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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 March 2013
'From This Moment On' is Dublin born Colette Caddle's thirteenth novel following twelve bestsellers. For an author who came to writing as she says "late in life" after finding office life boring, she has certainly made up for lost time. Her latest novel tells the story of just how difficult it can be to deal with harassment when it occurs in small town Ireland and comes from a member of a powerful local family.
Lynn Stephen's had her dream job working in a local four-star hotel. She is good at what she does and works hard. But she hadn't banked on a run in with her boss Vincent Boland, and when, instead of backing down as he expects she stands up to him this causes her to lose her job. Dealt with legally and settled out of court this should be the end of her troubles. But Lynn has been upset emotionally and is the shadow of her previous character. Unable to even chat with local people in her father's supermarket without becoming a shaking wreck she has been prescribed anti-depressants and is seeing a psychiatrist. Her boyfriend is the rock that she leans on and without his support she would never have made it as far as she has, and things certainly seem to be slowly improving. Is is possible that on Vincent's banishment by his uncle to manage another family hotel as a ticking off for causing trouble that Lynn can finally put the whole incident behind her, or like all events that have not been completely explained, will it rear it's ugly head again and return to haunt her?
Colette Caddle captures the sometimes claustrophobic atmosphere of small town; everyone knows each others business almost before it has happened and certain families rule the roost. The characters in the novel cover all types including the considerate friend, the devoted father, the protective boyfriend and the power hungry young boss. Colette Caddle has a dedicated readership and they will not be disappointed by her latest story.
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From this Moment On by Colette Caddle is a book which I highly recommend who any woman who likes to read a book which will take you on a journey along with the characters. Through Colette Caddle's wonderful vivid writing she brought me into the life of Lynn Stephens, her fiancé Frank not forgetting her parents who she adores and they adore her as much in return Nell and Jack plus a few other characters along the way.
Lynn Stephens when you first meet her is running for fear of her life you soon realise she is in a middle of a horrible nightmare and it is clear from her reaction this nightmare does not end when she opens her eyes. As you follow Lynn narrating her story you will soon realise even though she has won a Case of Constructive dismissal against her ex employers she has a long way to go before she becomes the person she once was prior to the moment Vincent decided Lynn was to be his next victim of his bullying behaviour. The author also uses Lynn's parents and friends to narrate their own lives as they also express how they cannot understand how she went from an outgoing girl with confidence in abundance as she managed the Restaurant of "Hawthorn Lodge", which Vincent's Uncle owned too the total recluse we first meet at the beginning of the book who cannot walk up the street of her hometown in-fear of meeting anyone belonging to the Boland's or her nightmare in person, Vincent himself as he still held the power of turning her into a quivering mess. We even hear from Vincent with his selfish ramblings along with the tight control he has of his wife who also is a shadow of the person she once was. The author has a wonderful way of knowing and fully understanding human emotions which she has made clear through her writing which made this book an extra special read for me and one I know I will return to.
One of the main reasons I enjoyed reading this book was due to the fact that the author has taken the subject of bullying which is more or less a taboo subject where everyone knows it is going on but they seem to be powerless to stop it or when the media does look into the fact it does go on not only in schools but in the work place there is usually devastating consequences. Colette Caddle not only shows how it destroys the life of the person who is bullied but also those who are closest to them as they do not know how to lift their loved one from the deep mire of emotion they seem to be stuck in. There are many light moments throughout the book especially telling the story of Lynn and Frank's relationship and also her friendship with Val had me smiling. Lynn has other problems to face and through facing these she at last begins to regain some of the old person she once was but she will needs help from the most unsuspected sources in the most surprising ways.
From this Moment on by Colette Caddle is the story of how one girl's life was changed in a moment until that individual moment her life became her own once again when she could live without the fear of Vincent Boland.
I highly recommend From this Moment On by Colette Caddle as a book which I loved throughout as not only was it so well written with the vivid writing of the author there is no way you could start reading this book and not want to know what became of each of the characters.
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on 16 April 2013
From This Moment on
I found this book a little difficult to get into at first and at times could not feel empathy or sympathy for the main character, Lynn, but as the story progressed it became a page turner and I was soon entrenched in the little town with all the unique characters living there, as well as the main character and her patient and understanding partner Frank. We could all do with a partner like Frank!

