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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Change
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on 30 October 2012

Pre-ordered the game for PC based on the sell that it was using the BF3 frostbite 2 engine. So here's me thinking the core elements of what makes BF3 great such as the gunplay and the way it handles would be produced in a similar level of quality.

My god how I was wrong.

Now here's the thing. THE GAME IS NOT FINISHED. The bugs and missing features list that are being pointed out on the battlelog forums is insane. The game plays like it's in alpha stage, not a releasable product.

The campaign is somewhat fun (only as a kind of interactive cinematic walkthough) but it's all been done before and brings nothing new or exciting to the table whatsoever. The characters are boring, plot is random and has gaping holes in it. It's like watching a pretty lame movie but with good action scenes. It sort of entertains you for a night, but you're not going to watch it again.

I did, however, buy this game for the multiplayer aspect and this is indeed where it fails. and FAILS HARD.

The first thing that greets you when you try to play this game is the absolutley dreadful user interface. It is completely counter intuitive, makes it incredibly hard to find simple functions such as "quit game" and makes the experience of trying to get in a game, partner up with your friends, edit your class etc extremely frustrating. I still haven't figured out how to mute people in the game, as the "mute VOIP" button seems to do nothing half the time. Not much fun when you get in a lobby with a guy who insists on listening to extremely loud death metal music and leaving his mic plugged in.

A big gripe with the gameplay is the fact that setting up your mouse sensitivity is impossible to get right. The reason for this is they have made it so when you aim down sight, the sensitivity is the same as when you are in free look. This means it is nigh on impossible to aim accurately in this game and makes the gunplay feel completely weird and counter intuitive. This is unlike any other first person shooter I've ever played, is very frustrating and not at all fun. I'm pretty sure this is a console port issue and shows the game hasn't been designed or tested on PC at all.

Then the audio - whilst the music is pretty good (although clearly ripped off from the Bourne movie series) The in game sounds are completely all over the place. I play on headphones and if I set the volume to a comfortable level so I can hear gunfire, then explosions and "thud" sounds when you are shot are DEAFENING. You turn it down for that, and you can't hear footsteps and your gun sounds like it's been fired 30 miles away. Not to mention the numerous bugs with audio cutting out and/or sounding muffled etc

Then there's the balance and game design issues. Although some of the gametypes are fun, and do bring slightly new ideas to the standard playlists, they are all blighted by gamebreaking balance issues. Grenades are ridiculously overpowered with too short a fuse, spawns are terrible (especially in Team Deathmatch ), the spec ops class has this ability to temporarily see everyone on the map through walls which completely out-does any of the other classes abilities (nor does it make any sense) Maps are designed badly with areas which no one ever ventures into and with ill thought-out choke points. The list goes on and on and on....

I don't personally have a problem with the graphics, yes they are a bit "cartoony" and not a patch on other games but they do the job ok. Although the maps do lack any sort of destructability which was hinted at in the marketing and even mentioned on the box packaging(naughty EA). Anyway, it's the gameplay, balance and polish issues that make it a complete fail. If I could get a refund for this game I would. Maybe some of the issues will be patched, but I don't agree with paying to be an alpha tester. The biggest issue is just the way the gunplay handles, with the previously mentioned sensitivity issues coupled with the fact that hit detection is all over the place makes it just a complete turn off from start to finish.

If you're a serious FPS fan. Avoid. If you don't mind throwing away 30 quid for one evenings light entertainment, then you might not be too disappointed.
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on 26 October 2012
Its that time of year again, for many of us we were expecting Bad Company 3 but we have received a gift from Danger Close instead.

I have read many reviews with many concluding on how this new Medal of Honour is more Call of Duty than Medal of Honour but in my opinion MOHW is its own game it's a fun, shooting, blasting, rollercoaster of a ride game and it does this very well. Sadly it doesn't seem to have much of a following and has been written of by many reviewers.

Medal of Honour is exactly what it says on the tin, its no Arma. It is a action first person shooter, when we watch Commando, Rambo, Casino Royale, Homeland, Executive Decision or any Steven Seagal movie we don't say that they copy each other, they are simply action films and Medal of Honour is simply a great first person shooter and that is it's DNA. It is one of the forerunner fps franchises and for me, I am glad that they have continued the franchises step into the 21st century.

