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Darksiders II - Limited Edition - Includes Argul's Tomb Expansion Pack (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Limited Edition with Argul's Tomb Expansion Pack|Change
Price:£12.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 19 April 2017
Spot on
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on 30 August 2012
Darksiders (PS3) was a good game, a good ol' hack and slash with a few good puzzles to tax the old noggin... Darksiders 2 is a VAST improvment on everything that was good in the first and a few more things thrown in for fun!

Graphically it is very similar to the first installment with the typical "second installment in a franchise" spit and polish although I do have to admit it that Death looks fantastic, much better than War did in the first game.

The controls are very easy to come to grips with and the obligatory tutorial/intro to the character/setting the story up nicely level is good, covers all the basics without being too easy and gives you a good feeling of Death's capabilities. Once you advance into the main game (which is pretty much open world btw) you get an idea of the actual scale of the game... its massive!

Characters are not too engaging, other than Death I never really cared for any of them (but then why would I? they are just there to give me the next puzzle/task/mission so I can progress). The missions are a bit.. repetitive but then its a hack'n'slash so what do you expect?? Weapons are plentiful and subscribe to the Borderlands school of weapon manufacture with various weapons offering many many stat boosts, not to mention special weapons, abilities, wrath abilities, time travel, oooh loads of stuff!! The only thing missing was cake.

Graphics - good
Controls - good
Death - really really good
Puzzles - good
Sprouts - Gross
Sounds - Good
Collectibles - Everywhere and annoyingly addictive to find!

This game reminds me a lot of the old Soul Reaver and Legacy of Kain games, Damn good fun, Puzzles that are so blindingly obvious (once you've solved them) in huge worlds that actually require you to go back to prior areas with your newly earned abilities.

Quite frankly get this game.
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VINE VOICEon 21 August 2012
OK, I played and loved the first game but at times, it felt that it was overly complex and tricky and left me wondering if I'd ever find a way out from some of the problems to which I was presented, yet even that couldn't stop me from donning the guise of Death and seeking a way to help War from his predicament.

What you get to do in this game is a start off in what I'd like to call a trainer world (The Forgelands) which will allow you to get to grips with the games hero as well as allowing you to update your skills from the training given. Its huge, has plenty of dungeons and of course plenty of things for you to scythe your way through like a hot knife through butter. The skills are adaptive and whilst some of the places will have you scratching your head you need to sit back take a look around and remember the skill sets that you've discovered as well as a few tricks to figure out the next path.

The game controllers are reactive, give you a good degree of control and also allow you as the player to have a lot of fun whilst not only building up the points for trading but also for giving you the chance to find some hidden gems to gain better bonus' later. There's an update all ready and waiting for you to either spend your points on or to download directly from online, there's also a few very tough enemies that will take you some time to figure out their weaknesses to defeat.

Add to this a huge amount of gameplay for your buck, newly developed worlds that will allow you to discover and mangle your way through that feels entirely in keeping with the original and all in this is a game with a ton of fun to be had. Finally throw into the mix good graphics, some amazing cutaway scenes and a huge set of vocal talent to help make this game something special and all in you've got a real treat on your hands.
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on 29 May 2013
1>this game is extremly fun AT TIMES... (more on that in cons)
2>the bosses are inventive and great to fight
3>story can be pretty interesting most of the time.
4>weapons that can obsorve other weapons, say what you want about THQ but they where very inventive when they wanted to be, these weapons leveled and you could pick the skill from a list of 3 or 4 to make the one you wanted. definatly fun to feed lesser weapons to the upgradable ones.
5>huge range of varied boss weapons and bonus boss weapons(well save one but again ill put that in cons
6>lots of bonus content to do and secrets to find on the disc itself

