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on 27 April 2013

The speakers on this TV have started to vibrate and rattle which causes discomfort when watching the screen. This is a real shame as otherwise this is an excellent television.

Original review:

A highly competent Smart 3D TV from LG. This television uses passive 3D technology, which still requires the use of glasses, but they are not active 3D glasses; so far less eye fatigue.

The menu is extensive yet easy to understand and navigate. The picture controls are excellent. There are a variety of inputs, 4 x HDMI, a SCART adapter is included along with other adapters for older connectors.

LG's Smart TV offering is commendable, giving you access to Netflix, LoveFiLM and BBC iPlayer. All of which start up very quickly. Apps such as Skype, YouTube and Twitter are all here, too.

The 3D works very well, and I am more than happy with the results when viewing 3D content. The 3D effect is adjustable to help suit your desired viewing preferences. There is no Wi-Fi built in, which is a shame, however you can buy the separate LG Wi-Fi adapter to become connected to the internet.

If you have a hard drive, (that I believe has to be over 32GB in size), then you can use the built in DVR, (digital video recorder) of the TV to set up recordings of programmes and to pause live TV.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch then there is an app available from the Apple App Store named, 'LG TV Remote'. This allows you to use your iDevice as a mouse pointer, which comes in very useful for navigating the TV's built in web browser, (which in itself is a fairly competent browser and speedy enough). The app also allows you to take a screenshot of what ever appears on your TV screen, along with the ability to change channels, volume and inputs.

I haven't mentioned the picture quality yet, which for a TV I suppose should be mentioned in the first paragraph. However, I have no issues with the picture quality, it is excellent. The IPS display really lends itself to the home environment, though, that is something that is different for everyone.

The sound is very good too. There are several audio settings and inbuilt presets: I mostly use 'Cinema', as this gives the sound a much greater depth and richness than other modes I have tried.
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on 21 December 2012
purchased this primarily as i was taken away with the 3d hype! and that i had subscribed to enough packages on sky to warrant a free subscription to the 3d channel...3d? hmmm didnt really tickle me, the odd moment of 3 dimensions but not enough... probbaly why i ended up getting a 3d projector lol!

well recieved the tv... the 1st thing i watched was a footy match .. wow, now i mean wow in a bad way, because all i could see was horrible streaky white bands from top to bottom, a bit like background interference,it would get worse when the camera panned quickly, so bad that you would find it hard to make out what was going on, i did a bit of research and realised this is a common fault called banding... so i got amazon to replace....second tv is worse than the 1st !! so onto the 3rd replacement, which is bad but i can live with it !!

remember.... if you are a football, cricket ( anything played on a field) lover then id recommend going for something else as the banding will end up driving you mad.,.. go for a tv 600hz + !!

anyway thats the bad part, the above issues only affect watching sport!! apart from that this tv is amazing !! the pic is crystal clear , thats an understatement, its almost life like ! at 1080 hd !!

my old tv was a 720p and the difference between the 2 is astonishing!

then theres the smart functions! again AMAZING! fast...smooth, great features along with netflix,bbc iplayer and lovefilm what more can you ask for !!

also .... do not go for the magic remote ( around 45 quid ) as, there is an app for android and iphones which transforms your phone into a magic remote with pretty much the same functions !!!

so all in all.... if you are a sports lover, football especially then id get something else! if you love your movies and anything in high def, then this is definately for you !!!
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on 12 November 2012
Firstly I have to say this was the best purchase Ive ever had regarding purchasing TVs and Blu ray players. I read many 3d tv reveiws and shopped around for the best prices. I finally chose the LG32LM620T from Amazon as this was the best price around.
The item arrived so quickly I couldnt believe it. I opened the box and it was all complete and excellent quality. Lovely item and quick to set up. I also purchased with this tv the LG 3d Blu ray player model BP420 which was also excellent price and quality. Both items set up in no time at all.
The only negative thing I had at first with this item was that the screen was so shiny like a mirror and when situated in my bedroom in a unit (which is quite high up... and opposite a window) the light from the window showed over the picture making it hard to view. I was gutted, but after a trip to my local store to check out other LED tvs I realised the screens on LED tvs are all of the same shiny exterior. In shops they are not situated opposite windows so you wouldnt notice the reflection. The only matt screens were the LCD type tvs. So just be aware of where you will be situating the tv when buying.

