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on 29 December 2012
The 43inch Samsung is a great tv. I thought of buying the panasonic or the LG as I have been told they are better TV's but I am extremlly hapy with my purchase. The delivery service was very quick and I would recommend this TV to anyone thinking of buying a plasma.
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on 16 October 2012
Firstly, next day delivery when it is Citylink and Northern Ireland are a joke! Why not use Royal Mail (Parcelforce)?
This is not the first time that CityLink just did not deliver. TV was ordered on Thursday for delivery Friday. That was then changed to Saturday and finally delivered after six o'clock on Monday, but still better than my last order delivered by CityLink where the replacement product was delivered nearly a week before the first order!
My take on the PS43E450: best value for money and simple to install and operate. None of the fears raised by the more negative reviews materialised and I had it up and running in minutes. Of course I had to play around with the settings but that is just because I am a man and like gadgets.
I went to a number of showrooms and must admit the plasma TV did not look as good as the equivalent (but more expensive LCD and LED) TV's but I still went for it and that was the right decision. The showroom environment, with bright lights does not do justice to this TV.
Go for it - you will not be disappointed (except maybe for the delay in getting it delivered if it is Citylink).
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on 9 August 2012
I purchased my E450 last month to replace a 32" LCD and first impressions were brilliant. But the screen has a high-gloss finish and it reflects absolutely everything in the room... and if there's a light source in the room, then you can forget seeing anything on the TV! This is exagerated if you have windows anywhere in the room. Our living area is an open plan design with windows all around and in this environment the E450 is totally unwatchable, especially during daylight hours! I called Samsung to ask if they did a screen guard or filter that might help, but they don't and their technical people were quite patronising and generally useless.

And before we get someone in saying this affects all TV's (which is what Samsung's techs tried to say)... sorry, wrong... our 32" LCD has sat in the same spot for over 5 years without issue. This is a design fault of this particular TV because of the ridiculously glossy, mirror-like screen and the forums seem to confirm that fact.

So, if (and only if) you plan to buy this TV to put in a darkened room (home cinema) then I cannot recommend it highly enough. If it's for placing in any building where people move or where windows are anywhere near.... then it's totally useless!
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on 9 May 2012
Very good performance and specification for the price, this t.v. has a good picture and fair sound quality, it has a good wide range of menu settings like gamma, dynamic contrast setting's that help you to tweak the picture to your liking. Beware that the L/R Phono plugs are for input not output, no way then I can see of using separate Hi-Fi amp fed speakers.
The picture has far better contrast than the 5 year old Sony Bravia 32'' LCD t.v that this replaced. The only real reservation I have about the picture quality is the rather soft wooly S.D. Freeview,t.v. In fact a good standard def DVD is better than the ordinary freeview picture. The picture is a lot better in High Definition Freeview, fed by a Sharp high defination box. I would say this set is much better suited to H.D than standard definition use. The often talked of noise is no louder than any CRT t.v. and not much sign of the dirty screen syndrome noticed.
The rather low quality definition of standard Freeview on large screen t.v. is often complained of, I don't know if you would be able to get much better than this, buying a more expensive set. I would advice you to check carefully that any other set, you are considering buying will give you any great improvement, in picture quality than this one.
There is a very recent large firmware update on 12.4.2012 number T-MST9DEUC_1011.0
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on 21 July 2012
The deal maker for this was the guaranteed next day delivery since my other TV was on the fritz, Sadly guaranteed clearly means different things to different people and it seems I was guaranteed to get an email saying my delivery was delayed!

The TV itself is ok for the money, pictures good and clear and HD looks good but the sound is terrible very tinny with no body to it.

The connectitvity is pretty poor with the bare minimum of connections but thats to be expected for the price.

So a good budget TV and you get what you pay for, in fairness the delivery problems may have coloured my views a little.
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on 27 March 2013
I had two concerns about this TV: at 51", was it going to be too big for the lounge? Subjectively it's not, it's perfect. The other worry was the relatively low resolution of 1024 x 768 and how it would look when displaying "real" HD. Again, no worries at all: the scaling function on the TV works to perfection and from four feet away I can't tell how many "dots" there are.

I wanted to connect three HD devices: an Xbox 360, a Virgin TiVo and a 2nd generation Apple TV. The Samsung has only two HDMI inputs... The solution was to run the Xbox and TiVo through an auto switching HDMI box (purchased from Amazon for a few quid) connected to HDMI input 1, and the Apple TV connected to HDMI input 2.