1>having said that, most of the time you will be bored out of your skull. thanks to point 2.
2>moving in this game is really,really slow. even the horse doesn't feel like its moving very fast and this gets irritating if your at a distance from where you need to be.
3>pointless online sharing system.trade equipment and weapons with your freinds. woopee(sarcasticly). in my day we could join other games do we remember that THQ(again,sarcastic)?
seriously theres no reason this needed to be there other than for the now unobtaiable site weapons.
4>only earth has guns in, and even one of the guns was totally useless.
5>pointless and even fraudulant DLC. the first full map dlc the final boss(spoilers)is an ice dragon. the most bug filled fight ive ever fought. between the 2 of us getting stuck and him doing nothing occasionally its a wonder i ever beat his spamming. and what do i get for my hard effort? a weaker pair of ice daggers that have a stronger,non dlc counterpart in the game itself whats more insulting is theres nothing really that special about the weapon you obtain from the dragon, whereas the in game ice special weapon(granted its the hardest fight in the game)i used all the time. ALL of the dlc is really short as well, you will easy finish within an hour at most. also why,despite being on the map, did they lock the collasium off? it doesn't add anything to the game its just there for fun. i fail to understand why they locked that off at all. you can't even bug level off it as the enemys within are very hard to defeat.
to put that short,don't be bought by the extra content its rubbish.
6>this game feels very...generic.seriously other than the weapon system nothing seems to stand out, the enemies and enviroments(most of the time) even look generic and all square, seriously there seems to be a lack of round for the most part.
7>the puzzles are pathetically easy to solve.
8>the shops are useless, never having anything interesting in. about the only things i bought where potions.(excluding special shops)
9>open ended. well its darksiders what did you expect? but it leaves with a picture of something that never could be now. namely a picture of all 4 riders and whats more saddening, one of the riders was female!since thats not in the lore, it would have been interesting.
10>THE BIGGEST CON OF ALL. i can ignore dlc and play generic, but this is the shortest game i have ever played. this game is so short it could be an IOS game for gaming sakes! i went slowly collecting everything and doing everything and i was still done in mediumish(a couple of months at most) time. not bothering with side missions or collectables and you will done with this game IN ONE SITTING, two at most.
my opinion? meh. good for a single playthrough. if you can find it cheap enough. theres literally no replay value in the game. (well there is but you wouldn't want to play through a second time).theres also no multiplayer possibly, given THQ is no longer around to maintain servers. the DLC disc locked areas are also annoying since it just feels like your buying half a game. there are moments of really cool fights, but for the most part it feels..dull. like push A to win.
i think DS2 would only be of interest to other darksiders fans and not to the general public. or anyone whos played a decent RPG for that matter. didn't put down music as a pro or con because for the most part it just backgrounds or doesn't exist.
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on 24 August 2012
From start to finish I enjoyed this game. Full of twist and turns.

Action packed built graphics could do with a little more work.

Overhaul a recommenend buy, for the darkside fan.
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on 28 September 2013
I enjoyed the first game, but I didn't complete it - too many boss battles. I hate boss battles, they always feel cheap making you jump through hoops to defeat a specific enemy. That being said I liked the premise and the bits between the boss battles were good fun.

Thankfully in this sequel the boss battles are far less annoying which meant I got to see the end, which was nice :-)

The game continues from the previous one, although this time it's Death as the main character. He's trying to save his brother War who is being condemned for his actions in the first game. To save his brother Death must save humanity who have been wiped out by the apocalypse. This leads Death on a quest to find a way to restore mankind.

The story isn't great, but it's well told with some stylish cutscenes and gravelly voices. The game itself is a standard hack and slash affair. Loot gains you more weapons and armour to improve your stats, you can earn experience to level up and gain new abilities. Fairly standard stuff, with some simple platforming thrown in.

In summary it's a solid, if not particularly inspired game, fun to play, but not especially memorable.
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on 26 September 2012
Simply incredible game!

Yes, there are some glitches but nothing serious that I noticed! Every game these days has glitches and they get patched so as far as I'm concerned they shouldn't factor into a review... PC gamers have been dealing with worse for years!

The story is tight and Death as a character is ingenious.

The dungeons and locations are well thought out and well designed, enemies are consistently well balanced in their location positioning and their difficulty.

Side quests are vast and varied, rarely repeating the same task.

The customisation of Death is a great addition although I did find myself sticking to the same weapons a lot because random loot drops were rarely higher than what I currently owned.

In total, great game and don't let a few little glitches spoil your fun!
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on 13 October 2012
Let me start off by saying how innovative this game is. Although it borrows from other games it's still incredibly unique and full of personality. The characters are believable and the dialogue is fabulous as well. The graphics are also great as well as the fighting style.

The game really empowers you. You never feel week and you really believe you are Death.

Alas... the game-play lets it down. All it is is a HUGE FETCH QUEST. "go get three of this", "go get three of that". Literally. Once I was asked to get three of something then one of the three characters then asked me to get three things for them to complete the original task... It really frustrates me and really compels me to put down the game and never return to it.

The game had huge potential but they really need to rethink their game mechanic if they want me to buy any future sequels...
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on 29 June 2014
First of all the game arrived in 3 days so great delivery amazon!
If you liked the first one, you'll like this one too. They improved very much the customization of the character with skill trees, equipment...
On the other side, the original darksiders has a better story than this, expecially the final boss is...:facepalm:
Overall the game is good. It expand the lore behind the original story and you will face some old friends...

Now, why i write "but" in the title? Simple because you don't have to buy this version of the game, because the code to redeem the dlc is expired and since THQ has closed you will never play it, unless you pay for it. So just buy the standard version and save those 3£ for something else
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on 17 March 2013
Deep character development, long game, tons of replayability value. For it's current price it's a no-miss oportunity. Recomended to buy along with the first part of the game to make the story whole and understand its context.
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