However....the base of the tv has a good swivel so I found after moving the tv screen to where I would be sitting to view the item the picture was outstanding.

I have to say I absolutely love this TV so much I will be purchasing the 55 inch in the same LM620T model for my living room. I did Take my 32 inch to the living room to check if reflects too much light (as I have windows both ends of my room) but it was brilliant to view.
The 3D picture on this TV is outstanding better than any other I have viewed. The 2D to 3D conversion is also outstanding. My sons favourite blu ray discs dont need replacing to 3d... just one press on the 3d conversion button... glasses on and away we go. It was great!
Great colours and crip sharp edges on everything we watched.

I have had this item about month or so now and this item hasnt had any problems or downfalls at all.
I will defintatly be replacing my Sony Tv in my living room with the same model in 55 inch.

Also this item has passive glasses not shutter glasses... which some people say is not as good quality 3d as shutter. For one the shutter glasses are really heavy and obtrusive. Trust me Ive checked out many different passive and shutter and this quality is outstanding. I do prefer to watch through my Cinema glasses though than the ones that came but this is just personal choice by me.
I cant say enough how great this tv is. I have recommended it to many people,... and others that have got 3d Tvs also said how much better my picture was than theirs.

Buy it you wont regret it. I wouldnt hesitate to buy another.
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on 27 March 2013
I had been considering at TV upgrade and the price and this model was just right. Although supposedly used, the label said it had been manufactured in Dec12, so it cannot be more than 3 months old. It was immaculate and no signs of scratched etc. Setting up was fairly easy: connections for blu-ray player and cable box obvious. A LAN for internet access and I had also purchased a wifi dongle (extra). In all there are 4 HDMI inputs, 4 USB, including connection for a HDD for PVR effect or at least for freezing live TV.

A smart TV connects to the Internet. There is a full browser and an LG app on your smart phone will allow remote control for input of text and act as a touchpad for the pointer - much quicker than the standard remote's keyboard input. Another app give you the ability to send pics, music or videos from your smartphone to the TV. It even interrupts a programme or video to receive the signals and play / display them. So far I have managed to display pics from my smart Samsung camera wirelessly too; the blu-ray player can be controlled from the main TV remote and links through DLNA protocols and I can link wirelessly with my main computer at home to play shared folders of media (music, photos, videos).

Setting up is simple: auto finding of TV signals and peripherals. There are scores of fine controls of picture, sound, 3D etc. Simple adjustment is easy: more complex "expert" controls have a walk-through menu. Sound is quite good given the smallness of the speakers with slight vibration on one of them at certain frequencies, alleviated by putting something soft under the base of the TV to reduce sympathetic vibrations. There are external controls on the edge of the TV, but almost invisible. I am fascinated by the on/off switch which senses one's hand and functions without actual touch. Otherwise one uses the remote control.

There are a series of apps, some useful some less so I have yet to get to grips with. The main HOME menu is a good starting point to do anything other than watch TV. But the great joy is the 3D. Virgin offer some films to watch and there are 3D Blu-rays at prohibitive prices. Occasionally - Olympics and HM's Christmas address - there are some 3D programmes broadcast, but not many. LG have software which converts 2D ('normal') progs into 3D effect and it is wonderful. It really works and is wholly adjustable (viewing comfort, depth, extent). 4 pairs of passive (cinema type) glasses are provided. Not all programmes are suitable for 3D conversion, but many are and the effect is startling and just as engaging as at the cinema. It also works for still photos.

Overall, I would say this smart TV is a joy and real fun. It does a lot more than a standard TV, although it does that well too. 3D handling and conversion at the touch of a button from 2D to 3D is a real bonus. Access to internet, interactive networking, linking of PC, mobiles and other devices is good. Picture and sound quality has come such a long way so quickly.