The game mechanics are brilliant, it feels very realistic where Battlefield is more hands on MMOFPS run and gun. Medal of Honour's character models feel much more heavy. The controls are still quite similar to Battlefield but feel somewhat refined. The cover system could do with some work but aside from that the shooting mechanics are great. The single player is quite reminiscent of Sky & Cinemax's Strike Back and it has some of the most thrilling first Person driving sections that I have seen in a game to date. Medal of Honour has learnt from Battlefield 3 and I believe that it has more in common with Battlefield than COD. Medal of Honours younger brother Battlefield 3 is for me the defining shooter of this generation.

Online Medal of Honour feels very fast paced and this change I suspect was a deliberate one. The games are a lot quicker and can take some getting used too if you're a Battlefield gamer like I am but this more arcade feel is a breath of fresh air. It has a good selection of maps and for me the servers have been stable. Yes, MOHW uses Origin but I have had 0 problems with the service since I installed the game.

Onto the graphics, Medal of Honours graphics are very close too if not some of the best in class bar Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2, Medal of Honour is brilliant. I am using a standard GTX 580 and have the game running on ULTRA and have experienced zero lag frame rate drops or slowdown. I hope that Danger Close will release some brighter maps which really show the beauty of the frostbite engine as some of the maps can be quite dark.

Danger Close have done a brilliant job, unfortunately Medal of Honours success and fate has been determined more so by the time of year that it has been released in than the quality of the game and as there is no Battlefield this year it would seem that its fate had been decided. If Medal of Honour didn't come out at the same time as Dishonoured, Halo 4, Call of Duty BO2 it would have scored better with mainstream reviewers. I doubt we will see another Medal of Honour game until 2014 or thereafter as it will be Battlefield vs COD next year and I suspect that this will be a next generation Battlefield which will run perfectly on the GTX 680 or unannounced 700 Maxwell series.

Give MOHW a chance, if you like action and enjoy shooters rent it or buy it.

Score - 8/10

+ Great Campaign
+ Refreshing Multiplayer
+ Great Graphics
+ Solid Controls
+ Driving Levels

- Dark Dank Maps
- Small Selection of Multiplayer Maps
- 720p Downscaling on driving levels
- Ported Cutscenes
- No exploding skulls with headshots
- Questionable cover system

I have noticed that there are a lot of trolls reviewing products on and I hope to produce than objective unbiased reviews for gamers and tech enthusiasts. ObjectiveReviewerRT11
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on 29 October 2012
As a games player with 30 years experience, and a lover of first person shooters like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Far Cry etc, I have to say MoH Warfighter is a serious disappointment.

I was very much looking forward to playing this game after thoroughly enjoying Tier 1 last year. Graphics are only just above average (when I expected an improvement on Tier 1, which were very good). I've had nothing but issues with sound since first launching the game, with echo, sound delay (i.e. firing a weapon but the weapon sound is out of sync) and more.

Single player campaign is short and underwhelming and multiplayer is just beyond boring compared to Tier 1 which was fun and exciting. The lack of map choice and variety is a big issue.

Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty MW3 are so much better. I have Far Cry 3 on pre-order and hope that will be more satisfying.

We have all these big game releases in the latter part of the year and expectations are high, but in this instance MoH Warfighter has let me down.

Such a shame.
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on 19 February 2013
I have seen a lot of complaints about this game and some are justified. The Multiplayer part is acceptable and quite fun although I was expecting better. There are still bugs in the software though and these are a pain in the wotsit. The singleplayer part of the game I find dire. I did not spend good money on a FPS game to have to sit through long sections of the operators agonising about their wives. I have abandoned that part of the game in frustration.

On balance I think it is fun but over priced for what it delivers.
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on 28 October 2012
As MOH is an online shooter with a single player campaign thrown in for those "internet down" moments i'll focus solely on that.

In an effort to carve itself a niche in the genre it has introduced the idea of a buddy system. Each team is made up of pairs of players and you benefit from bonus points if your buddy racks up the kills and you are close enough when he/she does so. While this is an interesting twist, it does have drawbacks. If you have the ability to communicate with your buddy then it introduces a degree of realism but otherwise you are one half of a partnership where one player may just tag along and pick up the easy kills while the other acts as a kind of sacrificial goat, and if your partner wants to camp then you either camp for the bonuses or negate the whole point by going off and doing your own thing anyway.

