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Was helping my sister find a decent TV that offers great quality, low power usage and of course an affordable price tag.

We were looking through different brands and models of TV's for about two weeks and kept coming back to this one as it ticked all the right boxes:
☑ Full HD - 1080p.
☑ Freeview.
☑ Stylish Design.
☑ Good refresh rate (100Hz).
☑ Eco-Friendly (41 Watts power-usage, which is VERY good!).

When it arrived she wasn't disappointed at all; it looked great and was easy to set-up (#Note: you will need a Philips screwdriver to attach the TV to it's stand).

Located on the front of the TV near the bottom, there are touch sensitive buttons where you can turn the TV on/off, accept settings, adjust volume or change the channel, otherwise use the remote which is easily to navigate.

The picture quality is pretty good, however to get the most out of the TV, you will need to play HD content (which looks superb), via HD devices such as a blu-ray player etc...

A lot of TV's this thin lack in sound, but this one delivers it just right, of course it's not comparable to a surround system, but it's not unpleasant to the ears.

Overall I have to say it's a very decent TV available for a more than competitive price, so for that reason, I would highly recommend it.
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on 4 August 2012
After spending 2 weeks of researching TVs I decided to go for the LG 37LS5600, based off features and excellent user reviews. I wanted a TV that was 1080p LED, with 3 HDMI inputs, without any requirement of smart or 3D TV and this ticked all the boxes.

From the second I plugged this in I was amazed by the punch and colour in the pictures, a big improvement from my old LCD TV. HD content from my blu ray and Xbox is very sharp and I couldn't notice any artefacts or motion blur during fast scenes. I use a Humax free view box which upscales to HD and the picture from that was sharp, clear and full of colour. The only gripe I would have but is not a problem for me is this only comes with built in freeview and not freeview HD the picture from the TVs freeview was a bit poor being standard definition. This was at a viewing distance of about 3 meters and wouldn't be as noticeable at further distances.

Being an LED lit TV I was expecting to see light bleed on dark scenes, after watching a blu ray and hunting for light bleed I couldn't notice any that I thought would affect the picture.

I was not expecting much from sound due to how thin this TV is, but I was wrong. The speech is very clear as is music and movies. Obviously there isn't too much bass to the sound, but it isn't tinny sounding like other TVs from this price range.

Look and feel
The TV is thin and very stylish, its thin bezel makes it look much more expensive then it actually is. One thing I didn't notice before ordering was a silver strip running along the bottom of the TV, with sleek touch controls. Being thin doesn't effect the build of the TV, it feels rigid and the TV stand is reinforced with metal.

I have uploaded photos of the TV if you want to see more of it.
review image review image review image review image
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on 25 April 2013
So I would give this 4.5 if I could. Sound ok, could be better but all tv's are like that now. Great media played, I love the fact that I can plug in my USB stick and watch programmes. HD quality is good. For the price of this tv you really cannot go wrong.
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on 17 December 2013
A very nice TV. My 4th LG now, I have Sold 2 and upgraded them and this is one of the upgrades.

I found it easy to set up and the picture is sharp and easy to see from most angles. It is surprisingly light too.
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on 8 November 2013
Bought this for use as a dvd/laptop monitor in our church hall. Lovely picture and a whole load of features that I hadn't expected! Plays music and video from a usb, which means we don't have to hook it up to a laptop most of the time as originaly intended and have got rid of the seperate CD player. Sound is good but in our environment we have added aditional speakers to get sufficient volume. Can't comment on digital reception as we don't use it for that purpose but an excellent tv for the money.
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on 16 June 2013
all good thanks
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on 13 July 2012
I have a large summer house in my garden which has been fitted out to be an external living room and I needed something reasonably priced, not too large and with a good picture. I have a hardwired ethernet link to the summerhouse so this TV was intended, via the connection of my Vaio laptop, to show media content streamed from my server in the house.

I have friends and family who have brought LG and though I never have, I had always been impressed with the specification so I delved into it on this TV before purchase and was very surprised to see that at this price point it had DLNA connectivity via an ethernet network port. This tipped the balance in it's favour as DLNA is a feature usually reserved for most manufacturers flagship TV's.

