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on 1 July 2012
I bought this TV to replace an ageing Toshiba 32" LCD and after three days of ownership I'm exceptionally pleased, for the price this TV is a complete bargain! Both HD and SD picture quality is excellent, once you've fiddled with the settings (out of the box its very bright, saturated and contrasty). Use with an XBOX is very good, I have it hooked up to a Humax Freeview HD box and a Western Digital WDTV player, both of which look great on the TV. I've not tried the built in Freeview tuner so can't comment on that. Built in speakers are what you'd expect from a TV, I hooked mine up to the stereo as quickly as possible! It may be *only 720p* but I don't have any 1080p sources, so that wasn't an issue for me and besides, 720p still looks amazing.

There are a few cons to consider though.

Connectivity - One SCART socket is a little tight, two HDMI is manageable considering how cheap HDMI hubs are. No RCA connections for output to a stereo is a bit rubbish, there is an optical output but those with older equipment like myself will have to use the headphone jack, which in fairness works OK and still sounds miles better than the built in speakers.

Reflective screen - perhaps this is just due to being used to a matt finish on the old TV, but the screen does seem very reflective, distracting when the room is bright and you can see a reflection of yourself!

If you're looking for a really good TV that doesn't cost a fortune, this is it.
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on 31 August 2012
This is a great TV for the money, picture is great, and set up was easy and simple, we have our's on the supplied stand and it looks good too. Only issue I have is the sound/speakers, it's a bit tinny, so we invested in a set of external speakers with separate sub woofer, ( Speedlink SL-8209-SBK Vivo 2.1 Subwoofer System - Black, about £30 on Amazon )which plug into the headphones jack on the rear and it transforms the whole experience, as I say for this type of price.....FANTASTIC TV !
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on 31 July 2012
I've had this set exactly a week now and i'm really pleased with it, however if you have a short temper this may not be the TV for you. The preset picture levels are absolutely awful and to be perfectly honest make the TV virtually unwatchable, however after plenty of reading around the AV and Tech forums, and no small amount of tinkering on my part calibrating the set it is now displaying a truly stunning picture.

It's a good idea to have two presets ( one on standard mode and the other in movie mode ) for your viewing needs, the standard setting used during daylight or in a brightly lit room, and the movie mode for when the room is dark. These presets can easily be switched via the Tools button on the remote. Ignore the Dynamic setting altogether, there are limited options for changing it, and it is truly awful !

Other buyers have mentioned that it only has SD Freeview, this is indeed the case. However ( if like me ) you are only going to be viewing a TV source via a SKY+HD box this doesn't matter to you because you'll never use the freeview.

It has also been mentioned that it is only 720p HD, again this is the case. This will only matter to you if you are going to be doing a lot of viewing via a BluRay player which is 1080p ( and even then you would be nitpicking ). If you are watching SKY+HD it only outputs at 1080i and displays a near perfect picture.

If you have multiple devices that you want to be able to connect to the TV you may have issues. The TV only has 2 HDMI inputs, this means that if you have SKY or Virgin / a playstation / a BluRay player etc etc / you'll only be able to have two of them permanently plugged in.

Lastly a little feedback for Amazon customer services, they are absolutely brilliant !

I ordered the TV and paid extra for next day delivery, it arrived as promised the next morning, however the TV was smashed right across the screen. After just a 2 minute phone call it was replaced the very next day, my extra payment for next day delivery was also refunded. You really can't get much better customer service than that.

All in all i'd ideally like to score the TV as 4.5 but I can't, it's not a 5 because of the amount of messing needed to achieve the desired picture and the fact that it only has 2 HDMI inputs.
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on 26 December 2012
For the money this tv is almost impossible to beat. A decade or so ago you would have paid thousands for a 43 inch plasma tv, not 300 quid! What a bargain. The picture is really good when fed by a HD signal (most people would be hard pushed to tell the diference between 720p and full HD), no noticeable motion blur, excellent deep black levels and contrast.

It would seem churlish to criticise this tv in view of the price, but a review should also highlight the bad as well as the good, so:
Firstly, the sound is appalling. I don't know how anyone can say this tv sounds good or even ok. The problem is the tiny speakers fitted into the attractive, slim frame design. The sound is harsh and tinny, but plug in a decent sound system and you are sorted. Just make sure you get to hear one before you decide to buy. This tv looks like a £600+ job until you hear it!
Secondly, connectivity is somewhat limited, this probably won't bother the majoriy of users, but check if you have a lot of set top boxes, games consoles etc to connect.
Thirdly, it's a plasma! A few years ago LCD tv's were miles behind plasmas in terms of picture quality, but now it is hard to tell them apart and LCD tv's have become more popular than plasmas. Plasmas use more juice and are more prone to screen burn, and some consider them to be a bit lesss reliable than LCD's, but in view of the price it's hard to get worked up about it.