Once that aspect has been removed, what you have is a standard online offering with all the problems and debates that they throw up. Lag is an issue, but while it isn't as bad as MW2, which was legendary in that area, it is full of those moments when the game just seems to be slightly out of kilter and you question how somebody reacted that fast or managed to hit you when they didn't seem to have line-of-sight. It isn't anything that hasn't happened before with other games, but it does ruin the experience. I have a ping of between 25 and 35 ms, so I suggest that you don't take such figures as any guarantee of a trouble-free online experience.

There is some debate over shot registration, but it may just be another example of the lag problems that can occur. Having fired four shotgun rounds at close range, the sort of range where I could scratch my opponents chin with the weapon, and failed to hit anything, I can vouch for a problem regardless of it's exact nature.

Spawning is another problem that never seems to be resolved with these games. Near instant deaths caused by spawning in an enemy's path still occur with enough frequency to anger as does the visually appealing respawn where you fall through the map into oblivion and have to spawn again. Finally there are times when you can spawn into an area that is closed off and there is no way to get to the rest of the map without, again, a respawn.

Yet again I feel disappointed that what has been delivered is nothing more than could have been achieved with new maps for old games, but I accept that by buying the game I add weight to the argument that this is what the market wants. My advice is to either trust that the lag issues won't affect you, and that they will patch other problems quickly, and buy the game now or leave it well alone. The handicap of being a late joiner when everyone else has levelled up and is armed to the teeth is not my idea of fun, to say the least.
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Not as good as BF BC2 or COD MW3. My PC was built with gaming in mind and even at 32Bit this game worked. A couple of lockups, because of the lack of RAM, but on the whole this game did not cut it for me. The story line and cut scenes are a bit jagged and as someone has pointed out already some scenes cut back to 720p. I am not into Multiplayer/Online, only Singleplay. Since loading this game and the few probs with memory I have loaded 64Bit to get the full use out of an Overclocked System, back to the game. Setting up the mouse was a bit awkward, in the first scene, to get an accurate lock and steady, when in scope mode, I had to take down the sensitivity to zero. So when that scene/level was finished, Look, Peek etc; was really slow, back to adjust the mouse again (EA! Please get it right next time) and then throwing grenades is RUBBISH! I am sure that in real life I could throw further than I did on screen.

Sound is not much better through headphones or 5.1, have the sound turned up and the speech deteriorates, the music backing seems to be the only half decent part of the whole game. I think that EA should take a close look at its MOHW Forum and bring out a decent update, and looking at the stats, of the different countries, England is always quite low, have we in the UK got inferior copies??
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on 5 November 2012
I bought this as a preorder ,couldnt wait for it to come installed it which took ages as it has to install from ORIGIN (shame)ran ok untill I came to the end of finding Fazel which it went through ok untill the cut scene then it stopped and wont go to onto the next level.After looking on the Origin forum I noted 11 pages with at least 28 comments on each page with people experiencing the same problem .and no explanation save a couple which I found didnt work from other users but no remedy from origin or the game producers.

Would I recommed the game ? when they sort out this bug yes but untill then NO !!!!!!!!!

Well I spoke to EA (i think) and after speaking to him and explaining what issues I was having and told him many people were having the same problem and at the same point in the game ,he gave me some advice which I tried and it worked and am I pleased. Not a really difficult game but enjoyable none the less.
If anyone else is having the same problems as I did ie game hangup at finding fazel cut scene try hitting ALT return at the same time but at the beginning of the game. Apparently it runs better on xp rather than vista etc .it goes to a smaller screen and shows the task bar but just reset tofull screen and it works fime.

