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on 19 September 2015
This battery has all the 'Dell' info printed all over it. It's listed as 'Genuine Dell ...' But it ain't. It is a third party product, perhaps made and sold under some sort of licencing deal with Dell. The give-away is that the one I received was a marginal, very reluctant fit. The real Dell original slid in and out of the battery compartment absolutely precisely - a totally precision fit. This one did not. Offering it up to slide into place, as per the real original, resulted in it jamming. I thought maybe I was not offering it up squarely but several attempts and still it would not slide in. I was all ready to send it back but tried once again, with a bit more pressure - a lot more than should have been necessary. It stuck but finally slid into place. As I use my laptop on mains power 95% of the time, battery life has not been an issue but my impression is that this replacement does not have the run-time of the Dell original. Replacement batteries for devices like laptops, mobile phones are becoming a lottery. Even so-called 'Genuine Dell/Samsung/whatever' batteries are likely to be our-sourced to manufacturers which just do not make batteries to the original spec. This Dell replacement is an example.

UPDATE. This battery is now running flat as quickly after 5 months as the original Dell battery after several years. Once again an after-market battery [which it is, despite all the Dell stuff printed on it] shows up the very poor quality that these a/mkt batteries - for whatever device - tend to exhibit. If your laptop is still serving you well as a computer, at some stage you will have to accept that once the original battery gets tired, a replacement will not serve to get you back up to road-warrior spec. You will have to accept that you are plugged into the mains for most of the time, with the occasional session of an hour or two off-grid. Very disappointing.
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on 8 June 2016
Like others I was a bit dubious about buying an alternative battery. However, having been quoted £145 by Dell I thought £20 odd pounds worth the risk. My laptop was complaining bitterly about my old battery so I had to do something.

When it came it certainly looked more or less identical to my original Dell battery and it fitted straight away with no problem. Have used it now for three or four weeks and after a couple of times letting it discharge fully it now seems to last almost two hours. That is certainly not as long as my original battery which used to last a good three hours on my 17 inch Inspiron but a good deal better than the 15 minutes I was getting towards the end. I usually have the laptop on mains anyway.
Otherwise I would say the laptop feels possibly somewhat warmer than before but not excessively so.
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on 3 September 2014
I was somewhat concerned whether this would be a genuine Dell product as I find it hard to see how it could be so much cheaper. It certainly says on the item that its a Dell product and looks like the one I had before.

There is one difference I noticed - this one has cells manufactured in China whilst my original battery had cells manufactured in Japan. I've read that cells made in China are lower quality than those made in Japan and that they are therefore cheaper. I don't know where the cells are made for the batteries that Dell sell on their own website but that might explain some of the price differential. So possibly Dell make 2 versions of the battery!

I had no problems putting in the battery and my laptop certainly hasn't rejected it. It's quite nice that its no longer whining at me (well flashing!) to think about getting a new battery! The laptop works fine on the battery - holds a charge for just over two hours which is same as my original ever did. I usually work with it on the mains anyway just sometimes need the battery so I'm hoping it'll last me fairly well. The original lasted 4 years.

To round up I'm pleased with the purchase which still seems like a bargain!
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on 11 October 2017
Now have been using this battery for a month and seems to be doing well giving +2hrs of life. I fully charged it to start with and then run it until it closed down several times and it now takes a 99% charge. Considering this battery is only one third of the cost from Dell it is value for money particularly when like me the computer is around 6 years old.
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on 15 April 2016
It fit my laptop perfectly and works well enough but the battery life between charges is less than the old battery I was replacing. I have an old 19" laptop with reasonable specs that was my old gaming machine now re-purposed for work. It is pretty power hungry and I thought replacing the old battery with a new one would improve that, it didn't. Still useful as a spare but for my big screen it doesn't hold enough juice.
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on 2 October 2017
Bought this after cracking the one of the plastic teeth around the pins that connect to my dell inspiron M5030. Genuine Dell battery slotted straight in and worked perfectly. If only they were a little bit cheaper I would recommend regularly replacing tired old batterys.
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on 26 April 2016
Having decided that we needed a replacement battery for our laptop we made the decision to go for a genuine Dell replacement. The item arrived in good time, just a couple of days, and was the ideal replacement. Very satisfied with the item and delivery time. Would definitely buy from this seller again.
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on 7 April 2015
Wanted a replacement battery for my three year old Dell Inspiron N5010 R laptop. Was sceptical about the product at first. But it arrived very quickly and most of all fitted perfectly into my laptop. So far have had no issues with this battery. After what Dell was asking for their battery £116-00 I am very pleased with
this replacement. I would certainly recommend this seller and product.
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on 15 November 2013
Compared to the price of other similar products, this is truly a great buy, easy to fit, works perfectly with our laptop, no hassle whatsoever - would recommend this purchase.
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on 4 January 2014
I ordered this battery for my Inspiron N5010 laptop as earlier battery was not charging and i was getting notification to change the battery.
Looking at the price difference I was not sure if this is a genuine battery or not but as many other reviews were good I thought I'll give it a try.
This new battery is exactly same as the original battery and charging as expected. It also passed the Dell Diagnostics. Happy with the purchase. It has 12 months warranty advertised, hope it will last longer than that.

I would recommend this battery to those looking for replacement battery.
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