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on 27 September 2016
I purchased these for my teenage son to use with his smart phone. He loved the colour and design of them especially the red detail which added a pop to the usual black headphones typically available. They have a padded head piece and the ear pieces are also well padded creating a snug fit and ensuring the music doesn't carry outside of the earphone so it doesn't cause a disturbance to anyone around him. He also reports they are nice and warm in the winter!
They have a long wire attachment to the phone/stereo etc., ensuring he could have his phone in his messenger bag or pocket without any snags or pulling on the lead minimising the risk of accidental damage. The headpiece is adjustable for different head sizes and shapes and can be tucked down to the smallest size for storage. These are large headphones but they fit well, are lightweight and have lasted well. They keep the sounds in and my son reports the sound quality to be very good.
Overall a well made, funky product at an affordable price.
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on 11 December 2016
So, my headphones have finally died after 3 years and 9 months of use! I'm going to miss them. I've used these near daily for years, shoved them in and out of bags and dropped them on the floor of the London Underground frequently. I've attached a photo so you can see how they've worn. In the end, it was the splitting at the headphone jack that damaged them beyond use, and that's only happened in the last month. I considered reinforcing the end with sugru but I figured it was time to move on!

I'm docking one star because the material used for the overhead part of the headphones was incredibly fragile, and started flaking and splitting within a few months of use. I ended up wrapping it with black electrical tape before it lost all of it's cushioning. I think if I'd used less attractive tape I would have felt tempted to throw these away before 6 months of use.

I think it's worth noting that I've never received a complaint about how loud my music is, and I've used these in relatively fussy offices. I also miss the sound cancellation that they provided on the tube - I didn't realise quite how much they cut out until I found myself frequently upping the volume when using my apple headphones on my commute.

Overall, I'm really happy with these headphones. I just wanted something good enough, that was an upgrade from my cheap in ear headphones, and wasn't too expensive. They've served me well.
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VINE VOICEon 5 May 2015
Bought for use with a new iPod nano 7. Very impressed. The amount of bass seems right to me (biased as I may be, playing the bass trombone in my spare time). Pieces of music with memorably high and low sounds all sound as I would expect them to. Volume level is good too, both with iPod and as an alternative to tinny monitor speakers. Very comfortable, with or without specs on. Now subjected to the big test - can they cope with the London Underground? They don't shut out all the noise the tube makes, but you can get enough volume to hear your music.
Perverse advantage: my wife bought other very similar Sony headphones for a flight, with a switch ("smartphone control" I think) on the cable. You could only get the sound on the flight movie by continuously holding the switch down. Almost certainly the airline's fault, but it went away when we swapped (I was listening to my iPod instead).
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on 12 September 2014
I do enjoy these headphones. They have very good sound quality, great build, love the colour, and all for a reasonable price (when I bought them back in 2013). I've had them for 3 and a half years and they are still going strong (touch wood). I am a regular user of them, using them with my laptop in the library, on public transport and general public spaces. I feel that they cancel out enough noise in the background that when you take them off you realise how noisy it is around you and I find it a shockto the ears.

It has a padded headband which is nice and cushioning and the ear parts swivel which is a grat added bonus when you're putting them in your bag. I've found that the headphones are very hardwearing confirmed when pull them out my bag at didgy angles. The ear pieces fit right over my ears (due to their small size). The reason for 4 stars and not 5 is because I find that I can't get the right adjustment between the tightness of the headband the headband staying on my head so sometimes it slides down the back of my head with the sudden turn of the head. But that's probably only a problem I experience.
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on 18 April 2014
I bought these headphones as an alternative to Beats by Dre Studio headphones, which are ridiculously expensive. The Sony headphones were recommended to me by a friend, who said the sound was equal to Beats but the price was a lot lower.

Well, until I buy some Beats I can't compare the two. My first impression upon using these was that the sound seemed a bit more "tinny" and not as much bass as my old headphones (Skullcandy Hesh). However, this has since improved a bit possibly due to adjusting exactly how they are positioned on my ears. I think it depends on exactly where and how close to your ears the headphones are. My old headphones completely covered my ears, so there was absolutely no interference from other sounds around me. These only sit on top of my ears, which is a let-down. Also, I find the whole thing tends to slide down my head when I look down slightly, unless I've got the headband tightened enough (but then you risk the actual earpieces being further away from your ears!).