But call EA and they will helpI know its a pain but there you go.
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on 10 February 2013
Ok, so after the franchise was 'updated' to Tier 1, I think most of us were hoping the continuation with the launch of Warfighter would be just as good,if not better. Sadly though, I think in this case they've tried too hard.
Tier 1 introduced us to the new characters and brought the 'battle' up to date. It was new, interesting and most importantly, playable. Warfighter however, I am finding far too complex, too slow to react, has far too many cinematics - you're only playing the game for around 50% of the time... the other 50% of the time is filled with non-playable cinematics to join story segments.
In the playable parts there is a hell of a lag between input and movement (reminscent of Pacific Assault before v1.1 patching) and massive over reaction in the driving segements, making the 'cars' almost uncontrolable.
Nice as it is to have a game that is more accurate than many Special Forces Senior Ranks would've liked, EA forgot THE one major element... keep it playable.
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on 26 October 2012
I just don't know what's happened to the medal of honor series. They started with something amazing in 'Allied assault' with it's expansions.. but since then, it's been nothing but disappointment. And warfighter follows the trend here i'm afraid. Sure it's using the very impressive frost bite 2 engine, but it almost feels like a toned down version. Here's a run down on my opinion of this game.

Graphics : As mentioned above, despite using the frostbite 2 engine, i have to say the visuals are far behind battlefield 3. While still enjoyable, it doesn't make sense to me that you'd use toned down graphics with such a great engine. It's a much improvement from COD in terms of visuals, but what game isn't? 6/10.

Gameplay : While using Battlefield mechanics, like how the soldier moves and crawls etc... Apart from that it feels very much like a COD replica. quick and face paced enviroments.. Guns you can spray and hit anything with (Not much thought went into this game about realism) Infact the entire game, unlike it's previous games to the series, they've seen to drop realism this time around, and go for a more 'Epic' feel to it, action and tense moments to replace it. While it is fast paced, i never felt 'gripped' to any of the singleplayer if i'm honest. Felt same old. 6/10

AI : This one frustrated me the most. I hate how enemy AI moves so quickly in the blink of an eye, making them illusive targets sometimes. It's pretty the set for the whole game. Clear a few enemies, move up a little.. Then 3-4 enemies will sprint ridiculously into the scene, take them out and so forth. it just feels lazy and ridiculous 3/10

Single player : Possibly one of the shortest single player campaigns i've ever played. Completed in about 3-4 hours. It does have a storyline to it, rather than random things happening. The cut scenes of how the story unfolds very much similar to BF3. It's okay, but again it's been done before. One thing you can take heart from the single player is apparently some of it is based on what happened in reality. I don't know which parts, but i know certain soldiers names are in it. Which i suppose is a nice touch to remember those who fought bravely. But aside from that. Missions feel very similar apart from a couple of driving missions, which are average. Lots of repetitive breaching (Which makes sense to why it's so short) 5/10

Multiplayer : I suppose this part of the game is the one that's meant to keep it installed on your computer for a fair amount of time. Let me first start by saying this is no BF3 experience. Nor as gripping. However, i think fans of COD will probably appreciate this more than anyone. Small maps, quick kills. I'm not to keen on this 'buddy' system to allow you to respawn on certain team members or 'falling' back to a spawn. It's ok, it'll give the same enjoyment of any FPS when killing others online. An unlock system we've already experienced time and time again. You get to customize your own gun.. Choose from a number of special forces from various countries. Another nice touch is the overall stat system to each country you choose to represent online, there's a table of which country is getting the most points in the world, and gives it a extra edge to prove something. While all very similar, it's still a fun multiplayer experience, and while there are a lot of glitches and bugs, you can let that go as patches will be introduced i'm sure shortly. 7/10.

Overall i wasn't overly impressed with the game, i don't see much of a gain from the previous medal of honor. They have changed a few things but it still boils down to the same result for me.. Still playing catch up to everyone else. There needs to be new ideas and a new approach, rather than trying to fight other FPS on things they've nailed down pretty well. I personally wish Medal of honor went back to it's WW2 roots. However not on the 'Airbourne' engine. Think allied assault, but on a frostbite 2 engine.
Anyway i think it's more of a rent game due to the short single player, and all very similar multiplayer. 5/10.
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on 11 November 2012
I've been playing this for about a week, to be honest its not too bad, its not rubbish as some people have said, it might not be excellent but its certainly worth buying. Its just something new to play I guess, its fun in my opinion, especially if you've been playing MW3.

There are a few bugs here and there but what game isn't buggy at release? I've yet to play a bug free game.

Overall its good, decent amount of weapons and customisation options, the maps are good, sound quality is actually quite good.
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