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on 15 January 2013
I've been a fan of Doug Stanhope for a while and have all of his DVD's back to 'Word of Mouth' which you can only get from his website or that of 'Sacred Cow.' I've also seen him live a couple of times over the years which have always been great nights out.

It's safe to say that Doug Stanhope is not for everyone. He's very, very edgy and those who are quite easily offended would be best to steer clear of his performances, in the way that I'd tend to avoid Peter Kay as I find him too bland. It's just not my kind of comedy. If you're unsure as to whether he's likely to be for you, he regularly features on Charlie Brookers 'Wipes' and you can find a lot of his skits on YouTube.

Whilst half of the fun of a Stanhope performance is watching him go off on his rants, lately he seems to be getting less 'funny' with it and more 'bitter' which is getting harder and harder to watch. I noticed this trend on the 'Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere' DVD and also the 'From Across The Street' CD. As such I frequently return to his earlier material when I want a laugh and his later stuff less so.

There's still some great guffaw material to be had here, as there is on the two titles mentioned above. There are also some deleted skits on the disc one of which (The Mel Gibson one) is priceless and should have been left in the main concert, in my opinion.

The package is a good deal, as along with the DVD you also get a separate CD included so you can rip it to 'enjoy' this concert on the go.

All in all I'd give this a cautious thumbs up, with the caveat that people new to Stanhope would be better off starting with 'Deadbeat Hero' or 'No Refunds' which are readily available in the U.K., cheaper and show Stanhope nearer his best.
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on 3 April 2012
It's our only hope.

Excellent material. Stanhope's an amazing writer and it's all thanks to booze, cigarettes and (removed for legal reasons).

Well played, sir.
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on 1 August 2014
One of the best comics ever
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on 4 May 2012
Happy hour? Yeah, you'd think it was all doom and gloom but when I listened to the audio version of this I really needed a sane voice to give me a bit of cheer. Doug is that sane voice and did he cheer me up? Hell yes. I laughed and smiled and cheered right up. So it is comedy, not just politics in case you were wondering. In fact, this is Doug on a laugh, not trying to change the world. But with elegant paradox - he achieves both.

Is it for everyone? Not really. If you look at speeches by recent US Republican candidates and feel a warm glow, this isn't for you. If you like to get all fired up and offended by other people's different viewpoints, this might just make your blood literally boil in your veins. And that's something I'd pay a dollar to watch. Like the Scanners finale I'd imagine. If you don't like the sound of one man intelligently thinking for himself, somewhat outside the increasingly narrowing mainstream, and inspiring you to think for yourself and challenge your own lazy views? Again, probably not for you.

In summary, lots of fun for some, and hilarious if you like getting elegantly munted to survive your day in this sometimes joyful world who's mainstream can be occasionally a hell dimension of abject horror. And you have the jaded listless sexual appetite of a 60-year-old colonel.

Five stars then.
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on 31 May 2012
I saw this guy in the UK and he had me in stitches, particularly in one of his last rants in which he slates the UK and compares it to the USA. (Still trying to find a clip of that) Before turning the gun on himself is nothing short of comic genius. An amazing album and probably the best of the year. You want to grab the mass trash of pop culture, and sit them down in front of this guy for an hour, open their eyes to what they are being subjects of, because let's be honest, the best comedians of all time have always made you laugh, and made you think.
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on 7 November 2012
I think this is his ninth (official) release and there is still no sign of him running out ideas or rehashing old material. Stanhope's ability to come at topics from unexpected angle never ceases to amaze. If you are brave you will find yourself repeating some of this as if it were your own. If the world wasn't so sensitive this guy would be incredibly famous.
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on 14 August 2012
A great show from Doug Stanhope. Be it talking about Mitch Hedberg's drug use or mocking the "addiction" specialist Dr Drew this show clicks on lots of levels. Well worth checking this out!
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on 15 March 2012
This Stanhope album answers questions ive asked myself for 25 years with trust and clarity that will make Ibogaine tap out. At first i was just mildly depressed now im convinced that i must stop delaying the inevitable and the only way to any relief is i must kill myself. Thank you stanhope for making the answer so clear. This will be my last purchase on Amazon. Thank you ... Boooooom !
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on 4 May 2012
It's all very well selling yourself as a stand-up.But then you add "comedian" and you have to back it up. This guy has made US celebrity critical mass. Doesn't have to be funny, so he isn't. Just unloads on the people he hates. Even the audience appears embarrassed. If you want to see a funny, bitter, American comedian, seek out Bill Hicks. This guy confounds Darwinian Theory - which is probably his aim.
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