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on 22 August 2017
For it's size and weight this little speaker gives a pretty good and loud sound, although it can distort a bit at full volume. Very useful control functions too. Battery life is reasonable, although a repetitious Asian voice comes on telling you "ro batteree", once a minute would be more than enough. I haven't tried the SSD slot as this only supports rubbish formats like mp3.
A friend of mine has a much larger, heavier JML bluetooth speaker which has far richer sound, but the control options are not as good and its size and weight make it far less convenient to carry around, particularly when size and weight are and issue. The M4 is very small and light and is therefore ideal for taking hiking, camping or flying.
It's unfortunate that the charging connector is mini-B instead of the micro-B that most smartphones have, meaning you have to carry an extra lead.
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on 22 May 2014
I saw these speakers demonstrated at the Ideal Home Show in London in March and was very impressed with the sound quality.

I was tempted to purchase then and there but they were at almost full price and the OH didn't look too impressed (with the price not the quality) so I reluctantly walked away...

Boy, was I glad I did as I found the identical item here on Amazon for £25 a few weeks later.

The speaker arrive the following day via Amazon Prime and was well packaged in robust packaging. The speaker itself felt heavier than I was expecting but I was pleased as it looked and felt very well made.

Despite the instructions stating the speaker should be charged fully before first use I just couldn't wait and in a matter of minutes had it paired up with both my iPhone 5 and iPad 4.

I work alongside my OH from our home office and whilst I work better with music belting out they prefer it quiet. We have successfully navigated our different working styles as I now wear my Parrot Zik headphones which are synced via bluetooth to my Spotify app either on my iPhone or iPad.

Whilst my OH works regular hours I tend to work afternoon/evenings more so as soon as they leave the office off come my headphones and out comes my Veho speaker!

Its also great when doing jobs around the house at the weekends as the speaker comes with you so your music can follow you around. :)

As much as I love my Parrot Zik headphones my favourite use of the Veho is when I'm soaking in a hot bubble bath listening to some ambient music.

The Veho comes with a nice quality knitted draw-string bag and a usb charging lead as well as a line in lead.

All-in-all this is one nice speaker and it has not disappointed.
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on 11 January 2016
I wrote a product review on this item in January 16 giving it 5 stars based on sound and ease of connectivity . I bought this item purely as a portable speaker to use if I was out and didn't use at home as I have a bigger more powerful speaker that I use. You could probably count the number of times that I used this speaker in single figures. This weekend I tried to use it but it wouldn't switch on. Ok probably needs a charge I thought. Put it on charge for 4 hrs but still wouldn't switch on. It has now been on charge for 2 days and still won't switch on. It would appear from reading some of the reviews that many other people have experienced a similar problem. As I have had this speaker for 17 months I would assume that it is no longer in warranty so my only course of action is to throw it in the bin and buy something else. So I've written this review as a warning to others.
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on 5 April 2013
Firstly, let's remember that we're talking about a low power, highly portable speaker system and not compare it with the average hifi system.

Overall, excellent value for money, does everything it claims to, looks really cool, and the sound is amazingly clear for such a small device. Some people who have heard it can't believe that a compact device looking like this can produce proper stereo sound - but it does, and it does it very well.

I use it on Bluetooth. It connected first time, worked first time, and if I power it off whilst it's playing then my phone (GS3) automatically goes onto pause. Volume works either from the Veho's controls or the phone's controls - no difference.

It also supports headphone jack and microSD card - I haven't tried those yet.

Initial charge takes 4 hours but thereafter it seems to recharge in less than an hour.

It is supposed to last 5 hours on 1 charge but I doubt that I'm getting that long out of it. I haven't timed it per se, so let's say it's giving around 4 hours - which is still plenty considering it recharges quite quickly. When the battery is down it doesn't give a clear indication of that, it just drops the Bluetooth connection. So when I see the connection going down after a couple of minutes then I recharge it and all is well again.

It comes with a carrying pouch which is quite useful.

If I play music with a heavy base bias (e.g. Il Divo) then there is clear distortion unless I keep the volume down fairly low - but that is exactly what I would expect from a 2.2W system - so not at all disappointed by that.

I bought it for convenient listening around the house and to take with me to hotels etc and it's great for that - exactly what I wanted.

To get that 5th star I'd like to see the blue light go red when the battery is low and to get slightly over the promised 5 hours rather than slightly under.
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on 9 February 2013
For the money this is an amazing speaker, its very high quality, comes with a nice drawstring carry bag, line in lead and USB charging lead, note it doesn't come with a charger so you will need a USB port or a USB phone charger to charge it.

Plugging it in to charge, a little red charge light comes on the side of the unit, it takes 2 hours to charge fully, you can use the unit whilst its charging too which is nice. To use on Bluetooth simply slide the button on the bottom of the unit to the bluetooth symbol and search for it with your phone, now my phones couldnt find the unit at first, you will notice there is a small reset button on the underneath, if you cant find it simply press this in with a pen and you should hear the speaker make a sound, it is then ready to be paired, search again and connect.

My phone asked me for a pair number to put in, I simply typed in 4 zeros and it was connected, I am using a Google nexus 4 smart phone, select the speaker as the output from your music program and hit play.