I am delighted with this purchase and I would heartily recommend it to anyone.

Addition: 30.3.13: I realise I said almost nothing about picture quality. The quality of the picture is markedly different from what I had experienced on a fairly old (5yrs+) Philips. This is finer quality, but with some quirks, notably automatic contrast which can render dark scenes very dark. I had warned not to expect deep blacks and shadows. In fact this not quite the case. There is a sensor which works out your ambient room lighting and adjusts accordingly. This was a bright room gets a more robust contrast than in a darkened room. I have included a link to the professional independent review which spells all this out further. [...]

Update 4.4.13: More discoveries with the installation of a free app on the PC called PLEX which magically catalogues and arranges all the photos, videos and music, DVD. Other apps to install on the TV under "premium" (but still free) include VOD films and - for me a joy - Internet Radio. I have taken a optical digital lead to connect to an adjacent amplifier / surround sound system. The results are spectacular. Internet access is easy using either a dongle or wi-fi. Other apps include links to NASA TV, foreign and internet channels. Facebook works well. Another reviewer mentioned the PVR facility. It likes HDD rather than a simple SD card. I have cable with recording facilities but this PVR should not be underestimated. At the least it can be used for delay / stopping / replaying live TV. Most TVs don't allow this.

Finally vibrating speakers have been mentioned. I seemed to have had one of these and spent some time tracking the source of an annoying vibration. Avoiding hard surfaces, underfelting the stand with rubber or even bluetak can diminish this annoyance: also checking the screws to the (metal) back cover is useful. However quite by chance, I discovered that a scart dongle (plugin) was just resting against the back of the TV and vibrating at one low frequency. So it wasn't the speaker at all but an external source.
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on 23 November 2012
I've had my 42LM620T for a week now and I have to say I'm really pleased. I was a bit dubious after reading about `banding' suffered by some users, and trying to get a decent demo in a shop is pretty hopeless. In the end I went straight into JL and bought one after watching the `compulsory' 3D demo. (Incidentally, if you want 3D demos, use the set's Smart Apps to get to YouTube, there are plenty on there).

Set-up went well except that for some reason the auto-tune failed to find frequency 22 off Crystal Palace, so I ran an extra manual tune for that multiplex alone and it was fine. Curiously, all channels show 100% quality (a good thing) and 100% signal strength (not such a good thing as you'd think, as this masks an over-strength signal which can cause picture break-up just like a weak one can).

Initially, out-of-the-box I hated the standard colour setting - way too garish for me, so you can imagine what I think of `Vivid'!

I haven't set up any custom preferences but `Cinema' or 'Game' will do for me.

After picking my preferred settings I have to say that the picture is stunning - obviously better on the HD channels but even low-rent shopping channels are relatively free from `digital artefacts' whatever that means.

Inputs from my other kit, all HDMI, works well, but annoyingly all at different volume levels.

As many others have said, the speakers are hardly hi-fi but adequate for speech. If you take your movies seriously, you're going to want to link this to a sound bar or home cinema amp.

I love the way you can route your cables down each leg of the stand via a cable-management clip. I've got 3 HDMIs, an optical feed, an Ethernet cable, an aerial and a mains lead and they're all out of sight, giving the look a set that's floating above the deck just like a photo from a Sunday supplement.

I've given most things at least a test. 3D works fine and the passive glasses are light to wear. 2D>3D conversion doesn't do much, but does somehow add a bit of depth - after all, it really couldn't cobble REAL 3D from 2D could it?

It would appear to accept any old USB keyboard and mouse for use when browsing - just don't buy a Bluetooth one as there's no way to pair the TV and the keyboard, but ordinary wireless works fine - I know, I've done it using a Toshiba combine keyboard and mousepad!

The Android app that lets you use your phone or tablet as a remote control is nifty, and even lets you take `screen grabs' from the current viewing and share them on Facebook or whatever.