So, to sum up, a fantastic picture at a brilliant price, let down big time by the sound quality, but use an external sound system or one of those new fangled 'sound bars' and just enjoy the screen! Connectivity a bit limited and together with only 720p HD you can see where the corners have been cut to keep the price low, but with a 43 inch picture this good I can forgive a lot.

PS. I wrote this review whe this tv was a lot cheaper (£299!), I doubt now whether I would still rate it so highly in terms of value for money.
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on 23 July 2012
I bought this TV because of the good reviews so i dont know whether i had a duff one or not.I just could,nt get the picture right, even with cell light,brightness and contrast set to max the screen looked dark and the Whites looked muddy. In movie and dynamic mode it made it look worse. I ran Gladiator through the DVD and the opening scenes where they are all in the wood i could barely see. When Maximus went into the sunlit arena the picture was good but when he was in the tunnel waiting the picture was way too dark to see anything. This happened in all programs and not just on DVD. Tried adjusting all the other settings ,gamma,Red Green and Blue tint etc etc and nothing made a lot of difference.I was really looking forward to owning this TV as it was going to replace my Sony Trinitron CRT. I could have ordered another one to see if it was any better but to be honest its put me off of buying it now. As always Amazon were as good as ever.
I found the sound to be very good with plenty of adjustment to suit all tastes.
Hope this review helps instead of confusing
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on 14 July 2012
Excellent product! very happy with this purchase, branded name at very good value, perfect picture and sound. I am so satisfied i am thinking of buying another for my bedroom!!!
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on 9 June 2013
A brilliant TV for the price (I bought the 51 inch version). I managed to find my TV at a different retailer to Amazon where the prices were around about the same but I managed to take advantage of some additional discount offers.

Unlike some other reviews on here I can confirm that the Samsung PS51E450 does indeed support Full HD - 1080p resolution. I have confirmed this by playing back 1080p movies via a Blu Ray player and 1080p MKV video files from an external USB drive and can confirm that they are showing as expected in brilliant 1080p resolution. So not just a 720p TV as some assume after all.

The picture is sharp either using 1080i resolution which I am using with my Tivo box or 1080p using any Blu Ray sources.

Some people have also stated that it is difficult to hook this TV up to a Home Theatre system also or to use any external audio output.

I have also had no problem doing this. Simply plug a "lead-in to 2 x phono output" cable in to the headphones socket and you will have your standard phono output that most (older) Home Theatre systems will expect as an input.

The menus also make changing picture settings a breeze and are easily navigable.

All in all a very good purchase and my only complaint is the slight lack of output sockets on the TV but this has easily been overcome (with a little thought) and I have been able to hook up a games console, TV, home theatre, Blu Ray player, external USB and Tivo without any issues.
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on 8 September 2012
The 51" Plasma Samsung PS51E450 is a very good product for the low price and quite stylish too, an excellent upgrade from my previous Samsung 42" I bought 6 years ago, its bigger but lighter and more eco friendly using almost 1 third less power consumption.
The only slight disapointment was after 6 years they had not improved the amount of connections, yes it had 2 HDMI slots but you have to use one for the PC, as I read it had 2 x HDMI plus PC connection (not so), so really I am back to 1 HDMI for playstation and Tivo like my old samsung which had a dedicated PC connection.
Overall the other things had obviously improved over the years including better prices, £500 51" now, £1200 42" 6 years ago.
If you dont connect many items via HDMI then go for this as the rest of the TV is quite amazing for the bucks.
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on 12 April 2012
can't say if it's the size of the TV or the picture quality the TV has or its slim frame that gives it its elegance but this TV is simply beautiful. It makes a statement in bedroom. Its picture quality is awesome and its usability very good. I don't think anyone should regret buying this TV because even after nearly two week of purchase its extremely good . in asda this week for sale £299 yes £299 what a tv for that.( in store price )
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on 29 December 2012
The 43inch Samsung is a great tv. I thought of buying the panasonic or the LG as I have been told they are better TV's but I am extremlly hapy with my purchase. The delivery service was very quick and I would recommend this TV to anyone thinking of buying a plasma.
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