Amazon delivered via Citylink within about 14 hours and the TV took about ten minutes to be ready to go; batteries in remote, attach stand and remove plastics. As you would expect with an LED TV it's very thin and very light; I carried it under my arm across the garden to place in the summerhouse. It looks are very minimalist, as with most these days, with a small screen surround in gloss black. The other nice thing about LED is that it required substantially less power than plasma or LCD so the PSU in the TV is very small and light requiring only a figure-of-eight power cord (supplied).

Having attached the network cable, power cable and audio out to amplification source the TV was a doddle to setup, finding my network, picking up a DHCP assigned IP address and verifying DNS serveres and a link to the outside world with one keypress on the remote. Once this part of the setup was complete (I won't be attaching an antenna for now though I am sure the Freeview setup will be as simple) I switched the input source to DLNA via the remote and to my amazement the TV is able to decode pretty much any of the common media containers. MP3 with high bitrates, MP4 movies encoded in H.264 and X.263 and even (this is the best bit) 1920x1080 encoded MP4's with high bitrate audio. Essentially, this just saved me about £400 which is the cost of building your own decent HTPC to do the same job. Okay there's no internet browser built in but given everything else on this TV I can forgive it that.

There are 3 x HDMI ports, 2 x SCART, 1 x Component In, 1 x RGB In, 1 x Optical Audio In (for SPDIF out on your laptop/HTPC), 1 x Optical out for your digital Amp, a USB port AND a PCMCIA type 2 slot. So, if you don't have network attachement simply put your MP4 movie onto an SD card, USB memory stick or Compact Flash Card in a PCMCIA holder and insert to view.

It looks to me like LG have build a very nice looking and highly functional front end sitting on an embedded Linux Kernel and the end result is a TV which gives a great, sharp and high contrast picture whislt brisstling with features that are usually reserved for plasma's of £700 and over.
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on 20 September 2012
User video review of the LG LS325600 (32 inch) full HD TV with DNLA
showing rear connections and video picture quality comparisons from standard,freeview and high definition sources, along with a description of some of the menu functions.

This TV provides a very good picture quality for the price and though the freeview channels it receives, are only in standard definition, it does a very good job of upscaling them to near HD standard. and the difference is not that noticeable on most programs.
The reason I chose this one, over the other competing models in it's price range , was it's 100hz refresh (motion clarity) rate, which the others didn't have and the fact, it has a swivel stand.
The sound is pretty good for this type of TV considering how little room they have to put speakers on them. It does have an optical audio out for connecting to external equipment and a headphone out as well.
Rear connections..............0.15
Remote ...........................1.02
Video quality comparisons.1.44
Main Menu.......................3.50
Quick Menu.....................5.58
I put this up, because when I was trying to research this TV, I couldn't find anything on it that wasn't in German, so hopefully it might be of some help.
There is a higher quality version of this on my you tube channel but I had to make a lesser quality version for here, because of Amazon's file size limitations.
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on 2 December 2012
This TV is great. The picture quality is flawless and the price is right. The reason for the low price is that It doesn't have 3D, WiFi, Internet and is not 'Smart'. But you can connect it to your home network and use you computer as a media server. It decodes Dolby digital so when connected to suitable AV amp you will enjoy 5.1 sound. The speakers on the TV are good but can only deliver stereo. Another nice touch is the 'clear voice' feature. No matter what the content, you can tune in to the spoken word. It's like magic. You can set up high bass but speech remains un-muffled at any volume. The picture controls are a tinkers dream, everything except geometry is adjustable. If that frightens you do not worry, use the 'intelligent sensor' which adjusts everything automatically to suit the lighting in the room. You always get a great picture. I only wish it had more HDMI inputs (3). If you don't want 3D and other fads, this is the one to get.
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on 29 December 2012
I've previously owned the budget variety of LG's 42" LCD TVs. Unfortunately that one died completely after only 15 months. We got this as a replacement, and - wow - it's a massive upgrade. The picture quality is fantastic, very bright and vivid. The build quality is superb compared to the lower-end plastic models. This one has a very solid metal case and is overall much thinner. DLNA works well for me - if anything it's my router that fails at timmes. I found it easy to set up. Although I am quite techy, set-up was by no means complicated and I can now easily access the content on my home NAS server.

Overall this was an excellent purchase and I would recommend anyone to consider stepping up from the budget option. It's so worth it.
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