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on 12 February 2013
I am a bit of a late adopter in the smart phone market. Kept hanging on and telling myself that I did not need one. What would I use it for? I hardly ever made phone calls on my previous mobile, let alone used the radio it had or the camera (actually, the camera was a useful feature).

Anyway, I eventually pursuaded myself to get a smartphone and then started the immense task of choosing one! There are so many. Thankfully, I did not want an iphone (price tag or status symbol). I also did not want one of these mini-tablet things that people seem to be getting nowadays. I also did not want the most basic version available. Hence, the options became more limited since I wanted a mid-range and mid-sized phone. Had to be Android (of course!), but not necessarily the latest version. I wanted a sim-free one so I could swap sim if abroad and so I could use my current sim here in the UK.

This phone ticked all the boxes. Samsung is a world leader in the electronics market and their phones have a very good reputation. This one has an upgraded screen, processor and memory relative to the original Ace. I also got a "nearly new" one from Amazon, which although it did not have the original box, came with leads and charger together with some basic instructions, together with a large discount! The phone itself looked like new. Not a mark on it.

I just love the good sized display, which is crystal clear and even very small text is easy to read. It has two cameras, GPS, wi-fi, bluetooth, etc, etc. The list of features is almost endless! I am finding new uses for its "smartness" all the time and I am soooo pleased to have decided to get it. The only problem I found so far is that I failed to answer the first call I got on it, since I did not realise I had to "swipe" the green button to answer. I kept prodding the virtual button with my finger and eventually the call was missed! I thought that there must be something wrong with the phone, but once I read the instructions, all became clear. It seems I am not as smart as the phone.... D'Oh...!!
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on 7 October 2012
This is a very good phone. Easy to use, even for a novice to smart phones. Inserting the SIM card was O.K. the phone takes an old large SIM card I removed from my old NOKIA phone. The menus are quite instinctive to use. On screen keyboard is easy to use with the finger, or the stylus I bought as a seperate accessory with the phone. Connection to the network was O.K. once I got used to scrolling the menu to the right item, because it was not showing on the screen at first. Signal has never dropped out in use. Sound quality is better than my old NOKIA. Early days yet but battery life seems good compared to my old NOKIA.
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on 17 November 2013
Great phone, had no issues until after updating it to the latest firmware Jelly Bean but was easily resolved. All I had to do once the latest firmware installed was to change the following settings otherwise it was a little less responsive. Go to Settings/Developer options move the top slider to the right and then turn OFF these three options: Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale and it will speed up the phone a lot. Before I did this it was a lot slower and watching films or basic tasks was very unresponsive.

Once these options are turned off the update is more than worth it as the camera now has a zoom function and apps have overall improved functionality.
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on 29 January 2014
This is a great phone. I was fed up with my iPhone and all it's restrictions so I decided to buy a cheaper Android phone to "Test the Waters". Boy, am I glad I did. This does all that the iPhone did and more. My mobile phone is also my main music player for audio books so I was pleased to see this can take a 32GB micro sd card to hold all my mp3 files. I was tired of the procedure of using iTunes to convert mp3 audio book files to m4b so that they would play on my iPhone in order. (mp3 audio book files on the iPhone will not play in the correct order). This android phone enables me to drag and drop a folder containing all the mp3 audio book tracks onto the sd card. So easy -- and stops all that time wasting with itunes. They play beautifully using the default music player which is very easy to use and shows a picture of the current book playing if you have a .jpg in the books folder.

However, there is a bug in the Android system where it cannot play music files that are not tagged correctly. All other Operating systems I have used can cope with incorrectly tagged music files so I hope to see a software update in the future to solve this issue. The problem you get is something like "sorry the player does not support this type of file". If you see this message then the solution is to re-tag the file/s. There are lots of free programmes available that can do this.

I find the phone very easy to understand apart from Widgets. Why do I need Widgets and what are they for? Are they similar to Windows shortcuts? If anyone knows perhaps they will enlighten me.

The phone easily connects to my wifi at home and to any available wifi hotspot when I am out so saving me money by not using my orange phone network.

