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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
No Love Lost
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 21 September 2012
Love this Band If you dont get it/them YOU ARE MISSING OUT. I dont care if you HAVE TO PLAY IT AGAIN & AGAIN you will gain from the shockingly beautiful art & craft employed. I remember seeing them support the Godfathers & feeling not enough people were cheering loud enough because they were STUNNINGLY good. After I said to the drummer he was brilliant & the band were trying to kill him because the first five numbers would have finished off so many. Sharp, sophisticated, technically brillant with lovely punk attitude. Live a little, learn a lot.
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on 5 January 2015
very happy
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on 2 September 2015
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on 10 July 2012
Blimey, The Nightingales may be "approaching" (ahem!) middle age, but musically they still take no prisoners. Though they were often an awesome proposition throughout the 1980s - singer Robert Lloyd's lyrics second only to Mark E Smith's (who was at his creative peak at that juncture) - the sequence of LPs they've released in the 21st century not only trumps their earlier, seminal recordings but leaves most of their post-punk contemporaries' recent work looking very tired indeed.

Musically, No Love Lost is a raucous wall-of-death collision between "Ice Cream For Crow" & "Read About Seymour", driven by Alan Apperley's incredible 7-fingered guitar mangling . Lyrically, Lloyd is sharper than ever &, frankly, his caustic wit pisses all over the inspiration-free hiccuping MES cobbles together these days.

Mutton to lamb, indeed!
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on 31 July 2016
No lustre Lost

The Nightingales-No Love Lost album has a great national treasure once again providing post-punk precision. Beefheart beats, pulverising power, melodious maelstrom and sonic subtlety spark the lyrical genius of Robert Lloyd. No Love Lost can join a list of achievements by a cult colossus who deserve your attention! Once again across a series of albums either side of this release Lloyd and his associates never stay still in terms of pigeonholing and as a result we are the beneficiaries!
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on 18 May 2012
I don't usually write reviews - but I feel I have to balance the paltry 1-star offered up by the previous reviewer. It's one thing not to like the Nightingales,but to mislead people is "criminal". If you like your music to be rough, raw, punky, spikey, relevant, funny and soulful, then this is for you. If however, you like "well-produced" music to read the Sunday Times to..... Yes this is "Pub Rock" , but for the sort of Pub you'd find in Heaven.
The Nightingales sound fresher than most trad-rock / pop bands around - go see them live for the best experience and look at them through the bottom of a pint glass - you know it makes sense!
This isn't a bunch of old farts who've re-formed just to make easy money touring the old "hits"(Hi, Johnny!)- this is a couple of old farts and some young farts doing something different - expanding and improving on the old, rather than being stuck in it.
Oh - and buy the album so that they can be rich for once!!
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on 26 May 2015
...and one of the finest albums I have ever heard. Just gets better and deeper with time / time spent with it. The Nightingales seem to draw from a bottomless well of irresistable, stomping (and beautiful) riffs and brilliant lyrics. If you love The Fall*, Beefheart, Velvet Underground, New York Dolls, the finest Glam rock (y,know all the GOOD stuff) you owe it to your ears to get this. After a few plays you'll wonder how you lived without it.

(*sorry, tedious ref in this context, I know, but if you follow MES and don't know about the 'Gales, you're REALLY missing out.)
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on 4 July 2012
In common with others, I really feel that I have to write a review to provide a bit of balance to the reviewer that awarded 1-star (btw there are 30 samples to try to prevent such epic fails on expectations).

John Peel liked a bit of Nightingales and he liked a bit of Fall. Since the bands are cut from Captain Beefheart cloth and centre around the social observations of their cunning linguists, they are always going to be compared. I'll be honest. In their first incarnation (79-86), I didn't much care for The Nightingales; too much jangle and the sound didn't seem to progress. But that was then...

Since 2004, The Nightingales have been putting stuff out there for anyone who wants to listen. It's not the smoothest sound - sometimes it jars...but there again, sometimes you get a bit of bassoon floating in. This is never going to be music that you 'get' on the first listen; nor are you going to get to grips with the nuances of Robert Lloyd's prose on first listen. What you get is a music of indefinite parentage - a Heinz 57 mongrel of musical delights which takes time to masticate, digest and enjoy.

In the last few years, The Nightingales have become one of the few guitar-based bands whose albums I pre-order; The Fall have disappeared from that exclusive list.
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on 13 May 2012
Got this album as the Sunday times recommended it. Frankly I wish I had not. The album is not to my taste at all. The songs are a bit pub rocky. Recording Quality is not great either in my opinion. Anyhoo, this is just my opinion.
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on 27 June 2012
This record is great.

It grabs you by the throat and never lets go. The lyrics are dark and extremely amusing and the sheer ferocity of the playing reminds me of Beefheart's Magic Band at its height.

Astounding is the word.
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