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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 September 2012
Before I go on to say how impressive this item is, may I recommend that Amazon block people from reviewing before the product is even released because anybody who left a negative review obviously had no idea what this box set was going to be like.

Now thats out of the way,the box set is stunningly presented in a faux leather case which is huge (seriously finding a place for it is difficult!). When you open it up it is the inside detail is phenomenal, the creators have really thought about what Harry Potter fans would like and it looks and feels like an actual prop from the film with its Hogwarts and House Team emblems right down to the handles to each draw which are metal.

Now to the actual content, spread across 4 separate draws, each film comes in a fantastically presented in a hard back photo album type case consisting of 4 or 3 disks (DVD, Blu Ray and Special Features disks for each film) depending on the film (see list contents for full breakdown), and each 'album' has full colour pics and info from the respective film. Towards the top of the box are two 'pop-out' draws which contain your Ultra-Violet code which is present in the form of a scroll tied with ribbon (this will never be opened by me as I have no idea what Ultra Violet is! But it looks good :)and the Horcrux necklace (RRP £30-40 in Harry Potter world and this one looks even better).

In the other draws are a map of Hogwarts and its grounds as well as a blue print of the castle as well as a several books about the films (again see full list of contents). The best touches though are the 'hidden disk' which is especially made for this box set and contains hours and hours of never before seen special features and the 'hidden compartment' within the case (again it shows just how big this thing is and also what detail and effort they've gone into with thing.

I can say hand on heart it is the greatest film box set I have ever seen, let alone purchased and it is honestly a snip at £180, especially considering each box comes with a numbered certificate as they're limited edition. I'm a huge HP fan but as resisted the tempation to buy any of them on DVD because I wanted them in a box set but even after over 10 years of waiting this surpasses any expectations!! If you love Harry Potter you must own this.
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on 23 August 2012
Let me be clear up front, i am a huge harry potter fan, and i like many others was eagerly awaiting the definitive box set release we all knew was coming. It was worth the wait, to all of you who think a better box set is coming, I'm afraid you will be disappointed. Warner home video have confirmed this is as good as its going to get. However they also confirmed that a more cost effective set, minus the memorabilia and extravagant packaging would be released following the sale of all 63,000 sets.

For anyone complaining about the price, i believe this future set is for you. This set is purely for the die hard fans, like myself. It is also worth noting that the 63,000 copy limitation applies to the entire planet, and so only a fraction of that will be sold within the uk. Also, all 8 pieces of memorabilia are exclusive to this set. Another horcrux locket was available for purchase through the noble collection, but the one in this set is different and of higher quality.

I also urge all of you saying that the set looks flimsy to view the unboxing video of the set, which shows the cast exploring the contents. It is quite honestly the most impressive, highest quality release i have ever seen on home video, justifying its hefty price tag.

I also find it absurd that several people have given a one star review on a product that is still weeks away from release! These reviews are done by bitter consumers complaining about the price, and are bad mouthing it for that reason alone. If you cannot afford this set, several other releases exist for you to choose from, be it the standard box set or the ultimate edition releases. Or you could wait for the future, more simple set.

Unless you are a huge, die hard potter fan, this set simply isn't aimed at you, so please stop complaining. Giving the product a one star review isn't going to make warner re-evaluate their pricing or marketing strategy, all it does is make this set look bad to possible buyers, which is entirely unfair. I am thrilled with this set, and am willing to pay the high but reasonable price for it.
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on 28 March 2013
I read a few of the more 'disappointed' reviewers on this product, but still purchased it for my wife as she is a huge fan and we both wanted the films in Bluray.

When we received this and unboxed it we were blown away.
The first thing I recommend is to check the dimensions. This box is MUCH arger than expected. It really is a feature piece. Each film (3-4 disks each) is separately boxed and presented (not in a bluray box but in a beautiful collector's book with information and pictures etc).

The box itself is very high quality. Each of the drawers and sections are robust, and some of the drawers are spring-locked.
All of the other extras included are very high quality considering the price.
One of the maps is printed on cloth rather than paper. The other is very high quality and thick paper. The books are lovely, and well presented.

When you consider the closest comparison to this boxset is the limited edition complete film collection ( which is currently £84 (and does not have the 3D versions of Deathly Hallows 1-2) - The extra £55 for all the extras, the 3D versions, the books, the neckalce, maps and the box/presentation generally is a steal in my opinion.

If you just want the films there are much cheaper ways to get them.
If you are a Potter fan who wants a truely collectable box set that will take pride of place in your room, this is an amazing product and I highly recommend it.
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on 10 September 2012
My Harry Potter Wizards collection arrived this morning (day of release) at 7.20am. I could not believe how early it was, I was so excited. After I signed for my parcel, I was handed a HUGE box, the first thing I noticed was it weighed a tonne! I kicked the front door shut and went to the living room to open it.

