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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 19 June 2006
I rate this film 5 star for its content, drama and the original shooting and production. However, beware some copies of this DVD since at least one version of the transcription from film to DVD has severe faults on the sound track, with pronounced WOW and FLUTTER in some sections which goes on for some while. This entirely spoils the drama and the film for me. I am still trying to find a copy without this defect, so far unsuccessfully.

When so much was spent on this production as the very first in the new format at that time of Cinemascope, with multi-channel stereo sound, it is totally amazing that Fox could allow this gross error in the transcription of this film to DVD. Viewing this DVD in the two copies which I have purchased so far and sent back as faulty, is like going to a run-down cinema where the projectionist is an amateur bungler, and is using a worn and tired copy of a film on the circuit with a worn-out projector which is on the point of expiry and collapse! It spoils the whole experience. The film copy used for the only transcript which I have found so far also is clearly a well-used worn one, with damage to the film emulsion and resulting scratches and flashes on screen.

This film was so good, with such good acting and drama that it really deserves more respect from the people at Fox who got this transcription completely wrong. They just don't seem to be able to make films on this sort of scale or quality any more.

Try to get a good copy of a proper transcript to DVD if one exists. Then watch this with your family. It is a real family film and one which clutches at your heart strings, unless you are the sort of person with no heart at all.
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As you can see – most of the reviews for “The Robe” revolve around the ‘DVD’.

It was released Stateside on BLU RAY in 2009 and fans have expected it to turn up on this side of the pond – it hasn’t.

I say this because the American 20th Century Fox version is REGION A LOCKED – so it will not play on our UK machines unless they’re chipped to be ‘all regions’ (which few are).

So until someone sees fit to release it on a REGION B disc - this is another classic denied us by Region Coding…
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on 27 April 2004
A marvelous epic melodrama, with portions that are emotionally stirring,and with two exceedingly attractive stars, this film ranks high in the"sword and sandals" genre.
This is prime-time Richard Burton, at age27, heavenly to look at and even better to listen to; his crispenunciation makes the English language shine, and though some of hisscenes are a little "over the top", he carries them off with charismaticpresence. Jean Simmons is exquisite as Diana, the woman who has lovedMarcellus (Burton) since childhood, and their screen romance has a raredepth and spark.
Other notable performances come from Victor Mature asDemetrius the slave, with a mute but moving scene at Christ's crucifixion,and Michael Rennie is grand as Peter. Jay Robinson is wonderfully rottenas the vicious Caligula.
I always like a good fight sequence, and there is a brilliantlychoreographed one between Marcellus and a centurion. It is the kind ofswordplay great Shakespearean actors have perfected, and it is a delightto watch.
Directed by Henry Koster, it has an exceptional score byAlfred Newman, and vibrant Technicolor cinematography by Leon Shamroy. Ilike the way the night scenes have a deep blue glow to them, and thecostumes are wonderful. Oscars went to Best Art Direction/Set Design(color) and Best Costume design (color). It was also nominated for BestPicture, Best Actor, and Best Cinematography (color), and was the firstfilm to be released in CinemaScope.
I saw this film many years ago, and had thought it a little silly, but wehave both aged well; I can now watch it repeatedly, and appreciate thedepictions of courage, and the beauty and humanity of it. Total runningtime is 2 hours and 13 minutes.
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on 4 April 2000
It's not often that a family can sit down to home entertainment without fear or embarrassment;this is a must-see movie for all ages.Thoroughly enjoyable story of what might have happened to The Robe,yet focus is drawn to the central character who is not even shown(The Messiah) Great costumes and a terrific performance by Richard Burton.See it!
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on 18 July 2009
I read the book 'The Robe' by Lloyd C. Douglas a few years ago and considered it one of the best novels I have ever read. I was delighted to obtain the dvd recently, starring Richard Burton, Victor Mature and Jean Simmons, but expected it to fall short of the drama and sensitivity contained in the novel. However, I was relieved to find it remained true to the storyline and delivered some powerful scenes and fairly authentic dialogue, costume and scene atmosphere.

It is a wonderful story of a Roman tribune who witnesses the crucifixion of Jesus, his involvement in the soldiers' game to win the robe and the subsequent events which lead him to become a Christian and therefore an enemy of the Roman Empire.

