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on 7 December 2013
Already starting to notice my own reality shifts so useful.

An interesting read, provided me with several other areas to explore as well.

Nice light tone throughout the book but for me the experience was a slow read. That's not a comment on the author by the way rather it's a comment on the work inside that gets done while reading the book. Normally I'm a fast reader but this book made me pause for contemplation .. A lot .. So I spent 3 weeks with it as my bedside reading material.
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on 24 December 2015
Great concept - could do with being more concise and not so conversational
Why don't more people know about this?
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Reality Shifts: When consciousness changes the physical world by Cynthia Sue Larson, Reality Shifters, Berkeley, CA, 2012, 312 ff

Those who embrace the fact that there is a spiritual dimension to our existence will have grown accustomed by now to the ideas presented in a number of books that describe how our state of mind produces positive or negative effects on our physical health (books on the power of intention from authors such as Louise Hay, Larry Dossey, Wayne Dyer and Sharon Begley). Spiritual or not, we are all aware of the potency of placebos used in medicine. Other authors, like Lynne McTaggart and Charles T. Tart, have described how the human mind can affect even inanimate objects through phenomena described as psychokinesis, telekinesis or teleportation. Such are the Reality Shifts described here by the present author: ‘physically observed changes that occur without any direct physical intervention’. Although people tend to be sceptical about such a suggestion, the author points out that change and a shift in what is the reality of our perceptions happens continually all around us.

The author stresses that we are all changing the reality of all-that-is with our every thought and action, from the most trivial to the most far-reaching. Two of the most fascinating chapters in the book for me were Chapters 3 and 4, which describe a number of ‘irrational’ events that happened to the author, her family and friends. I have never experienced such dramatic reality shifts myself, but my wife is a spiritual healer and has certainly produced reality shifts in the lives of others (see Chapter 9 here).

Some people just seem to be so much in tune with the spiritual realm that psychic events of various kinds keep happening to them. Physicist Wolfgang Pauli, who together with C.G. Jung had a deep fascination with what was described then as the paranormal, was renowned for the disruptive effects he produced on any laboratory equipment nearby. Such physical changes in our surroundings, or the apports produced at séances, are a different order of phenomena than ‘mind-to-mind’ communication in telepathy or spiritual healing. These are Reality Shifts that all can see.

Other highly original chapters were those on Lucid Dreaming and how we could make use of these experiences in our lives (Chapters 7 and 8). Considering this is a book about what is essentially a philosophical concept (the existence of a non-material reality) interpreted in terms of quantum physics (where indeterminism prevails), it is remarkably accessible. Cynthia, who has a background in physics, writes in everyday language without any technical jargon and she shows us how the phenomena she describes are all around us in our lives. She shows us how the materialistic assumptions of science are too limited to account for the diversity of human experience: ‘there are an infinite number of universes of reality for us to exist within’. There are also personal exercises at the ends of the chapters to move our consciousness in the direction of accepting and implementing these Reality Shifts. Basically, our life is to a large extent what we make of it.

There are a few pages of Further Reading at the end, with several books that I hadn’t heard of but which I shall now want to read.

Howard Jones is the author of The World as Spirit and Evolution of Consciousness
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