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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2012
By far and away the most uninspired album the man has ever released.
I didn't think it was possible for this once wonderful songwriter, to release something worse than 'Working on a Dream'... just goes to show how wrong ya can be !.

Sorry for the following cliche, but I'm one of those long time Springsteen fans,since I was 17 ,Im 47 now.
I have loved just about everything the man has released from 'Greetings' to 'Magic' , but found 'Working On A Dream' , completely underwhelming , still, maybe it was just a hiccup ?. No such luck !.
Nobody expects the man to re-invent himself , and indeed why would one want him too ? . Don't mess with perfection.
However the songs contained on this album ,are a very long way short of his previous standards.

Take the first track , 'We Take Care Of Our Own' ,
Please don't let me read again that Bruce is angry !!! , as i have done in 7 newspapers/rock mags up to now , this is a tepid at best ,rehash of earlier glories , the lyrics are self plagiarised cliches, completely directionless and damn near ambigious , Bruce asks a lot of questions , (to get us thinking ?, Doh !) , but never attempts to come up with any answers , and that applies to this entire ''angry'' album .
Still how can we expect him to lay blame with the U.S. government ,or say anything radical, when he is practically sleeping with The Boss . Unintended bad pun. Telling us that the Bankers are not a nice lot ,just does'nt cut the mustard. On top of this , the song is horribly over produced ,and what ever little edge ,or spark the tune may have had ,are smoothed over and snuffed out , long before the halfway point , which is roughly where the song becomes a big friendly ,even more commercial, radio friendly sing-along.
Woah Bruce , Calm down, Calm down !!! ?.
Right then , I was planning on expressing an opinion on a few of the others tracks , but as I'm no doubt angering some readers ,(most readers,we all know only the 'fan club' , will be reading this ).... I will shut up shortly , But for anyone interested in hearing both sides of a disagreement , the rest of the tracks on the album are pretty much cut from the same template ,as 'We Take Care Of Our Own', if that single floats your boat, buy the album . If not steer clear.
Ha, Im listening now ,and Bruce just asked me ''if i have the balls ? ''. Maybe I should add an extra star to my review for the CD's humourous content ;) .
I'll give the man this , it took some balls to include that risable photo in the CD booklet, the one with Bruce and the elderly gent, I won't try to describe it , just have a look for yourself and try not to throw up.
Lamentable !
I remain a fan of the first 30 years or so, ... but do you remember those frustrating arguements you'd have , when some dimwit couldnt grasp the vastness between Springsteen and Bon Jovi ? . Head wrecking right ?. Well the good news is that you won't ever have to go thru' it again ! .
Anyway , judging from recent interview's , apparently Mr Springsteen has his sights set on being the new Bob Dylan ! ?????? . I S*** you not !.
Not the ideal start Bruce .
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on 7 March 2012
I have been a Boss fan since 1975 followed everything he has ever done, What is this latest c/d about sorry fans its rubbish
were is the power, the passion, the energy, it sounds like the Boss could not be bothered, the outakes on The Promise were ten times better than this rubbish So dissapointed to throw a Springsteen c/d into the bin but that is where this one is going
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on 13 March 2012
I love Bruce Springsteen's concerts, but his last good studio album of new material was 'Tunnel Of Love' in 1987, 25 years ago. True, last year's double album 'The Promise' was brilliant stuff - but the songs were previously unreleased from 1977-78 sessions and every one is a gem.

Ever wonder why Bruce doesn't play, in concerts, songs from his execrable 1995 album 'The Ghost Of Tom Joad?' It's because the songs are unlistenable. Every tune on 'Wrecking Ball' is worse than anything on that memorably lousy CD, with the possible exception of the lead track 'We Take Care Of Our Own,' which is just about tolerable.

This CD is massively disappointing, turgid drivel and the E-Street Band will be glad their name isn't on the credits. The euphoria that inevitably greets the announcement of a new album by Springsteen will quickly evaporate once people actually hear this dross - and hearing it once will be enough of a challenge for most.
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on 12 May 2012
A mass of empty, boring songs of just another false rich prophet of the poors.
The first track is the only decent, the second is something already heard one thousand times, the rest is pure boredom, some songs are not even music.... like "swallowed up".
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on 22 March 2012
I was looking forward eagerly to this CD, hoping that it might be a return to form after a litany of bad albums, but this time Bruce has really lost the plot. None of these songs is remotely listenable. It sounds like he has flailed around in desperation, adding a bit of Celtic (no thanks!) a dash of rap (no way!) and a dirty great dollop of tuneless folk left over from the gruesome Seeger sessions. What a shabby mess this album is. I just hope he doesn't play this garbage at his upcoming live shows.
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on 29 March 2012
Bruce Springsteen has to be the most Overrated Rock Star of ALL TIME!!!
Wrecking Ball is the most Boring , Uninspiring Album i have heard in a Long Time.
None of the Tracks are any good and all of his Albums sound exactly the same as the Last, Utter Drivel!!!
The River and Born in the USA i would say are his Crowning Glory but everything else sounds like he has either Bronchitis or a Very Bad Sore Throat.
Why the Hell he is called THE BOSS!! i will never know, i don't think he has even any decent clothes in his wardrobe as he is such a Scruff!!!.
Also all these other Pretentious Albums he has brought out over the Last 10 Years such as The Ghost of Tom Joad, The Rising , The Promise are also the most Boring and Dreary Albums I have ever had the Misfortune to sit through.
I Don't think Bruce knows when to give up as from now on all the music you are going to get now from him is Total Pap!!!
Wrecking Ball is a Prime Example of This.
Do yourselves a Favour and Give Ted Nugent and George Thorogood a Listen they are The Real Bosses and Born in the USA.
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