I felt the acting was probably a bit theatrical, but had to bear in mind that it was produced by Hollywood film makers who traditionally always colour their productions and offer irritating background 'movie music' throughout. But if you try and ignore all that and look at the film as a piece of storytelling, I feel it passes as one of the greatest films (based on a book) that I have ever seen. Mature was perfect as the Greek Slave Demetrius and I looked forward to seeing the sequel (not by the same author) called Demetrius and the Gladiators.

I can certainly recommend 'The Robe' which won two Academy Awards in 1953, but is still relevant today as a piece of fiction based on the greatest story ever told.
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In a film slowly becoming dated and due for a remake, we are told the story of a man's struggle to reconcile his guilt with his doubt, and his doubt with the persuasive faith of those he meets. Can a broken man be redeemed?
When watching newer movies, like Mel Gibson's "The Passion," it is easy to forget that it is movies like "The Robe" set the stage, and motivates modern moviemaker to bring in realism.
With Jesus Christ's death and resurrection in the backdrop, with a Roman Catholic-esque tone, Marcellus grapples with the reality of spiritual power. He believes it is in the robe Christ wore, but he quickly learns the robe is nothing. He feels angst and anguish when he touches it.
He meets Judas Iscariot, Simon Peter, Miriam and unnamed disciples. Like "The Mission," this movie is filled with complex characters, less wooden than first glance might lead a viewer to believe.
As guilty as any man could be of Christ's crucifixion, Marcellus knows the passion of his emptiness. He sets to find out what it is that is freeing Christians from circumstances beyond reason, like the joy one woman has despite her paralysis. Why do the Christians continue on, even though they face persecution?
The messages in the movie are more than Judeo-Christian. Hollywood blacklists come to mind as people are commanded under duress to give up names of followers. Living life with and for a purpose, and knowing what we really believe is encouraged. We are shown humility, desire for freedom and messages against bigotry and greed.
As a concept, the story has potential. The plot is strong, but falters in script form. Even the great Richard Burton is denied the opportunity to win an Oscar with dramatic sequences that only whisper could've been more boldly written. The sets may be award winning in their day, but now, we can see the painted stage walls that are meant to seem like a city.
I recommend "The Robe," with hopes that it will inspire a great filmmaker to pick up the script, rewrite it and show us what could be.
Anthony Trendl
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on 27 September 2014
I really like this film in many ways, the acting, the script and the set pieces are all very good, the overall concept is a great idea for a film. I would have thought that they would have remastered the picture, but they haven't, it's very grainy in places and could really do with a good clean up and restoration, I would love to see a remastered 2 disc special edition as this would do it justice and give this first ever film to use Cinemascope the viewing it so richly deserves.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 3 September 2006
This is one of the most inspiring films ever made. It tells the tale of the Roman Centurion Marcellus Gallio, charged with overseeing the Crucifixion of Christ and the fate of the Robe of Christ which was taken off him during the Crucifixion. The power emanating from the Robe he wore had a telling effect on all who came in contact with it especially the centurion who won the Robe in a gambling game at the foot of the Cross. Beautifully told and acted. Richard Burton was excellent as the Centurion with Jean Simmons as his love interest. Thumbs up to Victor Mature for his excellent portrayal of the centurion's defiant slave. This is a very spiritual and inspiring movie and one I think every viewer will enjoy as it has much to offer. They sure don't make them like this anymore.
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on 4 August 2014
This Blu-ray version of The Robe is unfortunately not available in Britain on region 2 and it is such a shame because the picture transfer compared to the dvd is truly outstanding.The Blu- ray also has many great extras that include a comparision of the Cinemascope version and a 4.3 normal version made at the same time in case cinemascope failed.Those of you fortunate enough to have a multi region Blu -ray player like myself I would recommend this purchase just feel sorry for the many movies fans out there who are unable to see The Robe in this splendid new transfer
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on 27 July 2012
The picture and sound quality resulting from the restoration work done by Fox for this blu-ray release is exemplary. It honestly makes the DVD edition look like a blurry mess in comparison. Truly outstanding.
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