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on 7 April 2012
I bought this TV to replace a 2010 19" Toshiba that was in our bedroom (I have moved the old TV to the kitchen) and the difference in picture quality is staggering. Firstly the extra 3" makes a lot of difference to the viewing pleasure as I found the 19" model just a bit too small to watch DVD's comfortably. The first surprise was the picture it is incredibly sharp and bright and the LED back-lighting really does bring the picture to life.
I have now watched about 6 or so DVD's and although motion blur hasn't been eliminated completely it has been reduced to an almost indistinguishable level.
The other great surprise was the thickness (or lack of!) this TV including the DVD player it is a mere 54mm thick, if you could take away the lump of the DVD player it would reduce to 42mm thick!
Initial setup (for Digital TV) was incredibly simple with a very easy step by step process that is presented to you as soon as you turn on for the first time, if you have your aerial lead plugged in then you really can't go wrong.
The menu system is also incredibly simple with a graphic driven interface making light work of all settings.
The sound is clear and crisp with the option of Dynamic Bass and an Equaliser to configure the audio to your liking, listening to the audio through headphones is also good, none of the hiss/crackle/white noise that is sometimes present with other TV's.
The USB port on the side is fast and the remote control has a dedicated access button for the USB, with a simple Graphics driven menu.
The remote control is one of the better laid out versions, although the buttons are quite small. There is also a dedicated 'INFO' button that displays the INFO banner across the bottom of the screen; lots of channel info, current program and next program is displayed.
The DVD player is relatively quiet and cannot be heard when any audio is present.
The power consumption is incredibly frugal, being only 21W when on and less than 0.5W when in standby mode. An interesting feature/quirk/oversight is the power on LED, when you switch to standby it turns red but after several hours (not sure how long because I fell asleep) it starts to flash red/green and in a dark bedroom this soon woke me up and forced me to turn the TV off.
Reading the above you would be forgiven for thinking there is nothing wrong with this model, however there are some shortcomings and I will cover these next.
The first irritation is the LED light bleeding from around the edge of the screen, admittedly this only happens on a completely black screen and is only in certain areas but it is annoying.
At this point I should mention that I have wall mounted this unit because it leads onto my second irritation.
The single HDMI socket has been placed on the back panel near the middle next to the Scart, Antenna, VGA and Audio out connectors; if, like me, you connect several devices through the HDMI socket then the position of this is about as bad as it could be; I have to get a small stool and crane my neck around the back of the TV in order to be able to insert the HDMI lead into the HDMI socket, I do not like to leave an unsightly HDMI lead dangling from the TV and so find the absence of the side mounted HDMI socket incredibly annoying, why couldn't they put the HDMI socket on the side next to the USB port as they did with their previous model?
It is these last 2 points that prevent me from awarding 5 stars.
So to summarise :-

Picture Quality
TV thickness
Setup and Menu System
Lack of motion blur
Quiet DVD player
Good 'INFO' button/banner
A whole host of power save features

LED backlight bleeding in certain areas - when viewing black screens
HDMI socket in the wrong place
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on 5 January 2013
wanted a bedroom TV and this one worked fine.
+ve points
1 price
2 combo DVD
3 picture is good.
-ve points.
DVD is noisy when working
remote control feels cheap and buttons too small ( also writing on them too small )
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on 24 November 2012
Very pleased with it except for the sound which is a bit "tinny". I suspect it is because the speaker is at the back and it is echoing of the walls.

Good picture and the 22" is ideal for the kitchen area.

Have still to use the DVD player but it was included with the occasional visits of the grandchildren in mind.

Overall 4*
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on 20 February 2013
Super TV. Very easy to set up and picture excellent. Looks good in our bedroom. Nice and slim so not taking up too much room
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on 3 January 2013
I bought this for my kitchen and it is perfect. The room floods with sunshine and the picture quality is excellent. On the down side, and only when playing music, the sound is very tinny and no amount of equaliser adjustment can improve it. Connected speakers from an old hi-fi and now very happy.
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on 4 June 2012
Got this 6 weeks ago so we had a 2nd TV for when the main TV was being hogged by the new Sky Sports package. It had to be good quality and have a built-in DVD player so we were quite happy to spend a bit more than the bare minimum necessary.

Picture quality is excellent, so is the DVD player - and very slick in operation, just slide a DVD in and off it goes. (Note that the player is on the right hand side. Perfect for us but it would have been a pain on the other side.)

The sound, however, is not good. I think it's by-product of the small size and light weight of the TV because it's not unbearably bad. You get used to it and don't realise it's poor until you go direct from the main TV (an excellent 37" Panasonic) to this one.

Overall, we are happy enough with this but the poor sound still niggles a bit :(
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on 23 May 2012
[Update 21/01/2013: the tv is now suddenly black and white only, thus changing my rating to 1 star..}

The TV will turn on automatically after you've switched it off maybe in few hours. This was reported by someone else as well earlier in his review. If you watch a DVD in the evening and turn it off it might turn on during the night and start playing the movie. This happened to me as well when I went to work to find it playing a DVD when I came back home.
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on 10 October 2012
I needed to write a review on this product - as I had um'd and arr'd about buying it .....having read several of the reviews.

On the positive:

I found this TV to be of excellent quality in both sound and picture and as TVs go ...it looks good too. I removed the slight tinny sound by bringing in the bass sound option and did not experience any negative light problems from the backlight ......as I did not switch the backlight option on. My view / opinion, be selective on what's on offer in the spec....don't just grab everything in ....just because you can.....set it up to work for you :)

Set-up: It was so easy to set-up which I did with a brand new SkyHD box!!...and I'm not tecky!!!

All in all, a much better picture than the picture I have on my recently purchased Samsung smart TV of the same size.

On the negative ....and this is only slight, the 'new' batteries were dead on arrival - so hampered the setup for 5 mins until I realised it was the remote control batteries at fault and not the TV ....so needed to replace with some of my own..... and as a previous reviewer had said - the BUTTONS and writing on the remote control are sooooooooo small, come on Toshiba....sort it out!

Overall: A truly great product with fantastic picture and sound quality with the addition of a built in DVD player - which I must add is pure magic and so easy to use. You just push the DVD into the side slot and the mechanism pulls it in. To eject you just press the eject button below the DVD slot (on this model the DVD slot is to your rightside with TV facing you).

I have no hesitation in giving it 5 stars, just remember to have your glasses to hand if you don't have 20:20 vision for the remote.
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on 18 May 2012
Delighted with everything about this product except the sound quality which is very 'tinny' and what I would associate with a cheap radio. However, the price, prompt free delivery, easy set-up and picture quality are all excellent. I will look into purchasing a pair of speakers to remedy the sound issue - others have commented similarly and one explanation I read was that the slim lines of this model are the cause of the problem. Presumably the slim lines do not allow the depth that would result in better speakers and sound production?
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on 9 May 2012
Bought tv in april, read comments on other tv's, most were average. Saw this tv advertised, too new to have any reviews. It was just what we wanted for the bedroom, in white 22inch etc. Very good delivery, next day. Set tv up, superb picture, but the sound quality is what can only be described as rubbish! So so disappointing, all you need from a tv essentially is a good picture and good sound! not much to ask for.Ive tried all the options on the sound adjustments, but to no avail! Have had to go and buy an amp and speakers now to run with tv. Also when you plug into the headphone socket for audio out, the left to right balance does not work !! Another small point, when scrolling up and down the channels, the screen dims so much after about 1second you can't actually see whats on the screen until the program cuts in !!!!!
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