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on 23 April 2014
I've just had to purchase a new Kindle as my previous one hasn't lasted 15 months, before the bottom half of the screen disappeared!!

A relative had exactly the same problem after about the same amount of time so I hope this is not a common fault on these?

I have so many books invested in this I had no option but to buy another one or take an even bigger hit.

Fingers crossed I get a bit more mileage out of my replacement.
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on 16 March 2014
Loved my Kindle. It sat by my bed every night and I read it, placed it back on my bedside table until the next night. 14 months later I have lines resembling a bar code across the bottom of the screen and I am informed by customer services that the screen is damaged. Unsure how that could have possibly happened but there! Offered a refurbished replacement for £47 plus postage which I declined as a new one costs just £59.99 at my local Tesco. Question is, do I want another Kindle or would I get a better deal from another ereader or an android tablet? Either way I have severe doubts as to the quality of Kindle. Reading these reviews and reading a forum on Kindle, I can see why they have so many refurbished models. Wonderful item if it lasts but not worth the gamble.

This is an addition to my previous review. I opted to replace my Kindle with a new one from Tesco's. It lasted 5 weeks and I am now without my books, waiting on a replacement being sent out. The Kindle is no longer a gamble in my opinion and I'm getting a tablet next with the Kindle app.
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on 26 April 2014
I absolutely love my kindle e reader and cannot begin to explain just how amazing it is. I have always said that I was never going to buy a kindle as I love reading paperbacks, I love the feel, smell and satisfying feeling of closing it on the last page. I also loved going into second hand book stores. On a whim, I decided to check out the basic e reader. My dad has the basic model and my mum has recently bought the new paper-white so I was able to test out both models. The only real benefit I can see is that you can read the paper-white in total darkness, which at first, seems really good. However, I can't think of any time I would want to read in the dark,, for one thing it must put a strain on your eyes. I also found that the paper-white model was a little too bright in daylight. The paper-white also using touch screen could be seen as an extra benefit, but again, not sure if I like that really.

I found that the basic model was much lighter and reads more like a book than the newer model. SO I purchased the basic model at £59:00 and have read three novels back to back, I can't put it down. I find it is very light, a little lighter than my dad's two year old kindle. It is easy to use, you can change the font text and size to suit and there is a built in (free) English dictionary, so you can select words as you read and see the definition instantly. I bought a cheap brown cover from Amazon for £4:99 and am thrilled with the quality, now it really feels like reading a proper book. I read my kindle at work, in bed, during the day, at home and in the garden - Buy this model, you won't be disappointed !!
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on 31 May 2014
OK so this is not the high spec Kindle (Paperwhite) - but do you really need one?

The display on this model is "slightly lower resolution" (I bet hardly noticable) and obviously isn't backlight like the paperwhites but this isn't a big deal to me. No touch screen, but I liked the idea of not having greasy marks on the screen, and in reality you don't need to regularly use a keyboard (it is for reading after all). Admittedly I do have a tablet as well.

Paperwhites have a few extra features, but other than some minor improvements on the display, nothing IMHO that improves the actual reading experience.

PDFs redender reasonably well, with detailed ones being "just about" visible with good eyes in portrait mode. You can put the kindle into landscape mode, which avoids the need to zoom around, but perhaps not as convenient. I note, many PDFs these days are putting less on a page for reading with smaller screens.

I got a case for it £12.99... http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0092QXWLW
I don't bother with screen protectors, but it is nice to have something to protect the screen when not in use. This one keeps the small thin form factor - many of the cheaper cases add bulk. This is also true for the ones that have a torch. For me I just turn a bedside light on!
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on 5 May 2014
I brought my first Kindle (3 keyboard) in January 2012 and loved it. I took it everywhere with me and as a frequent traveler this device was a godsend for the nine hour flights I had to endure. I loved how light the Kindle was and how I could keep all my books with me wherever I went, no more picking and choosing from the bookcase, a real plus. Reading on the beach or near the pool was easy on the eyes - no strain or glare. I loved the worldwide 3g connection, which meant I could buy books on the go without the extortionate roaming fees, I fell in love with my kindle again and again.

However I was reading one day last week and lovingly shut my kindle back in its padded case (where it had slept for the past two years) and put it on my bedside - where it stayed everyday, unless I was on holiday. I opened it the following morning to read a quick chapter or two, but the screen was completely black - what?!?!

I tried to restart and then a hard restart, nothing worked to unfreeze the screen. I messaged Kindle customer service online and had a man try to help me fix the broken Kindle. Sadly we could not give the little guy life. I was devastated, my Kindle had been everywhere with me and so tenderly looked after over the two years I had him. I knew this was no fault of mine, it has not moved from my table, I told the customer service assistant this and he told me I had a defective Kindle, He offered me a refurbished Kindle return as a reduced price - which was only ten pounds cheaper than a brand new one? This I was very disappointed about, especially when it was a problem with the Kindle and not any fault of my own.

Knowing I could not live without my book holding friend, I purchased the refurbished return at £47.00 and got the invoice several minutes later, to which I realized that I had to send back my original Kindle in order to have the cheaper replacement. This I was not happy about - I brought my original Kindle for £169.99 and no way was I sending it back when I purchased the new one - it was not like I had a free replacement.

I cancelled my Kindle order and told the service team how disappointed I was with their service, especially how they never mentioned that I would have had to send my original Kindle back to them. This gentleman was a god of customer service and was very helpful.

