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on 3 February 2018
All rights reserved, that's part of the sentence which you will find at the beginning of a book, it literally means 'don't bloody well copy this' in fact most books I have ever read or own have this proviso, so that being the case can someone tell me why frater u.d. does it stand for 'utter drivel' I wonder! then go on to literally repeat verbatim another book on sigil work written by a more famous author A. O. Spare and his supreme book 'Alphabet of Desire' plus others. When does belonging to a group or having a blog page or being on facebook actually mean you are anything other than a 'name dropper' and more importantly to the writers of plagiarised works does it give you any credibility in the occult world! Like another book recently purchased for me by my spouse as an early birthday present I read it from page to page in less than 3 hours, I must admit I actually didn't skip anything which having learned to 'speed read' at an early age I tend to do was a major coup for me, but I wanted to be able to write a critique on factual work rather than my mind 'filling in the blanks' as speed reading teaches you to do, and I find nothing within the pages which has taken me forward one iota, oh apart from don't be a pratt and have a 'blog'. Occultism today seems to have degenerated into what is acceptable and what can I get away with, normally this is found by the ever increasing bank balance or the reverse of course. I don't like authors who tell you one thing then do exactly what they tell you not to do, hence my ire at the 'do not copy' tract, we all copy, I have been a practicing occultist, left-hand path for those wanting to know, and have copied literally hundreds of pages of text from books I have read or own, in order to ensure that your own 'book of shadows' as its called contains the very things you need, as in rituals, spells, warning etc you copy them from books which come your way, I haven't written 'do not copy' at the start of my own book, why! easy, I want people to see my work, to use it and hopefully design it into their own work, not all rituals work for everyone so changing them to suit oneself is par for the course. The contents of this book as I've already stated are known to me and no doubt I could find them repeated in a few volumes I already own, I have perhaps 400 books on the occult, ranging from Crowley 'how bigs my penis' to Skinner, to Ford to Mercer etc etc etc now i'm dropping names, is this catching! the majority of them ask you to enhance your work by utilising their contents even though they still retain copy-rite on the complete book which is what it is all about. To be honest I've spent more time bemoaning the copy-rite law being used incorrectly rather than the books contents and I don't apologise for that as the book is a waste of time and the space on your shelving, it contains nothing new, to me anyway you may think differently, and what it does contain is found in other works by better more worthy authors. If you are just finding out what the occult world is all about and money is tight this may appeal to you but as I have found to my own cost over the years buying cheap is never profitable, buy a book which has a reputation for containing tracts of information which will hold you in good stead for the future not just for today.
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on 1 November 2012
Overall this is a great book. However, a few concepts are described too briefly to be practical IMO. Primarily I am referring to the Death Posture v2. If you find this uninteresting, or it is not your preferred sigil activation technique, then don't bother reading any further. However, for me, it is the only real practical technique. The description in the book is far too short, is somewhat unclear and doesn't quite make sense. Needs re-editing. He mentions twitching your 'upper arms', then later twitching your 'arms'. What exactly does this mean? Also he says that each twitch should be no longer than a split second, but I'd like to see someone perform all of these twitches in less than half a second that he states - assuming they knew how to do it properly. He spends more book space discussing the DPv2 rather than actually describing it properly. Many authors in general often tend to do this type of thing. ;-) I found it slightly frustrating and searched the net for more information about this DPv2. I discovered that he briefly describes Sigil magic in his book 'High Magic'. This actually summarises the concepts of Sigil magic more clearly than he does in his Sigil Magic book ironically, although it does not cover all types of sigil creation. It also includes a description of the DPv2, which is actually much clearer than in this book. However, the technique described is not the same and does not include the chest twitch. I am not sure how much difference it really makes, but it would be good to have some clarity and consistency as to what he personally recommends. Ultimately I can figure out my own preferred way of doing it. Still, buying a second book is no bad thing, but it does mean the author makes a little more money. ;-)
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on 10 December 2012
From the 25 plus years I have been interested in the occult sciences, this book is one of the few I have read and will read time and time again. Most books on magical practice will make claims and promises on how to obtain 3 things in life which are Love, Money and Good Health. Unfortunately I have read many and tried to follow within these books, complicated time consuming rituals that require hard to obtain items. Net result = Nothing, except the expense in buying these books.
This gem of a book however is fantastic partly based on the theory of 'Chaos Magic.' No more complicated Harry Potter Tree of the Magical Talking Runes' stuff or how to apply the laws of attraction, to the Bank Manager while unemployed and in need of a loan...but a simple easy to read and apply in practice book on sigil magic that can be used over and over.
The art of visualization is needed here from start to finish to work on the chosen goal and it is easy how writing ones desires can be turned into their own personal artwork (Sigil) and then used to help concentrate for attaining a realistic goal. I rate Practical Sigil Magic 5 out of 5.
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on 10 October 2016
Sigil Magic is without doubt one of the greatest books ever written on the subject. It's a small paperback that packs a punch, this may be the only occult book you will ever need and it works and works well. If you're looking for a gem, a Gem to turn your life around then you have just found it! Buy it, learn it, and watch what happens😉.
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on 27 March 2014
The writing style takes a bit of getting used to, probably largely due to its translation from German. Some would argue that his interpretation of A. O. Spares death posture is fundamentally flawed. It is not a scintillating page turner. However, this is not why you are thinking about buying this book. I have only performed one application of sigil magic. I followed the clear instructions and was 100% successful.
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on 19 July 2017
Very well-written and very practical book.
I like the author's honest, no-nosense approach.
I'm currently testing the methods and will update later.
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on 27 October 2016
Gives detailed instructions on many ways to formulate sigils beyond Spare's methods. This is not only for the beginner, but also intermediate and advanced sigil magick.
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on 27 April 2012
Being relatively new to the "scene" I've heard sigil magick mentioned, albeit,briefly. I wanted to find out more. So, browsing the web I spotted this "must have" book. I was'nt dissapointed,it is written in an easy,friendly manner and can be practiced without the usual ritual,with a minimum of fuss.I say post-modern,but in fact sigils are as old as humanity. The author attacks the subject from many angles,and takes the reader on to higher levels.This is the book I've been waiting for.
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on 26 January 2018
Sadly the book did not give any good curses.
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on 3 December 2014
Very easy to understand step by step instructions how to make sigil. You don't have to be magus to understand and use this book. If you know what do you want from life but don' t know how to get it, buy it.
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