The reason for Lynn's depression and anxiety which prevent her from working or having much of a social life at all, is slowly revealed in a tantalising way that makes the reader not want to put the book down. By the time the whole story was uncovered, I felt ready to climb right into those pages and teach Vincent Boland a lesson he would never forget. It is that kind of story - that kind of writing.

Colette Caddle's descriptions of the pain and terror suffered by Lynn, the village, the accident Lynn's father has and his ensuing stay in hospital where he is a bit of a grumpy patient, and of the town's' love of gossip while watching everything that happens like hawks, took me right into that world each time I picked the book up.

It's a story where good wins out over bad. The ending had me punching the air and yelling `Yes!'. (Thank goodness I was home alone at the time). For the first couple of days after finishing the book, I felt a little lost as if my best friends had just left town.

I'd be happy to recommend this to anyone who enjoys a nice easy-to-read and well written story.
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on 23 December 2013
I LOVED the book.. Couldn't put it down! I was done with it in 2 days, much as I tried to prolong it. I'd been missing my dad of late - he passed away 3 years ago, and as I read and felt the relationship between Jack & Lynn, I couldnt help cry & miss him oh so much.. and understanding him a bit more.

Colette has a way with lacing fiction with the authenticity of being real. The characters in her stories come to life with the emotions that speak to your heart. You cant help but relate to them. On another level, the simplicity within the complexity of feelings & raw emotions truly transport you to another world. Sometimes, you find answers, in other moments you find another perspective.

I love Colette's books and I love this one.. sure to bring a tear (or a few more).. but such a wonderful read!

Well done Colette and thank you for adding another magical world to mine..
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on 20 August 2013
I had been looking forward to the UK release of this book for ages and it was definitely worth the wait! Although the plot was sad at times, the Author made the characters very real and it was very easy to empathise with them. A lot of research by the author paid off! I will absolutely be recommending this book to all my friends.
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on 26 February 2013
I finally got my copy of 'From this moment on' by the wonderful Colette Caddle this morning and decided to take the day off to read it. It's a real page-turner. The story tells us about Lynn who has to deal with some serious bullying from her former boss. An out of court settlement should lay her bad experience to rest, but the small town gossipers have other ideas. Lynn struggles to put it all behind her and start afresh and just when you think she can well.....I won't say anymore. This is Colette's 13th book and it's currently charting at no:2. Now I know why! Go and buy it folks..
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on 3 September 2013
Love Colette Caddle and yet again she didn't disappoint me. What I love about her books is that your gripped from the first page, can't wait for the next one.
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on 1 February 2014
I purchased this book from my newly acquired Kindle as one of their daily deals. Not just because of the reduced price, but I read the synopsis and it looked to be interesting so I ordered it as I was looking for something to start.

I would not be able to write a book and admire anyone who can so I will make no critisism of the author. I found it took a wee while for the plot to unravel but that is probably down to my impatience, not the book and could believe in all but one of the characters. The one I had trouble with was the main characters partner who seemed a bit too perfect but that is because I always meet people with many flaws though he did act out of character near the end.

So an enjoyable book for me and I will look at the authors other titles now to buy another.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 March 2015
Powerful and gripping story about Lynn Stephens and her attempts to come to terms with a difficult work situation that she had to walk away from.

This book had me gripped within the first few pages, as I wanted to know all the details of everything, and it was taking a bit of time for all to be revealed.

Filled with a deep, darker story, as well as light relief of the story of Val, Lynn's best friend and her love life.

There are some very difficult topics in this book, but they are dealt with in an appropriate manner.

This is another impressive book by Colette Caddle.
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on 26 February 2013
I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of this from the author and started it immediately! I got into it quickly and was soon involved in the lead character and her life. I really enjoy Colette's style of writing, which is descriptive without being too wordy. I loved getting to know the characters and was suitably disgusted by Vincent Boland, and very keen for him to get his comeuppance! All in all, an addictive, well-balanced read that I will come back to - and has left me eagerly awaiting the next!
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