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on 2 January 2013
I bought this to replace my Toshiba 32" TV. When considering my new purchase, a 3D TV was not something at the forefront of my mind, but at this price it seemed like a no brainer. A small bonus, even if I rarely used it. However, the 3D is excellent, better than I expected. There's an LG 3D World app, where you can watch a lot of free stuff, documentaries etc. over a wireless connection (don't forget to buy a wi-fi dongle) to get a feel for the 3D, and it all looks great. There's a 90 minute Kylie concert which is brilliant. I'm not exactly a huge fan of the music, but who wouldn't want to see Kylie in full 3D? I know I did!

I've also bought an LG 3D blu-ray player, and have preordered my first 3D blu-ray, the excellent Dredd 3D. Looking forward to seeing how the TV copes with it.

Picture quality out of the box isn't amazing. However, I recommend everyone heads over to AVforums and uses their picture perfect tutorial (search for "AVforums picture perfect" on Google) which will have your TV working at its absolute best in about 10 minutes flat. My TV's picture is now crystal clear with very natural looking colours and flesh tones. The freeview HD channels look particularly amazing.

The sound on the TV itself isn't too bad, and in the short time I used it, I certainly didn't encounter any sound dropouts or problems that others have experienced. However, I now have it connected to a surround sound system via the TV's optical input, so long term can't say if sound would become a problem if playing it through the TV's speakers. Definitely no problems encountered with the way I have it set up at the minute.

Overall, very pleased with the purchase.
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VINE VOICEon 12 January 2013
The first thing you notice about this TV is the build quality: it's good. The stand is plasticky but probably metal-reinforced, and doesn't wobble like some of those belonging to cheaper TVs. The majority of the frame is metal, and the screen is covered in glass (or what looks like glass). This makes for a very solid-feeling device, but it also means that it's heavy and has a reflective screen. Many mid- to high-end LED TV manufacturers are opting for glass-covered screens in order to make the colours "pop", but it's not for everyone. If you're looking for a TV that's lightweight or free from (faux-?) glass-induced reflections, then this isn't the TV for you.

The picture from HD sources looks great, but standard definition suffers from the usual pixelation. What is a surprise is the 3D capability. Since it's a passive system, the resolution is downgraded whenever it's on, but you really don't notice this; all you notice is the excellent 3D effect. It's great being able to watch decent 3D without the need for expensive rechargeable glasses.

The 42LM620T does have a few niggles about it. One of the biggest is the implementation of the smart features. Whenever you switch on to them, the TV ignores your previous backlight setting. It's hard to overstate how irritating this becomes: you're watching in a dimly-lit room with the backlight down, switch to the home screen and suddenly you're blinded. This is entirely a software issue, and something LG needs to sort out. Then there's the use of the headphone port: connect something to it and the digital optical audio output stops working. Why? There's no good reason for it. LG really needs to take a leaf out of Toshiba's book when it comes to headphone ports (a Toshiba TV usually has a headphone port that's completely independent: it doesn't cut off the other audio outputs when in use, and it can have its own volume control, separate to the speakers, if you should wish).

Overall, the 42LM620T a very good TV, with a few relatively minor niggles that prevent it from being a 5 star item.
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on 20 June 2012
LG 47LM620T 47-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED Cinema 3D Smart TV with Freeview HD and 4 Pairs of 3D Glasses (New for 2012)LG 47LM620T 47-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED Cinema 3D Smart TV with Freeview HD and 4 Pairs of 3D Glasses (New for 2012)Bought this last week when it was £740 ,tends to yo-yo around a lot this TV and other electrical items i have bought in the past sometimes i win ,sometimes i lose ,wish Amazon wouldnt do that its annoying especially if you bought at £828 the week before .Also bought the wifi stick ,set up easily enough and so far so good ,its an impressive T.V whatever way you look at it and very good value. Not sure about the settings ,everyone seems to have an opinion about whether its better in cinema mode or vivid mode ,its really down to personal opinion , like vivid best personally .Have also done an update and so far no Netflix ,but i have got Lovefilm and Blinkbox .3D pretty good ,went for passive as didnt want the headaches and nausia of the other system ,and Sky wouldnt have picked it,if it was pants would they ?,even though its not quite as good as say Samsungs Action 3d maybe ,its pretty darn good nonetheless..
One word of warning though ,also bought the magic remote control ,which i kinda of assumed would work with this T.V ,silly me, it doesnt work on the new for 2012 models ,you have to buy the 300 model remote for that and somebody else on here said it wasnt compatible with the Sky remote so i am not sure whether to bother now ,Maybe the magic wand is compatible instead i dont really know,maybe somebody will enlighten me if it works and with Sky also..
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on 28 April 2017
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on 21 January 2013
New technology can be daunting to get up and running, but this TV was easy to set up. The picture quality is stunning in HD and sound is pretty good. The 2D to 3D conversion does not work very well, but there is plenty of online 3D content which is excellent - the images really do pop out in front of your eyes - beware if you are a horror movie fan! The Sky remote control code for operating this TV is 1206. Remember to get the LG wireless dongle to access your wi-fi network.
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on 18 December 2012
Really amazed with this TV, the picture is great when not in HD, even more amazing in HD, the IMAX 3 D is fantastic, the normal 3D is brilliant, well impressed, if I could afford another one I would get one for each room.
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on 31 December 2012
Lovely tele, bought it for my son for Xmas, he loves it. The only thing is that I didn't realise it needed a dongle. Currys were £50 but amazon was about £30,
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on 14 January 2013
After lots of research into features and brands I settled on the LG 47LM620T. Sure it's not the latest model (now it's Jan 2013) but looking at the features introduced since this model, it looked like a great point of cost-benefit. I'm pretty critical when it comes to these things so am very pleased to say I am really pleased with it so far:

+ Picture is fantastic, especially in HD. "Africa" on BBC HD is just stunning to watch. Take the time to set up the picture (using the many options) to suit it to yourself.
Viewing your photos on the set (see DLNA below), they look excellent - the resolution is great and a great way to see them large and in detail.

+ 2D to 3D system works better than you might think it would albeit a bit of a gimmic.

+ 3D (passive) works like in the cinema. 4 sets of glasses come with it (which are big enough to go over my prescription glasses btw), and yes you can use those passive glasses from the cinema with it.

+ Menu system / guide etc. easy to use and sensible. Not blisteringly fast response-wise to the remote, but by no means slow enough to be annoying. Good because this sort of thing annoys me on some sets!

+ Can play video etc from a USB memory stick.

+ PVR feature is fab and under-sold. Connect a USB hard drive and it can pause, rewind and record TV SD and HD. Select what to record from the programme guide.
Some things to note on this:
a) It must be a HDD NOT a USB memory stick.
b) It should be a mains powered one, not USB powered.
c) It must be 40Gb or over in size.
d) You need to be happy for the TV to delete everything on the HDD to use its own custom disk format.
e) You can't copy programs off the HDD to your computer due to the custom disk format (for copyright reasons)
Follow this and it works (e.g. a Seagate STBV2000200 2TB Expansion USB 3.5 inch External Hard Drive - £70).
*** STOP PRESS / UPDATE! : Am now having some problems with the recording blacking out for a sec or so every so often with the DVR recording :-(
Trying to determine if this is the drive or the TV :-(

There is a rudimentary day-based repeat-record facility but haven't found a true series link feature.
There is only one tuner in the TV so watching one channel and recording another isn't possible (no big deal for me)
EPG/Guide turns picture and sound off. Some people might find that annoying.

+ Built in iPlayer works well (my internet connection is 5Mb/s down)
LoveFilm and Netflix supported (I have not tried these as I don't have a subscription (yet))

+ In theory at least, Eurosport Player is coming soon to the Smart TV apps.

+ Ethernet connection works fine for all networking features. There is no Wifi in this model but who cares. If it matters you can buy a dongle from LG for it.

+ DLNA support is great. Easy to setup a server on your PC/Mac and then you can stream pics/music/videos etc directly over your network to the TV - works very well with the totally free Serviio media server [...]

- Sound lacks a bit of bass but this is to be expected from thin LED sets to be honest. I managed to get our older Dolby surround system (digital non-optical) working with the optical TV output on the TV via an adaptor sourced from Kenable. Works well.

- Wii console video quality not brilliant (when connected via the composite analogue input). To be expected really - HDMI adaptor for Wii is on order to hopefully solve this ...
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on 29 April 2012
As usual I did loads of research before we went looking for a new tv. lg seems to have loads of reviews for other tv's but not for this one as it is a new release. The price was £699 in Curry's, the same price as we were going to pay for a 2d tv so we took the chance and bought it. I must say we were not dissapointed. From the box the set up was easy. It has 4 hdmi port so plenty of room for all your extras like xbox etc. The remote is easy to use and you will find a picture wizard in the listings to help you set your prefered viewing settings. The hd looked stunning and the 3d, wow, fantastic! We watched a wildlife programme and it looked like it was raining onto our carpet. This tv also has the ability to turn 2d to 3d which is great but not as good as a programme filmed in 3d but then you wouldn't expect it to be right. You can also vary the 3d experience using the depth control, we have ours just over half way and thats fine for us but turn it all the way up and things really do leap out at you. At the moment there are not many 3d channels but i'm sure that will change. The sport on 3d is fabulous, you really appreciate the contours on a golf green and the rugby and football will never be viewed the same again. Fantastic.
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on 29 December 2012
Model: LG55LM620T

I bought this TV because I wanted a larger screen format than my old one and needed a replacement for my digital recorder on which the hard disk had expired! Whilst I did not require 3D or Smart TV, I was prepared to buy a TV with this functionality.

