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on 30 August 2015
Just finished reading this and found it very insightful and comforting. Being housebound with agoraphobia for over 7 years now after suffering panic attacks and GAD for over 30 years, I have read many self-help books. Maybe its timing and I am ready to take it on board now but this book really struck chords with me (the only other books to have done are the one's by Dr Claire Weekes - my bibles!). I shall be following the exercises and hope for positive change. I fully recommend this.
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on 18 October 2014
Each of us will from time to time be anxious. Most of us will use our own abilities to problem solve when we are anxious and move on in our lives. Anxiety only becomes problematic when it takes over our lives to the extent that we can no longer function 'normally'. This book gives the reader a way of understanding what anxiety is, how it is generated and how we might go about alleviating it from our lives. Given that it is usually generated from our basic emotional needs not being properly met, or sometimes through episodes of stress or trauma, the solutions offered in part 2 of the book are easily understood from ones own personal perspective - since it is 'my unmet need' that becomes the focus for resolution. Where difficulties are less easy to resolve by yourself, good pointers are given in part three of the kind of things to think about in selecting a counsellor who might best help you. This book is great for anyone to read: either because it gives a sense hope that anxiety can be overcome. And if you are personally not affected by anxiety but know someone who is, you will gain the understanding to be able to support that person. An excellent read.
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on 4 June 2017
This is a good book but to get the best from it I feel that you have some pre-knowledge of
what anxiety is and existing treatments. So I don't think that it is a first read for gaining that understanding.
But if you're passed that level and want more information on help with anxiety then I would recommend this
very good book.
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on 22 June 2013
I was sufferring from anxiety and panic attacks following a stress burnout at work, my gp had tried me on various medication but the side effects made my anxiety so much worse so I got the book to try to understand the cause which this book provides. It's simple reading for any non medical person to understand the way the brain/mind/body reacts to fear and provides strategy's for managing panic and not being scared of anxiety. It looks at the human being having daily needs and if these are lacking anywhere it can be the cause of stress and anxiety so makes you look at yourself in a more kinder light and help to fulfil your needs in order to reduce anxiety. This book is good for anyone sufferring from stress, anxiety and panic attacks. It has helped me tremendously to combat panic attacks and to accept anxiety symptoms as nothing that can harm you.
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on 5 October 2012
I rarely write reviews. But this book has really helped me combat my anxiety problems so I will happily share my thoughts on it.

I've had two bouts of severe anxiety in my life. One about 10 years back. And one a few months back. They occur when I have too much stress in my life. I can only take so much and then I start constantly worrying about things, struggle with social events and begin to have panic attacks in scenarios that normally I cope with. If this happens to you, it's horrible, but you can beat it. This book will really help.

I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with anxiety and not depression. The two are similarly treated though. Typically with SSRI's. The idea is these help reduce the symptoms over time enabling you to get back to normal. However they don't fix the problem. To do that you need to understand what is going on when you get anxiety and what you can do about it to lessen its effects. That's exactly what this book does.

The book explains what is happening when you get anxious and why it happens. And more importantly why it keeps happening. When you read about it it all seems so obvious, but you can rarely think that clearly whilst having a panic attack. But knowing what is happening really helps you understand how you can deal with it. The book then covers techniques to take your mind off of the topics causing you anxiety and gives you relaxation techniques you can use to calm yourself. They are simple but I found them very effective. I still use them regularly.

Before this book I was dreading some major social events coming up. A stag do, a wedding, a large company meeting, a management meeting and a martial arts competition. Now I feel calm and collected. I have done the stag do with no problems and I feel fine about the other upcoming events.

The book is very easy reading and well written. It won't take you long to read it. It also covers some other areas like OCD and how you can combat that, but that part doesn't apply to me.

This book has massively helped me get my life back to normal again. Hopefully it will help you too.
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on 16 January 2014
If there is one book that enables greater understanding of Anxiety then this is it. I provides the reader with knowledge of how and why anxiety is created, and a series on steps to alleviate it.
It should be required reading for anyone working or treating people suffering with anxiety.
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on 26 January 2014
Easy to read
Good explanations
Didn't exacerbate anxiety
Helpful exercises
Excellent breakdown and careful thought given to information shared
5 stars
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on 1 April 2017
Im doing a review of this book for a diploma. I found it insightful and easy to read. As a sufferer myself I learned new information about my illness and definitely found it helpful
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on 22 December 2012
This book is a must read if like myself you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. It is really informative as to what is happening to you and steps to take to correct it. It has changed my outlook for the better. A must buy.
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on 16 July 2016
As a qualified doctor, I find patients are relieved to hear that there is an evidence based approach which can seriously and genuinely help them in a time when we so badly need an approach which is effective at providing real results for people to get the real help they need to live happier and calmer lives. Different styles of therapy/ counselling/ psychotherapy are inundating the public to know what is best to do and are commonly drawn to the various approaches which are never ending in their duration, often ineffective (even damaging), costly and lack defined end points such as psychoanalysis for example.

I am pleased to say that in 2011 The British Psychological Society's leading peer-reviewed journal, Psychology and Psychotherapy evaluated the Human Givens approach in primary care at a general medical practice which showed that more than three out of four patients were either symptom-free or reliably changed as a result of HG therapy. This was accomplished in an average of only 3.6 sessions. There is currently a larger randomised control trial being undertaken to further prove the evidence base of the HG approach. The results speak for themselves.

One has to look past the fact that government has invested millions into the approach of CBT which lacks effectiveness or that mindfulness is the current fashionable strategy. Sweden recognises CBT is not working have given up on its approach. Mindfulness is increasing number of reports of people becoming psychotic through the stress of negative experiences suffered through meditation. The Human Givens utilises a broad approach which

I highly recommend this book above all others on mental health and wellbeing for any sufferer or practitioner in the field. I have found the techniques to be particularly useful as a practicing doctor with my patients and I have no doubt that the Human Givens can provide a solution for debilitated patients and practitioners who feel hopeless. Be a part of the revolution.
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