Home.

Thanks for reading, enjoy setting it up as its a doddle.

Comes with four pairs of glasses, however I bought better ones as they are really for kids. ("passive 3D technology" so the Glasses are very cheap to BUY) even the top quality Passive, Polerising Glasses are no more than roughly £8 pounds. (That's for a good Philips or LG brand).

PS. also, there has been some people question the build, as you see from the top corner, Amazon have confirmed That I am an owner, and I cannot for the love of Flash Gordon, Cannot find a single fault with the solid build, remember this is LED NOT LCD, so the bezel is only a third the size of LCD, the screen is very light and take it out of the box, in your bedroom; "place it on top off bed with duvet" for soft protection; and screw on the stand, and that's all you need to do. you need a Small-Medium star-head screwdriver, with long handle, the screws are in with the remote, in plastic bag. (YOU DO NOT NEED 2 PEEPS TO MOVE THE TV.) (1) person is enough (16kg) out of packing. "Easy to move on your own", just be careful.

The Wizard will take you through the rest, if you are a Sky owner you will have to screw the dish into the back of the TV. That's what the instruction manual says. As it must have an Astra Satellite tuner, failing that, (for a quick setup even if you are SKY+ HD ) just plug the SKY Box into 1 of the 4 HDMI Ports, and (follow the same as for Virgin Media Box Below). seriously, forget the instruction book as it seems more for USA customers.

However if you are Virgin media owner, place the HDMI cable from the TIVO HD Box, into any of the 4 HDMI Ports Then PRESS APPS scroll to (input) at the bottom of the screen, then press (HDMI with it highlighted) and once you know what your doing you can press ("input from the remote" then HDMI). "the one with Virgin numbered to it". simplez.

Even for some techno-phobic's really there is nothing to it.. (remember you can watch anything rendered by the LG 3D TV), "you just press the 3D button on the remote"... Easy!

This Superb 3D'LED HDTV SET will NOT disappoint, or I will refund you your money myself.. lol

"Go on Spoil yourself - you deserve it", (47 inches of 3D Hi Def Bliss), Thanks for reading my rant'...
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on 8 July 2012
It may strike people that this review is slightly biased given the title... Nothing could be further from the truth. I was a complete 3DTV cynic that was until I first experienced this TV in John Lewis. The title above is also a statement of fact if anything. Based more on the degradation of cinema experiences these days (with the move to digital) more than anything to do with this set. Truth be told cinema today is literally the business of charging a guidable consumer base to pay £10 a head to watch a giant 1080p (unless your lucky enough to have 4K projectors at your local), which due to its size looks far worse than most TVs do at home (including the cheap ones you may have been able to buy 5 years ago).

But on to the set at hand.

As I said, I am a 3D cynic. I felt that a few films take advantage of it and most of the ones that do are naff and/or are children's films that use the gimmick as something to hide behind the fact they are pretty poor pieces of work. However for the few films out there that are good (Avatar, Prometheus, Up and Toy Story 3) the 3D Blu Ray performance of this set is unparalleled indeed it looks as good as seeing such 3D films in the cinema. The reason for this primarily is this TV uses the same glasses as the cinema. Your eyes are therefore free of the headache inducing experience of making yourself half blind half of the time, (which is the case with active shutter lenses.)

There has been a criticism levelled at this type of set (passive 3D) and that is that because you see half the resolution in each eye (540p x 2 = 1080p) you are somehow denied the 'full HD' experience of 3D found in the screens with those annoying shutter lenses (active 3D). Generally speaking the people who say this are the drone of nerds who bought into the first generation of 3D sets and are green with envy that these sets are much easier on the eyes (and indeed look much better because they are flicker free) compared the the monstrous £4000 active 3D behemoths they bought 3 years ago. Let me say without going into too much technical detail that this idea you are seeing 'half resolution'... is just plain wrong. The two halfs of each image are put together inside your head to present you perceptively with one full 1080p 3D image constantly. This is how 3D works, this is how it has always worked, and its what happens in the cinema too. The full excruciating technical details for this are here for those who need to see the proof. [...]

But take my word for it, its Full HD, it looks beautiful and better than the shutter lenses and its very easy on the eye.