First of all, I have to say, WOW it's MASIVE! Stunning to look at. Well presented and very well made. It comes in a box, and well packed inside with polystyrene packaging, and wrapped in tissue paper. Then once you have opened it very carefully, you are greated by a huge, heavy and incredibly large box. It's the biggest box set you will ever seen in your life!!! It's so well made and SOLID!

The attention to detail is just stunning. Yes they have got the house colours right. The extended versions of Philosophers Stone & Chamber of Secrets, are just so fantastic. With so many scenes accurate to the books. I have really enjoyed watching them today.

Once you open the lid, the flap at the front is magnetic, so it clicks open and clicks shut. The lid itself is on hinges so opens and closes with ease. The secret compartments/draws need to be pushed in for it to click out to open. Each film is in its own little solid book with all the other disks relating to that spefific film. Just incredible. I have not yet opened the rest, as I am savering each moment.

For £177 it is a complete steal!!! It's well worth the money, and with most of them sold already, best get yours today, as tomorrow, they will be gone!

Just for reference, I have number 30'877
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on 24 September 2012
Thought I would let other customers know but received an email from Amazon UK tonight advising there has been a quality issue with would you believe as many as 5 discs in this set. The email is copied below. This is the 4th issue this year I know of, we had issues with Universal's David Lynch box set in June, wrong disc enclosed with Arrow's House By The Cemetery Blu-Ray combo in May and also delays with StudioCanal's Dracula Prince of Darkness and Plague Of The Zombie Blu-Ray combos which were delayed several months due to production errors. Just wish these companies would have better quality control before they put out product for final release. Anyway, email below:


We have been advised by the manufacturer that due to a production issue, the following product which you recently ordered from has been despatched with some incorrect discs inside.

The product that is affected is the "Harry Potter Wizard's Collection box set", and the discs that are affected are as follows:

Year 4. The Blu-ray movie disc is missing the In-Movie Experience & DTS-HD Master Audio
Year 5. The Blu-ray movie disc is missing the In-Movie Experience & DTS-HD Master Audio
Year 6. The Blu-ray movie disc is missing DTS-HD Master Audio
Year 7 part 1. The 3D movie disc displays the artwork for Year 7 part 2
Year 7 part 2. The 3D movie disc displays the artwork for Year 7 part 1

I'm pleased to tell you that if you contact the manufacturer directly using the details below they will supply you with the correct discs free of charge.

The discs will be available from Wednesday 26th September and you can contact the manufacturer directly using either this email address:

Or by writing to them at this address:

Warner Bros Customer Services
Wizard Collection
c/o Technicolor Distribution Services
Cosford Lane
Swift Valley Industrial Estate
Warwickshire, CV21 1QN

Please quote your Amazon order number in any correspondence.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you and hope to see you again soon.

Kind regards,

Customer Service Department
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on 11 November 2013
I spotted this box/Chest set of DVD's a while back and when I spotted there was only 2 left in stock, I decided there and then to buy - it was only £136 at that time. Since then I have seen the price rise a few times, this is one reason I'm so very glad I got it when I did.

I am a Harry Potter fan and have been waiting for something like this to come along. Knowing all the stuff currently out there in the market place now for the World of HP, I was pretty confident we'd eventually have something superb, and I'm not disappointed.

Firstly, I loved the quality, style and design of the box.
I opened each drawer and examined the boxes of discs, one at a time.
Struggled with the side drawers until I realised they were a 'push to spring open' design.
I love the Slytherin Horcrux. Very good quality, but would have liked the note left inside by Sirius' brother Regulus. But never mind, I may just create my own and put in there as I don't feel the horcrux is complete without the note.
I loved the cards, paintings, drawings and books.
I have opened the cloth map and think it lovely, but on closer examination I found myself being a bit picky. The red ink has made a few splodge marks but I'm ok with that. I feel that adds to the uniqueness of the map. I was surprised that firstly, Hagrids hut is NOT next to the Dark Forest and the Creaking Shack has been left off the map. AS that is part of Hogwarts and hogsmead I expected to see it. Never mind.
AS the other map is in a properly sealed pack which I feel would not repack nicely once opened, I haven't opened it.
ONE LAST THING I AM DISAPPOINTED ABOUT IS THE SO CALLED 'UV COLLECTION OF DVD'S SUPPOSEDLY ENCLOSED. They are not. There is only a small scroll listing codes for them to be collected free. (of course free of charge because you've already prepaid for them in the box set.)
I am very happy with the box Chest. :o) And so very glad I purchased it when I did.
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on 26 October 2012
I got a tip off the USA site that it was cheaper (with shipping) to buy this from, if you wanted the Blu Ray version. I took a chance and I'm so happy!

