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on 15 May 2017
I'm half way through and can't put this down!
Very interesting.... will be putting the recommendations into place!
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on 18 August 2017
This book arrived as stated, but was covered with red pen marks throughout the book.
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on 9 October 2017
Great thankyou
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on 25 February 2017
This book has so much information. My Dad got cancer and I decided to buy this book. What I found out in this book was just shocking and amazing. I also gave this book to my family to read and they also found it really great and helpful to read. You do need allot of time for this book and quiet time as there is So much information in just one page. It is a really thick book as well, but I could not put it down until I absorbed absolutely everything. Great knowledge in this book.
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on 19 January 2014
Excellent book. Very informative. For those of you who wish to lose weight but can't read This! I bought the mass paperback version years ago and it was quite a chore to read because of the fine print and it virtually fell Apart! I wanted a hard back for my collection.

As a result of this book I stopped going to steam and saunas stopped eating certain foods (but now I do due to poor will Power!) started taking certain supplements bought a rebounder and air purifier and other things. A lot of things i already knew, but this book reinforced my knowledge and prompted me to take more and further action. This book gives clear insight into big pharma and just how corrupt they are.

If you b want to make changes to your lifestyle and increase your knowledge on health buy this book, you won't regret It!

If you are serious about making changes in your life
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on 25 July 2005
Generally an author's personal history is irrelevant to a book, presuming the book to be well written and informed. But in this case, that history is essential.
The name "Kevin Trudeau" is probably unfamiliar for most UK readers. Mr Trudeau presented (and owned) two infomercial channels on satellite TV called "Shop America" and a sister channel called "You TV" and did likewise in the US. These infomercials hawked a range of products for improving your golf, your memory, your looks and your health. Most of the claims were harmless (if misleading) but some were downright dangerous. In particular, he sold a line of expensive chalk pills called "Coral Calcium" that he claimed reversed cancer and other life threatening diseases.
The claims were sufficiently misleading (especially those for Coral Calcium) that UK Advertising Standards Authority slapped the channels with £100,000 in fines. But it was nothing compared to what happened to him in the US. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) prosecuted and fined him for a whopping $2 million dollars for hawking Coral Calcium and banned him for life from selling similar products on TV again. This is not the first time he has been in trouble with the FTC or the law either. Past charges levelled against him include credit card fraud, running illegal pyramid schemes, misrepresentation to stockholders and more.. He even served 2 years in prison for passing dud checks while posing as a doctor.
Which brings us to this book. Mr Trudeau is not a doctor, dietician, nutritionist or in any way qualified to offer any kind of medical advice and it shows on every page. He is a salesman with an extremely shady record of using half truths and downright lies to hawk his products.
This book is pitched to play on a "us" and "them" - the FDA and the drug companies who are "conspiring" to keep people sick and to hide cures that work - and Mr Trudeau as a Ralph Nader-esque consumer advocate fighting for "us". In reality Mr Trudeau is what he is, and this book serves as little more than a rant against the FTC and FDA, some common sense advice, a whole bunch of baloney about blood acidity levels and other pseudoscience, and as an extended infomercial for his website. Yes, its an infomercial in book form. It frequently refers you to his site for more info where you'll discover you must pay anything from $10 per month or $500 for "lifetime membership" to see what it says. Judging by this book, the chances are that you'll pay your membership to discover it filled with more nonsense and perhaps even more expensive ways to part with your money.
So in summary take the claims made for this book with a massive grain of salt. Take a time to look through the US Amazon's reviews for this book if you think I'm exaggerating - there are literally hundreds of outraged reviewers to give you a fair impression of this book.
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on 22 May 2014
Thoroughly enjoyed some great ideas and finally the UK sell filters for showers ! My ex g/f has bought your book and has already started it. As a SELF healer of TWO tumours last week had the great news that air was finally getting into my lung past the tumour that was blocking the airway! One hell of a result which was surprised many friends after only 3 months....onwards and upwards...Tony H-H.... England.... P.S.....Our very blinkered Health Service wanted to cut my lung out....!!! So adamant was I that I told them exactly where they could stick their knives as I knew I would win by doing it my way.
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on 14 March 2005
Kevin Trudeau is a good writer, and a good promoter. I am not the sort of person who tends to go to the doctor much, so I am always interested in natural cures and things that I can do for myself, such as diet and exercise-based ideas. I was hopeful that I would find such information here in Trudeau's book.
Trudeau does give some useful information about food products, drugs and pharmaceuticals, but much is left in the realm of fuzzy description, and the more full description requires payment or subscription. Trudeau does talk a lot about the bureaucracy of the Food and Drug Administration as well as the Federal Trade Commission, but one has to wonder how things he claims cannot be published in a book form can be publically accessible on a website and not suffer the same kind of legal liability.
If you are interested in the data about the FTC and FDA, this is worthwhile in some respects. However, I must confess that I was disappointed that I did not get the kinds of directly applicable ideas for healthy living that I had hoped for from this book.
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on 18 January 2014
A fantastic book and certainly makes you sit up and think. It can be a bit heavy at first but when you get through the first part, the rest becomes a lot more interesting.
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on 17 May 2013
We suffer because of lack of knowledge. if we read more, learn more, and take action we can live in a better place.
I confirm that this book is a great source of information, and Kevis is realy corageous. I have notice the changes in my life after starting reading this book.
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