There is two main exceptions to what I have said:
1. Live 3D Broadcasts from the BBC such as Wimbledon in contrast to 3D Blu Ray seem to blur the image somehow . This I am told is due to the side by side format they use (for maximum compatibility) whereas Blu-Ray uses a technique called frame packing which is far more bandwidth intensive, and won't work on old 3D TVs.

2. This issue applies also to 3D games many of which that opt for Side by side (with a number of exceptions which look far better). Futhermore there a number of games that degrade the experience considerably through uneconomical implementations of the technology. The worst offender of this is Killzone 3 which looks like a PS2 game when 3D is on. Better examples include Assasins Creed Revelations and Crysis 2 (which in spite of using SBS looks pretty awesome)

Other features include Smart TV which are as good as the likes of Samsung, indeed with LG buying the rights to Gaikai its Smart TV features will soon be turn the set into a cloud based games console also.

Recording off the air is a neat feature but annoying you can't watch another channel at the same time as recording (let alone being able to record both as some DVRs feature)... but its nice that its there.

All in all this is an awesome set with a few minor shortcomings which can easily be forgiven primarily because of how brilliant this set handles both 3D and 2D imagery. On air broadcasts from ITV1 HD and BBC HD look amazing in 2D and 3D and this set delivers by far the most bang for buck. The only downside to this 3D set is the fact that the 3D content out there is very limited, but will grow. The time to buy into 3D is definitely now especially with the Olympics on the horizon set to be broadcast in 3D.


- Brilliant 2D performance
- Best 3D performance on the market (full 1080p 3D, don't let the misinformed tell you otherwise)
- 3D upscaling surprisingly stunning
- Smart TV features amongst the best
- Cheap glasses (you can use the ones you get in the cinema)
- no annoying shutters
- no headaches

- DVR limited features
- Limited amounts of 3D content
- as with any 3D TV prolonged use can be temporarily disorientating
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on 27 August 2012
I brought this TV a month ago. Still getting used to its features. So far It has being a Fantastic TV. Picture quality is superb. Would give 9/10 for a LED TV. Build in Freeview HD, gives you picture perfect images for all HD channels.

* Fantastic picture Quality for all HD content types, ( 1080p FULLHD Movies, Freeview Channels)
* Good picture quality for 720p Video files and for non HD freeview channels.
* Believe me, the 3D movie playback in this TV is fantastic, No flickering, good colors and perfect
brightness level. You also have the options to change the settings that suits you, but the standard
settings is enough for me though.
* Sound quality is also nothing to worry about. Even though it's 10W x 10W speakers, it gives
you good sound and bass for a TV.
* Easy Setup of the TV out from the box.
* SmartShare, LG Apps is so easy to navigate through, and internet browsing capabilities also
* Power consumption is really good and doesn't get much heated the unit. With the Intelligent Sensor and Energy saving Option,you will get the best picture setting suitable for the environment of your room or living room.

* Need to buy the LG Dongle for WiFi Access.
* Need to buy the LG Magic Remote. ( This would make easy to browse internet and other SMART Functionalists as well as general navigation.)
* Need a good antenna reception for all the channels to work, If you don't have good reception, better upgrade your arial (If Indoor antenna, a powerful unit is highly recommended)

There isn't much Cons i found with this TV yet, because it gives what you need and beyond from a SMART TV.

The bottom line is, i would recommend this TV to anyone who is looking for reasonably priced, SMART (Passive)3DTV with Freeview HD, go for this one.
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on 4 August 2012
Took a year to decide which TV, and had to abandon the research at each update of model. Wanted a TV that would be as good as the Samsung it replaced, but larger, and with the quality that I hoped LED would provide. Wasn't looking for 3D but thought I'd give it a try. I bought the TV from Amazon in May 2012.

My concerns which made the choice so difficult are as follows:

1. Would the picture equal or better the Samsung I liked so much.
Yes, I ran the two side by side for a week, and the picture controls allowed me to match the Samsung, but with greater detail.

2. Would the TV perform well with SD?
Yes, even though the size - 47inch was larger than the Samsung (42 inch) the SD picture was sharper, both with standard DVDs and Freeview. The upscaling was the best I've seen.

3. Would the 2D HD picture suffer by the set being a 3D type?
No, the HD picture is stunning, both with Freeview, and a blu-ray player.