The initial set up and configuration was a breeze, taking minutes, although playing around with the many display and audio settings could take you hours of fun tweaking here and there. ;-) I've got to compliment Samsung on a clear and intuitive interface with many options. And the display is rich and there's no motion blur etc. Undoubtedly the best TV picture I've seen.

I intended to use the Samsung's optical out to connect all three of my devices to an amplifier using a single cable, but it seems the TV's optical out is stereo only! My Internet search suggests this is quite common for TVs in this price range. In my tests, a 5.1 sound source is simply muted, resulting in no optical sound output at all! The solution here was to connect the Xbox, TiVo and Apple TV's optical outputs individually to the corresponding amplifier's inputs.

Updating the firmware (which Samsung updated earlier this month) went without issue using a Windows FAT32 formatted memory stick. It took a couple of minutes.

I've not set up Freeview, so I can't comment on that unfortunately.

Finally, the issue that some folks have with tinny sound is not apparent to my ears. Granted, I always intended to listen to audio through a 5.1 sound system, but natively the TV does an acceptable job in my opinion.

At the current price of just over £400 for a budget 51" TV, I don't think you can go wrong.
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on 25 February 2013
I have had this TV for 5 days now. All I can say is buy it now! What a bargain!
I got this through the Amazon warehouse deals. If you look carefully you will see these TVs go cheaper if they are opened box customer returns. Ordered Sunday afternoon arrived Wednesday morning at 8.30 am. This arrived sealed in the original box. As far as I can tell it had never been out of the box. Everything inside had it's original packing,all sealed. When I fired up the TV, it went straight to auto tune setup which tells me this has never been used. I got it for a shade over £280.

In 2007 my friend bought a similar LG 42" plasma for £1299!

Don't worry about picture quality. I was worried because in the
big stores the plasma TVs look a little dim and washed out compared to the new LEDS. However in isolation in a home environment, this is not the case. I think the stores deliberately put the settings to make them look as bad as possible so they can sell the more expensive TVs.
The whites are not dazzling like LEDs but that can be hard on the eyes anyway. The plasma is more natural with softer edges.
You don't get that horrible 3D effect you sometimes see on more expensive TVs when they are not meant to be 3D.
The colours are stunning and rich and there are plenty of settings to get everything just perfect.
Tron Legacy and Prometheus look gorgeous through a high definition feed. I have seen many TVs including multi thousand pound Panasonic sets and to be honest the minor quality increase you get is definitely not worth the extra.
Watching Stargate when they are running around in the semi dark, I could still see every detail. Also a big improvement on plasma are the blacks. Watching fireworks looks very natural with very good contrast and black IS black.. Motion is smooth when the camera is slow panning. Fight scenes don't get muddled and you can see all the action. This is a 600Hz TV so refresh speed is not going to be a problem. Also don't worry about it not being 1080p. I forgot about that in the first 5 minutes. My friend has an older 1080p and the quality on that is not a patch on this. The sound will be a problem for some people. I have 2 way system with sub woofer that cost under £20 which plugs into the headphone socket. Job done! There is no PC input or DVI . So you might have to invest in a budget HDMI graphics card for the PC for under £20. This TV is made for movies in HD. Don't expect the 6 o'clock news or low quality terrestrial feeds to look as good. But that is the same for all TVs.
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on 9 July 2012
Had the TV for a couple of weeks now, and it's getting better and better as days pass.
The colours are beautiful and vibrant, slim frame, plenty of options to find the best image for your own taste.
As someone stated in another review, there is no left, right phono out plugs, but all you have to do is buy a phono to jack converter from Amazon or any electrical store (about £1 - £2) and bam, perfect sound.
My last TV was a samsung 40" 1080p LCD and was spectacle on buying this as its only 720p but don't be fooled(its all about distance - more than 4 feet away, 720 - if closer 1080p), it looks WAY better. Esp for watching HD channels, as they broadcast at 720 anyway. Games also look amazing!! PS3 and my TIVO box say that the recommended resolution is 1080p for some reason :s Apparently the TV will just down scale to 720p but it does look better if you set it at 720, obviously.
PROS: Colour, Settings, Size for PRICE!
CONS: Only 2 HDMI ports, although i only need 2, but would prefer more... cannot complain for a £500 TV tho.
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on 12 February 2013
the television has a very good picture,it came when specified and in very good condition.It was easy to set up and looks great
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on 12 August 2012
Excellent picture quality and probably the best value for money TV on the market (at the price we paid). Highly recommended.
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