Apart from using the music player, which I used heavily, I am a light user of this phone so my battery lasts nearly 3 days. I usually have bluetooth always turned off and the wifi and gps turned off when I am at home.
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on 4 January 2015
This phone is just great. Perfect size for me as I only need to use it as a phone and occasionally for a photograph and to check e mails. I will never watch videos on it but maybe listen to radio. Fits in my pocket well and is easy to use. The android version is 4.1.2 and is as fast as my nexus tablet which is running 4.4.4 so no complaints. Call clarity is clear at both ends and reception is as good as any other phone I have used. I am in a low reception area on 02 and have drop out areas all around me but this performs no worse, no better than any others. All together I am very happy with this as I don't need a huge screen with the very latest software.
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on 7 March 2013
This is my first smart phone so didn't want anything too expensive. To say I'm pleased is a complete understatement - I'm absolutely thrilled. The price was right, the delivery was fast and the phone was exactly as described. I recommend this phone to any new smart phone user.
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on 28 May 2013
Brought this for my boyfriend for his birthday as his old HTC had died. The phone is great, the battery works well and as people have stated the phone internal storage is only 1GB but we just inserted a 16GB Micro-SD card into it, installed additional apps and media on the SD card instead.

I wasn't sure after reading reviews that it would allow the UK carrier Three (3) mobile sim cards as the carrier block certain types of phones (normally phones that don't have 3G capabilities but this phone does have 3G capability) but we gave it a try, we put the sim card in and turned the phone on. At first it wouldn't work but after another reboot of the phone the sim card worked fine.

I brought this phone off Connect247 as Amazon would take between 1-2 months to deliver! There was a slight hiccup with the delivery though, no fault of the seller though, it was sent by courier DPD/Interlink Express who said it would be delivered on 23rd of may but it wasn't delivered until the next day (24th may) due to it not being put on the delivery van as it arrived at their depo too late. Overall delivery was quick though.
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on 26 October 2013
Edit: I have now had this phone for over a year, and it has not aged well. I cannot use basic apps like Snapchat and Timehop, and Facebook constantly freezes. The phone restarts itself frequently, sends and receives texts sometimes days later, and the storage is so tiny that I can't even open my photo gallery, despite having a 16gb SD card. At this point, there are other phones in a similar price range that will do the job immeasurably better. I can no longer recommend this phone. I plan to replace it as soon as I am able.

I'm enjoying my Ace 2 so far. I did extensive research before purchasing, and I believe I made a good decision. Android Jelly Bean runs smoothly on it, it handles my apps well, and the screen is an improvement over my Galaxy Rush. It's big enough to see everything clearly, but not big enough to be awkward for my small hands. It's the only Galaxy smartphone with decent specs for a reasonable price that I could find SIM free. The problems I've had have been minor. The phone restarts on its own occasionally, and I don't think the actual internal storage is as advertised, as there is quite a bit of bloatware. As I said though, I recommend it overall. If you want a solid-performing smartphone, but don't want to pay the exorbitant cost of one of the higher-end models, I'd go for this one. As far as the seller goes: It was delivered quickly, packed securely, and the price was the best I could find on Amazon. Thank you!
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on 18 May 2017
Package was delivered by royal mail and was meant to be signed for, I found it outside my front door next to the rubbish bin not even a card through the door.
Now to the phone, If my girlfriend didn't need a phone so much I would have sent it back, the phone had been hacked to allow the addition of other appz which slowed the operation of the phone to a crawl, on many occasions the phone locked up solid because of the small amount of memory and the 150 plus appz running on the phone and this is how it came to me. I wont be buying one again as maybe sometimes its better to buy new.
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on 18 September 2013
Hi this is good middle of the range of the Smart Phones not too small or large and has many good features besides being able to make telephone calls world wide with any sim card.This being a Samsung is full of quality and the play back of vidios is excellent,plus it has the capability to play back radio and television programmes on the I Player App.The screen is very clear and the camera is easy to work in both still and video filming,and playing music is very easy with good playback quality.The internet speed is pretty lively when using free WI FI at Hotspots compaired to the Ace and its colleagues.
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