4. The blacks have been criticised by some reviews - was it a problem?
Not that I can see, even when viewed in darkness. The settings allow you to avoid using too much picture processing, and for those who like fiddling with settings, the menus are clear and helpful.

5. Is 3D worth having?
This is the passive cinema system which allows cheap, light, cinema type glasses to be used. The 3D is brilliant, both from blu-ray 3D, and the opening of the Olympics which the BBC transmitted in 3D. Very easy to switch back to 2D if preferred. The passive system is totally flicker-free and has not caused any issues even to those not fond of 3D.

6. What sound outputs are provided?
Here it's a little more limited - though no worse than other TVs - the built in speakers do a good job considering their size, and a digital optical output is provided to link with an external amplifier. This is good and Dolby Digital 5.1 can be looped through i.e. with Freeview from the TV, or Freesat (from an external box connected via HDMI), or from a DVD player. The system falls down a little with Blu-ray, where it seems that most blu-ray discs don't include a DD 5.1 soundtrack. Instead they have DTS, which cannot be looped via the optical output from the TV. The result is that sound is downscaled to Dolby Pro-Logic. It seems that virtually all TVs have this problem - perhaps in future manufacturers will fit an HDMI output for the sound. (Some people will link all the external devices to their amplifier and use a single link from amp to TV. This solves the sound problem, but may be less convenient, particularly if your amplifier does not have enough HDMI inputs).

7. Speedy response from the remote?
Probably one of the fastest I've used, and even the network functions are easy to navigate using the standard remote. My only complaint is that - like all TVs I've checked - there is no direct way of selecting an HDMI input - you have to press 'input' then navigate to the one you want. A bit tedious, when 4 extra buttons would provide instant selection, but the speed of reaction does help.

Summary: Very happy with the TV. Wish I'd bought the 55inch version, but at double the price it was too much of a risk at the time.
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on 10 July 2012
I have just bought this TV. I already own an 50inch Active 3D plasma(LG also). It's absolutely fantastic. set it up no problem at all. Tried a 3D movie already and the picture quality is excellent and while i am no expert and they are different opinions on passive and active and as i av experienced both, the passive just seems so much better. Add to the fact the glasses are so much cheaper and a hell of a lot more comfortable to wear. No charging up or losing sync with the TV which i occasionally suffer watching 3D through the active shutter glasses.
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on 3 May 2012
I have been using this tv now for 2 weeks and I have to say am very, very impressed!! well worth the money and the 2d full hd quality is excellent, the blu ray quality is amazing!! my xbox 360 is top notch even games in 3d looks amazing!! very happy with 3d quality top rated the 2d to 3d conversion is good not super great. Smart Tv is simple,clean and the sound quality is the best I've heard "Very Loud" clear surround 3d. Great overall full package at a great price, I have no regrets.
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on 28 February 2013
A very welcome Christmas present from my wife this year until Sunday 24th February. The TV looked good and performed well until this date.

The screen developed several horizontal black lines across it which was annoying, so doing the IT refresh of turning it off and back on again seemed to rectify it. However, 15 minutes later same problem but worse, more lines and constantly rolling up and down the screen. Went to the LG website which mentioned it may need a software download, did that, didn't work. Tried to contact LG, stupidly thought they would have a 24hr Helpline, no they haven't.

Contacted LG Monday by phone, customer service employee then told me to take a picture of the screen and send it to an email address provided along with a reference number, he also told me not to expect to get anything back from them until at least Friday, which at this stage incensed me as spending £600+ on a faulty unit is not good enough, at this juncture the rep swore and said 'well thats the way it is' and put the phone down.

Complained to LG about the rep, no response. Contacted LG Wednesday to be told that the email did not contain the image of the TV, it did under investigation by them, was told they would ring me back that day to rectify the situation. They did not, I was not surprised. Complained to them Wednesday night, no response, complained to them today (Thursday) no response.

Awaiting now a response from both LG and Amazon about either a new TV, full refund and some renumeration about being without a TV. Fingers crossed.

Apologies for the whinge, when the TV was working I was happy with the sound, picture and 3D so it probably should deserve more than a 1 star, however the customer service by LG is so shocking I wouldn't recommend this brand to anyone.
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