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on 20 March 2011
Following mixed reviews for all VHS to DVD converters, I tried this one.

Everything you need is in the box, software CD, usb converter, RCA leads and connectors (also S-video), usb extension lead and SCART connector.

I'm a novice working with video, but found this very easy to set up. There is a quick start guide which is plain and simple to understand.

I only wanted to do straight conversions, no editing or anything. There is an 'easy' mode for this, the software wizard guides you through it.

I used a laptop with a duel core mobile pentium CPU, hardly cutting edge but it worked fine, no hiccups. Windows 7 32 bit O/S. The process of recording and burning a DVD worked first time. After recording a 1.5 hour video, the DVD prep and burn took a further 30 minutes. I used the RCA leads connected to the VCR with the SCART connector.

The end result was perfectly acceptable with the sound good as well. The quality of the VHS tape will never match a modern DVD version. Overall, I am very pleased with the results.
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on 3 March 2011
Bought this to transfer old family VHS and S-VHS tapes to DVD. It's a bit of a faff at first but the joy of 'restoring' old 30 year old family movies are priceless.

The challenges anyone will have with this are:
* Getting your VCR / source set up correctly, and located next to your PC / laptop
* Manage detailed settings (not complicated to do) on the software once installed and make sure you set the source as PAL for the UK.
* Checking you have sufficient HD space on your computer to store the converted files
* Remember you have to physically play a full tape to transfer it. This means 10 * 3 hour VHS tapes are of course 30 hours of playing time (no way around this!)

+ Software itself is easy to install and set up
+ Main Cables you need are provided (but not S-VHS or 3.5 audio jacks)
+ you can set a record timer on the software so once you hit play on the VCR for a 3-4 hour tape the PC recording will stop automatically
+ One running easy, reliable hassle free conversion of source to PC (as MPG files)

- You have to learn to use that old VCR or Hi8 camera again; do you have a working remote for it too? :)
- Software won't detect if the source has stopped (e.g. tape finished, stuck etc)
- Once a transfer is complete, the software will go into a 'sleep' whilst it renders (converts) the captured source into the target format on your PC. This can take a long time depending on your PC spec.
- Whilst the software is rendering, you can't do anything else with the software (other programmes unaffected but your PC will run slow as it is kept busy)
- Software won't (and doesn't really claim to) upscale your recorded source to better image quality. Be prepared to explain to people that VHS recordings were fuzzy and grainy compared to the HD 1080i we have today!
- if you have a 3 or 4 hour VHS tape, the conversion automatically splits the converted file to 2GB chunks of around 1hr or so each. This means you have to track the files in the target folder on your PC and rename them to make sense of them (i.e. part 1, part 2 etc.) You need to use the editing software to stitch them back together that is provided as part of the software, but...
- the editing component of the software is very very basic. Ok for the most minimal of tasks but I would recommend that you use consider another product such as Sony Vegas Movie Studio to do a more polished conversion, DVD menu's etc. Don't know why any one would use this to edit HD video!

Need patience, but very rewarding. Editing suite is very poor but this a cheap, easy and effective way to transfer VHS - and far far cheaper than commercial / high street services who will no doubt use a very similar process and charge you a lot.
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on 30 March 2012
The basic idea behind this package is that you can covert camcorder cassettes, VHS tapes,
audio cassettes and LPs to modern formats such as CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and various Digital formats.

The first thing you do is install the software on your PC (only supports Windows XP, Vista & 7/8).
After software installation is complete, connect the vidbox to your PC via the included USB cable.
The first thing i wanted to test was VHS. It's better to use this with a laptop rather than a desktop
because otherwise you'll be lugging the VHS player upstairs like i did. You connect the included RCA
cable (yellow=video and red/white=audio) from the VHS to the vidbox Afterwards you insert a tape
into the VHS player, but i had forgot where i put the bloody things so spent the night in my loft.

The next morning i found the old box of "memories" and inserted a random VHS tape into the player.
The video began playing on-screen inside the program window. Within a few clicks the program began
capturing and burning the video to my blank DVD disc while it played on-screen. After the burn process
had completed i gave it a quick watch and there it was, pretty fantastic. The quality was really good,
mostly because the VHS tape was under 110mins. For longer videos you will need to tweak a few options
to get the right balance between size and quality, but for anything under 110mins the one-click, Easy
Record format will be able to provide the best quality. You can also save files to your hard drive where
space won't matter as much compared to a disc, that process should be much quicker because there is no
need to burn it to a disc. Make sure you're saving the file to an internal hard drive and not an external
one otherwise the write speed and time will be a lot longer. Support for 4:3 or 16:9 is included in this.