BBC iPlayer works fine as does YouTube but to be honest I've found little use for the rest of the Smart Apps, although I do now have France 24 and internet radio loaded.

There are some shortcuts you just CAN'T take. For instance it won't accept a PC web-cam for that want to use Skype video, nor will it accept a generic wi-fi dongle, so you're stuck with LG's offerings and prices here.

Whilst you CAN attach a flash drive for the purpose of viewing photos and your own videos, it has to have REAL hard-drive USB storage if you want to use it as a PVR. I had hoped to attach a flash memory stick to allow for `pausing live TV' but no such luck. The socket is marked `HDD' so I can't complain really.

The screen bezel is slightly matt so, unlike a lot of current day stuff, LG and Samsung included, it doesn't intrude, or act as a dust magnet like piano-black can.

Bought from JL for £599, but this does include their 5-year warranty.
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on 7 February 2013
I had a 40 inch Sony Bravia which I got in 2009 so I was going to go for the 47" model. On reflection perhaps I should have gone for the larger model but that's the only gripe I have and well, that was my choice. The extra 2 inches over the Bravia are not initially noticeable as the larger casing on the Sony creates the illusion that they are the same size. In actuality the trim on the LG is very thin looks great, so for the same amount of space you get 2 extra inches on the screen.

The quality on the picture is amazing. Easily the best I've seen within the price range. One thing I have had to do is turn off the "true motion" feature as I found that there was some judder on certain programmes when this was enabled.

The smart features were the main reason I went for this model and does not disappoint. There is a great selection of apps (like Netflix, iplayer) and you tube is particularly impressive in terms of how the quality translates to the big screen. Navigation with the standard remote is a pain though, I think I'll be investing in the LG wand.

So far I haven't watched anything in, what I would call, proper 3d. We don't have sky 3d a d I haven't got any 3d blu rays yet, but the 2d to 3d conversion works well with sports in particular.

I bought the TV for the smart functions, the improved picture quality and the thinner frame and so I'm completely happy with the purchase. The remote could work better and the lack of wifi (you have to buy a dongle) is a bit of a pain but overall this is a really impressive tv for the price. You won't be disappointed.
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on 11 June 2012
I bought the LG 47LM620T from Amazon about 4 weeks ago and have overall really enjoyed watching TV and movies. The file system for connected USB/HDD drives is a real boon. I would give it a score of 4/5 overall.

I'm coming from a Toshiba 32" LCD 720p screen, which I have to say was more solidly built, and had better speakers than the LG. I was expecting a brushed aluminium/metal bezel, but I'm afraid it is only a plastic bezel, but does have a sturdy metal back to the screen. The screen itself is a little loose in the corners, and on the modern minimalist stand, it looks great but is not the most stable - I'm not worried about it falling over, but the old Toshiba would swivel with one hand and was steady as a rock - I guess this is a tiny price to pay for having a 47" screen So for the build, I would say 3.5/5 - could be better.

HD TV, DVD and HD DVD (same as blu-ray for those new to the AV world!) all look fantastic, and really absorb you. I am on Virgin Media, and I have found that live HD TV (for example BBC HD) looks better than the HD content on iPlayer...not sure if anyone else has found the same? I also find that some Standard Definition channels are better than others.....Dave looks pretty good in Standard Definition, but some channels do not fare so well. This was the same on my Toshiba, so can't blame the LG for this, but I would warn you that if you want excellent clarity, you'll need to opt for HD channels or Blu-ray...standard definition channels, for me, are not amazing quality. One final thing on the screen - it is quite glossy, and if it's a sunny day, you can see the sun on the carpet reflected on the screen. I know this is probably par for the course, but my old Toshiba has a matt screen which was much better in this respect, so I don't know why they make screens so glossy? As for the picture settings, my wife and I were not impressed when we first switched the TV on, but after a play with the settings, we have a really good picture. I have mine set to :

Picture Mode: Cinema (user)
Backlight: 80
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 65
Sharpness: 28
Colour: 50
Tint: 0

Picture Options> Noise reduction, low. Black level, low. Real Cinema, off. Trumotion, off.

