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on 22 February 2014
I think that this case is really good, specially if you have the new version of the console (Vita Slim or 2014). As some people said, the original Vita was a bit compressed when stored inside, but this is not true anymore because the new version is 3 mm slimmer. It really fits inside like a glove.

On the other hand, you have plenty of space in the upper compartment to keep quite a lot of cartridges (12), a cloth and an USB cable to charge the console when you need it. Since the Slim Vita has a standard micro USB port, it should not be necessary to carry the whole battery charger anymore.

Finally, the case itself is very well made and exudes quality. It is very soft inside and able to protect the console really well, even if it falls from a normal height (I mean, from your hands when you are carrying it). All in all, I totally recommend it. I have been extensively traveling around Europe this year and the case has done a great job.
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on 6 September 2016
I needed a travel case for a PS Vita, but wanted a padded case rather than a hard plastic one. This one looked good value for money, with two compartments, so room for additional storage as well as the device itself.

I’ve had the case nearly three years now, and am only just reviewing it – but as you’ll see from the photos, it’s held up remarkably well in that time and looks pretty much good as new. It’s had a lot of use so this is a sure sign of the quality of the case.

The case itself is really well designed, with one compartment for the PS Vita, and a separate compartment for storage of game cards, with neat little slots in the fabric to hold 10 of these, plus netting pockets to hold wrist straps, charge cables. There’s plenty of room for more game cards if you put them in loose or in a separate small container.

The compartment that holds the PS Vita has two elastic straps, that hold the unit firmly in place, and align to either side of the screen so you can, if you wish, play the console in the case without removing. This doesn’t work with games that utilise the rear touch screen, but for everything else it’s pretty comfortable to play still in the case.

In summary, great quality case, well designed and well worth the money (cheaper now than when I bought it in 2013!).
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on 7 March 2016
This product would be ok if it wasn't for the terrible smell. Incredibly strong chemical smell (I can't identify it, but it's just nasty and I've left it for days to try to let it subside). Aside from that it's actually a decent product for the cost. It's a little flimsy perhaps, but would do the job, if I could stand the smell.

Note that it doesn't quite match the images in the product listing; there is only one large mesh pouch and there are more Vita card slot holders (10 rather than the 8 shown). Not the end of the world, and may work out better for you if you have more game cards but I'd have preferred the separate mesh pockets to avoid tangled cables. See my photo for what mine looks like.
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on 19 May 2015
It carries my vita, my cards (games and memory), a couple of cables... I'm not sure what else you might want to put in there, but it zips up snuggly around my precious little machine and reassures me that I'm not going to open it after journey to find everything inside torn to shreds, or whatever might happen to a Vita.

Surprisingly, it doesn't take up as much space as I initially worried it might and doesn't call massive amounts of attention to itself. Unless you're looking for bright colours, or something slimmer (ie. just one compartment), this is definitely worth the money
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on 22 February 2014
This is a very practical item for anyone who wishes to get the portability value out of their Vita. If you plan to make a long distance journey this case will not only protect your Vita but it also provides a handy way to transport physical games without the clutter of extra cartridge cases.
The design of the case is subdued and utilitarian with a black colour scheme, layered sandwich body and a tab for attaching straps. Black zippers keep the tough material shell sealed. A small ButterFox logo, printed in white, can be found in the bottom right corner on the front of the case. It's not really stylish but rather a quiet design which emphasises how the Vita is less a toy than it is a hobbyist level device.

Inside the top compartment there is the padded foam to protect delicates. Nestled in the top layer is a pair of chickenwire mesh pockets you can use to hold earbud headphones, a screen cleaning cloth, the case strap when it's not attached to the outer tab and other small items related to your Vita. On this side of the middle layer there are 10 elastic slots for Vita game cartridges. They are firmly held in place by the elastic but are easy enough to insert and remove. Cartridges will jut out of the slot by ~5mm when fully inserted.

The bottom compartment is far more plain with soft padding and only two thin elastic straps on the bottom layer present. These thin straps are used to hold the Vita in place and each one will rest just shy of the inner sides of your Vita's thumbsticks. Insertion and removal of the Vita takes a little care in order to avoid getting the thumbsticks caught in the straps. Once in place they do a fairly good job of holding your Vita.

This case was well worth the price. Build quality is solid and it functions practically. I'm glad I went with this case over a high-street retailer alternative. What I would look for in a better case would be slightly thicker padding material that is moulded to the shape of the Vita. The thin straps do their job but can be a little finicky. Mostly I worry about the possibility of pressure being placed upon the Vita thumbsticks. A more premium case design would've been nice to match the beauty of the Vita however at this price you can't really complain.
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on 20 July 2017
Excellent case. Built to last.
The case holds everything it needs to and is really well made.
It stores games, charger and the console device.

Brilliant purchase. Excellent value.
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on 12 April 2013
Well what can I say really that hasn't already been said? It's great, there are two compartments in the case that zip up; one for your Vita and one for the cables and game cartridges. The lower compartment for the Vita has two straps that secure the handheld inside and it's easy to play without taking the console out, but the straps can get in the way of the touch screen. Not a big deal really, it still works and if you're lazy like me it's nice to play with the Vita still inside.

The top compartment holds 8 games for you, which isn't a bad amount if you're going on a trip! Plenty of variety. My one and only single gripe is that there isn't really enough space in the netting for your cables. It just about fits your usb to Vita cable and probably fits a good small pair of earphones but it's not really very big. Not a huge deal as this case feels nice, and is superb for taking your Vita out and about. I recommend it to anyone looking for simple and practical.
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on 30 May 2014
Functionally, the carry case is perfect for carrying the console, game/memory cards, headphones and USB cable (you might even squeeze in a few other small items if you feel the need). Aesthetically, however, it is somewhat lacking. the case is not especially pretty, if you care about such things, and there is nothing special about any of the materials used. For that reason, the price is a little excessive. Despite that, what I wanted was a practical carry case that will protect my Vita without falling apart rather than a work of art, and that's exactly what I got.
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on 2 April 2016
The Vita fits securely in the case and there's a separate compartment for accessories. Both are zipped.
Only issue is that it isn't as sturdy as I would like. It's not really going to be protected from a fall.
Having said that, of you just want it to carry your Vita places and not get damaged, I would definitely recommend.
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on 1 April 2015
Pretty much like the Ronseal add- it does what it says on the tin. Its a 2 pocketed carry pouch for the PS Vita. The pouch is just big enough for the Vita with a gel cover on it- which was one of my concerns. It arrived promptly- with minimal of packaging and minimal of fuss. Its well made, nicely padded- and very functional. For the price charged- it can't be beaten. I have no hesitation to recommend this.
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