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Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Case for the New iPad 3 and iPad 2 - Black/Red
Colour: black/red|Style: iPad 2/3/4th Generation|Change
Price:£28.23+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

I waited over a month for delivery of a Griffin case so in the meantime to ensure my iPad 3 didn't get damaged I was able to get hold of a Gumdrop Drop Tech.

When the Griffin finally arrived I unboxed it and compared it to the Gumdrop that now protects my iPad and to be honest I felt I didn't have to change the case.

After all that anticipation I sent the Griffin back. It was not as good quality the inner frame felt fragile and the silicone outer skin was definitely softer and less robust than the Gumdrop.
I had real issues with both the Gumdrop and Griffin built in screen protectors; both did not lay flush with the screen. One plus point for the Griffin, it does not have a replaceable screen protector as it is built in, so gives better rain protection. The Gumdrop has a replaceable screen protector but is not water resistant around the edges.

I know that there have to be some compromises, but when a screen protector is not tactile or optically efficient then it would be better without, especially considering the quality of the iPad 3 screen.

Both the Gumdrop and Griffin screen protectors are poor. My message to the manufacturers, SORT IT OUT! That's why it loses a star.

I have now removed the plastic from the frame of the Gumdrop and replaced it with a Zagg screen protector fitted directly to the screen. Not only does this give better protection but it is much more tactile and has better optical qualities. It also adds to the overall cost of protection.

The Gumdrop silicone skin feels bullet proof, has a tyre tread pattern on it that will stop it slipping off your car seat even when braking hard, but because of its curves, it looks and feels less bulky than it is. The port covers are solid and feel like they will last unlike the Griffin which feels flimsy.

One plus point for some is that the Griffin has a complete lens flap for the rear camera protecting the lens but making it awkward to take pictures, while the Gumdrop has a protective flange leaving the lens free.

I use a Griffin case for my iPhone 4s and it is without a doubt the best protection you can give your phone. My nephew commented that it really hurt when I hit him over the head with it; well he was being cheeky at the time. The iPhone was of course undamaged. However, the Griffin cover for the iPad 3 does not scale up as well as it should, on paper it should have been better than the Gumdrop but it was not.

I work outdoors a lot, but I try to avoid using electrical equipment in the rain, so the Gumdrop is fine for me. The Griffin offers better protection in the rain and as my iPhone can testify the Griffin offers really good sand protection. I had been to the beach with my children and collected shells. Forgetting the fact that I had half a pocketful of sand I put my Griffin encased iPhone in said pocket and it survived unscathed. See how easy it is to make a mistake! This would be an unlikely scenario with the iPad.

However, having compared both, though the Griffin offers good protection I think corners have been cut and there is a question mark over the quality.

I will stick to the Gumdrop, the frame and the silicone skin feel more solid, more robust and better quality. If you are able to hold both silicone outer skins in your hand you will think the Gumdrop is bullet proof.

In fact I liked it so much I have bought another one.

All protective cases are a compromise, an iPad was designed to go skinless, but do you want to take that risk. Yes it adds a little bulk and weight but in my opinion it's the Gumdrop that comes out on top.
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I had actually ordered a Griffin all singing and dancing survivor case, but due to poor availability and further research I opted for the Gumdrop.

I was concerned that the Griffin would make the iPad too bulky especially considering the fact that I would be carrying it around outside for work.

The Gumdrop arrived and I found that even though I had ordered a black case/black frame model it actually came with a red frame. I can live with that for the time being. It arrived well packaged; unboxing made it feel like a quality item. There were no instructions as to how you were supposed to separate the case, but finally common sense prevailed and I took it apart. The fact that it took some effort to remove the rubber/silicon cover gave me confidence in its ability to protect the iPad.

Once I had it apart it was simple to place the iPad into the frame but refitting the outer case took a little bit of effort. Again this gives me confidence that the case will survive a few knocks and drops.

The Gumdrop fits the iPad like a glove, it adds very little bulk, but there have to be compromises. The `tyre tread' pattern on the case makes it nicely grippy and unlikely to slide off smooth surfaces. It sticks to the table like a Formula 1 tyre.

The port covers for re charging and headphones etc. are a little stiff but do not get in the way.

All well and good you think? Not quite I'm afraid.

The plastic frame is a little sharp in places so mind your fingers. Secondly it comes with a built in but removable and replaceable screen protector.

The screen protector has reasonable optics, but on a tactile basis it is horrible. It sits slightly higher up than the screen so every time you swipe or press you feel the plastic giving way. Worse still, the screen protector sometimes sticks to the iPad screen in places and it gives the optical illusion that there is moisture on the screen.

Now I understand that there have to be compromises, but this is one too far considering the quality of the new iPad screen.

Now I like the case, I really do, it would not do it justice to only give it 3 stars. I have a solution to the screen protector problem.

The case does not boast that its shower proof. I will remove the plastic of the screen protector.

Before I place the iPad back into the case I will apply a quality screen protector, possibly a Zagg HD. I have had great results from them previously on all my mobile phones, even on the curved screen of a HTC Sensation, and they are pretty much indestructible and come with a lifetime guarantee.

