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on 22 November 2012
I bought these Panasonic 3D glasses, they are the Panasonic TY-ER3D4ME Bluetooth Active 3D Glasses - Medium size, to use with a Samsung PS60E6500 television, these glasses form part of a new standard that has been agreed by the major manufacturers, it means you no longer have to worry about a rival brand not working with your new ( 2012 models onwards ) TV or Projector, these glasses come in a box, inside the box you get a folded up manual, the glasses and a mini HDMI to normal HDMI cable, the mini part goes into a port situated at the top bottom side of the nose of the glasses and the normal HDMI part goes either into your TV or Blu ray player, they recharge this way, so just plug them in for a few minutes and you are good to go for around three hours, very fast charging, half an hour of charging will give you about 26hrs worth of viewing.

On my Samsung TV i simply walked up to about 50cm from the TV and switched the glasses on, this synced them with the TV, you get an onscreen message telling you this, i wear prescription glasses because i am short sighted and so it was important that the glasses fit over my own lenses and were comfortable to wear, they fit over nicely and i can wear these without any problems for a full movie, another important aspect is they have sides which stop light getting in to your eyes, this is important, the Samsung TV came with cheap 3D glasses that allowed light in at the sides, this ruined the experience for me, those glasses are now sitting in a drawer and will likely never be used, a neat feature of these glasses is they have a switch on top of the middle part of the glasses which allows you to view the film in 2D while other people can continue to watch in 3D, the glasses are light and this is important, it means you won't end up with a headache from wearing them unless of course 3D images don't agree with you.

Its not all good news, there is a slight issue, you can switch the glasses on and be watching 3D videos from YouTube or maybe even just switching one blu ray film off and putting on another, well the problem is the glasses have an inbuilt feature where if they do not detect a 3D signal they switch themselves off, it happens quite fast too, its actually annoying as you then have to reach up to your nose area and re-activate the glasses by using the on-off switch, a minor annoyance but worth pointing out to potential buyers, another negative is they are not supplied with their own case or lint free cleaning cloth, i end up putting them back in the cardboard box after each use.

You should also be aware that all fluorescent lighting should be switched off when viewing 3D wearing these glasses, if you leave it on and are in line of sight of the lamp or the lighting then you will experience flicker, my tip is to buy some LED lights, they can be put on and no flicker will be experienced, the image quality is very good, 3D works great with these glasses and i think the tint in the glasses is also quite neutral and the colours look normal on 3D material, obviously you get some dimming but that's true of all 3D glasses, despite a few minor issues i do think these glasses are worth the money over cheaper ones and i recommend them.

P.S. When i bought these glasses they were £39.77 each, the price is way too high now, i wouldn't buy them at the current £60+ price.
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on 7 September 2012
Bought these for my new Panasonic 3D TV and am impressed by the quality build of the glasses.

I dont know if the pirce is good value or not as I really dont know enough about all the 3D variants.

I had concerns about moving onto 3D because I wear varifocul glasses.

I have given these 3D ones 5 stars because they fit perfectly over my varifoculs with no gaps between the two lenses to distract the vision and work perfectly. They also fit extremely well with no "nose slip" and are very light making 3D viewing a pleasure.

Hope this review helps others who may wear glasses and may have concerns.

(My previous experience of 3D glasses were the cardboard type that came free with the TV Times - oh yes, I am afraid I am old enough to remember those!)
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on 13 October 2012
Lightweight,comfortable fit,even over glasses,the fact that they are bluetooth means connection time with TV is instant,great 3D product.Does what it says on the tin!
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on 24 May 2012
I was initially very skeptical about 3D but with the purchase of my new TV I decided to take a gamble and get these glasses. I'm so glad I went for Medium as I consider myself to have an above-average size head and I wear thick black frame glasses, yet these fit over the top PERFECTLY. They are super light and comfortable. I can't imagine how a set of 3D glasses could be more comfortable. Pricey but worth it.
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on 27 July 2012
I have been using these 3D glasses with my new Panasonic TXL42ET50B and they are wonderful. They're really comfy to wear (even over the top of my regular glasses) and they're very light. This makes me weary that they could be broken easily, but I'll just have to make sure I don't leave them lying around on the sofa! Charging time is very good, you can do a quick charge for 2 minutes and they last for ~3 hours. They're bluetooth as well, very easy to connect to the TV and set up to use. Very similar to the way playstation controls work, pair them once and they just last for ages. If you charge them for 30 minutes, you'll get 25 hours of use. So give them a good charge once you get them and you'll easily get several hours of 3D movie watching time out of them!
The quality of the 3D is very good as well, so there's not many things to complain about. I think I'd just agree that it would be great to have a hard case with the glasses, but at the moment I'm happy just putting them back into the box to keep them safe.
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on 2 July 2012
I've got to say, having been sceptical about active 3D I'm massively impressed by these glasses and the performance with the new Panasonic 3D Viera TVs.

They're lightweight, charge quickly and have never lost their connection to the TV. I've got a large'ish head and was worried they might be too tight but they are comfortable to wear.
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on 18 May 2012
these are great 3d glasses which we use for our panasonic tx-p50xt50b television and are easy to charge using the usb cable supplied with glasses,,if you want some cheaper glasses then you can use the samsung ssg-p41002 twin pack which are £29.99 from most places and work just as good(i prefer the samsung glasses as i wear presription glasses and the fit over them better than the panasonics),,only downside to the samsung glasses is they are not rechargable so you will have to stock up on some cr2025 batteries just incase (only need 1 battery)
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on 29 April 2013
The glasses as 3D glasses are fine, but I bought these in a small size specifically for my grandson who is 4 years old, when they came we were so disappointed, they were no smaller than the two pairs that came with the TV they keep sliding down his nose and are really a joke ! SO ANY ONE WANT SMALL GLASSES FOR A CHILD - THINK AGAIN😡
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on 21 August 2013
I've come across a number of active 3D glasses and found many to be uncomfortably heavy, bulky and if non-bluetooth they often seem to lose the connection causing the 3D experience to be interrupted.

The Panasonic's are light and fit comfortably even when like me you wear glasses. They are blue tooth so you can look away and when you look back the 3D picture is maintained.

They are quick to recharge and the charge lasts for three or four movies so no problems there. The cost is obviously the only draw back, but cost is a theme throughout the whole 3D experience, the TV, the Blu Ray and the Blu Rays themselves all come at a premium so if you have invested in 3D then these glasses will at least not be the weakest link.
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on 2 July 2012
I have purchased four pairs of those glasses and I have to say that while I find them absolutely brilliant, they are also very expensive. Really only for the 3D freak and the wealthy, I'm the 3D freak now....only.
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