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on 19 August 2015
This is a surprisingly well written long series of trilogies. However it is seriously marred by the appalling level of editing. The spell-checker has been misused so badly that in nearly every case where there is a choice between two words the wrong one has usually been selected. It does get in the way of some good storytelling and for that reason my score for these books is lower than it might have been> I would suggest that anyone who is allergic to this type of error think carefully before making a purchase.
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on 10 March 2017
A modern take on a world war, without being too futuristic. The storyline was consistent throughout. The ending leaves you wanting more.
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on 13 March 2017
This is a great fun read and satisfies that sci-fi itch it's the 24 or homeland of the book world in the fact it is addictive and easy to read awesome characters and even better story line it makes you really want the good guys to win and the bad guys to pay.
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on 23 January 2015
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on 14 April 2015
First off, this is quite good value and is actually a trilogy unlike some which are one big book divided into three parts. You really do need to read all three to reach any kind of conclusion. It treads a well-worn path: Earth is invaded by technologically superior aliens, humanity survives to fight back, humanity unites and takes the fight to the enemy.

There are some fairly novel ideas. The aliens land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and their craft gradually expands to cover most of the distance between Europe/Africa and the Americas. They also wipe out our Martian colony and attack the Lunar settlement. Hanging on by their fingernails and guerrilla warfare the colonists await the outcome of the far larger battle on Earth. After being roundly defeated by aliens in power armour the Marines are issued with experimental exoskeletons and more powerful weapons which eventually begin to turn the tide.

The early characters are paper thin, mainly because they die off quickly, but Thomas does manage to develop a handful to fill out the story. There is also the enemy leader who appears but not enough to really care about his passing but many characters are no more than cannon fodder. The aliens are powerful but faceless and have no purpose other than to kill or die. I was also not convinced that the commander of the land forces would be foolish enough to bear a grudge on one of his top officers and cause the death of several brave soldiers.

I did experience something of a down side. As a writer myself I think it is the duty of writers to at least uphold minimal standard of English and grammar and Thomas falls well short of any real standard. Often his prose is sloppy and uses some cliches when a bit of effort would improve his writing a great deal. It seems a lot of current authors are overfond of using "got" when there are many other words they could use. Even worse is the overuse of "gotten" (what does it actually mean?). I am also not happy when British writers use "dove" for dived, and "span" for spun. Finally, and most distracting, is the poor proof reading. If anyone was paid for this task they should return their fee. I don't think I've read another ebook with such poor proofreading. There are many cases of correct spelling but wrong word and occasionally a sentence is incomplete.

Overall a series of books which are good and could have been great with a bit of effort. Recommended but flawed.
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on 17 April 2012
An excellent read, grabs you from the start and makes you want to carry on reading. Yes there are plot holes, but its sci-fi not reality and they don't interfere with your pleasure.

Give it a go, I don't think you'll regret it...

Looking forward to more books from Mr Thomas.
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on 12 April 2013
I even read the sample of this so let that be a lesson. I bought it as a beach read for my holiday. It is true that most reviewers only bother when something is bad and that is why I'm here. This book is appalling.
The premise is rubbish. Eg. A spaceship the size of several countries goes un noticed till it reaches Mars? An alien race powerful enough to have created it has technology just a bit better in battle than human beings a shortish distance into the future?
The book lumbers on from one seemingly unwinnable battle to the next with the heroes somehow scraping through. Then there is a load of contrived BS about the platoon being hard done to in the ongoing fight by the incompetent Generals.. yawn..
As I read the sample I thought. .ok duff plot but maybe ok for the beach. Maybe it will develop and get going. It doesn't. If you like the sample I suggest you just read that five times and that will just about do it.
I've not yet finished it and I feel angry and mugged. So I came here in the hope I could save some one else the trouble. Don't bother with this book. No. Really! Don't!
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on 1 January 2013
The title of the review tends to sum up my feelings - overall an okay read but had so much more potential.

Battle earth tells the story of alien invasion on an not too distant future world, for the most part it appears essentially unchanged apart from a few colonies and world peace. The first book is extremely fast paced and exciting - aliens attack and their superior weapons and technology mean that they are quickly destroying the under prepared earth forces. Epic battles are fought and lost and the book pulls you into the story as you wonder whats going to happen next and what are the next moves in the war going to be? Also who are these mysterious beings and why are they here?

Alas the 2nd and 3rd books seem to go along the same formula - the main character goes from relative obscurity to becoming some sort of super hero that is going to defeat the aliens by himself. Suddenly despite the huge difference in technology the humans have developed within days weapons which seem to easily kill the aliens and I must confess by the time we got to the second or third secret mission behind alien lines (lead by our superhero) I started to think maybe these aliens are just not that smart. Also the action seems to consist of a WWI trench like battle - lots of charging over the top and running into the enemy guns...

The action itself is very good - however I think that I would personally have enjoyed more of a band of brothers idea, everyday soldiers fighting on the front line instead of a band of superheros which seem to avoid enemy gunfire by magic!

Could have been so much better but the first book is worth a read if you're really into this sort of thing?
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on 11 July 2014
Avoid these books entirely unless you are under 13 and just getting started in this genre, the writing is clumsy, cliched, cringeworthy in the main and is chock full of utterly ridiculous one liners. I would quote a couple of examples but I really don't want to even skim read back through the first book. Bottom line is that either the author is translating this from another language which might explain the stilted and unbelievably bad portrayal of the main characters, or these are really popular with younger readers which seems more likely.
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on 12 May 2014
As an ex squaddie the action was excellent and flowing and not far fetched like many sci fi stories.
I recommend this series of books
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