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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 9 December 2015
Monika isn't like other young women, she shares her flat with Rob, A corpse which serves as the object of her affections, one day she meets Mark a good natured man and finds herself torn between the living and the dead, can she have a normal relationship with a living breathing man when her rotting true desire is home in her bed!

This movie truly is as messed up as it sounds, like the original don't watch on a full stomach or you may loose it, the sequel may not be as original as the first movie but its just as well made and just as disturbing, the two main actors are great and carry the story well, Monika M has to do some disgusting things, the effects once again are simple but good, nice soundtrack score, this certainly will not be everyone's cup of tea but horror it certainly is none the less, for a low budget movie it has quite an impact and you just want to keep watching to see how much further it can go, if you like weird messed up things then the nekromantik movies are way up there, creepy and disturbing and probably one of the best messed up crazy gory end sequences to a movie ever! be sure to check it out.

The Arrow Blu-ray is amazing, picture looks really good.
Tons of features, commentaries, lots of documentaries on the making, behind the scenes, outtakes, plus tons more, if you get the limited edition you get a sweet 100 page book and a 24-track soundtrack score CD.
Limited edition region B only, 1991, running time 103-mins.
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on 21 April 2010
"Nekromantik 2 - The Return Of The Loving Dead" is underground German director Jorg Buttgereit's follow up to his sick, 1987 cult movie "Nekromantik". Starring Monika M. as a woman called.... well, Monika, actually, this bizarre and often disturbing film plays a bit like the 1970 weepie "Love Story" in reverse. In "Love Story" a guy falls in love with a girl and the girl dies at the end of the film (I'm sorry if you've never seen it, but that's what happens) whereas in "Nekromantik 2", a girl falls in love with a guy who is already dead!!!

Necrophilia, or the urge to crack open a cold one, has generally been something of a taboo subject in cinema. Certain horror films such as Riccardo Freda's "The Horrible Dr. Hichcock" have touched upon the subject but Jorg Buttgereit's "Nekromantik" films tackle it full-on and in graphic detail.

Monika is a bit of a strange girl who is fascinated with dead things. She has a "normal" boyfriend called Mark, who has a job dubbing hardcore porn films (if you can call that normal) but Monika fancies a bit a necro-nookie as well so she digs up the corpse of a guy called Rob, who committed suicide at the end of the first movie, and takes it home. Mark becomes at bit suspicious of Monika's strange fetishes when she keeps asking him to remain still when they make love. She also likes to invite her friends around and watch stuff like a seal autopsy on the television. It can all only end in tragedy as events move towards a bizarre and shocking climax.

As you've probably guessed, "Nekromantik 2" is a rather unusual film that certainly is not for all tastes. In fact, I'm sure that most people will find this film extremely offensive. There's no denying its potential cult status though and some fans of extreme cinema will want to check this film out.

This limited edition DVD is packed with special features and there is a bonus CD containing the music from "Nekromantik" and "Nekromantik 2" which makes for interesting listening.
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on 28 December 2015
Arrow video rules! When hunting for this movie 20 or so years ago on bad pirated vhs, who'd knew you could get a lovely and legal blu-ray in 1080 with extras and even a soundtrack in the future. Just frickin brilliant!
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on 18 January 2008
The beautiful Monica M. exhumes her ex-lover's corpse and brings it home, in an attepmt to re-live thier rather tumultuous past, with a new unsuspecting lover...of sorts...and all hell will finally break loose...i think...ooh, it's quite a garbled mess actually!...
This seems like a half hearted cash in of the first movie, rather than a follow up, even though the story does take off from the last scene of the original.
Whereas the first film was full of beautiful and haunting imagery and was short enough to carry you along, this sequel feels forever lethargic.
LONG, drawn out scenes of talking and copy-cat imagery from the original do very little to help this from constantly getting up to make another drink ect...
It's saving grace ( for gorehounds and suchlike ) are it's quite repugnant and startling special effects, that you'd come to expect from a Buttgereit piece.
The bathroom section, played out like a tender love scene, is something to behold, considering what is going on. And the film's final moments are jaw dropping, both in it's shock value and grotesque imagery. Credit to the effects people who worked on this movie because, considering it's rather low budget, the qulaity of the make up and trickery is astounding.
Be Warned, animal lovers, there is a drawn out scene of a seal being skinned for it's fur, in this movie.
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on 11 February 2016
follows a Berliner called Monika who’s torn between two boyfriends: a corpse and a ‘normal’ guy who dubs porn for a living. This is easily the weirdest and most contradictory film I’ve ever seen: it’s a cine-literate, ultra arthouse picture that contains more explicit gore, shocks and taboo than the top horror and most notorious exploitation films. It’s stylistically directed, with an increasingly surreal tone, some ‘auteurial’ touches like a 4:3 Academy Ratio, long ‘silent movie’ sections, a musical number, outstanding dolly & time lapse shots, and a film-within-a-film ‘My Dinner with Andre’ parody – director Jorg Buttgereit clearly knows what he’s doing.

Not all choices are solid however, most scenes linger on longer than they should (fun fair / zoo), and especially towards the end it feels deliberately slowed down and padded out. Then there’s the small matter of gore and taste: from the opening frame – a grotesque suicide and spunk moment – this is an assault on your senses.

Do you want to see a hot chick get off straddling the chest of a slimy grey corpse…or intimately dismember and gut said corpse with a hacksaw… or the skinning, butchering and decapitating of a seal? Then look no further than this. The elongated and graphic nature of these scenes test even the most hardened gore fans, and make it feel like more of an endurance test than a film.

It’s a movie so notorious that it was the first film since Nazi Germany to be confiscated and outlawed by the police; it’s clearly the blueprint for Human Centipede 2 – and it’s the only film I’ve seen that surpasses it on the crazy gore spectrum. NEKRomantik 2 is explicit, depraved, stomach-turning and completely unforgettable – it could well be the pinnacle of notorious shock cinema.

Score: 6/10
B-Movie Score: 9/10
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on 28 December 2015
Hard to categorize this. 90% The Love Boat and 10% Oh My God. Still packs a punch for people willing to give it a go.Not for everyone but definitely for me. Compulsive viewing.
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on 5 May 2016
ARROW really put themselves to the test. This is definitely something other companies dare not to put much heart into.
However, ARROW DID IT, and seriously, in an unimaginable and deluxe way...for one of the most disturbing and disgusting films ever made.
The whole film was in, I presume, 2K scan , which made it in HD format on blu-ray and dvd, and seem less "scary" and "gorelick".
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on 6 December 2015
Received the limited edition box set today,after what seemed like a lifetime on pre-order,and WOW,it was SOOOO worth the wait.Arrow have,once again excelled themselves.Brilliant service from Amazon as always.Thank you.
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on 17 April 2013
Another brilliant black comedy by Jorg Buttgereit. Another corpse loving woman digs up our hero from the first film, brings him back to the apartment, makes love to the corpse then throws up down the toilet, which sets the tone of the film. It features all the usual faces from Nek 1 and Schramm, including the woman from the first film who is disappointed that someone had beaten her to him. The film has it's usual commentary on film critics via a very clever art film in the cinema and animal lovers will be appalled by the guests at a party watching a detailed video of a seal autopsy, but the scene is important and works well. There are moments of beauty in the film including a shot of flowers dying near a corpse. The beheading scene at the end is very entertaining. The whole film has an art feel and is a joy to watch.
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on 27 March 2016
awesome packaging, inserts, and extras! i have the american special edition, but this is the one to get!
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