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on 11 July 2012
As is usual with any screen protectors, you read all the reviews, some singing the praises of the product and others say they are a waste of money or worse. I've used two different makes and to be truthful haven't had any problems fitting any of them. The only complaint I had with the last one I fitted is that it scratched very easily, hence I thought I would give TeckNets screen protector a try. First impressions are that fitting was easier than I remember that last one was and it's a much better finish to use so should last ok. I also think the Screen is more sensitive to use as well. One of the biggest advantages of the TeckNets screen protectors is there's six in the pack for under a fiver! How goods that?

Just a tip for anyone fitting a screen protector to an iPad or similar, I find that after cleaning the screen and clearing it of dust, warming the screen and the protector (both protective layers still fitted) with my wifes hair dryer makes the fitting much easier, just make sure you remove any hairs from the hair dryer before you start. Once the protector is fitted I warm the screen again and use a credit card to smooth out any remaining bubbles before removing the outer protective layer. Be careful not to overheat the screen or the protector, you may cause damage to both.

To sum up, in my opinion the TeckNets screen protector for iPad is not that difficult to fit, very good quality finish and superb value for money.
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on 14 December 2012
This was a great product and arrived very quick, easy to put on with no problems and keeps item free from scratches
Top keep dust out do it near a hot running tap the steam keeps the dust away so you don't get bubbles in
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on 19 April 2012
I've tried several similar screen protectors, even tried 2 of the more expensive 100% bubble free ones's, but sadly they deteriate the iPads screen quality far too much to be acceptable, those BTW are only available in a Matt/Anti-glare finish, which looks as though your iPad has a film of fine snow on it, and everything looks slightly shimmery and pixelated.. so I would avoid those unless you have very low expectations.

The biggest problem AYK with these and other clear protectors is the difficulty putting them on without any specs of dust getting on the screen while you apply it, and I agree it can be a right p*g to achieve.
However, I do think that these type of clear protectors are the only type that do not noticably deteriate the screens image, and so is worth persevering with, that's if you really feel you need a protector on in the first place... though I suspect like me they choose to fit one.. just for peace of mind... especially as the wifes nails aren't all that short, or the grandkids get their hands on it.

Okay.. so what do I think about these particular iPad screen protectors, well, for the money I think they are a superb buy, they do the job just as well as some protectors costing much more, and considering they give you 6 in pack is absolutely brilliant value.

Unlike the 100% bubble free protectors, which do indeed fit on leaving no bubbles at all, but leave you with terrible unacceptable degradation of your screen, these do not degrade the quality of your iPad screen at all.. at least none that I can see, I suppose in reality soon as you put something over the top of your iPad screen it has to degrade it a touch, but AIS it's certainly not noticable at all.

I still struggle to fit these without any bubbles at all which is usually caused by dust particles, but I can now achieve 99.9% success rate with them. I strongly advise you do it in somewhere like your bathroom after running the hot shower for a few minutes to keep the dust down.
Give your iPad's screen a clean, and finally before attempting to fit the protector give the screen one last wipe starting at one edge and wipe in a straight line off the opposite edge. With a bit of practice you should be able to achieve pretty good results. If you end up like me this morning where it was near perfect with just one tiny spec of dust resulting in one tiny bubble then I advise you leave it alone, as often lifting it up to try and remove it can make matters worse... mine looks almost perfect, and thats near enough for me, infact you would not know it had a protector fitted, my tiny spec of dust is near the side, so it doesn't matter, and I know from past experience it's almost futile trying to get it 100%... it's obviously possible.. but I haven't managed to get a 100% perfect application as but very close.

At least they give you 6 to play with, but AIS with care you can get good results first time. I have no reservations in recommending these protectors both for the job they do, you would'nt know I had one fitted on my new iPad, and unlike some others they are indeed superb value for money... the best I've found so far.
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Any Screen Protector for the iPad is going to have an issue when it comes to fitting it. Unless you have access to an air-tight room there will be the odd dust particle around to spoil the party, but if you simply peel only up to the home button and gradually peel the rest off after, wiping with a lint-free cloth (like the one provided) as you go it tends to work.

Took me 3 goes to get one right, but then with a pack of 6 you can afford to let a couple go in the bin anyway.
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on 18 April 2012
I have had one of these fitted to my ipad2 for around five months now and it does not need replacing yet. I did manage to get some dust stuck behind it but its OK. Will know better next time not to allow the backing plastic to come into contact with the sheet,which was covered in static dust particles!!
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on 18 December 2013
I chose 5 stars because I thought it was extremely good price for what they offer compared to any other screen protectors for the iPad Air.

- Quick arrival
- Easy to apply onto the iPad Air. No hassle. Just applied it on now. I'm using it right now on my ipad for this review hehe.
- Each individual screen protector has like a plastic sleeve bag

Not so much dislike, but wish they could have:
- Have the same exact hole size of the home button, it's a winy bit big. I know many do not do this but I'm just being picky here hehe.

For £3.99 I would actual recommend to anyone. It does the job. 6 screen protectors for £3.99, that's like £0.67. I'll say that's a really good bargin!
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on 3 April 2013
The plastic cover is one of the easiest to apply. The trick is after lining the home button up drop the plastic direct and push the bubbles to the outsides. The only problem is that the plastic protector screen is literally to the edge! so if you want to put a gel cover on it makes the screen bubble up at the edges and you have to trim the plastic.
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on 16 January 2014
I've only ever done this once before, so can hardly call myself an expert, but having cleaned the new iPad I carefully positioned one of the TeckNet protectors at one end, and chased the air bubbles from the centre of the screen outwards. I guess it took about 15 minutes and I now have a bubble free screen. In fact it's not at all obvious that there's a plastic film on the screen at all!
I've used another on my original iPad, which is going to mother-in-law. And while it's not the exact shape of the original, it covers the useable area perfectly well, and in its leather cover it's not obvious.
Well done TeckNet!
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on 26 October 2011
TeckNet Apple iPad 2 Screen Protector for New Apple iPad 2 9.7 inch Tablet 2nd Generation (Pack of 6)

Unless Apple starts doing this themselves, I'm not aware of any screen protector that can be installed easy and/or from the first try. This product compared to a previous one I bought, is far much better, though I only succeeded (relatively, since could not get rid of 2 small air bubbles, probably due to dust) from my 3rd try, while the other product, I failed with all my 5 tries. Therefore, I see this product as a good value, mainly because of the very reasonable price, and that it has 6 packs in it. Thanks
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on 10 January 2013
Excellent value and fits perfectly. I'm not very good at putting these on but this one has no bubbles hooray!
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