The LED screen suits me better than Plasma / LCD as the picture is brighter. The picture is very good and I am pleased with it, it certainly met my primary requirements of a large screen with a good picture. Programs broadcast by the Television Companies come in all sizes and formats and a screen this large can show the limitations of some of the older programs shot in lower resolutions with fuzzy edges to faces etc. but this is rare and is not a limitation of this model.

The TV was fairly easy to set up for normal viewing which is a good job! The documentation that comes with the TV is minimal and of poor quality. As with many modern, technical gadgets these days we are expected to figure things out ourselves rather than being given any detailed guidance and help.
In terms of the Digital Recorder, the TV needs a USB hard Disk on which to save the recordings. I, have as yet, not found a disk that works. I have tried a FREECOM USB HDD [...]and a couple of USB memory sticks, all of which work fine in my PC. The TV recognises them and even told me it was preparing the HDD for use by the TV. However it has not been possible to record to the disks or view previously saved pictures.

Smart TV Functionality is let down by a "Clunky" menu system that is not very well thought through. Using the standard remote is, as many others have said, incredibly tedious and almost impossible when it comes to browsing the web. In order to input text, an on screen keyboard is presented to the viewer which you have to scroll round with the left/right & up/down arrows. Some screens display these keyboards laid out in a QWERTY fashion and some screens in an alphabetic fashion. On the menus, sometimes the "Back" button takes you back up a level and sometimes it exits the system completely. The buttons on the remote are next to each other (like the squares on a chess board) rather than having spces between them (like the squares on a bar of chocolate). It is therefore quite easy to press the wrong button on the remote. Navigation is supposed to be easier with the optional "Wand" that costs about £50. For those with an android phone, you can install the LG Remote Control app [...] which is a vast improvement on the standard remote.
Sharing movies / pictures / music via SmartShare was simple enough. I used Windows Media Player as the streamer for PC's and installed PixelDMS onto my Android smartphone [...]. The presentation of the music on the screen is not nice, folders and files are listed like in Windows Explorer rather than being listed as albums/tracks as in Windows Media Player.

In terms of On Demand viewing, I would advise you to beware here. I have signed up for the LoveFilm introductory offer but have found all films to be interrupted by the picture breaking up momentarily. I assume this is as the input stream is buffered although there is no message on the screen. Whilst my Internet connection is not the best, it is above the recommended minimum and I do not have any streaming issues with BBC iplayer. I have not used the LG WiFi dongle (another extra purchase) but, instead, connected to my router via cable.

SmartTV / Streaming content is limited by the Apps that the TV has (or can install from [...] There is no app for ITV Player and the TV's inbuilt web-browser (Safari) is running an out of date Flash player that cannot be upgraded so you cannot view the content via that route either.

The limited amount of 3D content is disappointing. LoveFilm does not seem to stream any 3D titles so you need to have a disk delivered through the post. In order to play a 3D movie, you need to have a 3D Blu-Ray player. Not all Blu-Ray players are capable of playing 3D and any 3D films on DVD format use the old "coloured glasses" technology - NOT the polarising glasses that come with this set.

LG's technical support were contacted by email on more than 1 occasion with queries which should have been answered in proper documentation anyway. I was pleased with the speed of the response but disappointed with the accuracy. One query was answered twice by separate people giving conflicting advice.

I get the feeling that SmartTV manufacturers are going to maximise their income streams by selling additional components or services. The SmartTV is NOT a computer; you are not free to add programs (and, to a lesser extent, hardware) unless they are approved by the manufacturer (in this case LG). The plethora of standards (or maybe the lack of them) for providing functionality is very confusing and the manufacturers do not make it easy to determine what their equipment does not do (e.g. this TV does not show ITVplayer but nowhere does it state that). If you have specific requirements for the smartTV functionality, please check what each TV does before you buy one!

To summarise:
1. Excellent picture quality
2. Lovely big screen
3. Poor usability of GUI interface on Smart TV (probably be true of any other manufacturer too)
4. Limitation of content via LG controlled Apps (probably be true of any other manufacturer too)
5. In order to maximise the functionality of this TV you will need to purchase other hardware

If this was just a 55" 2D television I would have been tempted to give it 5 stars - the picture is great. However, it's not; it's a 3D SmartTV so the score of 3 stars reflects the poor usability of the interface and the limitations to 3D content. Please note that I have no experience of other manufacturer's SmartTV systems so the LG may not be any worse than any other! Just don't expect a SmartTV to replace your computer.
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