The discs DO play on USA Blu Ray players, the DVD's will NOT as they are region 2, but that's fine, I have the regular DVD's in region 1 in several different sets.

This set is really done well. Top quality! I'm happy, because so many sets came in cheap cardboard with plastic hinges, this one does not! Love the extras, although I haven't opened each one yet.

I can't say I "love" the price, but I'm a Harry Potter fanatic and I had to have one, plus I now have them all on Blu Ray (well over $100 if you buy each one on Blu Ray by themselves)! Woo!

I saved $150 USD by buying from vs I also like the fact I now have "The Philosophers Stone", in the USA it's "The Sorcerers Stone". I assume JK Rowling intended it be the first one, so this is a really nice keepsake in itself. It's also fun knowing I got this from the UK where it all started!

Should you spend your hard earned money, drain your savings account for this once in a lifetime, one of a kind (okay 63,000 of a kind - yeah so much for the only 8000 are being made as advertised) set? YES! I got #36,XXX, so there are only about half left!

I can't wait to watch them one by one in order and in Blu Ray! Finally, a set worthy of the Harry Potter franchise. Thank you!
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on 10 September 2012
Let me start with that I was in two minds whether to get this box set or not, I already had the limted edition box set that came out last year and all the ultimate edition years 1 to 6, I came across the video of the cast unboxing this on youtube and was blow away with it, so I sold all ulitmate editions and my limted edition box set to get the wizard's collection and I am happy to say I DO NOT regret this one bit!

The wizards collection is out of this world. It so big . the guy who delivered it was struggling to get it out the van! it was really heavy. Every film came in cases made up like a wizard book , really good quality. There a lot more blu ray in this collection, with the ultimate there was only one disc which was the film which was in blue ray but with the wizard's collection the creating the world of harry potter documentry is blu ray too which I like. The collectable are really good quietly and the art work is wonderful

If you are a Harry Potter fan and love all the extras then its worth the money and have been watching all afternoon and evening and this was only the deathly hallows extras!

Its an amazing box set to have. I would give it a 10/10. Only problem is trying to find a place for it!
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on 3 August 2012
I personally think Amazon should block all reviews until this boxset has been released and people have actually seen and experienced it! I'm not going to be giving a full review, but I will be giving responses to things people have mis-judged about this boxset.

Price: Although majority of Potter fans are young and don't have that much money, we must remember that warner bros are a company, they are a business, if they've put the cookies jar out of reach, we shouldn't complain because they are a business, their aim is to make money, they are not here to sell cheap products to kids.
Also, considering what you get in here, the price isn't as half as bad. There's the horcrux locket which is £36 on it's own from The Noble Collection, who have also made this one. Deathly Hallows Part 1 3D is not available for any less than £20. It's limited edition, which is always expensive. And if add up all the ultimate editions together £25x8, that equals to £200.

Extended editions: Warner bros do not make the ABC extended editions of all the movies, that is done by ABC themselves and have nothing to do with Warner Bros. Warner bros have only created the first two extended editions because they were compiled, created and authorised by the director himself. All the rest of the directors didn't want to create extended editions of their directed movies because they felt satisfied with their final product: therefore warner bros will not be giving you extended editions until directors agree to make them, they have said they will not manually put in the deleted scenes. Plus, how extended will it be? 5, 10 minutes? Your review of this boxset probably took longer to write.

Ultra-violet digital copy: The normal digital copies didn't work for me, LOL, so i can't really comment on this, but i advise to check it out before you buy it, as reviews of the ultra violet are not exactly favourable!
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on 11 September 2012
I pre-ordered this product quite a while back and there had been many times when I had considered cancelling. The reviews on here and on Amazon US made it difficult to enjoy the build up to the release, which made me doubt getting it entirely. However, I stuck it out and received the item today. Boy, all those doubts were for nothing.

The pictures do not do the case justice. The designs of everything is so cleverly produced that it looks like something you would see displayed in the actual film. Yes, it may be cardboard but it's DURABLE. It doesn't even feel like cardboard, nor does it look like it. The packaging as a whole and how well protected the items come in the actual box set make it well worth the cost. (My box was even placed in the delivery case upside down and there was no damage to it). If you're not a dedicated fan to the franchise, then it probably wouldn't be worth it. But if you are, get it while you can.

So, so pleased with this.
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