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on 14 March 2017
I really enjoyed this book it took a while to get going but took off at great lengths half way through
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This book was a very cmpelling read it captured the imagination so as you didnt want to put it down
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on 7 May 2013
I brought Every Vow You Break because i totally loved reading cuckoo by julia Crouch. Every vow you break is the worst thriller that i have read. The plot was very boring, the characters were unbelievable and uninteresting. Sadly I would not recommend this book. I would recommend Safe As Houses by Simone VanDer Vulgt out 4th July 2013.
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on 30 July 2017
Having read/listened to this author's excellent 5 star 'Her Husband's Lover', I was looking forward to settling down with this book. Sadly, I have reached chapter 16, about 5-hours in, and just as another reviewer, I simply don't care what happens. I don't feel engaged with any of the characters and the story has shown no substance at this point. I won't continue with it. Too many books, too little time!
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on 15 February 2013
Every Vow You Break is a hybrid of contemporary romance, family drama and psychological thriller. It's not your typical thriller and if your looking for a fast paced whodunit then this probably isn't the book for you.
I felt that the authors descriptions of the vile house and the dirty climate of Trout Island, NY state were really well executed, I could actually sense the grime and the mustiness of the place and I longed for the characters to give their environment a good scrubbing.
But overall I found the characters, especially the protagonist Lara, so frustrating! Lara repeatedly 'sees' and experiences things that are strange and unsettling yet she continues to dismiss them as her eyes playing tricks on her, or her hormones or her excessive wine consumption etc etc. I found this very annoying; basically it was a weak plot device that was used to ensure that the 'strange' incidents weren't revealed until the end.
As the book is written mostly from the pov of Lara we are left guessing as to what is going on but only beause she seems completely dense and unrealistically dismissive of the unsettling incidents; thus her character lacked any authenticity and I didn't really care about what happened to her.
Having said that the descriptions were very good and the sick relationship between the twins was weirdly fascinating, and is probably the reason I saw the book through to the end.
With a bit more effort and some increased character development this book could have been great but as it stands its just average-to-good at best.
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on 31 October 2013
I enjoyed reading this book, and after putting it down was always ready to pick it up again. The pace was rather slow, I thought; halfway through and nothing much had happened.

I didn't particularly warm to Lara as she seemed a bit wet at times, and it irritated me that she seemed to think her daughter Bella should share the child care for her youngest child Jack, although she had very little else to do herself. And unless I missed something, they seemed to have been in the house for several hours before they discovered there was no hot water - did nobody want a wash? Yuck. Lara also unbelievably left her teenage children to pack for a six week holiday themselves, and then seemed surprised when they didn't have enough suitable clothes!!

They were without doubt a dysfunctional family and one of the most interesting facets of the story was the relationship between her two elder children, twins Bella and Olly; Lara seemed totally oblivious although there were numerous clues scattered around. What happened there, not only between the two of them but also with Bella's new American boyfriend, was a real hot potato that sadly was just left to cool off. Pity, as there was real mileage to be had from psycho Olly.

Instead the story concentrated on a rather predictable plotline - I'd worked out who was the baddie long before Lara had. Having said that though, it was still a good read and certainly picked up pace quickly at the end. The ending was a bit unlikely and we didn't get told how they dealt with the messy aftermath; which I thought was a bit of a cop-out.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 August 2012
I was so looking forward to reading this book and when I won a copy in a prize draw was thrilled but it just somehow missed the mark a little.

Don't get me wrong the story is a good idea, its tense and quite gripping but the characters failed to convince me, they all seemed just a touch overblown, caricatures rather than real people I could completely believe in and relate to.

The idea is good, The Wayland family from England arrive in the USA for a summer break with a difference. Mum Lara is bitterly licking her wounds after an abortion she reluctantly went ahead with and is regretting. Husband Marcus a small bit part actor who has come to the US at the invitation of an old friend hoping that involvement with a theatre group may lead to lucrative employment. Twins Bella and Olly and young Jack arrive in Trout island where they discover the accommodation which has been provided falls rather short of expectations and has a sinister air and when strange things begin to happen Lara wonders what's going on if they are being watched or if she's imagining things.

Marcus comes across and such a despicable and unlikeable wimp I can't imagine why anyone would stay with him as long as Lara has, Bellatoo has secrets and I fail to understand why on earth she puts up with what she doees. Nobody seems to have noticed that Olly is 2 sandwiches short of a picnic and heading for being a real psychopath!

5 year old Jack talks and converses for the most part like a 15 year old and the people they meet through the theatre and locally - well they are all so much larger than life none of them ring true.

It keeps you guessing all the way through but I found the ending unsatisfactory, and unlikely and although I read it quite quickly, found it a page turner, in the end it annoyed me and I was left with a slightly bad taste in my mouth and quite disappointed overall.
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on 27 August 2017
No plot. One dimensional characters. Poorly put together. Predictable. Wonder why I wasted the time to finish it. Must do better Julia Crouch.
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VINE VOICEon 4 April 2012
Every Vow You Break is Julia's second book, , which I was keen to read after loving Cuckoo. It tells the story of the Wayland family, who are spending their summer in upstate New York. Marcus has been offered the lead in a new play, and Lara is hoping the time away from home will be good for them all.

The family have their problems.. Lara is recovering from an abortion, with a marriage under stress, and the two older children have secrets of their own. There is a gradual build up at the beginning of the book, as Julia unravels the thoughts and feelings of the troubled family. Alongside this, however, are small mysteries.. things which don't seem that important at the time, but start to warm the reader that something else is wrong.

As the story evolves, the family are reacquainted with an old friend of Marcus - who also shares a history with Lara. As she starts to feel attracted to him, she spends more time with him, unaware of the building danger.

Within Every Vow You Break is the subtle, building tension and danger that was present in Cuckoo, but towards the end it has a more traditional thriller ending. Readers of Cuckoo should love Julia's new step, as should new readers. A highly recommended second book, and I look forward to number three!
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on 29 November 2014
One of those novels that just when you think you have it sussed off it goes in another direction. Not always a bad thing, indeed it can be great fun when you didn't see some plot development or other coming, but in this instance rather than wondering in which way the story would take me I was simply left pondering how much more ludicrous and far-fetched it could get ... not to mention just how much more linguistically advanced the four year old Jack could possibly become.

A difficult book to review without giving anything away but lets just say for those readers looking for a reason to complain about/ban a book for its contents Every Vow You Break offers ample opportunities -abortion, adultery, rape, teenage sex, incest (although this is only hinted at), drug use, and expletives aplenty, its all there (and more) in a novel that ends abruptly as each of the stereotypical characters, their part in the tale tied up, is seemingly ticked off the authors metaphorical check list.

It isn't often that I mourn time lost reading a book but I'm afraid with this particular novel I did.

Copyright: Tracy Terry @ Pen and Paper.
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