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on 21 August 2012
This is probably the best gadget i have ever owned. Mirrors every single thing from my HTC One X, the phone's interface, pics, music player, videos stored in phone, web browsing, youtube, games and apps. Maybe less than 30 seconds to set-up and with a simple 3 fingers slide up and ur there. Doesn't take long to connect, maybe 2 seconds or less probably. and 3 finger slide down to disconnect

im really satisfied with it. now can properly use my phone as a hard disk. copy movies to my phone and play it through htc media link hd :D:D:D .. you can play the movie you want and use ur phone at the same time, movie keeps on playing, minimize it and use any app you want, messages and whatsapp without disruption.

highly recommended
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on 5 February 2013
Arrived on time. Can't fault turnaround, packaging or delivery.

Easy to set up, plays Youtube and online video etc. to the TV perfectly, can scroll through photos off my phone in pretty good quality, great. Early days yet, and maybe a knack is still to be acquired, but my htc-phone-recorded videos [3gpp] at the moment run the video fast (comical but not as wanted) and audio out of sync behind by a second at least. All firmware is apparently updated. Will Google that to find solution as I cannot believe htc would not cover htc video recordings poorly......would they?
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on 16 July 2012
I used this device very little since i purchased it. Overall i like it and it does it's job well.
I experienced a bit bit of hiccups when connecting over wifi but they were easily resolved. The biggest issue is that when streaming stuff from the phone, the phone itself becomes a HOT PLATE! It becomes super hot to the point I cant even hold it - one of the reasons im not using this device a lot. That massive temperature increase on the phone got me worried that i might damage it
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on 8 May 2014
Streaming Sky Sports from my Vodafone Handset was the only reason I bought this device but it won't do it. That's not necessarily the fault of the box though; that's down to Sky who bar the content from streaming but nevertheless this is the only reason I bought it. So I ended up returning it. But other than that, it does stream from the phone well, but I did find the three-finger swipe thing quite temperamental.
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on 17 June 2012
This device is small/portable & couldn't be easier to set up, with or without a wireless network already in place.Great for browsing & viewing all the media on your phone. The only problem I had was trying to watch movies I had rented via the Google play - movie site, tried everything but couldn't get them to play although a firmware upgrade may fix this. I still think it's worth purchasing.
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VINE VOICEon 9 September 2013
This device allows me to mirror the display from my HTC One device onto the phone. I found it easy to set up. Once the device was plugged in, and my phone connected to the home wifi, I could activate the link with HTC's three finger swipe, and all my content was mirrored. For youtube videos, you can even use your phone normally while the video plays. It's really great to be able to share content in this way. Other reviews cover this in plenty of detail and are well worth a read, I have a couple of extra tips:

1. If you have one, you could use the USB plug on the back of the computer for powering the Media Link, which saves on wall plug use and means it turns off when the TV turns off, which is neater than having it available all the time.

2. I was able to connect my old Android phone, an HTC Desire HD, to the TV, too. I didn't manage to mirror exact content like the home screen or internet browser, but I could play videos, show images, and play music from my phone, on the TV. The version of Android on my old phone is much too old to work out of the box like my HTC One did. But I did some research on how the Media Link worked. It is using DLNA/UPNP. So, I tried searching in the Google Play store for something to help me connect. I found a free app by Bubblesoft called 'BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA'. Once installed, I went through the default options then selected the Devices menu and clicked on the Media Link HD. Then under 'Library' I navigated to the media content I wanted to play and it worked! Of course, it's up to you whether you want to try out other apps not released by HTC for example, and do read the app details before installing :)
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on 15 December 2013
How I quantify my scoring system, based on functionality, price and longevity:

Five stars: completely exceeded my expectations and would highly recommended
Four stars: better than expected and would recommended
Three stars: met my expectations with no hidden surprises or shocks
Two stars: below my expectations and probably wouldn't recommend
One star: completely below my expectations and certainly wouldn't recommend

Okay, so it's been out a while but I decided to invest in one of these for my HTC One X+. I use the HTC MHL box for my HTC Flyer but that won't work with the One X+ so I bought this instead. A major problem with the MHL is that while the picture from Netflix streams okay, it's in a squashed format and no amount of resizing on the TV will fix it. Unfortunately, the complete opposite is true of the wireless Media Link... quite frankly the picture is atrocious. It doesn't matter for much that the aspect ratio is okay, it's just un-watchable. It streams HTC's own Watch channel better but then that's on a Pay as you Watch basis and I'm simply not interested in that. Some might shout conspiracy here, that HTC's own app is good while third party apps are terrible. So zero stars for streaming media. Funnily enough, it's also similar for content on the phone. Use MX Player - my app of choice for video - and the picture is terrible but use the built in Android app and the same film is much clearer.

However, as an audio streamer it's fine for playing music from my phone through my very powerful hi-fi. Okay, so maybe the sound wouldn't please an audiophile but it's more than okay for my purposes.

I'm not interested in using it to show off my photos on my TV but it worked fine when I tried it.

Finally, it does get quite warm if it's been used for streaming video for a while so that could possibly become an issue.

Overall, it's pretty meh as a media streamer - my main reason for buying it - but it's just about salvaged by its high usefulness as an audio player without having to use a long lead to my hi-fi. Unlike other glowing reviews however, it's a strict three stars from me, nothing more and nothing less.
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on 8 August 2013
Good media player ,easy to set up, simple to use ,basicaly turns your tv into a smart tv when linked via wifi to your smart phone, only downside playing netflix or bbc i player is poor quality and better wired which isnt to much of a problem but does defeat the object of going wireless hence 4 stars rather than 5,that said all other things like gaming , photo,s,, facebook ,twitter,music files,most apps on your phone and google search etc works effortlessly
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on 11 December 2013
This HTC media link works well and it's comfortable to send your videos to screen but pay attention in one important flaw, almost for me: Not all apps will fit your screen!!

For example, if you use MX Player or other player than the player integrated with your HTC player you will se a black bars around the screen of your tv (don't fit all screen)

I don't understand why you could se really full screen with htc gallery and media player while these players couldn't play mkv and many other format videos.

Image quality is good but not perfect, you can see clearly compression artefacts, but it's admissible.

It sucks a little power and can be used directly with the USB connector integrated in your TV (if it have one).

I recommend to explore other options like the new woxter, you should consider that this HTC Media Link is only compatible whith HTC devices.
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on 11 October 2014
Well at first this thing failed badly, I looked @ reviews and people where complaining about video streaming and all sorts of syncing problems. But... I soon realised the problem was my sky router the link speed was so poor it could not handle the content. Moving forward I now have a DSL-N66U Asus router its great. I have plex media server setup and use bubble upnp to select local renderer, the freesat Hd from my pc tuner card or plex server and stream tv or bluray films in mkv from my pc. A tall order from this device but with decent WiFi (not signal bars) but actual link speed I can stream full hd movies and satalitte tv to my bedrooms tv where all I have is a socket to power it. Bubble upnp allows me to choose the source then select my video player. Using htcs built in media player I can send the stream to media link and surf the web at the same time... Happy days :)
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