I do put trumotion onto a level 2-5 for watching movies sometimes, but general preference is to have it switched off to be honest. Also, try out the "Picture Wizard 2" - initially i thought it was for looking at or editing jpegs, but it's actually a useful calibration tool where you can set your choice for various settings, and it will allow you to automatically save those settings to whichver inputs you choose (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HSMI 3, AV1 etc etc (so it's a good way to get one setting, and replicate it to all your different devices like cable tv, blu-ray, console etc). Despite doing this though, I nearly always find myself switching back to the Cinema setting and ajusting to the levels listed above.

3D....Amazing. I am a convert. I told my wife we should not bother looking at 3D TV's - i've not been very impressed at the cinema (exception being TinTin 3D) - but it's a bit of a boon on your TV. I don't watch it all the time, but watching "300" in 3D, is very impressive indeed, and that's not even with a 3D blu-ray player, so just using the 2D to 3D conversion.

Menu system is great, and like I say, the USB function is fantastic. I am now tempted to buy a huge hard drive and just store everything on that, and connect it to the TV. So user friendly to be able to surf all those old photos/files/movies from your armchair.

I think for the price I paid, I made the right choice. I think the Panasonic 47ET5, which I believe uses the same screen, is probably better built, but I don't know about the menu system. LG have impressed me with their menu system. The golden question is would I buy this again? Yes. Although, if I had a few hundred quid more, i would splash out on something like the LG 47LX9900 or Panasonic 47WT50B.

Hope it helps give an accurate flavour of what you'll be buying.

Update: You can connect a USB mouse to the TV - which really helps navigate some of the apps / internet browser. Great if you want to choose what to watch at the cinema with family...watch trailers straight from google / youtube etc.

Update after 6 months use: Still every bit as happy as before. Latest new feature is Netflicks which looks very good with their HD content. Also, I just bought a Galaxy Tab 8.9 (Samsung Tablet) and the Smasunf "Allshare" function works with the LG "smartshare" function. I think it is just a rebranded DLNA technology but who cares...it means i can stream movies and music files from my tablet and control it with the remote. Only drawback is I can't stream internet radio from my tablet. Hopefully LG will release an internet radio app for the telly.

NB: Forgot to say, I bought a Samsung Blue Ray player, and to my surprise, the LG tv somehow connects to the bluray player, so that you can use basic controls like play, pause, stop with the LG remote. Also if you switch the TV off, it will automatically sitch off the bluray. Pretty cool, but unfortuntely i still have 4 remotes in my sitting room as it doesn't do everything the bluray remote does.
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on 1 April 2013
Love this TV, great value for money and an excellent picture. Some reviewers on here and elsewhere report poor 2D to 3D. Well, it's wrong because it automatically renders with a light touch. You can go into the settings and increase the 3D depth to that of a true 3D film. Job sorted. Hope this helps some people! Thanks.
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on 8 July 2012
It may strike people that this review is slightly biased given the title... Nothing could be further from the truth. I was a complete 3DTV cynic that was until I first experienced this TV in John Lewis. The title above is also a statement of fact if anything. Based more on the degradation of cinema experiences these days (with the move to digital) more than anything to do with this set. Truth be told cinema today is literally the business of charging a guidable consumer base to pay £10 a head to watch a giant 1080p (unless your lucky enough to have 4K projectors at your local), which due to its size looks far worse than most TVs do at home (including the cheap ones you may have been able to buy 5 years ago).

But on to the set at hand.

As I said, I am a 3D cynic. I felt that a few films take advantage of it and most of the ones that do are naff and/or are children's films that use the gimmick as something to hide behind the fact they are pretty poor pieces of work. However for the few films out there that are good (Avatar, Prometheus, Up and Toy Story 3) the 3D Blu Ray performance of this set is unparalleled indeed it looks as good as seeing such 3D films in the cinema. The reason for this primarily is this TV uses the same glasses as the cinema. Your eyes are therefore free of the headache inducing experience of making yourself half blind half of the time, (which is the case with active shutter lenses.)

