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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 April 2012
I started reading this anthology of short stories on a train journey to Leicester. It isn't very often I'm able to drown out the sound of screaming children on a train but these stories were so engrossing, I didn't hear a word. In fact, I couldn't wait for the return journey the next day so that I could finish this book.

Seesaw is an anthology of short stories that range from the psychological 'The Other Daughter' to the comic 'London, the Doggy and Me.' There is an eclectic mix of genres here, 'Lipstick and Knickers' shows the hilarious search as one man tries to find out who he has slept with the morning after the night before and there is tension and painful emotions with the stories, 'On the Rocks' and 'The Selfish Act.'

Each one of these stories is a little masterpiece. They are all gripping, well paced and the characterisation is superb. The quality of the writing is flawless and quite simply I was not able to put my Kindle down until I had reached the very end. This writer is a serious talent for the future and if a publisher doesn't snap her up soon, then I'll eat my hat.
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on 3 March 2012
Seesaw is a collection of ten short diverse stories, five of which have not been published before. Containing a mixture of emotive, witty and entertaining tales, this makes a lovely read.
I believe Rosen Trevithick has a true talent for writing about subjects that one can empathise with, making it very easy to connect with both characters and storylines. Enjoy!
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on 17 April 2012
I have read some of Rosen's work before and have really enjoyed it so was looking forward to giving this a go. I was not disappointed.

The book has a foreword from the author explaining her reasons for writing and her own battles and I really thought that this gave an extra dimension to the book to know that the stories were so close to the authors heart.

This book is a collection of short stories and contains a real mixture of very funny stories and some really serious and emotional pieces. Rosen does both funny and serious just as well as each other and I wish her every luck with her career, I'm sure she will be very successful.

My favourite stories from this collection were There's Something Wrong With the Man Nextdoor as it was hilarious and The Selfish Act as it was thought provoking and could be well used to bring more attention to mental health illnesses in the UK and how they can make sufferers feel.

Rosen's style of writing reminds me of my own and I can also see myself in many of her characters. I would recommend this versatile and talented writer and all styles of her work.
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on 21 May 2012
Some of these stories are filled with life's troubles and sadness, these dark times are brought to life and shared, allowing us some understanding. Yet laughter erupts as well, like flowers through the grey tarmac bringing an important balance.
This Jack in the box effect drove me through this book in one sitting, it felt like a very memorable experience. To lay a soul bare in this way and to also entertain while doing so makes it a great achievement .

This book was free but I will buy one in the future to help pay for a tin of cat food...

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on 4 March 2012
OK..the two greatest lines of the book:

"You're in your sixties, men don't grow on trees."(Boris) "They don't hang from them either!"(female character`not named) "Why are you so hung up on the bat thing?" (Boris)~Sorry going any deeper would head into spoiler land!
"My breasts aren't stress balls!"~That pretty much sums up Rosen's fantastic sense of humor.

I must say that I had already read all of Rosen's work to date and this book contained a couple of more short stories that hadn't been published yet. I tend to seek her stuff out for the length, the quality of writing and, of course, the British wit. I am also a Facebook fan, so I get heads up when stuff is heading out.

I would say if I was to give the book some criticisms that I wish, first off, the books would have been classified as to their genre, per se. For example,as above, Rosen writes some pretty hysterical, British sarcastic, humor stuff that I can just devour. On the flip-side of that, she has a breadth to her writing capabilities in which she can write some gut-wrenching fiction too. I almost felt that the stories were thrown together and not given the "respect" they deserved. Along with that, I would love to have seen a short description of the stories, so that readers would know which camp they fit into.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 September 2015
Seesaw is a fab collection of stories by Rosen Trevithick. I've read quite a bit of her work and it is all excellent. This collection of stories has several different styles and lengths of writing, and you will find something to suit every mood. "London, The Doggy and Me" is an hilarious slapstick comedy, "Lipstick and Knickers" is a funny relationship comedy, "The Selfish Act" and "On The Rocks" are more serious works on the subject of mental illness, which will make you feel and make you think. My favourites in this anthology are "The Other Daughter" and "The Other Mother", which are both different sides to a story about a missing child. There are other stories in here that I have not mentioned, but all are worth reading and enjoying.

I cannot fault Rosen's work, she is able to write brilliantly in a variety of styles and genres. If you haven't read anything by her before, here is a great place to start. Recommended!
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on 10 March 2012
I've mentioned in reviews before about Rosen being able to write across genres and this collection of short stories and flash fiction reinforces that belief.

Some of these stories have been published on their own and are readable in their own right, but unlike another reviewer, I thought this collection went well together. Just like the title says, this is a seesaw ride. The ups are oh so funny, the downs are quite heartbreaking. I am not ashamed to say I was in tears more than once. The last story (not flash fiction) just blew me away when I got to it.

This is definitely the best collection of stories I've read in a long while and I'm sure I will read them again.

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on 24 May 2012
I downloaded this collection of short stories as I had really enjoyed "The other daughter". The collection as a whole was not my cup of tea, as the 'chick lit' genre style always makes me cringe. However the book was as always, well written and I enjoyed the mix of genres within the book.
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on 22 March 2012
An excellent book of short stories. From the moment I started reading until the end I was captivated. The first story "The Other Daughter" is probably one of the best written stories. Not usually my kind of thing but I couldn't stop reading. My favorite story is definitely "London, the Doggy and Me". A brilliant story that had me laughing out loud. The flash fiction between the major stories was good and I was sorry that some of them ended. Rosin should definitely extend some of these into full stories, especially "There's something wrong with the guy next door".

I would recommend this book of short stories to anyone and I will be looking forward to future titles.
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on 24 October 2012
I got this as a free Kindle book. As a male approaching retirement age it is not my sort of thing, but I always finish a book! I did feel like putting this to one side a couple of times though.

I liked a couple of the stories, especially the way the first and last ones fitted together, but some left me a bit cold, 'Lipstick and Knickers' for example, I thought it was fairly obvious where that one was going and the author didn't really get into the male mind particularly well.

The one about the dead dog I found silly rather than humourous, and I think Rosen Trevithick missed a trick with the story 'On the Rocks' where it could have been possible to make a 'Sixth Sense' sytle twist at the end by having Poppy and Meg turn out to be two sides of the same person.

A couple of the shorter stories I didn't like at all, they left me a bit cold, but the better ones made up for it in a way.
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