You can of course plug the unit in to your device using the supplied line in cable, this will double the run time of the unit on batteries to 4 hours, you may get even longer at reduced volume, you can also run it standalone with a Micro SD card, another nice feature and again this extends the battery life.

The sound from such a tiny speaker is simply amazing, at full volume it doesnt distort, there is enough base there too, its not tinny as you might expect, the top mounted controls let you shuffle in between tracks and turn the volume up and down, I am not too bothered with this as I will mainly be using my phone for these functions.

I bought this to have in the house to have my tunes playing where ever I am, in the bathroom was the main reason as I dont like to have my phone in there for obvious reasons.

The unit is nice and small (think about the size of a yoghurt pot) and is very light, it also comes packaged in a very durable case too.

When powered up the top controls light up with a nice blue outline making adjusting the controls a simple task, it also looks very nice.

At the full price this unit is a little expensive but at this price 28 uk pounds its an absolute bargain and I am very close to buying another one and will certainly be buying one for my sister for her birthday.

Signed up to Amazon prime for the first time, amazing service next day delivery came at 10 in the morning, well worth it and something that I have been meaning to do for a long time as I buy most of my online stuff from Amazon as they are pretty much always cheaper than anyone else.

Go get this speaker today you wont be disappointed.
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on 2 October 2014
I bought this to boost the sound on my laptop and mobile phone. Overall I'm happy with it, it's got good clear sound and can go fairly loud when the media you're watching allows (some things are a bit quiet no matter what you put the sound settings to). Unlike my cheaper portable speakers this one does not vibrate or rattle the louder it goes.

It's fairly easy to use, the bottom of the speaker has a switch to go between Bluetooth and SD (being plugged in) and a reset button. Volume up, down, skip tracks, the power button can be used as pause - when media allows.
When you first get it you need to plug it in to a laptop or computer and let it charge for hours. Range for Bluetooth is probably a room or two away, so that's not bad. Bluetooth connectivity with mobile phones is really easy, it's good for a party, people connect their phones to the speaker and then can take turns playing their music. It's a good size, fits in the palm of your hand, and comes with a travel bag to keep it clean when in transit.

I've found the speaker only works on battery for an hour or so at the most - not quite what I was looking for, I bought another portable speaker (that doesn't have Bluetooth so was much cheaper) and the battery on that lasts for several hours, much much longer than this one (although it will try to dance off the table when the music gets loud). The battery life is the main reason it doesn't get 5 stars, the other being that I find I have to reset the speaker again each time after I've disconnected it from the laptop and plug it back in again. If you don't have somewhere to charge it using USB (laptop or computer) you'd have to buy an adaptor to charge it from the mains.

I also haven't been able to get it to play via Bluetooth from my laptop yet but I'm not sure how much of that is the speakers fault or mine.
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on 30 March 2017
Excellent sound ( I like my bass) that fills a large room. Good tone....charge lasts for good length of time. I'm more impressed with the neat, compact speaker than an expensive Sony I bought last year.
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on 15 April 2013
This is a reasonably good looking device, and it does what it says on the tin, however, the first thing you notice is there is no sense of orientation for the controls (which is fast-forward and which is rewind?). You get used to it, but you still wish. As you begin to use it, you find that it's software is quite buggy (takes a couple of cold boot cycles to connect and play music successfully on a Sony Xperia S, for instance).

Like other commenters have said, it's unstable, but not unusably so. You will quickly notice that when the battery goes flat, it often leaves your mobile phone puzzled for a bit, until the bluetooth connection times out. It appears that more savvy bluetooth devices teardown the bluetooth connection properly when they sense that the battery is about to give out. That's another feature that the manufacturer ought to consider.

Having used many bluetooth headphones in the past, I expected comparable battery life (5 - 8 hours of playback). I do not believe I've managed to eke out 2 hours from this device. I usually turn it up in the morning for roughly 30 minutes while I get ready for work. It usually goes flat to my chagrin on the 2nd day (about 60 minutes of use and 40 hours of standby, unscientific estimate). A tad disappointing when that happens.

Edited (15/05/2013) to make this review fairer, and to add one star to the rating (for sound quality and loudness).
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on 11 January 2016
I purchased this little speaker to use, in the first instance, to provide music for my 5-year-old daughter's birthday party. I wasn't sure if it would be loud enough for a party of 20-odd small children in a church hall but it was more than powerful enough for the purpose. Add to that the fact that whoever was controlling the music could easily hold it in their hand and pause it or jump to the next track in an instant, and also the excellent battery life, and it was ideal for the purpose. It's so small that it will also be perfect for popping into a bag to take on holiday and I can see us using it in the garden as well. The micro SD card slot is really handy as it eliminates the need for another device to provide the music. All in all I'm absolutely delighted with it.
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on 8 January 2018
This is a great little device. It wasn't expensive and for me it was a step up from the 'BoomBall'. It is easy to use and holds its charge quite well.
I bought one for my granddaughter for Christmas and she is also very pleased with it.
The sound quality is good.
all in all very pleased with my purchase
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