There has been a criticism levelled at this type of set (passive 3D) and that is that because you see half the resolution in each eye (540p x 2 = 1080p) you are somehow denied the 'full HD' experience of 3D found in the screens with those annoying shutter lenses (active 3D). Generally speaking the people who say this are the drone of nerds who bought into the first generation of 3D sets and are green with envy that these sets are much easier on the eyes (and indeed look much better because they are flicker free) compared the the monstrous £4000 active 3D behemoths they bought 3 years ago. Let me say without going into too much technical detail that this idea you are seeing 'half resolution'... is just plain wrong. The two halfs of each image are put together inside your head to present you perceptively with one full 1080p 3D image constantly. This is how 3D works, this is how it has always worked, and its what happens in the cinema too. The full excruciating technical details for this are here for those who need to see the proof. [...]

But take my word for it, its Full HD, it looks beautiful and better than the shutter lenses and its very easy on the eye.

There is two main exceptions to what I have said:
1. Live 3D Broadcasts from the BBC such as Wimbledon in contrast to 3D Blu Ray seem to blur the image somehow . This I am told is due to the side by side format they use (for maximum compatibility) whereas Blu-Ray uses a technique called frame packing which is far more bandwidth intensive, and won't work on old 3D TVs.

2. This issue applies also to 3D games many of which that opt for Side by side (with a number of exceptions which look far better). Futhermore there a number of games that degrade the experience considerably through uneconomical implementations of the technology. The worst offender of this is Killzone 3 which looks like a PS2 game when 3D is on. Better examples include Assasins Creed Revelations and Crysis 2 (which in spite of using SBS looks pretty awesome)

Other features include Smart TV which are as good as the likes of Samsung, indeed with LG buying the rights to Gaikai its Smart TV features will soon be turn the set into a cloud based games console also.

Recording off the air is a neat feature but annoying you can't watch another channel at the same time as recording (let alone being able to record both as some DVRs feature)... but its nice that its there.

All in all this is an awesome set with a few minor shortcomings which can easily be forgiven primarily because of how brilliant this set handles both 3D and 2D imagery. On air broadcasts from ITV1 HD and BBC HD look amazing in 2D and 3D and this set delivers by far the most bang for buck. The only downside to this 3D set is the fact that the 3D content out there is very limited, but will grow. The time to buy into 3D is definitely now especially with the Olympics on the horizon set to be broadcast in 3D.


- Brilliant 2D performance
- Best 3D performance on the market (full 1080p 3D, don't let the misinformed tell you otherwise)
- 3D upscaling surprisingly stunning
- Smart TV features amongst the best
- Cheap glasses (you can use the ones you get in the cinema)
- no annoying shutters
- no headaches

- DVR limited features
- Limited amounts of 3D content
- as with any 3D TV prolonged use can be temporarily disorientating
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on 1 January 2013
First off had a mare with the delivery of this. Basically stayed in for 2 full days as City Link failed yet again. It was delivered 3 days late.
Any way enough about that. The TV....It was worth the wait. Must admit did alot of checks and looking at reviews. Picked this one for the price and what it came with plus what people / reviews had said. Was still dubious of how good the 3D was going to be....
Got everything set up and switched it on. Took about 5 mins to get all channels sorted and everything set up. Really easy. When the normal TV came up it the picture quality was brilliant. Then i plugged in a USB notebook which i had recorded some films on. The SD to HD function really kicked in and the picture again so much better than before ( I had a Sony 50' Bravia). I pressed the 3D button and yes the 2D to 3D function does make the picture deeper but it was what i had expected the 3D to be like on a TV. I was wrong. Put the bought 3D blue ray film in and it automatically picked up that it was 3D, pressed play and all of a sudden it was snowing in my lounge right up to my glasses.
Would fully recommend this TV. Not often i buy something and it exceeds my expectations. This did.
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