To Gumdrop I would ask that they redesign the screen protector because it is really awful.

4 Stars for protection.
1 Star for the screen protector.
4 Stars for not adding too much bulk.
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on 25 March 2014
We got this to ensure the iPad stayed safe when in use by the children. We have had it for approx 2years now and we highly recommend it to all our friends. It disguises the iPad so often it just looks like a kiddy tablet, so less prone to theft when left lying about. More importantly, our kids bump and drop the iPad on occasion without causing harm.
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on 13 April 2015
First class item
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on 4 December 2013
Good-looking case that doesn't add too much weight and is comfortable to hold. This camo version comes with protection for both camera lenses which is great. I'm a bit neurotic when it comes to being careful with expensive gadgets, especially mobile gadgets, and that is why I usually buy good protection for them. After buying this case (that came highly recommended), I no longer have to be neurotic about laying down my iPad. Highly recommended!

UPDATE 3/1/2014: I'm very disappointed in this case. Even though I bought this case that Gumdrop states is 'the most rugged, durable protection' for my iPad, I've cared for it better than most people care for their unprotected iPads: I've only used it indoors, I've never dropped it or hit it against something, after use I always place it inside a cushioned gadget storage box and I'm constantly making sure is dust- and smudge-free. Imagine my surprise when I recently noticed that the black plastic frame had cracked on its on just above the home button. I had taken the case off 3-5 times for cleaning purposes but I had been careful when doing so.

I contacted Amazon.co.uk. regarding this matter as I found it unacceptable that a relatively expensive 'most rugged, durable' case would break on its own within a year and half -- especially when it's been cared for with silk gloves, so to speak. While Amazon.co.uk has always been extremely good to me in these matters, they simply asked to contact Gumdrop on this matter. I have contacted Gumdrop (support at gumdropcases.com) two times in two weeks but they haven't replied.

I also have two minor issues with this case. Firstly, dust and other tiny particles of dirt get inside the case and stuck between the case and the black edges of the iPad. Unfortunately I found out about this the hard way as the dirt lodged between the case and the iPad had already made marks on edges of the rather expensive screen protector I was using. I guess the silver lining is that without the screen protector on, the marks could be on the screen itself. Secondly, while in my original review I liked the camera lens protectors that come with this military version of the case, I now have to disagree with myself. The camera lens protectors get dusty from both sides (again, because dust etc. get inside the case) and it's a pain cleaning them.

In conclusion, I'm afraid I cannot recommend this case for anyone. These Gumdrop cases came recommended and I paid more to get this military version with extra protection. Alas, all I got was a case that cracks on its own and that's design allows dust and other particles of dirt to get inside the case and damage the iPad's surface. I'm still hoping that Amazon or Gumdrop would treat me fairly on this matter but I'm beginning to lose hope...
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on 5 December 2016
Absolutely rubbish.they say it protects and other feedback is good i must have a different case to you.my son drops it many times being autistic. It smashed to beyond then i fixed it and put it back in this case and guess what completely smashed again and now the ipad isnt working. And no option to contact the seller to discuss.great!dont buy this
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on 16 July 2012
This is an awesome piece of kit and a must if you have kids using your tech or you are prone to dropping things. It is super robust and the screen is protected but does not take away from the sensitivity of the screen to any noticeable degree. It is heavy and obviously changes the beautiful styling of the iPad but it does what it is ment to in spades and protects your kit very well.
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on 24 August 2012
This offers great protection without being too heavy or bulky. The tyre-style pattern across the back makes it easy to grip and the ports are easy to access with well-made flaps that cover the charging port when not in use. The volume buttons are covered by the case but remain easy to use, likewise the home button. The screen is still easy to access but well protected by the inclusive screen protector and the case that wraps around the edges to protect against knocks and bumps.
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on 28 December 2012
I'm not sure how this case could be improved. It fits the iPad 4 (retina + lightning) perfectly too. It's superbly well made and feels like it will cope with some real abuse. Minor niggles are that pressing keys close to the edge requires a finger tip rather that just gliding a thumb in from the side. You may often close down apps especially when in landscape mode as the home key is a little too easy to press. The combined weight of the iPad and case make it quite heavy if unsupported. However, all these pail into insignificance if you have a 4 year old or simply want to travel with the iPad. You know when you reach your destination it will still be in 1 piece. For 40 quid this is a good deal. It also meets with the approval from the woman too (though she has the pink one).

As normal, credit to amazon's super saver postage even over the Christmas period.
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on 14 April 2013
This case is without doubt the best investment Imade for my wife's iPad2. I bought her both as gifts Christmas 2011. Both the case and the iPad are still looking fresh. This is while we still let our infant son play with the iPad daily. That alone should tell you how confident I am with this particular case. The iPad (whilst enclosed) has been dropped, splashed and whilst not treated horrendously has stood up to the treatment and if taken out of the case looks brand new. The gumdrop case also has a transparent covering for the screen that made all the difference when I purchased it.
As with everything if you look hard enough you will find drawbacks and in this case (pun intended)the Gumdrop case adds a lot of size and weight to a very svelte iPad 2. However if protection is you main concern then I wholeheartedly recommend it.
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