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on 8 December 2016
I am disappointed. This is replacing my previous NIX frame, which suddenly stopped working. This new model has a lot of largely useless features, but it doesn't load photos quickly enough. I have checked the FAQs from NIX and it seems to be normal if photos have different size...but isn't that normal to have photos of various size? Colours are good and definition as well, but waiting seconds for getting the photo loaded is annoying, especially for the price. I am tempted to return it.
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on 15 February 2018
Easy to set up. Settings allow you to choose how your images are displayed. I just insert the sd or mini sd with adapter and away it goes. Personally I don't like the screen cluttered with the date or time etc but that is easily removed. I will say that it appears smaller than my previous 8 inch frame but it's clearer and brighter. All in all I'm very pleased with it.
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on 3 March 2018
I must be one of the unlucky 5% of disgruntled customers I bought 3 of these 2 12inch and one 8inch that packed up within weeks one of the 12inches has now failed. On all 3 the remotes were hit or miss and trying to get them replaced was like getting blood from a stone, I had to spend half an hour on the phone having a tutorial on how to use them!! There is a tendency for them to alter the order of pictures and put in the odd random picture from a different file in. Often when trying to turn the photos from landscape to portrait sometimes it works but when you go back to it it reverts to how it was. I found the overall picture quality quite poor. I could go on with numerous other minor issues, failing to turn off when no one is around. The ugly great menu that obscures half the screen. I find it quite odd that 90% had a good experience and 5% of us have problems. Frankly on reflection I could have bought a half decent tablet with better software for half the price
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on 21 June 2017

Certainly worth the investment - here are the pros and cons which get this four stars.

1. Best digital frame range and make on market.
2. Solid support service - free.
3. Good viewing angles.
4. Relatively straightforward operation to use.
5. Relatively cheap given the competition.

1. Finger print magnet
2. Doesn't allow storage of multiple folders of images in the memory means you have to handle the frame to remove the memory and reload each time you want to change your images. This means finger print issues for frame and screen and it's an unnecessary hassle quite frankly.
3. If mounted on the wall, every time you have to unmount the frame to go through the hassle of reloading the memory with new images, the hook scratches the back which is a rubberised finish which is prone to surface scratches and will damage the back after constant dis and re-mounting of the frame.
4. When wall mounted, I find the rear storage space for the remote a bit fiddly to access, so as not to be worth using because of fear of causing the frame to fall off the wall.
5. I find it pretty difficult if impossible to remove memory cards without taking the frame of the wall despite the placement.

Updates they could make:
They should have given the rear hanging plate a metal finish to make less susceptible to scratches.
They could allow for multiple folders and folder selection of memory so you don't have to keep handling the frame every time you want to change the image set.
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on 30 December 2016
Custom order purchased and tested. Great frame. Easy to set up. Multi plug for UK and Europe supplied. Picture quality is brilliant and will definitely recommend a frame with a motion sensor! Unlike other frames without a remote, its small tidy remote will fit in a slot behind the frame. Frame is smaller than I thought but perfect although knowing what i do now, I would happily spend more and go bigger in size! You won't regret buying it. Only very minor negative is a maximum slide show interval of an hour and minimum motion sensor time of 5 minutes(does not sync with any slide interval). Will recommend as a gift for a newly wed or new family!
review image
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on 6 November 2016
Like most a did a lot of research about various picture frames, i didn't want one too large or too expensive so i could actually see some of the mountains of pictures i always take and just leave on my computer.

Out of the box it couldn't be simpler, plug in the mains transformer plug (the transformer stays nice and cold), put in your SD card and switch on, only takes a minute or so to read the manual and work out the settings you want and then it just runs on it's own.

So far this frame has worked perfectly, resolution is very good and the screen is nice and bright, you can choose to have the time and date displayed on it or not in the bottom right hand corner and can also adjust the size you want it to be.

you get a small remote which allows you to play, go forwards and backwards or pause (i've not tried it yet with Mpeg's so can't comment about that), it also accesses the main menu setup section.

Another nice feature is it has auto movement detection which you can set a duration for after which it'll switch off until it detects movement again to save electricity (mine seems to pick up movement from in excess of 4m), you can also set the duration the picture remains on display which i've found 10 sec is more than enough time considering how many pics i've got on it.

One thing to bear in mind is where you put it as the screen doesn't auto dim so when you switch the lights off it's quite a bright light from the display so probably not something you'd want in your bedroom unless your going to switch it off each night which defeats the point of having and auto on off feature.

For what i wanted i honestly can't fault this product it seems to be well made and it's well worth the money.
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on 11 February 2017
From what I have seen, this is one of the best digital photo frames that doesn't connect to the internet.

The frame size is good and similar to other frames you might have around the house, except this can display thousands of pictures and keep them rotating every few seconds. The screen has a good viewing angle, colors are accurate and it also plays your videos (it has a small built-in speaker)!

It has a lot of nice features. I really liked that you can set it to turn off when there is no movement detected after some time, this way you don't have your frame brightening the living room during the night or when nobody is there.

There are a lot of options like how long it will take to change pictures/videos, if the videos get auto played, which animation to use for the transitions, what type of zoom to use and many others. You can use the buttons on the back to control the device, but it also comes with a IR remote that is small and convenient to use and it is a great addition when showing pictures to other people.

There are 2 things that let me down with this product though. I can not set a specific number of seconds to when the pictures will be rotated and most importantly, it can not play 1080p videos smoothly (there is a warning that they are not supported). We have many GoPro videos that we would love to show on it, but you have to convert them to 720p before using them.

Besides this, it is still one of the best digital photo frames that you can buy right now.
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on 7 July 2017
Arrived with a dead pixel stuck on bright yellow near the center of the display, which is unforgivable these days at this price point.
Screen quality is just OK, not great. Viewing angles slight issue. Should be higher res for the price.
Video playback skips and jumps with higher resolutions.
Sometimes wakes up (with movement) and doesn't recognize the USB any more.
Not able to play from USB and SD at the same time.
Shame there's no Wifi on this too.
Too expensive for what it is, compared to tablets etc. but we went with it anyway as a gift.
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on 3 February 2018
Bought for a Christmas present for my wife after her Sony stopped working.
This one is a poor substitute I’m afraid although it does play video and her Sony didn’t. It’s forever freezing on photos and I have to keep powering down to get it to play.
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on 23 February 2018
What they don't tell you is that there is a very low limit to the number of photos the photo frame can play. If you have a large collection (I have 5000) it will not play. can't be precise but something like 20000 is the limit
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