There is no audio cable included for this unlike with the VHS test so you'll need to get yourself a
3.5MM to RCA Jack cable - these are very cheap and Amazon or a popular aucton site should have them.
This works even better and faster than the video because music files are so small. Within a few minutes
i had all the tracks from my cassette on my hard drive in WMA format. One thing you will need to do is
set the noise reduction, otherwise the music will be bad quality and have a weird hissing noise to it.
I found best results with noise reduction set between -5 and -10, it will vary with the genre of music
and the quality of the cassette so you'll figure out your optimal settings with a bit of trial and error.

There are a few editing options included in here such as custom menus, music, filters and effects but these
aren't great. I simply wanted to preserve my memories in their pure form without adding extra junk to them.
If the video does need a bit of adjusting, a fully featured editing suite will offer much better options.

There is a one-click Youtube upload feature which i did not test, but it's good to know i can share my
embarassing home movies with the world if i ever wanted to, all with just one-click too!

The vidbox is a basic capture device so also supports the recording of Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii
gameplay. But this won't capture HD gameplay at 720p or 1080p which means not only will the recording
be in 480p, but you will need to play your games in sub-HD quality too. There are plenty of other HD
capture devices tailored to recording games out there, i definitley would not recommend this simply for
recording your gameplay. You could get away with Wii gameplay at 480p, but for PS3/360 look elsewhere.

Great package which does everything it advertises. Very easy to use with a simple setup process, clear
instructions and easy one-click options which do all the work for you. Definitley recommend - 5/5
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on 16 August 2011
The main reason i bought this product was that i found others devices/software such as easycap hard to get working. I did have a lot of problems with drivers on other devices and for weeks i tried to get those devices working properly but i couldn't. Then i found this product and it solved all my issues! It is very easy to use and the software that comes with it is really good and simple. I truly believe that even an amateur on computers can handle it. In my opinion this is the absolutely best product for converting VHS to DVD. No doubt!

However i encountered one problem when i tried to install the device for the first time. I have Win7 Pro 64-bit and followed the "quick start guide" (included in the box) to install drivers but the software couldn't find the device when i plugged in to my pc. But i solved the problem almost immediately. I just updated the drivers manually from the CD that comes with the product and it worked fine after that.

My conclusion:
+ Nice device and good software
+ Very easy to use

- Some install issues with drivers
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on 10 January 2011
I bought this as a present for my dad who is very much a computer novice. He managed to install it and get it working relatively easily except for the video being monochrome and stuttery. I immediately recognised the symptoms as being due to a colour system mismatch.

My main complaint about the product is that it doesn't make it obvious that the colour system need to be set if the user is in that part of the world that is outside the United States. I worked out how to do this (using the supplied "set color system" utility) and set it to PAL-I for the UK.

I think it should allow you to select a country and set this automatically. Your average user may know PAL is required but there are many variants. I had to perform internet searches to find the right one.

Once past this issue, we produced a number of DVDs quickly and easily using the basic mode and also producted an edited video using the advanced mode.

While not a "pro" product, and videophiles may remark on the conversion quality, the product produces acceptable results and is generally pretty easy to use. I think it's worth the purchase price.
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on 29 January 2014
I have all my daughter's videos just sitting doing nothing and so I decided to put them onto DVD and this was easy to set up and transfer.
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on 25 October 2013
VHS to DVD works a treat. Very handy if you have lots of videos to change to DVD.
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on 6 November 2011
Finally bought a new TV and home cinema system and a new PVR all in black so the old silver VHS player had to go, but what to do with the dozens of VHS cassettes some of them classics.
Thought I would try this and it worked but the quality was not good so I used a VHS cleaning tape and that made a big improvement.
Picture quality is now quite good but is dependent on the tape so some copies are better than others. Played on a PC picture quality is perfectly acceptable even on my 40 inch TV with the best tapes it's quite watchable, but obviously not as good as a DVD.

If you have a lot of old VHS tapes and would like to keep the content without buying lots of DVDs this will do it
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on 21 July 2011
Before ordering this item I was already pretty desperate, because the couple previous items I tried didint work on Win7 64bit version, so it was very pleasing to finally be able to refresh memories from the old VHS tapes. It was very well packaged and very easy to use. You cant push it to the same video quality as the original, but it does the job pretty well.
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on 8 June 2011
I saw some reviews which were not very good but all software of this type had such reviews.

Tried this software and it only worked intermittently locking up my PC on occasions. This could only be resolved by powering down the PC. (my PC is very high spec (8GB RAM, 1TB HD etc etc) and is up to date with Windows 7 patches etc). I installed the latest software updates for this product which made no difference. I contacted support who took a long time to reply and then asked for system info. I had to push them to reply after this and they basically washed their hands of the problem.

Wouldn't buy anything from them again.
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