Don't get me wrong, they're great headphones and the actual sound-quality seems a lot better and clearer than my old headphones (there seems to be more of a surround effect sometimes, which is very cool!). However, when I can afford it I will still try and get some Beats Studio headphones as I think they'll be better-suited to my needs.
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on 19 September 2013
All these types of reviews are obviously subjective to some degree, and I admit to not having the most amazing hearing or being the most sophisticated audiophile. That said I am very impressed by these and they are certainly far superior to my Sennheiser in ear phones, which I also thought were good, but eventually broke. Listening through these allowed me to appreciate far greater detail than before on my iphone and ipod. They are quite comfortable and, for my big skull, can be worn without issue for a few hours. They are also quite rugged as they get mishandled a bit by me as they are always in my rucksack and travel with me everywhere. Cost was a consideration when I bought these and they were in the mid price range I was willing to pay and am overall very happy with them. That said I listened to some music through Bose noise cancellation phones on a plane and they were far superior to what I have. This may help place how good they are in some context.
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on 1 March 2013
I tried some Dr Dre. Beats Solo HD out a little while ago and was impressed with the design and sound quality from them so decided to buy some. I came to Amazon but nearly choked on my tea when I saw the price! At the time of writing they are £170 which is a hell of a chunk of dough! I ummed and aahed for a while and decided to see if there were any alternatives that would offer the same build and sound quality without the groan from my wallet.
Looking around I noticed these Sony headphones. I've had Sony kit before and it's always been of very good build quality so dug a little deeper to see what the reviews were like for the sound quality. They seemed to get a good write up so I chanced my arm and bought them for £40, a mere 23% of the cost of the Beats! I'm so glad I took the risk as I'm more than satisfied with these headphones over the Beats ones. The sound quality is fantastic, the bass is deep and rich and I can hear every frequency crystal clear. The headphones are actually larger than they look in the photos (I thought for some reason they would be quite a lot smaller). They are a slight bit bigger than the Beats Solo if I remember correctly but the ear cups form a good seal over the ears and they don't cause my ears to get hot like a lot of headphones usually do!
The flat audio lead in red is a nice feature and they do look very stylish. The phones turn 90 degrees so they can be laid flat. Overall, I'm really impressed with the Sony headphones and glad I didn't fall into the trap of paying a lot of money for the Beats when the Sony phones are at least equal in quality and sound but for a fraction of the price.

If you are in the same boat of deciding whether to go for the Beats or not, definitely consider these Sony phones as a competitive alternative and save your money on buying the brand rather than the product!
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on 9 September 2012
Bought these for my partner who didnt have a decent set. i own several pairs of high end headphones (sennheiser HD600, HD595, FA-003, Ultrasone 780 etc etc) and i was very impressed by these headphones. The sound is energetic yet easy to listen to with an emphasis on producing a smooth, easy listening, sound with a slight bass preference.
The bass is plentiful, with fantastic sub bass performance that blends into the rest of the range very nicely. midrange is even and a little recessed, but retains a fair bit of detail. the treble is smooth, easy to listen to but with enough sparkle and energy to keep a high "fun" factor.
they are easy to drive from standard MP3 players and the flat cable prevents it from bouncing around or tangling. the fit is very nice, but takes a little effort to get the best positioning and seal on your ears. the cushions could do with being a bit softer and larger but for a compact headphone they are very good.

Ive been really impressed with these headphones and will certainly be getting a pair for myself for travelling.
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on 7 September 2014
I had previously bought these for myself for use with my ipad. Very pleased with sound and just as important was comfort. My wife then borrowed them for use with her IPod and she commented on how much better they sounded than her last pair which had broken, praise indeed as here is someone who is not bothered about HD TV ! So this pair is for her.
Then my stepson tried his mothers headphones, and said how much better they were than his, so that's his birthday present sorted!
For the price I am sure you cannot do better!
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on 17 March 2016
Sound reproduction very good and comfortable on so long as you are sitting down,eg. on a flight. If you are moving about or doing a job at home they tend to slip out of position and you are constantly adjusting their position. But I guess they are not designed for that sort of use, so it's back to the ear plugs in those instances.
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