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From personal experience I cannot speak highly enough about this little flashlight. These really are fantastic wee torches for the money. I bought one a year or so ago and it's still performing without issue so I sourced Amazon for exactly the same brand (HWA/WYS Ultrafire with CREE LED) and ordered five of these in different colours. As for the lumens debate I see in the other reviewers comments, I cannot say. Here is how I judge this torch. Went out the back of the house in the dark and turned it on and the back garden was lit up. Slide the lens up and a perfect CREE chip spotlight appears and boy is it powerful. All the light I would ever need from a small torch.

In summary, this flashlight is designed to be a small EDC pocket torch with a nice wee pocket clip. The light it emits is IMHO more than sufficient for EDC purposes and much more (again, it's a powerful wee torch). If you really need something brighter still then I would recommend the following model 2000 Lumens CREE XML T6 LED Zoomable Flashlight Torch Skid Proof Fit AAA 18650 which is also a fantastic flashlight for the money, also by UltraFire. Love these wee torches :-) IMHO the Best Small EDC Flashlight you can buy. If you found this review helpful then please tick the YES box below. Thanks.
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on 27 August 2016
Good quality little torch.

This is a great torch for the size and cost! I originally got it just to clip onto my uniform so I could write easier in the dark, and see when I am going across fields, or more often than not nowadays searching in regular streets that the council have decided to turn all the lights off in!

The torch has 2 different light level settings as the brightest one is too bright to be able to see the paper! The lower one means I can see it without being blinded.

The torch is zoomable and has steady light and strobe light and for a small torch does emit some good light.

The torch is brilliant for clipping around for quick use, the clip however is tight and can get stuck on things if you arent careful.

Its not a bad torch for the size, has a decent range and a decently bright emission.

Good size for clipping to your belt, to your jacket, to a rucksack. Small enough to pop into your pocket or a bag without issue. Fits in my pocket of the uniform trousers no issue
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on 18 November 2016
First a small critique, there is no "o" ring for true waterproof and the threading on tail cap and lens assembly could be better . That said .... What a bloody amazing little torch ( old version)

NEW VERSION. Slight disappointment.( update march 2017 - new version # no o rings for waterproof and No triple mode ---- just a simple on / off. .. Also slightly smaller length. ... The top collar has drilled venting ( new version) and a gold sticker to warn of brightness) NEW VERSION ####

I utilise at work one ( AA) LED "maglite" and thoroughly used it to extinction. . This was meant to be a "cheap" stop gap. Imagine my surprise when it arrived, nice machining, bad ass looks, bright and slick zoom action. Runs well on one AA battery and fits into a small pocket. The belt clip is a little flimsy but ideal on my chest radio hook... For under £2 this was an easy buy. .. So much so three more ordered. .. Please note - keep orders small (under 3 at a time) or postage is steep.
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on 24 March 2016
This little gem would be remarkable for the price if the on/off switch worked as it should. Good points - its well built, metallic and has a well finished case, its bright and would be just the thing if it wasn't for the switch. On the one that was delivered to me the switch didn't operate correctly. It would operate haphazardly as you screwed the battery in. When the battery was screwed in didn't operate at all. Further investigation revealed that the main spring in the switch was not seat and secured properly - evidence of this was when the spring dropped out with its retaining washer. Anyway I fixed it by ramming the spring firmly in its housing - no washer. It now operates in a similar manner as per design - at least I can switch it on and off at will.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 2 January 2015
Super lights for the money.
Solid metal and 1 standard AA battery. They also run off fancy 3.7V rechargables for more brightness but a normal battery is fine. I've tried these on alakalines and eneloop rechargeables and these run fine on either.
Very bright and battery lasts a good hour before dimming. The focus does work and mine has a good clear beam with no rings (like from standard bulb torches).

Bought 3 more and they are all just as good.

I have used them as kids bike lights with a 80p holder that I found on Amazon.

For £2 these are the bargain of the year. Works well but if you lose it you won't be upset at this price.
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on 10 December 2014
Fits nicely in my pocket or hooked to my coat. But I'm not much for the little on/off button at the back. It does give me the impression that if it does break any time soon, this button will be the reason why, but who knows, it still works at the mo!
The beam was nice and bright for the first few days, but after that you can tell that it is taking a lot out of the battery, and I've only had it on for no more more than ten minutes in total over three days, but you can tell its taking a lot out of it.
It is a funny shaped thing mind.

"UPDATE" The button did eventually let me down as I thought it would. My sons car had broken down, we need a little extra light, sadly this was the time the button decided that it had had enough. :-(
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on 10 April 2017
I bought this torch and contacted seller as I thought the battery holding cartridge, which comes inside some of these types of torch, was missing. I received a prompt reply saying that the inside of the battery is only for holding 1 x AA size battery and when I inserted one the torch worked fine. I felt like a 'right plum' but I've used the torch a lot and it's pretty good to be honest. I have a couple of LED Lenser torches and although this isn't as high quality as them, the light given off is pretty decent and for the price you can't really grumble. The delivery took a while but that is to be expected I suppose
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on 6 January 2015
For the price, these torches are amazing. (I've bought 3 so far!) Very light and durable, making them perfect to fit in your pocket, stick in your bag, or leave by the back door. Very bright, and the battery lasts for months.

EDIT: I've had these torches for nearly a year, and they're still in perfect working order. I've not had to change the bulbs yet, and even after a few drops they are working as well as they did on day one. What a great product!
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on 6 April 2017
This is either a cheap Chinese knock off or the design of the product has dropped significantly since I last bought one. The metal around the bulb end is very thin and sharp, and managed to slice my finger open within two minutes of opening the box.

That being said, it works pretty well and has so far been solid enough when used. The light is good and bright and it's small enough and light enough the keep easily in a coat pocket, toolkit or bag without feeling obtrusive.
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on 23 March 2017
Took a while to arrive. Apart from that it's awesome. Requires only one AA battery. It's extremely bright the end slides down for a big circular beam and slides up for a more precise bright beam. It's going to be ideal for my mountain bike. I'll probably end up getting another because I like it so much .great for the price.
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