My local Argos had the Kindle on sale for £59.00 and a ten pound off voucher when you spent over £50.00, I told Kindle about this offer and the lovely man knocked a brand new kindle down to £49.00 for me, then said that I could keep my original Kindle too, which I was happy about.

I love my new Kindle, but I really hope that it lasts a lot longer than my original Kindle. They are not especially cheap devices and I dont have the money to keep replacing. I think that Kindle should really look at their warranty and extend it a little further, It seems all Kindles die in the first year or two.

Fingers crossed I get to keep this little guy for a tad longer than the last :)
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on 20 November 2016
This is a very good quality product. I received this product on time and it fits my phone extremely well.
I like the look and the feel of this product as it is manufactured to a high standard. I know that this product will last me along time even though I use it currently on a daily basis. I have been using this product for a week now and still has no scratches on it and seems like it is going to last a long time.
All in all a great product that I would highly recommend to buy, One great future is that the product does not have a long wire attached, some products these wires are too long and transporting it in your bag can turn into a mess very quickly. This product is nice and neat and causes no issues.
I would highly recommend this product as mentioned in the review due to the high quality. I would also recommend the seller here as the transaction was trouble free and they kingly gave me the product free of charge. Thank you
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 4 February 2014
The first moment I put my hands on my kindle (keyboard) many years back, I came to the conclusion that this must be humanity's greatest achievement after ice cream. This was a gift for a friend who liked my kindle keyboard very much.
Comparing the two, I cannot see too many differences between the reading experience. Yes, this screen is whiter than mine and the contrast is better and it doesn't refresh after each page but in terms of usability are very close.
The built quality is the obvious improvement as mine seems a lot cheaper when compared to this one. It's light, the battery lasts for ages, very very easy to use if you pair it up with Calibre and comfortable to hold in your hand.
I also like the fact that amazon maintained this product as an ebook reader and didn't fall into the trap that so many manufacturers and designers jump in these days: let's put a camera, and bluetooth, and apps and stuff. Moreover, Amazon decided to strip it down even further - this generation of Kindles doesn't have speakers, keyboard and audiobooks features and so on... compared to the previous generation - all the better.
So yes, I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading and only reading.

P.S.: I do recommend getting a proper cover for it which you can get for as little as £10.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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on 22 April 2014
I bought this Kindle for my dad as a birthday gift. I decided to buy the most basic version for him to use because he is 69 years old and not used to fancy electronics. He had just suffered a stroke and really loves to read, so turning pages of a book was really hard for him to do. The Kindle takes away this problem, he only needs to press a button to move on a page, you can close the Kindle and when you re-open it, it takes you right back to where you last left off and the font can be made bigger or smaller to view. This Kindle is really useful and holds lots of books. It is really a great idea rather than having lots of novels in a bookcase. The Kindle cost was not expensive and a really brilliant gadget that almost anyone can use. I would highly recommend this Kindle to everyone.
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on 18 June 2014
I think I have owned my Kindle for long enough now that I can write a fair review.

I had been considering buying one for a long time, but was put off by the price, worried I would spend the money and never use it. I finally purchased it when Amazon knocked £10 off the price, combined with a voucher won in a competition. What can I say, I absolutely love my Kindle and it stands as one of the best purchases I have ever made!

It has made it very easy to obtain books at the click of a button, and it has increased the amount of reading I do as it is so easy to carry around with me. It is easy to navigate and use.

One of the cons is the price of Kindle books - I get through them so quickly that I have to try and watch my spending. There are some bargains to be had, but typically, the books I actually want to read are priced higher.

Another con is the battery life, which is not as long as promised but this may be due to the amount of use my Kindle endures. I have never had it run out on me, as the device gives enough warning of low battery in advance. It uses the same charger as my phone, which is another advantage as there is always a charger at hand. Unfortunately the charger that came with the Kindle fell apart after only a few months use!

I find the design very smart. It does not get smudged or dirty quickly and seems durable so far. The screen is easy on the eyes, with the only problem being that like a book, it is not backlit so requires a well-lit environment for reading in.

Overall, an excellent device that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys reading.
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on 1 October 2013
Pondered whether to buy the Kindle or not but decided to give it a go when my wife purchased one. Tried hers and found it to be most useful, in fact having now used it for a couple of months, I find I actually prefer it to an actual book, Why?

1) Its easy to carry around
2) Its light and doesn't make your arm ache
3) The variable font is perfect for making the text really clear, especially as my eyes are not as good as they used to be.
4) Yes, you can read it in bright sunlight, basically you can read it with ease anywhere, the hype is true for once.
5) It remembers where you left off, so no need for bookmarks
6) It stores more books than I could ever take away with me
7) The battery life is very good and its easy to charge
8) You can actually access the internet & read your emails with it which is great in an emergency
9) You can also email the kindle and send PDFs, TXT & Word DOCs to it to read later, now you can't do that with a book
10) Its so easy to read in bed, just need a small light though. I actually prefer this version to the touch screen versions because the screen remains smear free and you can't accidentally step on like you can with the touch versions, downside no built in light but I prefer the E ink display because this version has less of a glare, in fact it has none.
11) Finally this is a fantastic present for teenage kids, thinking what to get them for Christmas? Well you would not go too far wrong buying them a Kindle, this version would be perfect. Some may not read much at the moment but with I kindle I believe they will, its so easy for them it will inspire them to take up reading and that has to be a good thing.

I have only one improvement that would make this absolutely perfect. I wish it told you how far to the next chapter in pages because I like to read a chapter and I have no way of knowing if the end of the chapter is one page or ten pages away, unless I am missing a trick, perhaps its there but I haven't found the facility yet!
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