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on 4 January 2016
OK, so we all know that this or a similar plot has been done many times before BUT it's still a winner providing things are done properly which for the most part were. Ashley Scott plays Kristi, the person who replys to all the kids 'Santa Letters' that go through the UPS Mail Service in the town, and no prizes for guessing who her 'Dad' turns out to be? Matt, a postman at the same place has a very limited social life on account of him caring for his young niece but when he meets Kristy he just feels things are 'good' between them although he doesn't push himself. Their boss who is seeking promotion thinks Kristy is a head office spy and trys to get Matt to get the dirty on her, although there isn't much to get. He is an absolute toad and at times he makes you wish you could reach through the screen and ......well, that's enough of that! Anyway the plot is simple enough, NOT too syrupy and definitely has its moments. A good family Christmas film.
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on 15 August 2017
I am happy with it and I will give you 12 out of 12
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on 10 March 2017
Enjoyable film
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on 7 March 2013
Bought this because my kids loved the "We've got mail", but to be honest, save you cash, very slow, dull and even my kids turned it off after a while
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This has a stupid and far-fetched plot, but if you can suspend reality for the 2 hours of the film, it is a bit of fun. The biggest problem with it is that it is obviously a very low budget film and the lack of different sets does not help the film. This is enjoyable, but not one of the best Christmas films out there. It's hard to Recommend this one.
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on 31 December 2012
The acting was somewhat mediocre ( especially of the little girl, emily) ...and we found it to be very slow ...as if created by amateurs...sweet but no more than that!
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on 15 November 2013
This is a very cheesy Christmas movie, but it does the job of making you feel Christmassy.
I love Christmas movies and I have to say this would be in the pile of movies I would pull out year after year to watch.
Very easy going movie.
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on 27 December 2015
This is a very pleasant film that quietly reminds us of several others. The title hints, of course, at You’ve Got Mail (the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan romantic comedy that itself hints at The Shop Around the Corner the Ernst Lubitch 1940 romantic comedy with James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan).
Once you accept the idea that the National Postal Service would hire someone for the few weeks leading up to Christmas to reply to children’s letters to Santa Claus, almost everything else in the story follows logically. The best person to give this job to is a person who lives and breathes Christmas – Kristi North, a mysterious and innocent young girl with nothing in the world except her small suitcase (which seems to be crammed with brightly coloured Christmassy clothes and decorations, and hot chocolate mix) and a large patient pet dog, called Rudi. (The scenes of the busy mail room and letter sorting machines, and the large mail sacks filled with children’s letters to Santa, naturally remind us of Miracle on 34th Street, that great classic Christmas story that eventually places the national Post Office front and centre.)
We know very little about Kristi, until she explains (when she is telling orphan Emily a bedtime Christmas story, and we immediately guess the story is about her) that she grew up in a faraway snowy place that was like Christmas every day of the year. But when she grew bigger than all her friends she had to move away. (Here we are reminded of the Christmas documentary about life at the North Pole, Elf. At other places Kristi seems to know about reindeer and their ways, also. But the dialogue is sometimes quick, and quiet, and there are no subtitles to help.) Since then, living as an independent adult, an innocent a long way from “home”, Kristi has kept moving every year, from job to job, but always only for the few weeks when she is the person who replies to Santa letters. Kristi is also in occasional phone contact with “Dad” – who is presumably, but not stated to be, Father Christmas.
Contrary to another reviewer’s remark, the film says (as far as I saw) nothing about Matt having had a fiancé who had died. But Matt had been part of a successful rock band, until he was named in his sister and brother-in-law’s will as “the best uncle ever” and ended up with custody of Emily. Moreover, the band is about to reform, make a new record, and go on tour, and Heather, the attractive female member of the band, vocalist and leader, wants Matt to re-join and go on tour. (The other male members of the band are the weakest element of the whole film, giving little evidence that they could ever have been musically successful. But that is a minor flaw in the story. The female leader, Heather, will clearly lick them into shape!)
Meanwhile, the manager of the local branch of the National Postal Service, Richard Fuller, is behaving like David Brent (the obnoxious, conceited, and self-deluded office manager in the TV series Office, created and played by Ricky Gervais). Richard Fuller believes (the conceit of the man is staggering!) he is going to be promoted, but (with clear signs of paranoia) thinks that mysterious forces higher up in the NPS have secretly sent someone to check on him, and he suspects this is Kristi. So he picks Matt, initially a mild-mannered mailman who we see collecting and delivering letters, as an unwilling stooge to spy on Kristi and find out her background, and her purpose. Later, Fuller even believes that Kristi is covertly sabotaging the efficiency of “his” branch office.
This leads to the crisis of the film, which is, happily, resolved, at the end, with a hint of sparkly-light Christmas magic – everything else in the film is totally realistic.
Matt begins to pay attention to Kristi, and finds her to be absolutely delightful.
Indeed, Kristi is! When Matt has Chinese food delivered for a picnic, she is not only good with chopsticks but speaks fluent Cantonese to the Chinese delivery man, and can also speak Mandarin – because she had previously worked for a few weeks in Hong Kong, and because, as a Santa Letter Replier she has to be able to write in other languages apart from English. (This hints at the touching moment in Miracle on 34th Street when, in the original version, Kris Kringle speaks fluent Dutch to a sad and lonely Dutch war refugee girl!)
Meanwhile, Matt’s orphaned niece, Emily, has sent a letter to Santa Claus asking only for her uncle Matt to be happy and find a friend. (Here we are reminded, of course, of the other great Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan romantic comedy Sleepless in Seattle!) Kristi replies, writing as Santa, and Emily sends further letters, and gets more replies, and we see some amusing attempts by Emily to set Matt up with a possible romantic interest. (More Sleepless in Seattle!)
Eventually, happy endings all around, and, implicitly, a ringing endorsement of the goodwill and love that is one of the core values of Christmas!
Not perhaps a GREAT Christmas film, but a VERY GOOD one.
John Gough (Deakin University, retired) jagough49@gmail.com
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on 20 January 2014
I watched it with my daughters (12 and 13) and we all liked it. Of course it is a B movie, but it was entertaining and amusing. Incidentally, it is heavily sponsored by the US postal service (really!) but that's OK. The plot is somewhat far-fetched (I am not going to say what happens, not to spoil the movie to anyone), but that's also OK. After allo, how many more variations on the theme of Santa can you come up with? In the end, it is just another Christmas movie, good for a couple of hours of family watching with kids. For that purpose, however, it's all right.
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on 13 January 2013
I would recommend this movie to anyone, who likes Christmas movies. It is a movie for all members of a family.
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